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14 hours ago

Scuderia Ferrari

🔔 Reminder: #GermanGP 🔜

One week until lights out 🙌

#essereFerrari 🔴
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🔔 Reminder: #GermanGP 🔜

One week until lights out 🙌

#essereFerrari 🔴


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All good vibes for the weekend. #essereFerrari

Best Wishes hope Vettel and Leclerc will give good result.😊

Very much hope Seb has a great race🤞

I am sooo excited 🤩 #essereFerrari

Cơ hội có thể nói là cuối cùng,đua hết khả năng của mình thôi SEB🏎️💨💨💨💨💨💨💨

All the best guys

Charles is should be number 1 driver

Can't wait for the race. Hope the team can jump the hurdle of bad results. #ForzaFerrari

#essereFerrari one week is too long without F1

Yup, lights out for Ferrari once again. Once again I'm forced to say "maybe next year".


#PrancingHorse all the way ❤

Hopefully we'll be able to do well in Seb's home gp. #EssereFerrari.

Siamo con Te #Seb5 , riparti da "casa tua" e fai vedere il campione che sei !!!!!!!! #ForzaFerrari #essereFerrari

If Seb can get a win here I think it will do great for his mindset and help him towards getting his career back on the right path. If not a podium at least separating the Mercs by getting 2nd would help also

Return of Sebastian 👌💪

Seb P1 Lec p2 🏎

We are hoping and praying that the formula 1.God's are going to shine on Sebastian vettel in hockenheim, they haven't forgotten about him the formula 1 God's hope not, he is the main man,

#seb. 💪💪💪

Go Ferrari, great luck in Germany!

watch out for rain!

Leclerc is the best chance to Ferrari.

I still have high hopes for FERRARI to win it all😍

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2 days ago

Scuderia Ferrari

#SF90 + any race track = Picture perfect 😍

#essereFerrari 🔴 #SnapshotSaturday
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#SF90 + any race track = Picture perfect 😍

#essereFerrari 🔴 #SnapshotSaturday


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Picture perfect but sadly only good enough for P3 and P4

Perfect picture is true but the car is not so perfect ......

Picture Perfect not equal to performance perfect

Absolutely love the matte red and black cars this year!!! Best look I've seen in years, Go Charles!!! #16

I wait after spa and the last chicane it make some great picture here! :)

Picture perfect when I'll see P1.

What perfect picture? Have you seen your cars performance the last two years? They weren't the best but way much better than this!!!!!!!

heppy sunday everyone

To make it a perfect picture you need to add ‘in front of a mercedes’ surely.

Right, picture perfect only 😡

Picture perfect yes... :) A winner? :(

I truely think this and last years car was good enough to win the WC. Its the team and drivers that are not up to it. Too many mistakes and wrong choices

Carry on, will surely win the championship of picture perfect.

Perfect picture possible, because of the slow Car 🙈😤😤🙈🙄🙄

might make a pretty picture but are they race worthy??

Good cars and quick drivers are not enough. Actual execution must be spot-on, from initial qualifying, to race-day, from pre-race strategy, to on-the-fly in-race tactical changes, to driver performance. Mercedes and Red Bull have mastered that; we need to do better in all areas. Between 2000 and 2004, we led all of these areas.

Picture no doubt perfect but performance is not purrfect

#essereFerrari keep progressing and we will get there, hopefully next year #sf90

"Picture Perfect" would be winning GPs!

We need the results, that's what matters the most!!! #ScuderiaFerrari

Daniel Riccardo helmet would look great in those cars

I would rather them go faster, and the pics be all out of focus. Just sayin. Lol.

Good car need good driver...

The main goal is to win races, nobody cares how it looks

Ah sui quadretti siamo i migliori! Non sapevo facessimo un campionato di fotografia! 😂

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3 days ago

Scuderia Ferrari

Feel the adrenaline like #Seb5 thanks to this Scuderia Ferrari Collection T-shirt.Hit the track like #Seb5 thanks to this men’s Scuderia Ferrari T-shirt. Bold design, ergonomic lines and a modern character: the perfect formula for success. #ScuderiaFerrariCollection ... See moreSee less

Feel the adrenaline like #Seb5 thanks to this Scuderia Ferrari Collection T-shirt.


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I would not want to hit the track like him unless he starts winning. I honestly thought he would be the next M. Schumacher, and I would love to see him step up to that level with Ferrari. But, so far he has let me down. Let’s go buddy, win now!!!

It's a shirt I doubt you get adrenaline from wearing clothes unless you have never actually gone outside or ever done anything including buying a brand new shirt, and then it's the first thing you ever do in your life.

Come on guys... Vettel is a brilliant driver, absolutely crazy good.. he has his errors and currently he’s making overly aggressive moves and mistakes probably due to Ferrari’s lack of performance.. at least his mindset have been off for about an entire season or so. Not a Ferrari fan, far from it, but don’t discredit what shouldn’t be discredited. Ferrari is a big team, they’ve had slumbers before and they will bounce back like they always do ^^

How appropriate, looks like he’s been run over by a Mercedes. I’d say that’s how he feels at this stage, fighting for scraps.

Leclerc first Drive please!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏.

That sums up Ferrari and Vettel's season so far. Runover! 😂 Mercedes tyre tracks across his chest 😂

"Hit the track like seb" 🤔

that shirt does not look well designed sorry to say but i dont like it. ferrari have much nicer ones

I no longer feel any adrenaline with Seb at the wheel

Those tyre marks inspired by the outline of the track after he hit max?

Feel the adrenaline 🤣🤣 from ho 😂😂 I think from the RB15 😂😂😂😂😂 whait that's Fear 😉🤣🤣

Does „Hit the track“ mean the same as Hockenheim 2018? #forzaferrari #hockenheimwardünneseb

Go home vettel 👋👋

once again he has the wrong ones on, should have gone with the Hard.

Can you guys please send me one in size Medium please Ferrari.

What success? Your last race winner and champion is Kimi 😂

winter tire profile 😂😂

Vettel is fantastic. 4 time world champion. Don't blame Vettel, he's not the one building the car.

Hit the track? OK, as long as I don't hit the wall or another car whilst wearing it!

Illustrissimi dirigenti ingegneri proprio non ce la fate a portare la nostra gloriosa Ferrari a vincere

SEB please .... Wake up !!!

LoL 10 races in Seb has feeling a lot of adrenalin behind other cars 🤣

He's not afraid to give it a go....a better car and wins will happen. He must dig deep through this difficult period. Wins will happen and there will be many more for Seb.

Now, when you say "Hit the track"...?

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3 days ago

Scuderia Ferrari

Hard at work 💪

The team never stop pushing for the very best.

#essereFerrari 🔴
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Hard at work 💪

The team never stop pushing for the very best.

#essereFerrari 🔴


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Leave Sebastian alone, he is doing his best, his the nicest guy in the whole paddock, his driving car not suited to his style , his doing the best he can, takes everything to win a championship, the whole atmosphere has to be right within the team everywhere, the whole package has to be right, all Sebastian needs is a little luck on his side, his down on luck, support your team in good times and bad, don't put all the blame on Seb, everything is not his fault, Silverstone incident was same as what happened in baku last year between the red bulls, bring the love and support back for seb, nobody is working as hard or trying as hard as he is,

It is admirable but when it does not bring aby results in competition with Merc it is only a very sad statement :(

Best years were during Schumi and Reubens, so disappointed for the past 5 years.... 👿

Great luck Ferrari!

The very best doesn't seem to be enough this year.... And in the last few years as well 🤔😞

Forza ragazzi siete bravissimi tutti 👍😍😍

pity you waste all that time preparing and then for Seb and tyre choices to ruin the weekend.

hope to see a great car next gp

We have had some difficult years but heading in the right direction now! #essereferrari

Hard work beats talent, I believe this is the progress for a winning season next year, whether it is Seb or Charles but be it Ferrari! 🏎🏎 I still support Charles, I think he has got it. It is a boring weekend without F1! 🙂 #essereFerrari

The team must work even harder to achieve absolute greatness. So far, the hard work is not good enough because there are teams working harder! It is time to work at a higher echelon to overtake them. #ScuderiaFerrari

Wishing whole heartedly this hard work pays off sooner than later..all the best to the men in red..#essereFerrari #ForzaFerrari

Hard work for nothing

Give credit where credit is due, Vettel is the best Hitman and Teammate!

By "the very best" you mean P3 & P4 🙂

We’re waiting for a good result in the next week guys ... push it to the max

Please... the only thing that’s going to help this team is a new formula...

Buon lavoro bellissima squadra💪👍❤mi auguro che si comincerà a vedere qualche risultato in più❤❤❤❤

This year is bad! The car in 2018 had won a few races but this car is only a number two car!

Very best in what? Can't be fastest in could you even win?

Several years listening the same thing...really, what’s new?

And the best is 0 wins in 10 races 👌

Haven't seen any team work for a very long time. Our team struggling with tyre management or is it the car?

Push guys we will nerver lose hope in you ❤ Just trust Seb more talk to him and everything will be okay. We will Get this Grand Prix i'm sure. #forzaferrari #forzaseb5

I don't know what the actual problem is, but the strategy has to be part of it.

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4 days ago

Scuderia Ferrari

The so called “growing fast”: someone is scoring +18 points on his ID! Tanti auguri Enzo Fittipaldi 🎂🎉 #FDA ... See moreSee less


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Happy Birthday Enzo !!! 🎂🎉😎

Long career ahead of you Enzo and alot of hard work to go with it . Be patient , absorb it all and have fun along the way Birthday Boy !! 🏎💨💨💨💨💨🏁👊💪👍😎

Buon compleanno.

Tanti auguri campioncino 🏎

Happy birthday


Tanti auguri Enzo🎂🎉

happu birthday man!

Auguri 🎉🎂🤝

This kid is gonna have so many stress in the future.

Auguri sarai un Grande Campione ✌️


Rich kids was never the point of the FDA, because a wealthy person can find many venues to get to F1, in the future we won't have more Leclers or Bianchis or Checo Perez simply because the successful model would be broken.

Used that app that makes you look old?

Mini Christian hehe

Que cabeça gigante.

Next super generation!!!

Odds of racing a Ferrari in F1? Zero



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