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14 hours ago

Haas F1 Team

"It's a good feeling. The car was very, very good."

Kevin Magnussen was delighted with how his 2019 season began in Australia ➡️ f1.com/2FpB3tM
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Its a good feeling. The car was very, very good.

Kevin Magnussen was delighted with how his 2019 season began in Australia ➡️ https://f1.com/2FpB3tM


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Australia was the 1. time HAAS and Kevin ended inside a lap from the winner. :)


So happy for Kevin !! Cool guy !! 😎

The pace was clearly a level above the rest of the midfield. It's not just their qualifying results. The race pace is what it's about. Kmag totally manhandled the Hulk's car and then went on like it never existed. Grosjean looked like he was going to go through warm butter before the wheel issue forced him to retire. This car looks stable.

Awsome job. Such a bum what happened to Grojean.

Y’all need to hurry up and get some black and gold 2019 merchandise out so we can proudly wear them out when both cars are scoring points on GP Sundays!

We were delighted too!

Just remember to call AAA when you need to change tires.

Me too delighted 👏🤩🙋‍♀️👌💪⭐️

Best of the B engines

Evan O'Ciarain The power of Rich Energy fueling Haas to the points😂💪

Yea!, but we need both cars in the points for a maximum result💪🏽🏎

My nigga keeping it 100

Fød mine børn, Kevin!!!!!!!

The driwer was good as well ! 🇩🇰🇺🇸🇫🇷😊

Excellent run, the finishing order can be yours to improve upon!

Keep up the good work Kevin Magnussen!!

Well done MAGs......

HAAS is that an a American team, never heart about them, did you know? Øhhh Hulkenberg, he want to be funny, on Netflix. Well boys, the HAAS car is great again. LET'S HUNT SOME POINTS. AND MABY A FAST LAP POINT MORE.

Love hearing that. We know its quick and the drivers saying its very good should make for some great racing this year. Want to see you guys take 4th this year.

KMag your a beast, love your attitude, keep up the fight!

He did good. Looks like the older Ferrari motors are faster than the new ones.

Same here

Haas cars look stronger than 2018

Kim Juul😍

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2 days ago

Haas F1 Team

Great to be back out racing at the weekend!

Bahrain can't come soon enough 🇧🇭
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Great to be back out racing at the weekend!

Bahrain cant come soon enough 🇧🇭


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Netflix lifted Hass to new highs with F1 fans...Guenther is a legend! 🏁

Please get a pitcrew who know how to proper attach wheels!!

Get a grip on your nuts boys....😬!!! Hope to see both cars in the points in Bahrain 🤞

Get there one day earlier and practice pitstop😂

Can't wait to see you in Monaco!!

I hope Haas F1 is ordering plenty is 3X and 4X clothing to sell. There’s nothing worse than seeing a half dozen items I’d buy only to find nothing for my 6’3” frame. Lots of race fans are big guys, but the big sizes usually seem a) never stocked or b) out of stock.

In my industry we perform what is called Root Cause Analysis (RCA) on recurring and costly failures and try to find fixes for those problems so they don’t happen again. May i suggest you do an RCA on your recurring pit stop problems?

Odds of Romain crashing? I say 50/50...

As long as you put the tyres properly on the car, it will all be fine! 💪💪

Pls no more disHAASter with the wheel change

Let's get em both in to the points this time...

Congratulations Kevin Magnussen 🏁🏎️🇩🇰 well done this weekend 👌👌

Dont forget to fix the wheel

Go HASS Go HASS Hugs from Brazil !

Love your car your design your engine everything love you hass

Keep up the good work! Hope Kevin will continue to be best of the rest 🇩🇰🏁

Work on the pit stops.

Please put on these tyres correctly.

Go get'em Magnussen and Grosjean!!!

Great job in Australia keep it going!!

Well done guys, but for the love of God please fix your pit stops!

Just make a better job of putting on the tyres x🙋

Its funny that team that main sponzor produce CNC has pit stop problems..... Its the samo as McDonalds would be a sponzor and the biggest problem would be food ....

Ask Grosjean to aim for pole position so that he ends up in the top 10 at least!

What "race" are you referring to? All I saw was a parade!

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4 days ago

Haas F1 Team

All the highs and lows from the Australian Grand Prix in our race recap online!

Heartbreak for Romain with an early retirement but a fine 6th place points scoring run from Kevin to start the 2019 F1 season!

💻: www.haasf1team.com/news/australian-grand-prix-race-recap-0
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All the highs and lows from the Australian Grand Prix in our race recap online!

Heartbreak for Romain with an early retirement but a fine 6th place points scoring run from Kevin to start the 2019 F1 season!

💻: https://www.haasf1team.com/news/australian-grand-prix-race-recap-0


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BREAKING NEWS! Renault has reported HAAS to the stewards for causing Ricciardo's crash. Their claim is that after the start, Grosjean was defending his starting position causing Perez to make evading maneuvers which caused Norris to brake early which made Raikkonen oversteer which forced Ricciardo to crash .... or something. Whatever. Regardless, it's Grosjean's fault.

Can not wait for second Netflix season 😉

Why is it that Romain always have belittle his teammate when he screws up or has bad luck. “Kevin’s speed wasn’t amazing”, that was his comment to Kevin’s superb start and overtake of Romain. What a little man and a sore looser. How about some team spirit. 😤 youtu.be/05TAmc0jCrs Magnificent job from Kevin maintaining his position and managing his tyres. 🇩🇰🇺🇸👌

Huge congratulations Team Haas 😀👏👏 Absolutely perfect driving by Kevin and what a start 👏🙌🏻👊💪🏻🔥👌😎 Hope to see both cars finish next time 🙏 Better luck next Romain 👍 Brush it off your shoulders 👉 Onwards and upwards Team Haas ❤️🚀💥🏆

Come on Haas wtf can't change a tire again should have been p7 for Romain fire the Team

Why didnt Haas pick up Esteban ocon when he lost his seat at force india? Him and Kevin could do the job

Well done overall Shame about the well but well done Kevin from a Aussie fan here

Grosjean couldn't finish a race if he was the only one in it. Should have dumped the clown at the end of last season.

Cant you get new wheels with snaplocks instead 😜

Loving the honest approach and writeup following all outings. Also seems Romain and Kevin has a strong professional relation looking after eachother which is very admirable. Leaving Australia 4th in 2019 instead of deadlast following 2018 must be considered a step in the right direction! Go HAAS! 😉

I think the thing flying under the radar is K-Mag finished on the lead lap. I think the team just might have a podium in their near future. It was disappointing that Romain didn’t finish, leaving the team shy of their double points goal.

Big congratulations to Kevin and team Hass. To bad for Romain

Great result for K-Mag, but for Grosjean – seriously? Again?

I find Grosjean to be a whiner...maybe he's the cog in the wheel of Haas' success!?

I had high hopes for the boys but good too see one of them made it home, i yelled at the tv for a solid minute both in the pit stop and the retirement

Grosjean needs the boot...

Well done Kevin 😊🇩🇰 Wonderfull morning even it was very early here in Denmark 👋🏻

Kevin is consistent. Romain is consistently failing to finish

Well done, but sad that Romain didn't get any points 🏎🇩🇰🏁

Haas🇺🇸🇩🇰🇫🇷 Great work from Kmag👍 Shame about Romain, I would feel let down -again- by my pit crew..

When I saw the problems with Romain, there was like a deja-vu! "Thank" Heavens was only for his car. How this happened...again? Same Grand Prix?

Great finish for K-Mag! Should have been a good day for Grosjean, too. Need to get the pit stop bugs worked out. 3 DNFs over the last 2 Australian Grands Prix due to pit stop mishaps. Inexcusable.

Once again a fckin tyre.. What a shame, but good job from Kevin

Team looked great all weekend in Melb City 🇦🇺.. future looks bright 😎

Screwed up a pit stop again

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4 days ago

Haas F1 Team

It's Race Day people!!! Don't miss the start of the Australian Grand Prix from wherever you are in the world.

#AusGP #HaasF1 #F1 #RichEnergy #HaasAutomation #F1isBack
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Its Race Day people!!!  Dont miss the start of the Australian Grand Prix from wherever you are in the world.

#AusGP #HaasF1 #F1 #RichEnergy #HaasAutomation #F1isBack


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Remember, eventhough you're downunder, it's still "righty tighty. Lefty loosy " when putting wheels on.

Watching from the home of Haas F1 Racing - Kannapolis, NC !😀

If you can’t properly change a tire. How do expect to finish or get points?

Wtf there just happened. 1st time is badluck 2nd time is just stupidity.

OK.... 01:10am in New York. I'll be setting my alarm... do not want to miss the season kick off!!!

Wayching from Kevins Homeland Denmark 🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰.. Good Race Everyone 🏎🏎🏎🏎

Ready for raceday 👍😃. Step on it KMAG20 🇩🇰🏎 and GRO8 🇫🇷🏎. Good luck Team Haas 🇺🇸 from DK 🇩🇰

We are ready from the cinema in Horsens, Denmark 🇩🇰

Good luck. Watching from Hammond, LA USA

You missed out nz bottom right 😒

6:10am, good luck Magnussen 🤞

New Zealand , only race of the year where we can watch it at a normal time at 6.10pm 🏁

No love for Chicago? We love you HAAS!

Awake at 5am for race day!!!💪🏎️🏎️🏎️

Good luck Haas F1. Look of the car this year is HOT!!!!!! Now grab a podium. Good luck

Looking forward to seeing you both on a podium finish!

Mercedes changes tires in 2.6 seconds. Haas at least 3.6 and more for Grosjean' s car...

Remember. Give it the pedel to the medal.

Mexico City is 11.10pm

Go Haas F1 Team!! Keep punching 🏁

Algarve, south of Portugal🇵🇹💪🏼

1:10am recorded it to watch in the am with a cup of coffee!

- We're unable to watch the race from the Middle East!!! Sort it out!

ESPN live coverage begins at 11:30 ET

Sunny Oxnard,California Haas Automation Headquarters! Good Luck Romain and Kevin!

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5 days ago

Haas F1 Team

A strong day down-under in Melbourne. Qualifying saw Romain finish P6 with Kevin P7 - solid start positions for Sunday's 58-lap Australian Grand Prix! Recap online.

💻: www.haasf1team.com/news/australian-grand-prix-qualifying-recap-2
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A strong day down-under in Melbourne. Qualifying saw Romain finish P6 with Kevin P7 - solid start positions for Sundays 58-lap Australian Grand Prix!  Recap online.

💻: https://www.haasf1team.com/news/australian-grand-prix-qualifying-recap-2


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Best of luck tomorrow, hopefully Romain gets some points and can go to the next team lunch

Tighten your nuts tomorrow boys!

How can you not like and root for this team! 🇺🇸🇩🇰🇫🇷🏁

After watching the Netflix documentary I wish you all the best of luck. So much passion from all of you. Stuck it to them and..... keep the wheels on this time please!

Uncle Günther. Love the way he treats his staff. 👍

Let’s not look like wankers tomorrow...

After the Netflix series I have a better appreciation for these midfield teams. Well done HAAS

Every time Ferrari make me cry, you guys make me smile. It’s great to see an American team on the grid. And for an American F1 fan like me, that’s more than enough to keep me watching F1. My Maranello squad may never win against Mercedes, but you guys will always win my heart! Keep up the good work guys! 🏎🇺🇸


The new livery reminds me of Lotus and Mario Andretti’s John Player Special black and gold.....

Genial vivement demain la course et bravo les gars!! Bon boulot

A relief for gunther and grosjean :)

Hopefully you put the tires on right tomorrow, unless Ferrari need a favor

Haas, great team! Does a good job with low resources.

Pit stop practice, pit stop practice , pit stop ptactice

You might have had nerves before. Maybe before a job interview, a date or an exam. But you've never experienced the same nerves as the Haas put crew before the 2019 Australian Grand Prix ;)

It's great to see Grosjean back in form and in front of his teammate. Keep up the good work!

Great Kevin, keep up the good work 👍🏻

Hoping for a surprise podium. F1 fans need it!

Just make sure the wheels are on right this time!

Great start for the team😃👍 Now take the points all the way home tomorrow 😃😃👍

Great looks and great pace, best of luck! (y)

Great quali by the team, just make sure to properly bolt the tyres on this year!

Good job, now finish it tomorrow!

Good start. Let’s work for a podium!

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