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21 hours ago

Haas F1 Team

Check out our British GP Gallery 🇬🇧

The action on and off track from Silverstone 📱👉
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Check out our British GP Gallery 🇬🇧

The action on and off track from Silverstone 📱👉


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Not sure you guys have anything to be proud of for the last few races. Pre-race celebrations mean nothing.

Great race, whole those 3,4 corners 😀

Lyrics from the Rare Earth song come to mind. "Smiling faces, sometimes, they don't tell the truth."

Yeah, not exactly all the key moments. I don't see the crash, the retirements, or you guys packing up early while the more competent teams were still racing.

I wanted to see the video of Gunther going all Terminator on Kevin and Romain....... ..

I've supported this time from the first I heard of it. I am losing confidence it the team though. Too many mistakes. The drivers are not up to even Williams standards. Haas has always been a quality team in NASCAR. Why can't they transfer that knowledge and experience to Formula 1. Steiner and HAAS are top notch leaders. Maybe it's time to shake thing up in the team. Maybe get a couple of new drivers at the summer break and weed through the crew for those not keeping up. Just my thoughts.

Gene....I hope you’re listening. For 2020, talk with Toto and get Ocon “on loan” for next year. He again won’t have a place for him and Kubica’s seat would be punishment. So, along with Esteban get Mick Schumacher in seat #2....Ferrari would love him in a Haas Ferrari for a season. Your current drivers need to wreck other people’s cars.

ONE other thing that I forgot to ask, What was the problem with the Haas team yesterday? The first two cars out of the race. MUST have been a serious mechanical problem. That was very disappointing. ONE of the best things I love about Formula One racing is being able to interact with people like Claus Hansen.✌️✌️✌️😘 I also have a watch made in northern Denmark, I can't recall the name but I believe it's the same name as the city it is made in. Very thin watch.

Come on guys! Spread some good karma. Haas is a great team. Günther, both the drivers, and i am sure rest of the pack are all nice guys. Which just ran into some bad luck. They will turn this around 🙏

I got an Amazing photo of grosjean as he was leaving last night but I said well done to him as I got tongue tied! Sorry grosjean!

A HAAS deveria trocar essa dupla de pilotos fraquissima (Romain Grosjean e Kevin Magnussen) e colocar no lugar deles Felipe Nasr e Pietro Fittipaldi , que certamente faria o time andar bem melhor

You should put the crash and the retirement, it’s also part of the race and the history.

More pictures than race laps...I know the team can do so much better.

Come on boys, you have the potential...stay focused

The season is lost at this point. Start testing out other drivers for next year. Colin Herta comes to mind....

How can you find 41 photos from such a miserable weekend?

Taking into consideration that Grosjean is supposedly the No.1 driver in the stall and he pressumably is the one who got the best contact, plus the one costing the largest bills in repaired damages through what has been absolved of the season so far (I will regard Kevins last "outing with a wall" sort of the same way as what he did at Spa driving the Renault.) by far, I hardly think there is going to be left any room for him in the team come next year. I'll even bet that if he causes any 'selfinduced' damage to the car in the last races in Germany and Hungary before the summer break, he'll have been replaced with another driver just after then...

The key moment when they took each other out wasn’t part of the gallery...interesting

You have a driver who cares but is going through a mental block, and a driver who doesn’t care and knows any thing he does will be blamed on his team mate. One is naturally fast when squared away, the other is fast by lack of fear, but not skill. Problem is the first has a confidence problem and the second is loosing his youthful fearlessness and has nothing to rely on.

Please build a "Chaparral 2J" under the front wing and a Falcon 9 in the back!!!!! NOWWWWW :-D ;-)

You've got a great car, go get new drivers

How about you Check out different drivers!

Shouldn't you just take pics of Grosjean & Magnason sitting in their trailers or drinking cocktails at the hospitality tent? FIRE GROSJEAN!

Losing a sponsor can have a big impact on the future of Haas in F1 and team decisions before the 2020 season. It's no secret that Americans have one of the smaller budgets in the F1 stakes and they need money. That is why the offer from Haas can be submitted by Orlen supporting

Time to grow up boys,you are no bigger than the team

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2 days ago

Haas F1 Team

A recap of our British GP, including reaction from Guenther, Romain and Kevin.

Read here 👉 bit.ly/2YVW9r2
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A recap of our British GP, including reaction from Guenther, Romain and Kevin.

Read here 👉 http://bit.ly/2YVW9r2


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Restructuring is necessary. Out of the points practically all year so far, drivers hitting each other on the track, zero wins and DNF’s. This is not getting the job done. While I’m very happy to see a USA based F-1 team and am a very loyal fan to the Haas team, there has to be serious improvements made.

Sad,just a sad performance of a team that should perform. Indicates to me that some team members are unable to focus on the job required.

On to the next one, guys. All the big teams and big racers have been there 👍🏼 I’m sure the rest of the season will be nothing but progress 👏🏼👏🏼

Must be a short recap. Give us something to cheer for!

Everyone seems to be blaming the drivers for this disastrous season, but really not being able to figure out tires, when the other teams have, the blame goes to Gunther and no one else. What happened on Sunday was just bad luck. But this season's lack of points is the fault of Gunther. Tires are taking the team apart and it seems no one can figure out why.

I for one will keep supporting Team Haas, but man, you don't make it easy. Come on guys, get it together.

Hi Guenther, It is time to start using your spare driver/ test driver AND ensure hi has the information to be second driver in the race. (Sunday). This means only Kevin og Romain will be in the race. Best Regards / a HASS fan

Time for a drive change....Way too many of these issues....race after race. If you don't make a change soon it will cost you (Guenther) a job.

At this point in the season, every race weekend (including the race itself) needs to be treated as a test session. Todays race was a perfect example, with the team trying new things for a long setup. Instead, the drivers decided to race each other and took each other out. Boys, it really doesn't matter if you finish 11th or 20th - you and the team get zero points. In the future (if either of you still have a future with the team: www.formula1.com/en/latest/article.grosjean-and-magnussens-driving-not-acceptable-says-furious-st...) your goal should be to finish the race, gain some useful data, and work towards improvement for next year.

This simply will not do. You are behind Williams part of the broom wagon brigade. I had such high hopes in your first season. Kevin is driving his guts and Grosjean just embarrassing. The team is struggling with more and more performances that are horrific. You need to start using races as test session, you need to start looking for better talent, you need to start looking at the engineering staff, driver lineup and at this point what is wrong with giving a American driver a chance. I can think of some American talent that would easily lap Grosjean.

Time to get rid of GRO for the love of God!

I believe it’s time for a little restructuring. This has become a complete waste of time and money.

“So you want to drop the sponsorship because of under performance? Well, let us show you under performance! How about we run into each other within the first 10 laps of the very next race retiring both cars?“

I’ve chalked this season up to a loss. Hopefully we can do something g next year, who knows, but I know Gene isn’t going to allow this for long.

Do love the team, but changes definately has to be made. When it comes to the drivers, Kevin Magnussen is the future and Romain Grosjean is the past, get rid of him and please, rather sooner than later! When it comes to yesterdays race, GRO knew exactly where KMAG was, he just wouldn’t allow him to pass. It’s not the first time and if you do keep GRO, it definately wont be the last time that he’s gonna gonna cost you one or two cars, points and tons of money. GRO acts like a spoiled kid and just wont accept that KMAG is the future. You wont see KMAG’s full potential untill you get rid of GRO. Get rid of him immediately and partner KMAG up with a talented American driver or, if one can’t be found, partner KMAG up with Esteban Ocon - now, that should be a powerfull driver lineup! When it comes to engineers and mechanics, you might wanna take a look there as well! But first of all, get rid of GRO

That was a total clusterfu*k. I applaud them for racing, but don't hit each other!

The Moe, Larry, and Curley show! Time to get rid of all three stooges.

"The best that our drivers could bring to the battle was a shovel – to dig the hole we’re in even deeper." Gunther has had it with his drivers.

The first error they made last year: Ferrari: “Do you want Leclerc as driver?” Haas: “we’re fine with ours thanks, we don’t want a rookie” Ferrari: “alright then, Sauber will be my junior team then”

Very diplomatic statements. Now when the hole cannot get deeper, there is only one way out and that is up. Scratch the “improvements” to VF19 and start over like you did with GJs car. Next time!!

You need to step up Günther. GRO is a loose canon that might be good on a single lap, but is not improving anymore - was obvious even last year. Get Ocon to the team for a showdown with MAG. You spend 10 sec instructing GRO on how to behave post race in Barcelona - MAG only three. Stats speak their own clear language - issue is obvious.

We need drivers with a winning attitude, not well we thought the car felt better on the formation lap!😥😥

Gunter a bit harsh on the drivers there. They barely touched. Maybe the car just isn't durable cuz you look at what the red bull and Ferrari endured today, you can't help but think that the problem is way beyond Grosjean and Mag. They were racing, car should not have failed them. This team needs to sit down with cool heads and devise a healthier path forward or they'll keep falling off the table. Finger pointing ain't gonna get nobody anywhere

The drivers managed to stay in the race just slightly longer than it took me to read the recap.

Time for Grosjean to leave. Bring in Colton herta and get Steinbrenner to back him as he has in Indy. It would bring a young fresh face to the team as well as some added money. Having an American behind the wheel of an American team would be amazing. Come on Haas, go get Herta.

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2 days ago

Haas F1 Team

No words. ... See moreSee less

No words.


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After three seasons of unprecedented success as a new team, and steady improvement, I guess it was inevitable that growing pains would occur. This is going to force the team to evaluate drivers, strategies, development, and sponsors. They are sitting on one of the most powerful engines in F1, but they don't know how to get that power around the track. I honestly believe this bad season is a good thing. They needed to go through this to force change in order to improve.

There are so many talented young drivers out there some of them even without a seat. Take a look around maybe they would perform better, at least they would give the team a more professional image 🤷🏽‍♂️

Congrats Haas. You are the best and rich in energy. 🤣

I have some words, however they are not suitable for a public page

This team needs to find words....and power, consistency, leadership, ect.

I’ve got some words! GRO should have given space for MAG, at least enough to stay on track. He knew he was there!

I have a few words but will keep them to myself

Maldonardo may be gone, but his spirit Romains...

I got words, Clean House! Drivers and anyone else needed. What a joke this has become. As if F1 is already becoming a joke, this puts the icing on top.

If Gene doesn’t have two new drivers next year, I’m done. I waited 20 years for an American team to cheer on. There is nothing here to cheer for.

I hope there is words come season 2 on Netflix!

Shock and disappointment. The Haas season started so well, only to slide completely off the cliff today. It parallels the season my Seattle Mariners are having.

Please get a new driver line-up. You have to see that your drivers are limiting your potential as a team.

There’s plenty of words available. Pick some. Please include “driver search”. I like K Mag, but he’s too inconsistent. Unfortunately, the exact opposite can be said about Grosjean: very consistent, as in sabotaging himself and his team.

Hass, best race team in the wold ☀️ Gunter, you are fantastic 👈💪😎

Really?? No words? For heavens sake you guys have a driver who crashes going out of the pit. And now crash into his teammate! No words??

I support you guys 💯 But such racing incident must not happen between teammates! Get into it again!! Move on and let’s see some great results the rest of the season... 👊 #günterforpresident

I have plenty of words. "Fire everyone" "Why do you have a snake oil salesman as your primary sponsor?"

Love you guys, but time for Grosjean to go.

But i have. Fire Romain , an hire 10 Tire Specialist NOW

I still support the team but it is time to make some changes. I'd also like to wear some Haas gear but your prices on apparel is asinine.

Get rid of grosjean already, the team has wasted so much resources on him and so many points

Oh I'm sure Guenther will have a few words lol

Everybody is pointing at the drivers, but do you really think anyone can do better.?? Both drivers are world class drivers and they have proved them self plenty of times.. The car is terrible and Team Haas have to work the data better. GRO have been driving the "old car" this weekend and MAG the newest version, but they perform the same.?? Time to wonder.!!

There are words....none of them positive....

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2 days ago

Haas F1 Team

Counting down the minutes to Lights Out! 🇬🇧

🌎 Where will you be watching the British GP from today?
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Counting down the minutes to Lights Out! 🇬🇧

🌎 Where will you be watching the British GP from today?


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Wonderful job boys... struggling, needing the data to figure out our issue.. and your wreck each other... top job boys, top job! Absolute garbage

I love Haas.....but this year sucks ☹️ stopped watching the race 10 laps in. Unbelievable BS. make a change, and I think we all know what that should be. Time for a new driver and lobby for different tiers. Very disappointed this year 🥺

wonderful race guys! 👏🏻👏🏻 .. out & out

PA, USA. Oddly this week the race pace looked better than the one lap pace In practice so I'm holding onto some hope. Put together a good strategy with those softs wearing out quick on the top of the morning mid-field runners and get a couple points! Worst case scenario, compare the data between Romain and Kevin with the different specs. It is interesting that Romain says the old spec (his car) handles better but is slower on paper than Kevin's.

Counting down the minutes before HAAS is no longer, what a shocking performance. Worst of the worst

From Denmark, good luck to Kevin and Romain😊

Trying to stay positive, but I turn the race on and see the only retirements is both Haas cars. Really?! Each race is worse than the last. Sad to see a promising endeavor totally implode.

Cocoa Beach, Florida after a morning surf.

It is hard to believe that the first year that Haas was in F1 they where better than they are right now. What the hell happened to the car that looked so promising during pre-season? I would say put Fittipaldi in the car, but why ruin the kids future.

The only thing to look forward to now regarding the 2019 season, is watching Gunther on "Drive to Survive

That moment, when you realise that Williams-fans are more excited about their team than we are ....

Best wishes from holliday time in Denmark to the Haas F1 Team. 🇩🇰👍🇺🇸

I cannot believe, the two Haas fighting at the tail and Magnussen out of the race, the whole team sadly is out of control , they need a shake down, Mr. Haas you need to take the lead, and do what is necessary to bring back your team, has a loyal fan I feel disappointed, but my support will continue.

Watching from Machesney Park, IL. Maybe today the gods smile on Haas!

Somehow, I pictured a double DNF before the race even started. I am not clairvoyant. I am not particularly smart. I am not a race car engineer nor am I a racing driver. Yet, somehow, I just knew........

the FIA is happy, they never accepted the American teams in formula 1...

From my sofa in Denmark, and you can count on me in good times, and when you got problems too. Hoping the best for you people in the team today 👍💪🤞🇩🇰

Our home in the Philippines.

And you could count the minutes, the team was in the race. Really like the team, but let's be honest. This was embarrassing

Sorry - I think I will follow The Tour The France instead of F1 - As long as Haas F1 Team cannot make the cars work you do not miss anything - Still the top 6 and best of the rest.

disappointing again.... take another step back, go to last year car, why go forward ... oh my god 🤬

Magnussen gets way to impatient in opening laps and compromises both HAAS cars race. Great job!!! Get Santino Ferrucci in the car and start working towards next year. All get all new engineers and a new team boss. Gene should be disappointed.

WOW, managed to get behind Williams on the first lap. Way to go.

Vettel 10 seconds of penalty. the same maneuver, if done by a haas is drive-through

Arkansas, USA! Good luck team Haas!

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3 days ago

Haas F1 Team

Not the ideal Saturday at Silverstone for us 🇬🇧

Here's how we qualify for the British GP 👇
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Not the ideal Saturday at Silverstone for us 🇬🇧

Heres how we qualify for the British GP 👇


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A great pity for this great team. Still the most beautiful livery of the entire paddock. Keep fighting! good luck!

The entire Haas organization: “Thank God for Williams!”

That should be HAAS new slogan..."its not ideal". Good luck, Gents!

Hope tomorrow is a better day for you. Good luck in the race.

Hope something is being done about the performance of the team. I would like to see Ocon is the 8 next season.

Well. You have to learn to crawl, before learning to walk, run and fly. The team is still a young team, starting to walk. Learn from mishaps and walk on. Keep going.

No points for Qualifying, Sunday is where we score points. All the best guys. 👍

Don’t worry, your Saturday was better than your Sunday.

The Big question: why does a backlevel Australien spec car drive faster than the car filled with half a year “improvements” ? Glad you took the bold decision to compare at equal terms👍 Back to the drawing board, this season is lost.

There’s no Quick-fix Otherwise Gene ,Gunter and the team would have done it. It’s hard to watch indeed - and the season is possibly gone.... Keep on believing and good times will come again - where the fight is back on for Best of the rest in 2020. Hopefully 2021 brings a more equal set of racecars that leaves it to drivingskills more that engineers.

Remember Haas is a very smal team with only 250 staf(No more than there is on holiday at Mercedes) so keep on Haas

This season is just one huge dumpster fire for Haas. I expected so much more from my nation’s team. This is not American Exceptionalism. I’m so disappointed in you guys.

Also not the ideal 2019, and worse, one Williams already managed to finish ahead

A day where we almost forget why we like Haas. The guys who are responsible for the set-up should be kicked out. How on earth can you accept that the old set-up is faster than the new one. 😱😱😱

After Grosjean crashes in the pit lane, its time to replace him. I understand there is someone named Alonso available for the rest of the season Make the call

Wasn't the ideal Sunday either was it

They are just having an off season, they have a good car but just can't make the tires work. Williams one of the greatest F1 teams have been struggling for a few years now, McLaren another great team are just getting back on their feet, Renault have the highest budget out of all the midfield teams and still struggle to be 4th best yet entitled Haas fans want a team which is barely 4 years in to be up there every race. Give the guys some time to figure things out jeez!!!

All season, "not the ideal day for us, tomorrow is the day we break thru...." just stop, admit you regressed, dump grosjean and Steiner, and rich energy and get back to fundamentals...... like pit stop practice and such

The disappointment continues... onwards and upwards only way to go

I’m gonna keep riding with y’all, I mean y’all my boys and all but dammmm!!!!!

Taking into consideration all of the media flutter and various #FakeNews though out the week, how can it be the least bit of a surprice that the focus can't be kept on the job at hand. There has been far too many distractions... It's kind of a pitty that the entire team has to suffer from a single individuals tremendous folly...

Not looking forward to race Day ! The laugh’s on you, Haas!🙁

So how much does Grosjean pay you to let him drive? Can you raise the rent to evict him?

Blame it on a learning on a learning curve all you want. This team is reverting back to a field filler. Get it figured out before 2020!

It was really bad, again... Maybe it's time to get new engineers? How many chances to you give the wrong "expert"?

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