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2 days ago


Half a million esports racers entered, but only three remain. Who will take the trophy? 🏆

Join McLaren Shadow for the LIVE Grand Final on YouTube. 🤩🏁Seven gamers battle it out in front of a live audience at the grandfinals of the biggest racing esports competition in the world - McLaren Shadow Project. Da...
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Congrats Igor

Mast h


Os br sao foda!!!



Coloca o Igor Fraga na F1

Boa noite amém

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3 days ago


We're on a quest to find the brightest esports racing talent for the McLaren Shadow Project.

Join us live on YouTube as the finals get underway. 👀🤩Seven gamers battle it out in front of a live audience at the grand finals of the biggest racing esports competition in the world - McLaren Shadow Project. D...
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My dad knew Bruce McLaren and use to take pictures of him. FERNAND SIMARD JR. THE THIRD PHOTOGRAPHER and circuit désigner and engineer. Here a pictures of Bruce's Can Am Mark type 6-A of his own conception in Mont Tremblant Québec FRANCE circuits july 1967. Just test me and see. Motorcycle or Formula 1. I win. Ps i come with my own engineers. Dont need yours. ecf intel

Chris Fisher

I am. I grew up in F1. ecf intel actually my bed at home was a carcasse of a Formula 1. Since im 3 years old. Let me pilot, anytime anywhere




Ehh me obviously प्लीज लाइक कमेंट और सब्सक्राइब जरूर करें 🙏जय जय श्री भैरवनाथ 🙏

Nice pic

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4 days ago


Seven drivers. 🤩
Two McLaren 570S GT4s. 💨
One incredible track day for our McLaren Shadow finalists. ✅
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McLaren Shadow Finals | Track Day


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Join us LIVE on YouTube at: 👌

Sort the f1 team rather than this sideshow nonsense.

Jimmy was the best part

Rudraneel Das bruh ... Lambo may be my wife❤.... But I'm about to get into a serious extra marital affair with McLaren 😵😳🙈. Suggestions?

Igor Fraga, representa o Brasil guerreiro.

Very nice outstanding amazing wonderful extraordinary racing car

I hope Jimmer B did well!

Sorry Marcel schijnbaar ben je niet goed genoeg.. je bent niet uitgenodigd

Esos carros solitos empiezan a quemarse.


Burn ing tires

Esas madres se prenden 😐

A. Muthukrishnan

Nooo se queman los sennas😂😂😂

Esos se queman de la nada.💁 Dicen.

Esos se queman 🔥🔥


Soumojit Saha

Gerry Guillén Rodríguez

Lomo David Sid Menon

Henrique Sousa Junior Leandro Firens Leonardo Xavier

Wow so so lovely

McLaren Gái Ngành Đây O:) <3 -_- -_-

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1 week ago


The MP4/5 uncovered. 👀

Raw beauty. 🤩
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The MP4/5 uncovered. 👀

Raw beauty. 🤩


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Luego se queman los mclaren, sino, vean el que compro salomundo

I want Ron Dennis back...

It's naked!! You can't put that on Facebook!!! I'm reporting this for nudity... 😂

Honda again? Go back to Mercedes! Tired of seeing my favorite team finishing in the back!

Please don’t become the liverpool of Formula 1..

Get that on the track in feb to start testing Be faster than the crap that has rolled out the last few years

Stop living in the past glories.....

Living in the past..... again.... sort present day team out...

A long time ago, when mclaren built winning cars.

Please let me watch f1 again, I can’t bear it since you have lost the plot

Can u uncover my hopes back?

Looks like it’s been parked over night in a very dodgy area.🙈

Murray, Nichols and Oatley's work powered with a V10 Honda.

Neil Trundle at the back?

ooo is that Neil Trundle with his back to the camera?

Remember when you used to make formula race cars?

Back when you made good cars....

Please bring back the Red and white

Where is the pictures?

Replaced by electronics. Sad, but true

Is that before or after the regularly unscheduled mechanical failure?

Is this wonderful, Senna 🇧🇷 driven to perfection...

Please Keep livery Orange Not All Black as rumoured!

Can you just race this next year? Throw a halo on, no one will notice

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1 week ago


Wednesday words of wisdom thanks to the inimitable Emerson Fittipaldi and F1. 🔊🤩 ... See moreSee less

Emerson Fittipaldi: A Letter To My Younger Self


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Emerson vc será sempre nosso glorioso e exemplar atleta do automobilismo. orgulho dos brasileiros pedra preciosa exemplo de competência campeão do mundo esportivo e muito competitivo e vc conseguiu e é respeitado sempre mesmo no período copersucar. VC É ETERNO Abç

Tenho um postal da Lótus vermelha e dourada com autógrafo do Emerson, em 1973, após a vitória na Espanha.

Naasson Nóbrega.. Como eu gosto desses vídeos. Mestre Emmo.. Nossas eternas homenagens.. " Ou você vence, ou chega em primeiro.. Você escolhe.." Sensacional..

I met him last year at Goodwood Festival of Speed

Nesta foto, vemos o maior piloto brasileiro de todos os tempos e o outro é apenas o Ayrton Senna.

Emerson is so underestimated here in Brazil, even though he was the pioneer that inspired the likes of Piquet and Senna

Impactante como el McLaren Senna incendiado en cuestión de segundos!

Emerson Fittipaldi, o pioneiro, o herói, e a lenda...

Emerson was my favorite...when champions were humans and not machines. Another world.🏆

Emerson, fala em portugues, estamos no Brasil e você é brasileiro.

A supporter of the Bolsonaro government. A shame for the Brazilians.

I was at Snetterton when Emerson tested for the Lotus drive after the sad loss of Jochen Rindt and followed his career since - and since 1973 have been and always will be a McLaren fan.

The original reason for my getting into F1 back in 72 with the iconic black and gold Lotus. Had the pleasure of a very brief meet with him at Goodwood a couple of years ago.

A real hero..and a lovely guy.

I've chatted with him a number of times - he is a genuinely nice man.

Depois decidiu sair da McLaren e tentar a sorte na Coopersucar, se ferrou. Foram sete anos penando se arrastando nas pistas

Were all Haas fans now. There's a new Fittipaldi on the scene

Nelson Piquet, o maior piloto brasileiro de todos os tempos. Até o Schumacher com ele aprendeu.

É até emocionante assistir esse video. Um espetáculo fora de série . parabéns Emerson por tudo o que vc fez pelo esporte pelo nosso eterno Ayrton Senna que como eu te adimiro.

Is there some way I can LIKE this twice or maybe three times


Emerson Fittipaldi o primeiro Campeão Fantástico lindo magnífico Show Parabéns

If only Formula One had a long term philosophy again. ...actually, most of auto racing, not just Formula One, is missing established drivers.

Piloto raiz ! Corria sabendo que podia perder a vida...agora imagine se alguém pede pra um piloto destes deixar o companheiro passar? Ele entraria nos boxes e atropelaria a equipe hahaha

Desde jovem mostrou talento, lembro 12h de POA eles de fusca 1600, ficaram parados várias voltas e venceram adversários com sinca chambort e alfa Romeo JK. Show do Emerson e Vilsinho em 1968 UM ANO ANTES DE IR PRA EUROPA - ,Porto Alegre-RS.

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