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15 hours ago


We were starting to feel a bit left out seeing all these yachts in Monaco. Not anymore. 🧡😍

Loving the MCL34 themed boats from the team at VanDutch. Keep your eyes peeled for them across the weekend!
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We were starting to feel a bit left out seeing all these yachts in Monaco. Not anymore. 🧡😍

Loving the MCL34 themed boats from the team at VanDutch. Keep your eyes peeled for them across the weekend!


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All the best for this weekend 👊

Congratulations for your performance in Indy 500. Benny Hill is proud of your effort.

Sorry, Nando We allocated all resources to our Monaco yacht. Better luck at Indy next year, buddy. (Execs toast champagne with boisterous laughter)

That’s actually awesome haha, thanks for top fan badge McLaren hoping for double points this weekend good luck!

Nice boat. Keep your chins up. Good luck in Monaco.

I would prefer keep my attention in your Cars. Maybe if you pay attention at them, you would have a good result. Please, you must learn from the Indy experience.

Given the forecast at Indy this weekend, that may have been a competitive ride

Best looking boat in the harbour

A beautiful and idiotic way to spend money you have to invest in your car ... f1 is ridiculous, indy very painful

Does Go Smile sponsor this? Probably not.

You had this painted in time... But not a spare indycar?

Perfect for Alonsos sunbathing

Don’t forget Mclaren were a team with fantastic results and it will go full circle for them don’t be hatters get behind them all the staff are working there buts off

It isn’t the right shade of papaya! Send it back to have it repainted. Maybe it’ll be ready in time for the race! 😄

Hoping you get some good points this weekend.

Gives Alonso something to do for the weekend at least.

Spend your funds on the car. It’s getting there but slowly. Indy !!!!!! That’s another disaster..

I'd say the titanic would be a safer bet!

Para yates si que tenéis pasta, pero para desarrollar un buen coche no... Lamentable

Hopefully it’s not Renault powered.

So thats where the right shade of orange paint went

...should have given FernandoAlonsoOficial the boat for Indy qualifying - he might have made the race.

So that’s where all the money went, instead of The Indy effort!

Half an hour later: Engine trouble.

This post is incredibly out of touch given the dismal failure that McLaren Motorsports has become. Time for new leadership.

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2 days ago


On this day in 1966, McLaren Racing made its F1 debut at the Monaco Grand Prix with founder Bruce McLaren behind the wheel.

What a journey it has been! 🧡 #FearlesslyForward
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On this day in 1966, McLaren Racing made its F1 debut at the Monaco Grand Prix with founder Bruce McLaren behind the wheel.

What a journey it has been! 🧡 #FearlesslyForward


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All I see is nothing safe. But still totally awesome!!

The beginning of a great F1 team

The most beautiful motorhome of the Formula One Paddock at Monaco😎🤪❤️

Wishing my team McLaren the best of luck this weekend at Monaco at what will be a very sad day after the loss of Niki Lauder, proud of my incredible team,

Love this picture! The surroundings have changed a bit.

I love Monaco, for me there are team races which are all about team and strategy and there are driver races which focus on the driver. I fear the sport is drifting towards the driver, Monaco offers a great chance for the slower teams to get points with clever strategy and luck, you never know what will happen on lap one, good luck to all at McLaren this weekend, let’s gets some points 🙂

McLaren M2B ... I always liked that design (and at my favorite race). Best of luck to the team this weekend!

Great McLaren! Proud to be your Fan!

And what a Hero Bruce Mclaren was to people of my generation growing up. Watching him racing live and on tele. Makes you proud to he was a KIWI as well. Kiwi Ingenuity we call it No8 wire.

Great photograph - and a positive counterpoint to yesterday’s sadness.

That's where I was standing in 2016, great view of the track and the big yachts, with the benefit of a nice bar on that corner as well👍

Today is practice, race this weekend.

What an awesome picture

Amazing pic, I’d never say that’s Monaco

Happy anniversary team

Team at work on pit stop before the start of FP1!

Wow, Nice pic - is it possible to get this one in high resolution ? - want it for in my man cave

They must all have had swimming lessons! Brilliant photo💕

This beautiful sport.

Bought this stunning canvas at the range

Proud fan of this incredible team

It's nice to have a little danger in the race to make it more exciting, but looking back to how it was back then... Can't imagine it going back to this ever again. I wish I was alive to see F1 in the '60. Race safety has come a very long way in little over 50 years...

Look at those cars! Aren't they fabulous?

53 years and still pushing the limits... .go Team McLaren

It's sad to see where McLaren is today by comparison. They were once a great team.

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2 days ago


A respect and admiration that transcended rivalry and competition.

Today, the F1 world remembers a true giant of the sport. Share your own tributes to the legendary Niki Lauda below. #RIPNiki 🇦🇹❤
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A respect and admiration that transcended rivalry and competition.

Today, the F1 world remembers a true giant of the sport. Share your own tributes to the legendary Niki Lauda below. #RIPNiki 🇦🇹❤


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I was in Estoril in 1984 as a 12 year old boy with the Mclaren team celebrating a 1-2 win and drivers world championship with the Mclarens the after party was amazing, still remember it to this day met both drivers what a great memory #RIPNiki

Nikki, an inspiration in so many ways. So glad I was one of the lucky ones to remember you at the peak of your racing career. A true icon. Rest in peace.

RIP Nicki Lauda... Thank you for all the fun , excitement , skill and courage. What a man, what a life.

What a great photo of two great drivers. RIP Niki.

Great driver, consumate professional, amazing courage and deserved multiple champion. RIP Niki Lauda 😢

Very sad day to hear the passing of Niki Lauda. Theres a fabulous book called "to Hell & Back.' The tittle of this book says it all really. Its a story about never giving up hope no matter what you have to go though in life. Niki Lauda, an unsung hero and inspiration to everyone who has had to deal with and recover from serious burns injuries..💗RIP-NL💗 🏁 love from NZ 🌿

Two big legends in a lovely photo RIP Niki

Great Racing in Heaven ATM: Lauda, Senna, Brock....

This is a great photo. When I heard of his lung transplant this year, I thought it would be just another battle of many that he would win. In 1976, he went from receiving Last Rites after the terrible crash at the Nürburgring to getting back in the car and finishing 4th in the Italian Grand Prix at Monza 4 weeks later. Then taking James Hunt all the way to the end in the '76 championship. An unbelievable life. 3-times F1 world champion, pilot, starting and operating his own airline. Amazing life. #RIPNiki

Such sad news to hear, you certainly had so much spirit and determination, thinking of your family, friends and all of the motorsport community, you will be sadly missed by all xx🖤🖤🏁🏁

I think Niki Lauda is the symbol, "the inspiring father" of what has become a long modern era of Formula One top Drivers. Alain Prost then Ayrton Senna are his direct heirs. The classy dimension both the French and the Brazilian shown on track in their career has at the basis the DNA of Niki Lauda, giving to them the ultimate level of what a Formula 1 driver can be at his very, very best. McLaren can be very proud to have revealed most of the finest F1 Legends ever made, counting James Hunt and Lewis Hamilton. This is an outstanding long and very successful story that is expressing with such a sincerity the true essence of the sport we all love more than ever.

We have lost a truly amazing man, his will and courage to drive again is testament to the amazing man he was RIP Niki, ❤❤

What a fabulous couple of men.

Yesterday I felt like watching some old F1, went with the 85' season. Watching Niki compete as defending champion brought a smile, there is such great history in and around F1. Then the news late last night. I am forever grateful for the significant role Niki played in F1 history and lore. Godspeed Mr Lauda, thank you. 🏆🏎💜🏁

Drivers like Lauda and the rivalry with the British drivers is the reason I got into Formula1, and still follow it today. He really was a legend. RIP Niki.

Niki was a great champion and businessman, he was one tough guy and always came right to the point. Will miss seeing him around the paddock.

A great driver. I like that Niki became friends & had great respect for each other👍🏁🏁🏁

A great legend!! Rip Niki Lauda.

The best tribute I can give Niki is that in the last few years, he was the one who I always listened too very carefully when interviewed.

This picture is enuff. This shows how any rivals should act when not behind the wheel in a race, or in a boardroom meeting. People should have passion to do what they do, but should be able to approach it how it suits them. And when they’ve clocked off, drop it and have a laugh and/or a beer and forget all the shenanigans. Two racers and men I miss very much.

Such a nice picture that one 👌

So what’s toto going to do now without his wingman 🏎 rip Niki ,thanks for your presence in motor racing

Saw him drive first in the lower formula but the 1973 Race of Champions is the event that sticks in my mind in the BRM. A truly great champion in so many ways.

Himself and James Hunt were the greatest rivals. They’re in racing heaven reunited. RIP Niki Lauda.

Rip niki a true great driver

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3 days ago


All at McLaren are deeply saddened to learn that our friend, colleague and 1984 Formula 1 World Champion, Niki Lauda, has passed away.

Niki will forever be in our hearts and enshrined in our history.
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All at McLaren are deeply saddened to learn that our friend, colleague and 1984 Formula 1 World Champion, Niki Lauda, has passed away. 

Niki will forever be in our hearts and enshrined in our history.


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RIP Niki Lauda. Amazing driver. My deepest sympathy to your family and friends.

RIP Niki Lauda. You are Amazing great best driver, deepest sympathy to your family & friends X 🏎

RIP Niki Lauda, a great champion, gentleman and legend. My thoughts go to his family, friends and collegues. 🏎️🏎️🏎️ :( :( :(

R.I.P. Niki. My thoughts and prayers are with your family and friends. You will be sorely missed by all in the F1 family. 😭😭😭

First started watching when he and Prost were McLaren drivers together. Good memories! Condolences to his family!

Saddened by this news. Niki was my childhood hero. A true champion Rest in peace.

A life lived to the full, with humility, bravery, passion, commitment and dignity. Many of us can learn from the hero , Niki Lauda


So sad, RIP Niki Lauda, thinking of your family and friends

RIP Niki Lauda, deepest sympathy to your family and loved ones.

F1 lost a great Legend, his hight Spirit and Knowledge will be deeply missed , there is only one way to honor Niki ... 1 and 2 at Monaco Grand Prix

Great Genuine person rest in peace Niki

Rest in Peace, Niki. You were a great champion in the F1 and life (the most brave and determined)! (y)

Thanks to Niki F1 could enjoy of safety and Alain Prost. A great legacy for McLaren.

One of the very best. RIP Niki Lauda.

Rest In Peace Rise in glory Champ

RIP Nikki Lauda. A great champion of F1 racing

A sad day for the whole motorsport community. A true legend and icon of F1. His achievements and contribution to F1 will never be forgotten.

Respect And RIP Nikki Lauda.

Rip. Truly a world class gentle man and credit to f1.. For so many years

RIP Niki. A true great of F1 and motor sport in general. ☹️

Inspirational man. May his legend continue and may he rest in peace

R.i.P. Niki Lauda, Bon Voyage and race well in Heaven💫

RIP niki, great champion Now go and have races in the sky with the other champs 💖

I'm so sad for hearing these bad news suddenly 🙁 but i know one thing these two legends are going to be together forever !!!

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4 days ago


"This experience will only make us stronger as a team."

We're hugely disappointed not to make it through to next Sunday's Indy500 but thank you to all those who have supported the team.
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This experience will only make us stronger as a team.

Were hugely disappointed not to make it through to next Sundays Indy500 but thank you to all those who have supported the team.


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Hear more from the team ➡

I’ll be happy to support the team next year too! Good luck in F1 and IndyCar.

Remember Penske didn’t qualify 2 cars in 1995 after dominating in 1994. Indianapolis is unforgiving with great achievement comes great defeat. Use the experience and build upon it and come back stronger, all the greats do. #believe #alwaysamclarenfan #trammclaren Run Texas and pocono that will help

I love McLaren. I have been a supporter of you all my life through the good and the bad times. However I am amazed of the arrogance that you think you can enter Indy for one race and think you’ll win it. If McLaren really want to get into another racing league, they should go into it for a full season! Still support you in whatever you do! McLaren till I die!

A great idea and one deserving of ambitious teams - like McLaren. Sorry you missed the cut. I think running only 1 prior test day, and not aiming to run in any other races before Indy was a mistake. A 1 car team could only work if well oiled and versed in that system (imagine an Indy team turned up to race at Spa having only done 1 day at Barcelona...). All that said, McL will kick themselves harder than we can. If they wish to do this race in 2020, best start now! The pain from this experience will make them stronger for sure

So disappointed 😔 • Once in a lifetime opertunity to see Fernando do the 👑👑👑🏁✅ •Flights from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 to Indy 🇺🇸✅ • accommodation ✅ • Weekend race tickets ✅ • The most excited 7 year old boy with his hat and T-shirt’s ✅ • Time our of school ✅ • Time off work ✅ • McLaren to supply Fernando with a car good enough to qualify for the race ❌❌❌

The fact it took until the last day to get someone else's dampers in the car and a setup sheet from another team, shows a complete management failure in this team. If that had happened 2 days ago there would have been enough time to do something with that, not send out a car with a blind setup and then watch it run it's fastest sequence of the week straight away. I dont care what the team says, there was arrogance that this would be easy ... until it wasn't ... great races never are. Preparing late, arriving with the wrong attitude and failing to qualify adds more credibility to the event. Next time treat it with more respect.

Even the Best (Penske) have gone through what McLaren is going through today. It's going to be a long year for McLaren Racing and your Fan's, but we'll be here for #McLaren66 in 2020!!

sign for a complete indy season, then it might be easier. would love to see that!

A lot of people don't realize there is a skill to properly setting up a car and driving on an oval. It seems that outside the U.S. people tend to look down on oval racing. I admit I'm more into road courses, but highly respect any driver who can hop into a racing car and push it to the limits — F1, rally, Indy, endurance, etc.

I have a high regard for Zak Brown - made some great decisions re Siedl, Key, Norris, Sainz, etc. He has also revamped the commercial side which is visible on the new logos on the cars. So I was surprised when he plumped for both the late(ish) entry to the 500 and Bob Fernley (no Indy exp since the early 90s) to run it. It clearly didn’t work, and there are plenty of reasons why being shared (including the incredible story of the steering wheel debacle). The CEO of the program had to go, and Zak swiftly acted, whilst stating that they would be back. I hope now, they plan to do a full season, but I’m sure they will, in order to be ready for the 2020 500. I do wonder if ALO canned his Toyota WEC plans going forward with this in mind...? McL have got their F1 prog pointing in the right direction now, with the right people. Now to get the right team in place with 12 months and 1 week to go..!

Probably didn’t have a car to contend for a win anyway. If McLaren are serious about winning Indy then need to change their approach. Turning up at Indy having not competed in any races, linked to Carlin who haven’t got their own program where it needs to was a recipe for failure. Show Indy and the seasoned competitors the respect they deserve, and prepare properly next time!

I was there in 1995 when Penske did not make the race with Fittipaldi and Unser Jr. Look how they have done snce then. I’m sure the team has already learned quite a bit and will learn more. See you next year...out front.

Do it properly, enter the full season in 2020 and get some proper oval experience with plenty of testing! Do it right or just focus on F1.

Embarrassing really! You guys have managed to hold onto potentially the best driver walking on this earth at the minute and after a two year absence can only hussle up a deal for a car that’s not even capable of qualifying let alone win the thing!

Mclaren f1 team 2015-2019. We will make some of the slowest cars mclaren has ever seen. Mclaren Indy team- hold my beer

Gutted, 4 of us are flying out on Thursday, for our first visit to the Indy 500, with the sole intention of cheering Fernando to the triple crown

Time for Zak Brown to go

Stop wasting funding and focus solely on F1

Disgrace over a year to build a car and you can't even get it qualified in 33rd place Alonso please leave.

Fernando has to do the full season. Indy is no joke and probably the hardest part of the triple crown.

God - is there anything left for McLaren to do in it's efforts top destroy Alonso's career...

A bit over confident you could just show up and compete with guys who run these cars year round

Should have stuck with Honda.

Get rid of Alonso and focus on the day job…F1

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