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7 hours ago

Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport

For Niki. ... See moreSee less

For Niki.


Comment on Facebook

U will be in millions of people’s thoughts πŸ’­ & prayers at Monaco πŸ‡²πŸ‡¨ this weekend. I’ll be there thinking about how an awesome driver and person you are to everyone R.I.P.🏎🏎🏎

Beautiful touch guys ❀️....This wkend is for Niki🌟

Lovely touch ❀️ so sad he’s gone. He will be missed ❀️❀️

God bless and keep him in eternal peace ❀️

Wonderful thought by you guys ....❀️

I’m still Ferrari fan, Lauda gave them the 1st victory, but what he did for Mercedes it’s amazing !!! Toto and him were the best F1 pair ever ! And what Mercedes is doing has hommage for Niko, it’s wonderful !! Please put both cars 1&2 this weekend in Monaco for him !!!!

Lovely touch ❀

Honoring his legacy with replica W10 for what he did for the best car ever in F1racing he symbolizes the best model of winning streak this year Rip Niki Lauda.

Respectful tribute to an amazing guy, hopefully a great result to go with it. It will be a difficult weekend for you all.

Beautiful and such a nice tribute to a legend. X

Brilliant picture RIP Niki.

Incredible guy on and off the track - my passion for F1 motorsport started with Niki

Legends like him will never be forgotten

This gave me goosebumps, lovely touch ❀

A a very poignant picture this one. There are no words needed for this picture because the picture says it all! Farewell Niki! 😒

Will miss seeing Niki in the pit lane with his red cap.

RIP Niki a true legend we must win make Niki proud πŸ™πŸ‘

Great tribute to legend , MERCEDES give all for NIKI this weekend, it’s time for hammertime and let’s have a lock out for Niki R.I.P πŸ’”

Brings tears to my eyes

He will be missed, but never forgotton! RIP .

Niki will watch winning LH from the Heaven ❀️

Everyone should wear a red hat this weekend in a show of respect to a true legend and post it here. Love all ❀️

Please never that cap down.

So poignant! He will be sadly missed ☹️

That man choices Mercedes to finish him passion career. Best work ever next weekend, guys!

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Thank you πŸ™ The memories of Niki you have all shared mean a huge amount to everyone in this Team.

We didn’t just lose a legend in Niki, but a friend and a team-mate.

This weekend, we intend to honour our Chairman in the best way possible. Giving it everything on track! πŸ‘Š
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Thank you πŸ™  The memories of Niki you have all shared mean a huge amount to everyone in this Team.

We didn’t just lose a legend in Niki, but a friend and a team-mate.

This weekend, we intend to honour our Chairman in the best way possible. Giving it everything on track! πŸ‘Š


Comment on Facebook

Words can not express the administration for a true legend x x best of luck to you all ... from a Ferrari fan x x πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

Niki Lauda was a motorsports legend and, to honour him, Merecedes AMG should release a special limited run of the AMG GTR & GTC that is an extra high performance special and call it a β€œLauda F1”. The car should be highlighted with Niki’s racing colours, not the lime green currently used.

I am sure you will do him proud xxπŸ˜₯

Thank you everyone at mercedes f1 everything you do is for our sport just like niki so proud of your whole team do your best as always x

My condolences to the family and the team. He is missed! I always looked forward to hearing his interviews before,during and after the races. What a great man, motorsports has lost but heaven has gained.

Do Nikki proud this weekend! Good luck and best wishes!

I trust life is more fabulous for you on the other side of the finish line Niki...RIP πŸπŸ™πŸ’–

Great man...! Thank you Niky.R.I.P. Mr.Lauda.

Thanks for all LEGEND!πŸ™πŸ‘πŸ™

Lewis make Nikon proud by winning this weekend the team will be proud of you good luck πŸ‘Œ

RIP Niki. You were a truly remarkable man who overcame a massive life changing event against all odds and came out the other side even stronger.

An amazing man, bring it home for Niki This weekend.

I was born in the summer of '76 and grew up with stories of the legendary Nikki Lauda. He will always be my favourite driver.

Thank you Toto, Lewis, Valteri and Mercedes F1 for bring us Niki to us until the end. He was a legend of a driver, a gentleman to meet and Interview and just perfect in every way. This week we have lost a legend, a gentleman and a friend. This weekend is for Niki, guys go out there, drive safe and do it for out man. He's reunited now with James, Ayrton, Jules & Charlie, they are all looking down and watching. I join you at this hard time as we remember the greatest. Niki RIP and Thank you. God bless you, Mercedes F1 and all your families. Forever in our hearts πŸ’”

Team Parmalatt (Austrian yoghurt?) The way to go. Condolences to his family, Team's and friends :(

I think this sad time will make Lewis go like a bullet to honour his great friend in the only way Nikki would want it, with a win. R.I.P.Nikki Lauda one of the FEW drivers we can class as GREAT.

It would be lovely to have another 1-2 finish for Niki, he would have loved that and most probably would have raised his cap in salute πŸ’”

Give everything on track it's the normal way, on this weekend we expect more, I mean I expect more, at least 110% for Nikki.Good luck.

Good morning, Niki Lauda was a great of formula 1, his exploits are visible on youtube. He was one of the true wise men of Formula 1 wisdom comes only from time, wisdom is not learned with two runs on the track, wisdom is learned with years of experience. Lord Jesus is for everyone

We will miss a true legend NIKI RIP.

I hope you pull it out of the bag this weekend in memory of Niki do him proud as a team guys

A Great Loss. A Great Athlete. A Great Man.

Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport. Your unity as a team will see you through the coming days and give you strength to face losing one so dear to you all. You will rise together as a team for Niki.

May your soul rest in perfect peace

Niki and Hunt will finally be watching Monaco together. Niki, tell James to put his shoes back on, we can smell his cheesy feet from here! Thank you so much Niki, everyone raise a pint on lap 2

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With deep sorrow and sincere respect, Mercedes-Benz bids farewell to one of the greats: Niki Lauda.

He will always be remembered as a three-time F1 champion, passionate entrepreneur, the Chairman of Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport and above all: as a wonderful human being.
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With deep sorrow and sincere respect, Mercedes-Benz bids farewell to one of the greats: Niki Lauda.

He will always be remembered as a three-time F1 champion, passionate entrepreneur, the Chairman of Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport and above all: as a wonderful human being.


Comment on Facebook

One of the greatest!! Peace!!

Big man, big champion and great personality Mercedes AMG Petronas left us. He'll stay in my heart forever. I would like to express my condolences to the family and the Mercedes team.R.I.P.😒

β€˜Our star in the sky’ A beautiful and fitting tribute.

Beautiful tribute to an outstanding human being...

Rest in peace our dear friend.... God bless πŸ’”

Nikki you will be missed, the support and encouragement you gave others is unfathomable F1 is Greater Sport because you were part of it. Prayers for Nikki's family, friends, God bless everyone for sending their beautiful tributes for such a great man, hope this brings comfort to all his family and friends RIP x

A true gentleman and he earned my utmost respect.

A great champion and an outspoken man. We will miss you, Niki

R.I.P To a legend.God bless NIKI. πŸ˜‡

Beautiful tribute Mercedes. RIP Niki ❀️

Lovely tribute, RIP Niki 🌷

RIP Niki,you will be truly missed, God only takes the best for his angels. I guess Charlie Whiting needed your help to organise the F1 in the sky. Sleep well with no more pain,you deserve the rest. God Bless you and keep you safe. Xxx

An extraordinary person to admire, after the bad accident he fought for life, a great champion always remains in our hearts, hello Niki rests in peace.

So so sad for the loss of a magnificent team mate NIKI LAUDA. You made so much memories that will never be forgotten. To all Mercedes team, hugs. R.I.P. XX

Rest in peace Niki. We'll miss you very much. πŸ’”πŸ˜­

Our prayers for the Lauda family and friends who mourn his passing.

Beautiful message, Star in the Sky 🌟

From Ferrari fan, i would like to give you my deepest respect and honour to Niki, your President, our Driver, F1 Legend for all, God bless you

i reckon that mercedes ferrari and mclaren should do a lap of honour around monaco this weekend to celebrate the life of niki R.I.P

Laid flowers for him first thing today at the factory. RIP Niki

I watched again the Graham Bensinger interview he did in 2017 about himself, Lewis, Niko and James Hunt and I thought that interview was the best interview I have seen in a long time.I loved Niki's honesty. I hope he and James are now racing wheel to wheel again on the great big race track in the sky.. God bless you Niki!

The strongest, bravest and most determined driver we will ever see. A true gentleman who is loved by all no matter your team, we will miss you terribly Mr Chairman but are happy in the knowledge you are up there in racing heaven with the rest of the greats, do a few donuts on the clouds for us Niki ❀!!!!

Big talent, Big person, Big lost for the Team 😞 Niki will stand in our hearts and each sound of motosport.

Rest In Paradise Niki Lauda.

What a beautiful tribute to such a wonderful, iconic man.

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"Our team has lost a guiding light. As a team-mate over the past six and a half years, Niki was always brutally honest - and utterly loyal. It was a privilege to count him among our team and moving to witness just how much it meant to him to be part of the team's success." - Toto

Statement πŸ‘‰
... See moreSee less

Our team has lost a guiding light. As a team-mate over the past six and a half years, Niki was always brutally honest - and utterly loyal. It was a privilege to count him among our team and moving to witness just how much it meant to him to be part of the teams success. - Toto

Statement πŸ‘‰


Comment on Facebook

Such a loss of a great man. RIP Niki. Thank you for all the years.πŸ™πŸ™

Absolute legend of the sport, condolences to his family and to my favourite team . RIP Niki

I'm so so sad today. He was a wonderful person, honest and funny. I only said to my hubby recently "I wish Niki would come back I miss seeing him beside Toto" alas this will never be. He was and always will be a legend in F1, RIP Mr Lauda. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

Heartfelt so so sad 😭 , always told the truth , what a guy , my hero ,loved him so much our Legend forever RIP Niki ,you will be greatly missed truly ,

RIP Niki ❀️ a great man and a great loss 😒. Thoughts are with you all on this sad day x

amazing man and legend and such an inspiration to will be sadly missed...RIP lovely man x

Thank you Toto, beautiful tribute to a great man F1 has lost an amazing man in Nikki RIP.

My feelings to all of you and your family members, Nick, besides being a great champion, was a visionary man and taught us that we are able to achieve our dreams and goals if we fight with all our strength, love and dedication regardless of the difficulties.

RIP Niki a true Legend in his life who has now climbed to the top step of the Podium of Peace. Thank you for all that you gave us Niki Lauda, thank you!!!πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ

What a sad sad loss,a fighter in his career and a guiding light in his retirement,rest in peace legend, u'll never b forgotten, I'd like to pass on my condolences to his family,i'm sure you're very proud of him,he is loved by so many.

I'm walking around with a heavy heart today and somewhat disbelief as I woke up to the news πŸ˜₯ I was excited for when niki was able to get back to races.. So sad my heart goes out to the whole team and his friends and family

Words worthy of an amazing talented driver and human being, and has and will always be remembered the McLaren family. Mercedes have lost a great team member and player, and from one F1 team to another our thoughts are with you and his family...A great loss to all.

Such sad news, he was a true inspiration and 100% committed to the sport he loved. RIP Niki xx

R.I.P. Niki. Condolences to all his family & friends. Let's win this weekend for Niki.

Let’s have a one two win for Nikki this weekend at Monaco. A great driver and a great inspiration. RIP.

May Niki rest in peace. Heartfelt condolences to his family.

RIP Mr Niki Lauda - deepest condolences to his family and friends and the Mercedes F1 team

A great man. A great driver. A great all round assist to F1 and he will be missed by all the F1 community and family that he work with. F1 will never be the same without you Niki, RIP my friend. I think I speak for all F1 supporters 🏁


R.I.P Niki of the best racers in formula 1,,, A great fighter,,,RESPECT!!!

May you rest in eternal peace. A legend, an inspiration, a great sportsman and a humble gentleman. You have passed life's chequered flag as a winner 🏁🌷 πŸ™ πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ή

Mercedes 1 - 2 this weekend to honour Niki. πŸ†πŸŽ— TOTO - Sorry to hear about Niki passing away. I'd would have liked to have met him. Best wishes to the team & all who knew him. 🍻

Hope the team run a livery in remembrance of such a great man this weekend

Fine words with respect to a fine man may he rest in peace

Thank you Niki. And Lewis, let's do something for Niki this weekend. We've lost a true inspiration. Let it inspire you to win. #Winandlosetogether

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❀ Niki, 1949 - 2019 ... See moreSee less

❀ Niki, 1949 - 2019


Comment on Facebook

Rest in peace Niki! Great champion! God bless you πŸ₯‡πŸ†πŸ‘πŸ™

What sad news. A true racing great. Brave beyond compare. Rest in peace Niki. Xx

God bless you Niki truly a great champion R.I.P. πŸ™πŸ»

Rip niki a truly great champion

My god RIP Niki F1 has lost a great man what a champion and a person wishing his family all the best in this sad time and the same to his Mercedes family sad day 😒😒😒

RIP Niki - such a brave man, a champion and true legend of F1 - you will be greatly missed. Sincere condolences to Niki's family and friends .

Such a brave, courageous, resilient man, an inspiration to us all, RIP Niki, gone but will never be forgotten 🏎🏁

Rest in peace Niki. Enjoy the race in the sky. Sending love and prayers to his family xx

RIP Niki a true legend πŸ˜₯ A brave courageous man who will be missed greatly πŸ˜₯ thoughts are with your family, friends and colleagues 🏁 ❀️

I'm a committed Atheist, but just in case I'm wrong… and there is a heaven I hope as Niki passed through the gates … That James Hunt met him on the other side…. That James takes him to an amazing kart track in the sky…. That Ayrton, Jules, Roland, Gilles, Ronnie, Francois, Jochen etc are all getting suited up…. That James hands Niki a helmet and shows him to his kart…. That the race goes on for ever….

What a champion, what a great fighter. Really thank you, for everything.😞

RIP Niki a true legend of F1 who will be truly missed by everyone .Another sad day in motorsport .Thoughts and condolences for all his loved ones 😒

Such an amazing Champion, true strength & a wonderful, brave man.

Rest in peace Niki a great man

Last lap for a great man RIP Niki and thank you for great races and you wisdom

You were phenomenal Mr Lauda. Thank you for being so brave and for teaching us all how to be a warrior. Strength, determination, focus. Huge respect to you. RIP Sir πŸ’œ

RiP Niki!! Truly a great champion 🏎

RIP Niki, You will be sorely missed. A brave, brave man. God Bless.

A great inspiration to younger drivers & a very worthy champion. He also helped to improve safety. RIP.

Great picture of a great man, I now have this as my phone’s wallpaper. RIP Nikki

I recently posted this status following Tiger Woods victory. I think it sums up Niki’s contribution and true greatness. β€œFair play to Tiger Woods for winning a Golf Tournament after a long time not winning one. I've seen lots of updates, tweets etc saying that it's the "greatest sporting comeback ever". For the Avoidance of doubt that honour hands down belongs to Niki Lauda. After suffering terrible burns and having his lungs polluted with acrid smoke. 4 weeks after having the last rites read to him he was back in an F1 Car and despite missing a couple of races came within 1 point of winning the world title that year. He went on to win the title the following year, retired, came back and won it once more! Kinda puts Tigers sore back and marital strife into perspective!” RIP Champ

Truly an amazing man. Rest In Peace sir.

Rest in peace Niki a great Man and a great Champion. We'll miss you.

God Bless Niki, we will all miss you, what a lovely man! Lights out Niki 🏁🏁🏁

Rest in Peace Niki a true hero

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