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Squad goals ✌️ Lewis Hamilton


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LH champion. Two more records to beat🏆. Fantastic team Mercedes 💪💪

Wooo! Got my badge back! Now let’s go win the champ!

I have been a supporter of you guys for years and I am so happy you are the number one team


Keep up the good work guys 👍

Lovely to see everyone happy and smiling!

What a pleasure to see those joyful faces 😊😊 Thanks to all of you for the emotions you give us by performing on such a high level 👏👏

Keep up the awesome work. Looking forward to Germany and another cracking result.

Top team

Yaaaas Lewis

💖 The best team Mercedes 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆

Take me back to last weekend!!! Class weekend at silverstone!!

Nothing to say guys, you are SIMPLY FANTASTIC 😍💐👍🏻

Team work makes the dream work 👍

One more week to another celebration.


#DreamTeam 💯



I'm avid fan of the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport and the drivers. Could you please direct me to where can I buy of the mechanics 2, hi-viz t-shirt? I could not find on your web shop page.


The best

The best

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About last Sunday... ... See moreSee less

About last Sunday...


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Absolutely loved it 💕🏁🇬🇧 Atmosphere was electric at the track and I got got within 10 feet of Lewis 💕💕 best day ever at Silverstone 🏁🇬🇧

Great drive Lewis!

Was there! Best day of my life!!! 😁

Absolutely loved it, was epic

A very memorable day in my books, words to describe it edge of your seat fighting to the end the roar of the crowd, we fly the 🇬🇧 xx

Thanks for sharing wow

What an amazing picture!

The best 🥰❤

💖 The best LEWIS 💝

Was a great example of a team working at its Best.

This guy! This team! Simply the best ❤

Best weekend of my life so far

Was a great race last week and track side atmosphere was great!

May the next Sunday at your house be like this with a beautiful victory ❤❤❤🏁

Great team work as usual

It was heartwarming to watch on TV. One of my earliest memories of rookie Lewis was Goodwood where he got out at the top of the hill and ran down the line of spectators shaking hands. They all looked bemused because drivers didn’t do that kind of thing. There were not quite as many of them as in this photo lol!!

That was awesome and well done champ Lewis Hamilton.

Fantastic Grand Prix for me is Monza. Seems a lifetime away

He makes me proud to be a Brit, well done Lewis ❤️

Lewis was just like a kid, wanted to share his victory with every one possible — no standing off on a pedestal somewhere, waving down to the fans — right in there with them. Pure joy. 😍🤩🥳

So much sport on last weekend We stayed true and stuck with F1 👌

Love how much he appreciates his fans and team awesome #TEAMLEWISHAMILTON44🙏

Absolutely brilliant 🎉 🏁

best race of the year so far...... ❤🏁

Panicle for an amazing driver. 🏁

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Very good picture! Nice work!

Class, elegance & strenght ❤


Such a beautiful machine!!!

I love this game

That is one heck of a gorgeous machine 🥰

Best team, love it! 😍💪

Awesome!!!!! 💙💙

The beast!❣️

I thought that monsters or beasts are all ugly, this one is so beautiful and lovely! 🥰


The Beast, awesome

Uffffft warp speed

Looking forward to the German Grand prix #teamLH44

They should go back to the red # for LH & blue for VB to jazz it up a bit but its still the best looking car on the track

The best ♥️

What a stunner!

Best car on the grid driven by the best driver on the grid. There’s only one result 👍🏻💪🏻🇬🇧🇩🇪


Beauty W10 😍😍

Best car ever !!! Lots of gay love from London !! #mercedesamgf1 #teamlewishamilton

Won’t that look beautiful taking first at Hockenheim next weekend? Loooovely, just freeekin’ loooovely! <3

It’s a beautiful car guys. It also does wonders 💯


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This Lewis Hamilton lid = 🔥🔥🔥

Who else is dreaming for a 1/2 scale? 🙏
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This Lewis Hamilton lid = 🔥🔥🔥 

Who else is dreaming for a 1/2 scale? 🙏


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I want a 1/10th scale to go in my RC race car...👍🏻

💖 The best LEWIS 💝

There is nothing I would love more...other than to meet Lewis of course!!! 🔥🏆🔥

yes please thank you muchly

Please! That would be awesome!

100%!!!! That would be a stunning addition to my collection :)

Yes! And the Lauda tribute Monaco helmet in 1/2 scale as well!

I would love one to go with the others 🥰

Just a remimder, my first born had been sold already. I retired, so be gentle on pricing. I know F1 is not a sport for the middle class.

I would love one.

Would love this lid 💗🇬🇧🏁💪🏾🥇xx


That would look amazeballs in our 11 year olds bedroom!! We’re decorating it Mercedes themed colours, 2 shades of the turquoise/green and then metallic silver to offset it 😊

For sure,would look great in my cabinet with my other Lewis ,memrobilia 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏁🇬🇧

I would love one, I would even stand in the queue and then realise I was standing in the toilet queue

I’d love one 🙏

That would be simply amazing! Hamilton fan since his first race in 2007 when I was 6 years old, have supported him ever since

There’s that incomparable helmet!! ❤️🥰😍and , it’s a winner, so gotta wear it always now!!

Lots of people would but you said this about Valterris Monaco last year, no sign of it! It would be awesome if you could make 1/2's of a number of Lewis' helmets the market is out there and people will buy them.

It's one of these dreams that will probably never come true 😭

Can I be honest? Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport I wouldn't want a 1/2 scale.. I would love to have a full scale and wear Lewis his helmet with pride every time I drive my Bike ;) Preferably even a Abu Dhabi edition of last year with his 5 stars 🤩🤩. Let's hope we see a 6th star this year!

yes please!!!

Just Mercedes teasing everyone again. How many times have they written posts saying who would love a 1:2 scale and then not produced

Who wouldn’t want a 1/2 scale helmet replica of Lewis’s, at the moment he is the second most successful driver of all time.

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ICYMI: Take a look at ZOOM Auction’s poster for the #GermanGP! 👀

All proceeds go to Cancer Research UK. Grab yours here 👉
... See moreSee less

ICYMI: Take a look at ZOOM Auction’s poster for the #GermanGP! 👀

All proceeds go to Cancer Research UK. Grab yours here 👉


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Awesome ! I was there last year for the 1-2, amazing race from the team and what a drive from Lewis !

Stunning work 👌

Art deco at its best

Wish u can sponsor me to one of your gp races...🤩🍁

💖 The best LEWIS 💝

Obrigado pelo selo

Looking forward for the GermanGP !!

Mercedes AMG & LH # 44 Commitment to excellence D-Truth 3:16

I love it, very art deco and reminds me of Poirot 💞

Fantastic Artwork 👌

Very good picture!

It looks amazing😀

For some reason, I see an oriental theme here⛩️

Muy bonita postal!!

Amazing art!❣️💯

Es lindo😊

Cant wait see you friday 👌🇩🇪

Looks so cool, can't wait to see the car on track

Just ordered one... Very cool poster

cant wait for race weekend..

Just ordered mine. Was lucky enough to win tickets to the zoom auction in 2017.

I prefer the old hockemhiem circuit

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