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Debriefing the damage to Lewis Hamilton’s car in the #AusGP and more in our first Pure Pit Wall debrief of F1 2019! 👇 ... See moreSee less

2019 Australian Grand Prix F1 Debrief


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James Vowles answers your #AusGP questions - from why we pitted Lewis Hamilton early to how Valtteri Bottas won in Melbourne 👇

Can you afford to split the points between two top drivers when the other two top teams wont . Only time will tell but it could be your downfall

If this would happened to Bottas, nobody would be talking about this so far

Going by Ferrari's pace I'd say their whole floor was missing .

I’m a Red Bull and Max fan but fair play for taking the time to reply to people here but let’s not make it seem that Valtteri only won by default.. super drive from him 👌🏽

I love these videos. Keep up the good work 👍🏻

Damage or no damage, Lewis got owned by VB in that race. Coming from a big Lewis fan, I hope he realises the team competition is going to be much tougher this year and I for one am happy about that. F1 fan first, fan of individual drivers second.

Lap 57, Bottas sets the fastest lap of the race a 1'25.580 (after ignoring Toto's order not to go for it) Also, Lap 57 Hamilton sets a 1'26.057, second fastest lap of the race. and Verstappen sets a 1'26.256. what was it costing Lewis per lap comparative to Valterri?

I love how mercades crew take their time to explain things to us. Keep us all updated etc fantastic team . Im teamlh all the way this includes the team he drives for. Im also really liking bottas.. so keep up the great work and thankyou .

If that is true, luck went Mercedes way because had Ferrari got more speed Lewis would have been thrashed, and could have been a very different outcome.

Loving the social media content at the moment from you guys.

So how much carbon fiber (in mm^2) was missing, and how does the piece actually look like.

Honestly people,Why do you have to give THE TEAM such a hard time for what they are trying to explain...As a whole THE TEAM had a 1-2 Victory PLUS an extra point for driver AND team....A MAXIMUM POINT WEEKEND...!!! As Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport fans you should all be happy with that..! THE TEAM are merely trying to explain to people why Lewis was finding it hard to challenge on track.... These guys work hard ALL YEAR and want nothing more for both drivers and the team so if you are true Mercedes fans then please give them a break...They have more important things to be doing with their time

Thank you for the clear explanation.

Very good....James 👏 Tks for your explanation! !! Great video MERCEDES-AMG PETRONAS ❤

I love to hear stuff like this! I can't get over the flying start that Bottas had! phenomenal to say the least lol, Great start to the season, Great team effort! love it! 😍

I don’t recall you making this much effort to explain away a drivers lack of speed when it was Valtteri being beaten by Hamilton.

Mercedes putting down on their knees to the choosen kid

Bottas won fair and square, and that happened off the line, as it often does at Melbourne. However kudos to Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport for explaining why lewis was so far off the pace :-)

I don’t understand how people take it to be taking the spot light away from bottas. If the difference between your two cars is that big. Obviously you guys will investigate to see what happened. Did we mysteriously lose pace on car. Or we mysteriously found pace on another. Anyway. Good weekend guys. 👏🏻

Cmon Lewis back on it soon Had to be a reason for time deficit and let's be honest I would expect you to be sick or hung over to be that far behind V.B Respect to you valteri and team.

Thanks James !!! Keep up the great work my man

Why all this? Bottas won good for him, Hamilton was off form? End of story no need to make excuses

This is great. I saw a photo of the “damage” but couldn’t work out where or what it was. Thanks Mercedes for showing and explaining

Why do I feel all Videos are to take the limelight of Bottas. That tiny bit of damage can't surely result in a 20 second gap behind? It seems a shame because it's coming across that Bottas only won because Hamilton's car was damaged..

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Sisu begins where perseverance and grit end 💪 Valtteri Bottas and the Finnish spirit to fight back! ... See moreSee less

Australia 2019: How Bottas fought back


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lijkt wel alsof Mercedes valtteri eerste rijder aan het maken is met al die marketing

Вальттери молодец! И команда порадовала непредвзятостью.Если удастся избежать командной тактики-сезон получится красивым.Удачи!🥂

Weiter so Valteri, vielleicht wird es deine Saison.


Keep calm and remember sisu kimi's P8 for alfa romeo.

Did he say FU to Toto ??

And now: James, it's Valtteri😂

Only first race

To whom it may concern 😂

I am a massive LH fan, however love to see a fair battle between LH & my second favourite driver VB. Bring it on VB, I am loving this new VB & definitely sure LH welcomes you to the party too !!!! #LH44 #VB77 #NeverEverGiveUp #StillIRise #Sisu 🇬🇧🇫🇮 Its time to race boys. Please bring both cars home,or us the fans will lynch you, that's the only rule !!!!!

Lewis is faster he had a damaged car in Melbourne bottas is still number 2

Well done Valtteri , always admired you and your driving , wife loves you ! Keep it going and push Lewis all the way 🏆

In Valtteri Bottas, we have a driver who won the seat on merit, knew he would be a number two driver, and if the rumours are true, is now fighting for his future, with the man tipped to replace him already installed as a reserve driver..... Who wouldn't re-focus and fight in that same unenviable position..... Good for him.....

Well done Valteri!!!

Im a massive Hamilton fan, but 1 race in, its too early to tell who is going to be a title contender, let’s face it, both mercs, both Ferrari’s and maybe a redbull could all be contenders, one thing for sure, I hope this year sees more then 2 drivers fighting for the title

Great drive Valtteri👏

I would like to see vb win a title lets see if he has better luck this season

Great drive Valtteri !! Keep up the great work.

Game On Mercedes... GOOD LUCK !!

I'm a Hamilton fan but anyone who didn't feel good watching Valtteri win that race isn't quite human.

good on you valtteri!!! keep it up.. 😊😊😊

Watch out, world. Get it this year, Valtteri! ❤ Sisu!

Well done VB! Don’t give up, there are 20 races to go....

Fabulous drive. Congratulations 👌😊🏁

He won the race on merit, absolutely deserved that win. Still believe/hope it will be Hamiltons title this year but I can see Valtteri coming a close second. If he is like this all year then it shall be a great year for Mercedes.

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"These things don't just happen - both the team and I have worked hard for this and it seems like the hard work paid off..." 🤜🤛 ... See moreSee less

These things dont just happen - both the team and I have worked hard for this and it seems like the hard work paid off... 🤜🤛


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Yes it sure did pay off. Best race and week ever WELL DONE Valtteri xx

jesus christ so many bitter lemons on here! 🍋🍋🍋 I'm a Lewis fan but made up for Valtteri, you could see the work hes put in over the winter

Remember guys angry Lewis drives very fast!!! Just watch the space.

Ok, Valtteri Bottas F1 World Champion 2019 #Bottas77

"To whom it may concern " good for you Valtteri.....

Well done Bottas... Great drive. Looking forward to seeing you and Lewis put on a good show for the rest of the season.... 😎

Valtteri F1 World Champion 2019

Keep writing off Lewis !!! I will comment at the end of the season

I like Bottas, but he is no LH

Just lucky because LH44 feet was touching the ground ...

Being British obviously I would have liked to see Lewis stood on the top step but as long as one of them I suppose it doesn't really matter but it was a flawless drive from Valtteri.

Now Lewis should be the good teammate and support him for the rest of the season.

Yes Valtteri, you won the first race. Lets see how you get on next race when Lewis doesn't have a broken floor, lose of downforce and tyres that wear quicker, let's see if you get the win and fastest lap when the cars are even. Well done but we really don't have to have quotes every day.

I want to see Bottas fighting for the championship. I hope Mercedes allow him to do it. He has been a great and loyal "second driver" so far. He deserve an opportunity to show what he's capable to do. So far in Australia he showed great potential. No more Team orders for Bottas!

Enjoy it while you can #2

The Team work are very good and the Drivers of Mercedes AMG too, and makes good rezults. Valteri Bottas have the better reaction for the Start of this Season Congratulations for the Pole.

Please continue like this...

Russia could have been the same but James was playing

Just want to wish valterri a Bless 2019 to have a peaceful race & hope he can win more....he deserve it!

looks like constructors and drivers championship again for mercedes benz! ferrari just don't have it anymore and typical red bull, they won't make it far.

Puts down Hamilton's water. Raises a trophy. Bravo.

Glad to see that roBOT had a much needed break and software update over the winter period! 👌😂

Enjoy Mr B, Lewis &Team Merc - congratulations 👏🏽

Congratulations Valtteri Bottas! Such a great weekend for you guys and Lewis Hamilton! 🏆👏🏼

So deserved. Congratulations Valtteri, wish you many more but I am a 44 fan so I'll be cheering Lewis on. Don't take any radio messages from James 🙉

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Valtteri Bottas on 🔝! Can you tell why they call us the Silver Arrows... 😉 ... See moreSee less

Valtteri Bottas on 🔝! Can you tell why they call us the Silver Arrows... 😉


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1934 race weight 750 max ! The Mercedes was 751 kg removed the paint -1kg and borned the Silver Arrow story 😃😃😃😃

I dunno but Bacon is awesome

In 1934, the max weight allowed of a GP car was 750kg and the Mercedes GP car which was Mercedes-Benz W25, was 751kg. After being over weight by a kilo, team then stripped out the white lead based paint and underneath was silver aluminium glowing. Hence the name silver arrow was given to them. (If I'm not wrong. In which case please correct me)

Mirror finish silver next season? Like the West McLaren Mercs of old??

Because back in the 50s Mercedes took all the paint of there F1 cars to make them glide through the air like an arrow 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Because its silver and the front looks like an arrow?

Because the car is brown and looks like a cheese wheel?

Weight saving.... during the early grand prix days mercs were white.... dropped the paint to make the regulations

Yes because the Silver Arrow is what kills the prancing horse 😉

Epic drive VB. The attitude you had with the fastest lap point on the radio......keep that up!

Handsome looking car even though I’m a Verstappen man.

Because they never used to paint the cars to save weight, they were always silver

They took the paint off in order to make the cars lighter

is it possible to get this Picture in a higher resolution? (to use it for a desktop wallpaper) thanks!

The Press called them The Silver Arrows to Germany's dominant Mercedes-Benz and Auto Union Grand Prix motor racing cars between 1934 and 1939. When the new Mercedes-Benz W25 climbed on the scrutineering scales prior to the Eifelrennen at the Nürburgring, it recorded 751 kg which was over the limit of 750kg maximum allowed weight. So, they removed the paint and became The Silver Arrows. Later the name was given to Mercedes Benz Sports cars between 1954 and 1955. Today it holds the name of the cars of the Formula 1 championship from 2010 to present

Great photo of a fantastic looking machine.

Because before the world wars the Mercedes cars were know to be as silver cars... People used to call M-Benz cars silver arrows ➡.... Am i right..?

Glide in the air with the silver arrows!

Most beautiful F1 car !!!! I like the fact, it actually looks like an arrow.....nice touch !!!!

Cause its the arrow that killed valteris mood last year in Russia

Historically, German racing cars have been coloured with a grey/silver paint and since the mercedes were very fast they were nicknamed silver arrows. Moreover italian cars were red, french cars were blue and english cars were green.

Whatever James says the reason is, isn't that how this goes?

1934 Eifel Race weigh in, W25 weighs in at 751kg max weight permitted 750, A. Neubauer decides to give the order the cars paint should be sand off exposing the bare silver metal, Brauchitsch goes on to win the race and comments that driving a silver arrow for him was an honour, then coining the term that would officially stick many years later but left people talking about the silver arrows immediately

From the time when race cars wasn’t allowed to weigh more than a certain weight, so Mercedes had to take of a kilo or two. They sanded of the paint to be allowed to race, under the paint was the bare aluminum. Silver arrow was now born 🤓

1934 races had limit for weight for 750kg. Mercedes was over this limit and removed the paint and therfore the Silver Arrows came into the fore. I think this is the reason

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Monday Mood 🏆 😊 #AusGP ... See moreSee less

Monday Mood 🏆 😊 #AusGP


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Scuderia Ferrari, crush these guys in Bahrain...

Great drive Valtteri!

Wonderful indeed well done 👍

Way to go Bottas. Believe.

next time trust you friday data and let lewis try the overcut instead of killing off any chance of a race he back off to 3 seconds to save his tyres for a hopefull overcut you just panicked to cover off vettel

Toto to Lewis ........ right now he’s had the race win back you owe him, you can win the next 20 Lewis 😝

This is what happens when Bottas doesnt hold back. He's a formidable opponent. Looks like Hamilton has a challenge after all.

Baltery campeón se ve bien que tengan a occon ahí x un lado prescionando al futuro campeó le llega occon ..

Please Mercedes..let him run!!!🙏😁😁😁

What caused damage on Lewis car?????

Beautiful. I can see the envious and disappointed look from Lewis Hamilton

You really deserved that win bottas. Bring on bahrain =)

Well done to King Bottas ! He was lightning fast yesterday, perfect race from start to finish ! Kudos for him to start the season like that ! (from a longtime Ferrari fan)

i think he can be the world champion this year, let him play his game!

Woo hoo Valtteri, we’ll done 🏆 🏁🏁🏁

Petronas,Porridge,Mercedes and Valterri= The perfect combination!

Congratulations !!! 🤗🤗🤗

Great win but it's only the first race

Such an amazing driver deserves such an amazing victory

Tell Bottas not to shave now a manager with a beard knocked out Man U out of the FA Cup so beards bring you good luck 😉

Great start to your first world championship Valtteri!!

Be good when Lewis races with a complete car...and we've seen what Bottas was like last year with a wee bit o pressure...big run wide and let the Ferrari's past him at every turn.

Tue Jack Brabham steering wheel trophy must be the best trophy in motor racing Period

Congrats to all Bottas...!

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