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Valtteri Viktor Bottas (Finnish pronunciation: [ˈʋɑltːeɾi ˈbotːɑs]; born 28 August 1989) is a Finnish racing driver currently competing in Formula One with Mercedes. Bottas previously drove for Williams from 2013 to 2016. He currently resides in Monaco. In his first four races for Mercedes in 2017, Bottas achieved his first Formula One pole position in Bahrain and his first victory at the following event in Russia. He finished the 2017 season taking pole position, fastest lap, and the race win at Abu Dhabi.

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Constructors Champions 2018 @f1 💪 • • • #VB77 #Constructors #Champions #F1 @mercedesamgf1

Race day 👀 • • • #VB77 #F1 #BrazilianGP @mercedesamgf1 📸 @jeolin

Hyvää isänpäivää 🇫🇮 Happy Father’s Day! • • • #VB77 #Rane #on #kingi #isänpäivä #fathersday

100 pole positions for @mercedesamgf1 in @f1 💪 Congrats team! • • • #hamilton #fangio #moss #rosberg #bottas #100poles #f1

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15 hours ago

Valtteri Bottas

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Marcel Hieber sehr aktuell 😂

May you have the success you truly deserve in 2019!

Juoppo 😂😉

LOL Valterri, but the pic on the right is not 2019 (and may not be) ;) Just kidding. Go beat Lewis this year :)

Sole poka mikhään. Kausi 2021 on Valtterin juhulaa. Lapin miehellä on käyny etiäiset. Painakaappa miehleen. 👍 Hieno urheilija.

Yeah from wasting al the alcohol to guzzling it al down👍👍😇


Keep it going m8. May the next 10 year pic be together with your champ trophies! 🔝🏆

He’s finally over his ‘drinking problem’ 😂

I'm glad you learnt how to drink from the bottle

Bottlas!!! 🤣

"Valtteri, this is Toto"

No longer has a drinking problem. Can't wait to see you in Melbourne VB77!

Roolimalli vailla vertaa! Tsemppiä kauteen ja tavoitteisiin! ❤


Fit and fit! 😍

Stopped doing milk adverts?

VB, you are showing style 🏁🥇🏆


The best pair of photos I have seen in the #10yearchallenge until now! All the best for the season 2019!

Grande parè🔝

You've been working those jaw muscles! 💪🏻

Hola Buenos dias Este ano usted muchas victorias la comemorar Abrazos

LOL! 😂😂😂

So you used to drink like a Finn. Later you met Kimi and your world changed forever

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1 day ago

Valtteri Bottas

Filming day with Konecranes Finland 🎬

#VB77 Power Meets Control
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Filming day with Konecranes Finland 🎬

#VB77 Power Meets Control


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Salut les Mercedes

2 days ago

Valtteri Bottas

Good couple of days at the factory including meetings, race sim in the simulator, wind tunnel visit etc.
Great to see everyone after few weeks and that nothing has changed. One goal 💪

#VB77 Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport
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Good couple of days at the factory including meetings, race sim in the simulator, wind tunnel visit etc.
Great to see everyone after few weeks and that nothing has changed. One goal 💪

#VB77 Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport


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They could have sent you a new pass that worked 🤣🤣

Go valtteri! 😊👊🏻🇫🇮 #BeliveInValtteri #NeverGiveup #VB77 #TeamValtteri

VB means "world champion" in hungarian language ;-)

Hope to see you testing in Barcelona on February 28th. 👍😃

One goal,Beat Lewis,welcome back.

Really hope that this season you put "sukan syyläriin".

Give’r Valtteri

Good luck Valtteri. Can't wait to see you back on track! 🇫🇮🇫🇮

One goal 🥇👍

Still digging the facial hair!

Good to hear you are back preparing for the new season Valtteri. All the best.

👍🇫🇮👍Moro Äijä 👍🇫🇮👍

Have a great start...see you on podium 😉

Welcome back. You have had a stunning holiday and have been to some gorgeous places. Have a great pre season. Wishing you well hope you have plenty of success in 2019. 🙏🍾👏

#77 🇫🇮️

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3 days ago

Valtteri Bottas

Busy first day back at the factory 🧔

Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport
Chilled. Refreshed. And back to work. 👊 We checked in with Valtteri Bottas on his first day back in the factory ahead of the new season...
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Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport


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Come on valtteri bring on this season u can do it! 😊💪🇫🇮 #VB77 #TeamValtteri #ProudFan

Valtteri.....see you on the Podium several times......

Wishing you lots of good luck in 2019, Valtteri. Norma Eddie Pidgeon and I are looking forward to seeing you and the new car in Barcelona next month.

Go for it this year Valtteri. You can do it and you deserve it.👍👍

You need to lose weight mate 😱

Sending positivity for a great season for you Mr B💪🏼🏁 📸 U and W08 at Silverstone 🇬🇧 Have u seen the W10 new beast yet? 👀

Pidä toi parta kauteen! Just tyylikäs. Lisää miehisyyttä 😎

Go Valtteri Go!! :D Uutta kautta odotellessa :D

All the best VB77 👍

nyt röyhkeyttä täksi kaudeksi. Kiitos :)

Upea toi partameininki😘

Onnea uudelle vuodelle Valtteri. .sisua mestaruusjahtiin..näytä mistä sut on tehty..Lisää voittoja. .palkintoja hyllyille. ..Nyt kun saat hyvän draivin päälle niin kyllä se siitä. .Jos ei muuten niin käyt ajaa vaik kunnon karting ica tai niin saat parhaan taistelutahdon päälle...Onnea mestaruusjahtiin...

Come on Val destroy Hamilton and impress Wolff.

Tsemppiä ja kovaa treeniä uuteen kauteen 👍

It is TIME to kick it into HIGH-GEAR like yestarday....COMOOON VALE!!

Let's get some wins, VB!

Kick that ass!

Tsemppiä tulevalle kaudelle.

Echt wel! Ik vind het baardje hem wel stoer staan.

seat fitting for next year? no, this year u mean?

Good luck for 2019 drive for your self not for Lewis , you Are as good as Lewis.Drive for YOU and you will achieve plenty of Win GOOD LUCK.👍👍👍IS

Excited to hear that you're back in action ! Looking forward to the new season 👍🏎

Hi Valtteri. Good luck in 2019. Greetings from Brazil

Good luck for 2019

Hola Buenisimo campeonato F1 la usted 2019 muchas victorias

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4 days ago

Valtteri Bottas

Last night 🧔⌚️

IWC Schaffhausen #silverspitfire #iwcsihh
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Last night 🧔⌚️

IWC Schaffhausen #silverspitfire #iwcsihhImage attachment


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Jamie - I didn’t think it was possible to like him more, but then this! Hello facial hair! 😍

Very dapper Sir. Love the whole look including the beard!

Main thing - good F1 driver and truely gent! 👍

Lose the beard but save the mustache!!!

looking ........snazzy valtteri... real snazzy.


Lose the beard, get your finger out and good luck in 2019!

منورها يا كبير

Very smart young man.

Make or break now. Go #77 !

Nuorukaisesta on tullut äijä !!!!!

Congratulations 👍

👍🏻Cool i love the beard :)

Särmä parta👍

Give it your all and go for ei s not team orders for Lewis to win .Good luck.👍👍👍👍

Love the new look...a more rugged Mr Bottas 👍

Smart Bottas

The beard removes 1/2 a sec a lap

Töissä ensi yönä, kyllä koko yö👍🏁🇫🇮🏁Koffilla.

La guitarra de Trevor Rabin que da sonido a la canción "Owner of a lonely heart"......

Love the fuzz!

That's the man himself ...

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