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Valtteri Viktor Bottas (Finnish pronunciation: [ˈʋɑltːeɾi ˈbotːɑs]; born 28 August 1989) is a Finnish racing driver currently competing in Formula One with Mercedes. Bottas previously drove for Williams from 2013 to 2016. He currently resides in Monaco. In his first four races for Mercedes in 2017, Bottas achieved his first Formula One pole position in Bahrain and his first victory at the following event in Russia. He finished the 2017 season taking pole position, fastest lap, and the race win at Abu Dhabi.

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Constructors Champions 2018 @f1 💪 • • • #VB77 #Constructors #Champions #F1 @mercedesamgf1

Race day 👀 • • • #VB77 #F1 #BrazilianGP @mercedesamgf1 📸 @jeolin

Hyvää isänpäivää 🇫🇮 Happy Father’s Day! • • • #VB77 #Rane #on #kingi #isänpäivä #fathersday

100 pole positions for @mercedesamgf1 in @f1 💪 Congrats team! • • • #hamilton #fangio #moss #rosberg #bottas #100poles #f1

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10 hours ago

Valtteri Bottas


📸 @paulripke
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📸 @paulripke


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Good luck all the best in the race

All the best for the weekend Valtteri. I Like your motorcycle. It’s a beauty. Good luck.

Great photos Valtteri! Have a great day! I can't wait for weekend!!! 🏆

Good luck for the weekend

Good luck Valtteri 👍 ☺

Have a great weekend VB.

Good luck Valtteri ✌🏆

Great luck at the Casinos!

Suerte el domingo

Good morning Valtteri ❤️

Fabulous pics!! We live in to visit Monaco last fall on a bucket list trip. Visited the Casino de Monte-Carlo, the Prince’s Palace and ......wait for it.....even drove the race track, including the tunnel!!! Can’t wait to watch the race this weekend! Have such respect for F1 drivers- Rock it VB!! 💙🖤💙🖤💙🖤💙

Lovely bike.

Love you massively.❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

Get the pole and stay out front Valtteri - you have this one!

Dröm att kunna vara där och se F1. Nu tar vi vinst för Nickis skull. 👍👍❤️

Voitto kotiin 🔥💪🏼

Bad weekend or Good? Bad is P2 give all please, for P1=Victory

Onnea kisaan👍👍😊

Looking hot 😍

Olimme paikalla kun sua haastateltiin

Varovasti nyt

Tu fait tt comme Lewis toi

Looking good x

good luck.its your time.!

Looking forward to Sunday and another 1-2 Mercedes finish!! 🏁

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23 hours ago

Valtteri Bottas

Thursday was fun 🇮🇩🏁

Read about our practice day in Monaco:

#VB77 Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport
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Thursday was fun 🇮🇩🏁

Read about our practice day in Monaco:

#VB77 Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport


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Good luck, you’ve got this!!🏁

Good luck Valtteri xx

Good luck guys... Race day make it another 1-2

Good luck for tomorrow valtteri another 1/2 for you and lewis hopefully 🤞😃😃

You got this! Good luck at practice tomorrow! 💕

Good luck Valtteri.

Good luck and great start to you!🏁

Good luck Valtteri!

Good luck for tomorrow💪

Your the best bottas, good luck

Great run today Valtteri!!!

Great job today Valtteri. Keep up the speed for Saturday. Quali!! Whoot whoot.

wishing you win the champion this Sunday!

Good luck for qualifying, get that car on pole 🏎😀

Good Job.. #77

Go Vale go...

Good luck Valtteri!

VAMOS Valtteri Bottas 77 .

Let's go valtteri!

Vamos valtteri, tu puedes.

No doubt you exceeded the speed limits today.

Good job today. Nice driving. That win is yours for the taking!

Lauantai parempi?

Bravo Valtteri! Sei sempre il migliore!!!

Super Valtteri - weiter so!!

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2 days ago

Valtteri Bottas

Monaco GP
🎥 @paulripke
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Good luck for the Race in Monaco 🇲🇨 and you had nice Words for Niki 👍...I wish you all the best

Nice words for Niki. Best of luck in Monaco!

Beautiful words Valtteri. Good luck for Monaco stay safe .... 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾🏆👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

Nice words for Lauda.🙏 The best for the race in Monaco. 🍀🏁

Nice words Valtteri. You ooze class, best of luck in Monaco.

Good luck in Monaco - have a great race for Niki

Valtteri and I will support you always, beautiful spoken! Good luck this weekend, stay safe. We wish you and team Mercedes the best!!!🍀

Lovely words..RIP Nikki. Be well and safe Valtteri...SISU! Sending good vibes and a big hug.

Gracious spirit! 🕊 Good luck Valterri! 🇫🇮

Kind words. Looking forward to an exciting race. Hope you cross the checkers first!

Lovely words, so sorry for your loss 🙁 You look gorgeous and can’t wait to watch the Qualifying and Race. Hope you do amazing. Me and my 2 year old daughter will be cheering you on as always. Good Luck 🙂 X

Beautiful words - that’s why we love you 😃

Best of luck for the race. Great interview and special words about a great man. Go for it on Sunday Valtteri, you can do it #VB77 every time x

Valtteri lovely words mate !

Lovely words about a special man. Good luck with Monaco 🇲🇨. I wonder now you live there are they too posh to meet other Dalmatian owners & have a Dally Rally 🤣 I can just image how lovely it would be to walk the hills and mountains 🏔

Good luck Valtteri, drive safe and hopefully get the win in a 1 2 for Mercedes.

Win the pole and you win the race!

Great interview and a !lovely tribute to niki! Looking sooooo good ( rolls tongue back in - I love a man in a white shirt)! Good luck this weekend. GO BOTTAS!!!!!!

Hello my friend great to see you 😎👌

Wishing you winning the champion this weekend! 77 Rocks!!

Go go go Valtteri! For victory with A '1-2' for Mercedes again! Do It for Niki! Hé was an exepttional person. A real man with a fantastic vision in life. R.I.P. Niki Lauda.

An absolutely brilliant video thank you Valtteri!!!! Team Bottas!!! The win for Niki!

A brilliant racer and a true gentleman, good luck for the race in Monoco Valtteri, stay safe

Everything crossed for you at the weekend. Will be sad for the team but would be a lovely tribute to Niki to get another 1-2......with you number 1, of course.x

Awesome! All the best for the weekend ahead🤩

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3 days ago

Valtteri Bottas

"Racing was my life, was my job, I’d take the chance because I like it, even though every year one or two gets killed, for me it was essential."

"I hope they say I was always straightforward. No b******* or grey areas I hate that."

Remembering the legend, Niki Lauda.
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Thank you for sharing . Huge loss for all motor sport. He truly had a fighting spirit - rest now Niki. Truly a Legend. 🏆🏁

Love this. Thank you for sharing Valtteri

Thank you for sharing Valtteri! He was a legend!

Thank you for sharing Valtteri. Nikki was a legend.

Valtteri he was an inspiration to all f1 drivers what a great man he will be sadly missed niki we love you God bless x

Thanks for sharing Valtteri. Forever a hero for all who love motorsport

I trust life is more fabulous for you on the other side of the finish line Niki...RIP 🏁🙏💖 thank you for sharing Valtteri Bottas

Wonderful tribute my friend 💕🙏

Beautiful tribute.

Lovely man ❤️

The man of truth right their. One of the most down to earth people in F1 you could find. I loved his no nonsense attitude and he siad it as it was. Lovely tribute Valtteri, his support and so much valuable knowledge that he gave to Mercedes and F1 as a whole is a huge huge loss. Im gutted for you all at the sad passing of Niki and will be missed by so many people! RIP Niki very sad indeed! Xx 😢💖🏁

Awesome video. Thank you.

Memories Will Last Forever R.I.P. Niki

May he rest in peace, thank you for sharing.xx

You always seemed close with him. Tis a sad day indeed. Carry forward his utter dedication and motivation. I am so sorry for your loss personally and also for the team's loss. Will be watching on Sunday. ❤❤💔

Niki- you will be sorely missed. Rest In Peace ❤️

It’s a very sad day. Thanks for sharing

A great man ❤

A great feel for car balance and a great engineer with impeccable intent.

Beautiful piece

Valtteri thanks for sharing ... nobody could bring a better obituary about Niki Lauda than he can do it himself - exactly with such memories. We will miss his straightforwardness, honesty, hardness, handshake quality as well as his humor. The world would need more people like a Niki Lauda. He was unique, a legend - and we will carry him forever in our hearts.

Lepää rauhassa Niki

A real legend.

Such a good point about losing. A lot of fans are so focused on their sports heroes winning that they get so disheartened when they lose. But it's how you pick yourself up after losing that shows your real strength. That is why I am so proud to be a Valtteri fan. Rest in peace Niki. You will always be an inspiration.

R.i.p niki

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3 days ago

Valtteri Bottas

RIP Niki 🙏🏼

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RIP Niki 🙏🏼



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F1 lost a great Legend, incredible Driver with hight Spirit and unbelievable Knowledge , i am deeply sad and wish to the Family all the strength to get thought this Time, rest in Peace Niki 🌹

RIP Niki Lauda you were more then just a Champion. You were loved, admired and Highly Respected. It was Very sad to to hear the passing of Niki Lauda .A great man and a great loss. At the track every race weekend , you were the real Face of F1 past and Future. “ It’s not if but when” You showed us how to really live. It’s now your time to rest knowing you have blessed many with your wisdom, knowledge and kind words. He was the one man I wish I had of met and been able to talk to about racing. Most of all his courage , will, and strength after his accident so many years ago. I admired him for it. I often wonder after my own accident my fears took over. I didn’t have the power, mental will or inner strength Niki had. On those days I would often think What is in such a special driver / man like Niki What makes him tick, the mental strength he had I was in Amazement of , But no ones like Niki and never will be. You will be missed , admire and thanked for all you brought to others during your remarkable life. The Future of F1 will carry your gift of knowledge and wisdom forward You will never be forgotten Hearts are breaking around the world. God Bless You , Your family and friends. May you Rest In Peace knowing you were loved by all.

RIP Niki. A great loss to family, friends and the motor racing world. A true legend of a driver. A very strong man who will be missed by all.

A memorial time for you Valteri having had the opportunity to work side by side with such a great legend as Niki...cherish all the spectacular moments lived together!! RIP Niki

Good memories with Niki! RIP Nice photo of you both 🙏

A great legend has passed away .. RIP Niki Lauda .. you will be greatly missed :(

Very sad...RIP Niki...condolences to all hus people and all team Mercedes... we already miss him...😥😥

So very very sad. RIP Nikki. We will all miss you

So sad to hear this news this morning. Great racing driver. Also a sad day for the F1 family. A lovely pic of you both. R. I. P Niki Lauda #Legend 😔

A lovely picture of you both. Rest in Peace Niki you’ve taken your everlasting Pole Position in Heaven. 💔 x

An amazing man, I'm sure an incredible mentor and inspiration to you and the team. A sad loss:(

Now he is a legend. Thoughts and prayers to his famimy

A true legend and inspiration RIP Niki! 🏎

RIP Niki Lauda - a truly inspirational man.

A sad day for those that loved him and his miraculous achievements! Rest peacefully, Niki! 💟🙏

May you and family be at peace.

Lovely picture and a momento of the legend of the sport! The final chequered flag..... Rest in everlasting peace, Mr Niki Lauda! 😥

May his soul rest in peace Amen 🙏

The inspiration for so many drivers fabulous 😎👌

Such a lovely picture of you both. Shows the kind of man that Niki will always be remembered as. I’m sorry to hear about his passing and for the loss by his family and by his team 😢

Awe so sad, great racing driver and lovely man, rip niki x

Very sad he was a great man and driver. Rest in Peace Nikki.

Lovely photo Valterri!!!

Legend 😔👍🏻 nice picture ✨

what an awesome picture

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