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Valtteri Viktor Bottas (Finnish pronunciation: [ˈʋɑltːeɾi ˈbotːɑs]; born 28 August 1989) is a Finnish racing driver currently competing in Formula One with Mercedes. Bottas previously drove for Williams from 2013 to 2016. He currently resides in Monaco. In his first four races for Mercedes in 2017, Bottas achieved his first Formula One pole position in Bahrain and his first victory at the following event in Russia. He finished the 2017 season taking pole position, fastest lap, and the race win at Abu Dhabi.

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Constructors Champions 2018 @f1 💪 • • • #VB77 #Constructors #Champions #F1 @mercedesamgf1

Race day 👀 • • • #VB77 #F1 #BrazilianGP @mercedesamgf1 📸 @jeolin

Hyvää isänpäivää 🇫🇮 Happy Father’s Day! • • • #VB77 #Rane #on #kingi #isänpäivä #fathersday

100 pole positions for @mercedesamgf1 in @f1 💪 Congrats team! • • • #hamilton #fangio #moss #rosberg #bottas #100poles #f1

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5 hours ago

Valtteri Bottas

🌅 @ Nastola ... See moreSee less

🌅 @ Nastola


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Wish I could wake up to that view every morning 🌅

Two absolute stunning shots!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

Mukavaa lomaa ❤️


Krásne prostredie.👍

Beautiful view n dalmatian😍

Beautiful.... love your Dalmation xx

Nauti lomasta ja rentoudu! Olet tosi hyvä syy seurata formuloita👍!

Rest, repose, rinse and repeat!💙🧢💥🇩🇪🏁

Kaunis kotimaa ❤️ Rentoudu rakkaiden parissa!

Très beau paysage ... comme cela doit être reposant 💆🏼‍♂️🐶🌅

Vapaapäivät tarpeen- latautumista varten. Nauttikaa 🙋‍♀️

Miten kaunista 😍

Very nice! Have a nice time with your family.

What a beautiful picture

Tervetuloa kotiin! :) Rentoudu ja nauti olostasi läheisten kanssa! <3

Enjoy being home

Realy a wonderful place 😍

Absolutely stunning good luck for your next race 100% behind you enjoy the break you deserve it.

That is so beautiful

Nice !!!! You are a great pilot, focus strength and faith that gets there !!! Just like Hakkinen, you're super full too, drive at the LH level and soon you'll be a champion !!! Good luck and from here in Brazil I'm wrestling for you !!!

Cheers for photos Valtteri. Really bonnie. Fine to get a while to yourselves. Good luck for the next race.

Todella hienot kuvat. Kauneinta Suomea.

Beautiful 😍

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1 day ago

Valtteri Bottas

The Finn had no intention of giving up P1 👀💪
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Great race and great sportsmanship Valtteri, your wish will come true, you are a champion in my eyes and many other's 👍☝️🏎🏁🥂

Great move Valtteri. You are going to get where you deserve to be very soon. 🏁

Awesome driving val never give up

incredible drive yesterday

Great job Valtteri!👍🏼

Well done valteri your doing great this year keep it up :-)

That was such a beauty. Well done, Ice King. 👑

Great job Valtteri 👍

Absolutely loved this. This is what we need more of 💙#nevergiveup

Just Fantastic to watch. Thanks Toto for trusting them to race.

Outstanding start Valtteri! The first few laps was great! 🇫🇮

Your amazing. I’m really happy to be here. Tomorrow is another day. See you in Japan!!!! #SISU

Strong recommendation, "Still I Retake" to your back and helmet.

The director of the tv editing wants shooting. We were yelling at the tv when they cut away to the crowd at the crucial moment. Keep pushing, you're having a great season.

I am a Lewis fan, and I have to say you did everything right, you never put one single foot wrong. I admire your motivation too. Every team should want someone this motivated, to go through that and still be motivated speaks volumes!

Love you, Valtteri. YOU are a class act.👍

well done Valtteri

You were awesome to watch this weekend Valtteri. Great driving just let down again by the system (tyre strategy and safety car) Keep pushing 💪🏆

What a drive Valtteri! It was great to see you fighting hard. The safety car came at the wrong time for you - and strategy from the team didn’t help. Keep fighting - you are a champion!

I was there watching you from Stowe C Grandstand!! You were awesome 👏🏻 👏🏻👏🏻

You tried your best. It was just bad luck.

Love ya style of driving mate 👌

Awesome driving

I was being so loud during the start my wife thought something bad happened! I laughed and told her that Valtteri just kicked ass!! And damn the SC...Still a great race, though!

This was great driving by VB was brilliant watching, shame he only got 2nd but his time will come 💙

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1 day ago

Valtteri Bottas

2nd place in Britain 🏆🏁🇬🇧

#VB77 #nevergiveup #F1 #BritishGP @mercedesamgf1
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2nd place in Britain 🏆🏁🇬🇧

#VB77 #nevergiveup #F1 #BritishGP @mercedesamgf1


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You did well, luck didn’t go your way, but love your drive and ambition this year. Keep your head high you’ve already stepped up hugely from 2018!

Omg I was on the edge of my seat! Brilliant race but such a shame but 2nd I still a great result, well done VB 💚

Well done Valtteri ! Thanks for stopping for the photo

You had a fantastic race yesterday Valtteri, watching you and Lewis going wheel to wheel was electrifying, you never gave up and came out on top, very well done, your driving is spot on, you can be proud of yourself, we are all behind you

I thought you had a great weekend all in all!! Very proud to be your fan and I know you have got it in you to keep going!! Onwards and upwards to Germany!!

Yesterday, we were headed to Houston....a 9 hour drive...on the way to MD Anderson Cancer hospital for my husband’s treatment. As with any F1 fan and proud VB77 supporter....I couldn’t miss the race. Kudos to Sirius XM radio we LISTENED to the race ....first time for that experience. It was an exciting Grand Prix and Bottas was awesome as always. Thanks to Valtteri and Mercedes AMG Petronas team for making a portion of our long, worrisome drive THRILLING!!

The racing between you and Lewis was the best I had seen all season! I was cheering you on all the way! Such a shame the safety car gave Lewis the advantage but you have so much to be proud of this weekend! Excellent driving VB 😍

Well done valtteri great race yesterday .. your doing great this year your my winner whatever happens ... keep doing what your doing and good luck :-)

Awesome drive, Valtteri. Actual safety car was harsh and spoilt a thriller of a race. You were brilliant and fully deserved to win that til fate sealed the deal. I am really proud to be your fan. One day..... 💪❤️

Congratulations Valtteri on P2. It was unfortunate that the safety car didn’t benefit your race. Next race will be yours! Keep up the great driving Champ! 🇫🇮

Great job Valtteri! So proud of YOU- racing against the Lewis in the manner you did. You have the making of a CHAMP- never give up!!

I was SO proud to be your fan at Silverstone yesterday. I held the flag up so high for you but hard to see amongst all the British fans. great race - he didn't overtake you. Awesome.

Well done valtteri❤️ great job yesterday

Great racing from a Great driver - well done!

Great driver, the best is yet to come Val

Fantastic to see you come back stronger this year than last. It’s great to see both you and Lewis competing fairly on the track, clean racing but competitive. Keep pushing, you’ll get there 👍

The standard of driving from the two of you is hard but fair and the respect you show each other is outstanding the whole team looked relaxed while the two of you were racing that's trust well done just was not your day for the top step, but why did you not get fastest lap you had new tyre's I thought you were in to get the point

Well done .. from a lewis fan you shown some fantastic race craft yesterday . Be proud.

Well done Valtteri. Good luck for the next race. All the best.

Great Job buddy! Next race in Hockenheim is yours!!!

That was a great race. Be proud of yourself. ❤

You had a great weekend Valtteri!!!

Great job by a great driver. Congrats Valtteri, you will be on top of the podium next race 💪✌️

You had a great race pace. And you did your best! It was just a bad luck. You know it’s not over yet!! Keep pushing Valtteri🇫🇮🏆

BRILLIANT Valtteri! You couldn't have done better - loved it. #TopJob

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2 days ago

Valtteri Bottas

Race day 🏁
Let’s do this 💪🏼

#VB77 #F1 #BritishGP
📸 @jeolin
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Race day 🏁
Let’s do this 💪🏼
#VB77 #F1 #BritishGP
📸 @jeolin


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Nice racing! You did well holding on to your position. That damn safety car....

An awesome race wished you had won but you are still the man

Congratulation Valtteri !! you really did great job, the damn safety car...but you really nailed it man, awesome start and awesome fighting

You can do this, this is your year! Good luck! :)

All the very best for the top step today Valtteri! It's your day man, excellent job in Quali yesterday to put yourself in the best position to start from! Your car is a beast and baring any "shit luck" you're in a great position for a memorable British GP! Keep your head down and haul ass VB! 🏁

Best luck. I really hope you are victorious today.

At home watching this year, backing you all the way. Good luck Valterri, go for the win 🏎🥇🏆🏁

Mercedes 1-2 again !! Hearty Congratulations to the winning team.

Good Luck! Go for it!🇫🇮🏎🏁🏆The best wishes are with you❤

Whether you win or lose the race, you are always a winner! Our winner, our example of overcoming! We love you!

Good job Valtteri. A second place is very good. Very good luck for germany.

You was robbed by the safety car. You had the measure of Hamilton until then but I still think Mercedes pitted you early to give Hamilton an advantage of clear air.

Awesome job valterri... You're still my favorite!!

Good luck Valterri will be cheering you on xx👍🤗

Today I ate porridge for the first time.. good 👍🏽

Good luck Valtteri. All the best for today. Make sure you have your double coffee. ☕🏎️🌪️

Great race sir, luck should not play into F1, but today it was not your friend. I still am behind you 100%

Terrific drive Valtteri, shame about the safety car, all the best for the next race.

have a clean start! I think that's the most important right now

Good luck xx beat your team mate 💙

You were denied a win by a pointless safety car, keep your head up

I am so f***** dissapointed, it all went in the right direction for valtteri, THEN THAT SAFETY CAR, I would like too see, bottas as a champion! So sick of that hamilton realy

Great Race, luck is still a 4 letter word. Keep it up, as you said, he is beatable.

It's all yours for the taking. Keep the door closed. Good luck.

You and your white socks had a fantastic race, not the result you would have liked, but your fans are behind you all the way, you reached the podium - 2nd, a great result, you should rejoice in that fact and smile, your fans can see you are brilliant on track but need to see that you are happy to get a podium too. xx

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3 days ago

Valtteri Bottas

10th F1 pole position today 💪🏼🏁

F1 uran kymmenes paalupaikka!

Read about the qualifying:

#VB77 Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport
... See moreSee less

10th F1 pole position today 💪🏼🏁

F1 uran kymmenes paalupaikka!

Read about the qualifying:

#VB77 Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport


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Congratulations Valtteri👍 Good luck for the race🏁🏆

Congratulations 🏁. Wish you the best for today. Have a great flying start and I hope Toto has no team orders. 🇫🇮

Good luck tomorrow xx

Congratulations. Rad

Fantastic !! Congrats VB77

excelent job! Hoping for the best tomorrow!

Woohoo!!! Congratulations

Congratulations Rad

So proud of you Valtteri! Porridge power 💯 💪

Congratulations Vade!

Congratulations! I believe in your Victory! All the best wishes for the Race! Leave Lewis behind you!Good Luck!

Great job Valtteri! Tomorrow is yours for the taking, get a great start! Great luck!

Awesome result. Good luck tomorrow.

Great drive. I wish you best luck tomorrow.

Congratulations! Very consistent weekend, let's finish the job on Sunday! Good Luck! #VB77

Congratulations, with Talent and Sisu😎😍

Brilliant work Valtteri! 🍾

Good luck,tomorrow Valtteri 🍀🍀🍀🍀

I really hope you win tomorrow. You deserve it so much !

Congratulations now go and win the race please, you have it in you, just believe in yourself

Way to go, Valterri!!! Best of luck tomorrow!! ✨🇫🇮✨

Congratulations. You go and take no 1 today.

Awesome awesome job

Congratulations!!!! 😁😎. Now time to win the race! You can do this! #VB77

Hearty Congratulations !! All the best for today's British GP !! One more podium finish today !!

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