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Valtteri Viktor Bottas (Finnish pronunciation: [ˈʋɑltːeɾi ˈbotːɑs]; born 28 August 1989) is a Finnish racing driver currently competing in Formula One with Mercedes. Bottas previously drove for Williams from 2013 to 2016. He currently resides in Monaco. In his first four races for Mercedes in 2017, Bottas achieved his first Formula One pole position in Bahrain and his first victory at the following event in Russia. He finished the 2017 season taking pole position, fastest lap, and the race win at Abu Dhabi.

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Constructors Champions 2018 @f1 💪 • • • #VB77 #Constructors #Champions #F1 @mercedesamgf1

Race day 👀 • • • #VB77 #F1 #BrazilianGP @mercedesamgf1 📸 @jeolin

Hyvää isänpäivää 🇫🇮 Happy Father’s Day! • • • #VB77 #Rane #on #kingi #isänpäivä #fathersday

100 pole positions for @mercedesamgf1 in @f1 💪 Congrats team! • • • #hamilton #fangio #moss #rosberg #bottas #100poles #f1

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17 hours ago

Valtteri Bottas

Eyes on Round 2 👀

#VB77 Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport
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Eyes on Round 2 👀

#VB77 Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport


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Preciosa imagen! Así te quiero ver, controlando para obtener éxito!

You've got this. It's your year! You will succeed!

Si adesso non diventerai mica come Nico Rosberg...non trasformarti in un Diavolo...da Angelo che eri.....per favore....Lewis non se lo merita💙

Great photo Valtteri! Here’s to many more wins this season! You can do it. X

Get the 2019 Championship!!

I think you are a amazing driver but please keep a cool head and don’t become like nico Rosberg as it got boring

VB eyes for round 2, all other drivers eyes are on VB.😳

Lewis, it is James here...!

We are all proud of you! Keep up the momentum and the intensity. Drive smart but with passion!

Nokita tallikaveria taas kerran,kaks tai 21.Nappaa nokanedestä mestaruus siltä!😊😋👍👏

should have a "dark horse" tattoo on the wrist mate

To whom it may concern: GET THAT SECOND WIN!

Omg so excited!!!Last race was legendary AF!Wish you the best!

Valtteri believe you, press!

You’ve got this Valtteri.

Can’t wait but this is one of Hamilton’s favourite tracks! However it seems you will actually allowed to race and given full team support-VITAL!

Keeping those eyes on the prize Valterri. Here's to race 2 ☘🏆 xx

let's see Lewis not have a floor issue and you still beat him. You've done it before. <3

Looking good V! Hope you smash it again!

The work goes on VB77!

Lets get it done this year💪🏻

Looking for second victory. GL in Bahrain!

2019 world champion , I said this all summer .....the snowman!

Looking forward to the new badass Valtteri!

Holding all my thumbs and toes for a great race far far ahead all others!!!

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19 hours ago

Valtteri Bottas

In Finland, they call it Sisu 🇫🇮

And it can turn you into a badass 💪
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Finnischer sisu - sillä tavalla pääset nopeasti eteenpäin! Ei sun tarvitse ujostella ja antaa sen toisen voittaa - kaasu pohjaan ja nopeasti pois eka paikkaan! Terkut Sveitsistä!!

I hope you win the championship this year.... you deserve!!! Good luck 🍀

Good to see him not being the nice guy at the end. Keep it up! Thats a champion spirit!

To whom it may concern, brilliant 😂 One year contract, take no prisoners, look after #1 and go for the wins, you destroyed Lewis in Australia 🏁

Never Give Up Valtteri! We are always with you 🤞🤞🤞

Bottas badass is better than the nice guy

Without finn, You cannot win👌

Hope Mercedes give him the chans and not put Lewis infront. For Bottas is worth it and we need a World Champion from the North again :)

Jumalauta Valtteri!!! Nyt on kohdallaan suomalainen sisu!

As I understand it sisu is the courage to do what needs to be done, bravery without stupidity. I want to see #BadassBottas all year

Brilliant Valtteri! That's what Finnish Sisu is all about! 👍 Näytä niille!

What I know is that Lewis Hamilton is a fighter. If AMG Petronas F1 started to favour Bottas. Lewis Hamilton will win clean. He work well under pressure

As much as i like seeing hamilton win, i really enjoyed seeing bottas win after the unlucky season he had. I sure hope he gets more wins!! The finnish flash of Formula 1!! Lol

really good guy hope he gets some this year and beat the best he is not a bad guy at all Lewis is super fast no questions there!!! from a Ferrari Fan

Valtteri, it was so good to see you win and to see you that happy! With my granddaughter Dyanne Haagsman, who is one of your biggest fan next to me made your victory very special. Her smile is unforgetable. #teambottas#formule1vrouwen#nevergiveup

You Go Valtteri, Go... I've never doubted your abilities, but I have marveled at the bad luck that has fallen your way in the past? This can be your year just as easily as anyone elses, all the best for continued sucess in 2019 VB/77 ! 🏁

Take it to Lewis mate!!! Big year a head

I remember racing you in Live for Speed and you were awesome then. Good luck in 2019!!

Oh, Valtteri, you always were a badass. You just needed to decide to let it show. You are the alpha wolf.

Erinomaista työtä Valtteri 👍👍 Jatka vaan samaan malliin niin kauden lopussa 🎉🏆🎉

if vettel leclerc verstappen have slower cars please stop hamilton . you can do it Valtteri Bottas come on lad

Mmmmm, each to there own, but this can just stress the lower abdomen and put pressure and stress,,but that looks quite low in weight, so not too bad I suppose. Might be worth putting a pad there first.,looks like a hernia for the future

Hope he wins the championship!

Hunting for you Valtteri you can do it

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2 days ago

Valtteri Bottas

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Muy bien! Excelente carrera, perfecta! Desde Costa Rica pura vida! 🇨🇷

Valtteri! Your race in Melbourne was absolutely fantastic, totally dominant! The best way to start the season and show everyone exactly what you are capable of!! I'm actually a McLaren fan of over 30 years and being Australian, I follow Daniel but man, I'm so pleased for you!! If you didn't know, every time that a driver has headed a 1-2 in Melbourne, they have won the WDC!! Fingers crossed for ya man!!

Upea suoritus Valtteri❣️ Oli mahtavaa seurata ajamistasi ja koko ajan vaan toivoi, ettei tulisi turva-auto tai joku muu juttu.... Piti mummin oikein nousta ylös, kun tulit maaliin 😍🥇🏆

Huikean hyvät kuvat! Tuskin maltan odottaa seuraavaa kisaa! Pidä nuppi kasassa ja valmistaudu tulevaan! 🤩

Massive congrats on opening the 2019 season in style. Such a dominant win. Keep up the hard work Valtteri, show everyone exactly what you're capable of!! 👏👏

I can never again hear or read "To whom it may concern ..." without hearing Valtteri finish the phrase!

incredible moment of victory 👏 bravo Valtteri💪 👍💙

Hyvä Valle!👍 Helvetin hieno ajo! Vielä lisää niin Ham murenee. Juuri oikea aloitus heti kärkeen ja kapuloita epäilijöille.💪👍

Valtteri do you remember me saying this is your year I told you so best of luck

Epic drive well done, and that attitude with the fastest lap on the radio i hope that stays this season too :)

Saat anteeksi että ette Kimin kanssa hoitanut p1 & p2 viime vuonna jos hoidat MM2019 😉 Aivan maagisen monumentaalisen suvereeni voitto 🏆👏🎉

Fab weekend, still delighted! 👏🎉🏆

It was an awesome race and a fabulous drive. 26 points well deserved. Bring on Bahrain 😊

Congratulations Valtteri!!! Excellent Drive!!!

Absolutely bloody fantastic, jolly well deserved Valtteri! 😁🏁🏆

Well done, it´s time to change from wingman to Rosberg way. The only way to win the WC.

Absolutely brilliant win Valtteri! Let’s keep this momentum for the rest of the season 👏🏻🏁

Brilliant job Valtteri.

Keskity seuraavan kisan voittoon. Käännä jokainen kivi, ja selvitä miten kierrät radan tallikaveriasinopeammin.

Fantastic drive Valtteri! Head up, eyes forward to Bahrain!

Fantastic drive Valtteri Great jop Congratulations

🏆Great job. Nice photo gallery.

Well-deserved win. Keep it up, Valtteri!🇫🇮

These are great! Thanks for posting. Try and keep that excitement and focus going all thru the season

Congratulations from Mexico City!! Keep Running !!

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4 days ago

Valtteri Bottas

Yes!! 🏆

A winning start to the season 2019 🇦🇺🏁

Feel so good. And very proud of the team Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport 🙏🏼

Voittava kauden aloitus! Helvetin hyvä fiilis - elämäni paras kisa. Eteenpäin 👍🏼

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Yes!! 🏆

A winning start to the season 2019 🇦🇺🏁

Feel so good. And very proud of the team Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport 🙏🏼

Voittava kauden aloitus! Helvetin hyvä fiilis - elämäni paras kisa. Eteenpäin 👍🏼



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This satisfies me greatly mate. Well done,just well done. Pleasure to watch. Safe travels and best of luck for the rest of the year.

Valtteri. It is always a privilege to be your fan. You are dignified, humble and a wonderful team mate. Your fans on this page kept telling you that they still believed in you despite a tough end to last season. Today you have proved why we all believe in you. What a drive! I am unbelievably happy for you, your team and all your loyal fans. 💙🇫🇮🏆

Welldone Valtteri 🏆 We’re Proud! Greetings Cynthia and Valtteri (the name of my son!)

Amazing race Valtteri! Utter domination. From a yellow-bleeding Danny Ric fan, we were all cheering for you mate. The whole stand erupted when you crossed the line. More of that this year, champ 💪

Who is the Boss??? Congrats Valtteri!!! I'm glad that it happened. You definitely deserved it. Thanks to Mercedes, for do not use team orders 😂😂😂

Onnittelut ansaitusta voitosta! Tähän me ollaan uskottu! Tätä me ollaan odotettu! Kyllä kannatti herätä kukonlaulun aikaan kisan vuoksi. Niin hyvältä kuulosti Maamme laulu, että itkuhan siinä pääsi! ❤

Well done Valtteri Bottas!🥳🤩🏆 At last, you're on the roll! Keep going that way! And I'm hoping this isn't just one off lucky strike!?🙏😇

Brilliant drive, absolutely dominated the race from start to finish. And the attitude you had about the fastest lap point, please keep that up all season :)

During the winter stop I followed all your posts and I saw what you were working on. It worked out and today we saw the proof. Keep up that spirit Valtteri it suits you well. And this, the beard looks great! 😚

We love you man! I'm a "tifoso" but watching your win makes me feel a little less sad for our Ferrari. Well done!

So so proud of you. To come back from last season like that. My hero. 💙🇫🇮

Been a fan of yours since your Williams days. Really commanding drive #VB77

Bottas is back!!! 😁 You drove like a man renewed! Absolutely dominant win... flawless!

Well done Mate. Superb performance and this comes from a Lewis fan. Car looked a beast in your hands. Congratulations 👍

Valtteri Bottas. It is a massive privilege for me to always be one of your fans. You’re an absolute gun when it comes to racing and you do such a magnificent job each time you race. And for all that hard work you put in it will always pay off and today it has with a perfect start to the 2019 F1 World Championship. I’m delighted for you and your whole team. #KeepWinning!!!! #GoValtteriBottas77!!!! 💙🇫🇮🏆💙🇫🇮🏆💙🇫🇮🏆💙

Well done Valtteri! I am so freaking proud of you! You see that hard work pays off! Keep the spirit high! 😘

Siinä teille kaikille epäilijöille.. Valtsu on kova jätkä ja ei ainakaan väritön.. 👌

Great job Valtteri. You deserve to be a champion. Go for it with all you got this year :)

Awesome!!!! Congratulations Valtteri!!! Well done!! This is your year man!!! Let's kick Hamilton's ass!!! #VB77

That's the Bwoattas I wanna see!! Amazing performance! 👍

I am beside myself with joy! Brilliant drive valtteri, congratulations !!!!! The first of many, that mr. Wolf!!! Xx 🏆🏁👏

Congratulations! What a fantastic drive - you completely wiped the floor with the rest of them 👍🏻🏁🏆

Hienoa Valtteri!!! Upea ajo ja olet todellakin ansainnut sen. Eipä noustu turhaan tänä aamuna kukonlaulun aikaan katsomaan :)!

I hope this is your year dude..... What a dominant start :)

Absolutely fantastic Valtteri 🎉 x

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4 days ago

Valtteri Bottas

Race day 🇦🇺🏁

#VB77 Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport
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Race day 🇦🇺🏁

#VB77 Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport


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Please, please, please wipe the smile of Lewis’ face. #77 for the 2019 WDC!!!! 👍🏼

Who is the Boss??? Congrats Valtteri!!! I'm glad that it happened. You definitely deserved it. Thanks to Mercedes, for do not use team orders 😂😂😂

Suomi-poika näytti muille närhen munat!!!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Onnea Valtsu! 😆 🍾🏆🎉🏁👏

Uskoin kyllä sinuun, että näin tulee vielä käymään. Ehkä joillekin epäilijöille oli yllätys. Tästä on niiiin hyvä jatkaa. Paljon Onnea nyt ja jatkoon. 👍🏆🌹

🤩 "I want 26 points" 🤩 I want to hear this 👍 Smash it out VB, every point you can! 🙏

Whoaa, what a race! Congrats 🍾 VB77!!!

You were great!! You really deserved this win.

You did it so well yesterday. A little bit unlucky in last sector Q3. I have a feeling you will win today. Good luck!

Tärkeintä ei ole voitto vaan ylivoimainen voitto. Vanha Villähteen sananlasku. Hyvin sä vedät 😄

What an exciting race day!!! Congrats to you on your win & the entire MB team. This is YOUR year!!! Keep the beard & the new helmet. #vb77

Teet mitä osaat ja hoidat homman kotiin. Kaikkea ei tarvitse voittaa, mutta sen pitää olla tähtäin 👍.

Congratulations!☀️ I was so sure you would win. The spirit of Finland will win now. Everything is mental power. The brain and the winning spirit must always be one. Thanks for winning. Winning you we all win .... Life is a wonderful and unique experience. There is no room for doubt and fear when the light of self-confidence comes. Congratulations!🌈

Good Luck Valtteri! You can win this race!🏁🇫🇮👍🏻

Hey Man,.. You did it 👌🍾 🎉 Congrats.. 😊🤗 Wish you lot of so successful weekends.. You can do it.. 😘🤗👍

Burn rubber Valtteri! You can do it!

Congrats on the win Valtteri! Great race!

Well done Valtteri, you looked brilliant in qualifying I thought you had P-1, but you and Lewis clearly are looking very strong! All the best for the race today, it's a new season and I will be pulling for you! Have a great race and season! 👍

Oho. Puudelista on tullut Suomen pystykorva. Hienoa. Muista, että olet suomalainen metsästäjä, etkä mikään ranskalainen näyttelykoira. Puudelit laitetaan uusiksi, mutta hyvää metsäkoiraa ei päästetä pois.

Good luck VB but I feel he will be told to point his car slightly at the start to block Seb

Absolutely Smashed it! Keep that beard!! 😂

Good luck gentlemen let's have a 1, 2

Make it a 1 2 guys...COME ON!!!

No more “copy James” on the radio this season thanks Valtteri!!!

Good luck on start, Valtteri!

Race hard. Don’t hold back Best of luck

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