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Drives for: Renault
Ranked: 8th in Formula 1

Nicolas Hülkenberg (German pronunciation: [ˈniːko ˈhʏlkənbɛɐ̯k], born 19 August 1987) is a German professional racing driver currently racing for the Renault Sport F1 Team. In 2015, he also contested in two rounds of the 2015 FIA World Endurance Championship season for Porsche, winning the 2015 24 Hours of Le Mans in his first attempt. He was the 2009 champion of the GP2 Series, and is a previous champion of both the Formula 3 Euro Series and A1 Grand Prix, as part of A1 Team Germany. He is one of three drivers since 2005 to win the GP2 series championship in his debut season, the others being Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. As of September 2017, Hülkenberg holds the record for the most Formula One career starts without a podium finish, a record he broke when he failed to finish in his 129th race (the 2017 Singapore Grand Prix) and in so doing passed Adrian Sutil's previous record of 128.

Hülkenberg raced in Formula One in 2010 with the Williams team. Despite winning the first pole position for Williams in more than five years, he was not retained for 2011 and joined Force India as a test and reserve driver. He was promoted to a race seat with the team for the 2012 season, joining Paul di Resta. In 2013 he drove for the Sauber team, with Mexican driver Esteban Gutiérrez as his teammate. Hülkenberg returned to Force India for the 2014 season. In October 2016, it was confirmed that he would switch to Renault for 2017.

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DNF and not a good weekend for us. Focus is now on the last F1 party in Abu Dhabi.. 💪🏼

Better late than never! 😉 My official cap is now available.. All further infos.. 👉🏼 just use the link in my Bio ✌🏼

Another sunday, another funday! Very happy about the 2nd P6 finish in a row.. great job from the whole @renaultsportf1 family..👊🏼 ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ And Congrats Champ!! Impressive stuff, amazing how you always find another gear.. 😉 @lewishamilton _________________ #F1ESTA #MexicoGP

Ready for tomorrow’s #F1ESTA.. 👊🏼 We‘ll start again from P7 👍🏼! ________________ #F1 #MexicoGP🇲🇽

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4 days ago

Nico Hülkenberg

From P11 to 🏁P7 in the first race of the season.. a tough one but at the end happy about scoring 6 points ✔️
Renault F1 Team
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From P11 to 🏁P7 in the first race of the season.. a tough one but at the end happy about scoring 6 points ✔️
Renault F1 Team


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It is unbelievable that this man has not yet seen the podium.

Consistent at its best. Daniel is overrated. But this guy is still getting the job done under the shadow of media. Show them what you are!

Can you spell jack and jones now?🤣

Congrats Nico!! I think if you had the medium tyre, you could have passed Magnussen. But was a great job, come on guy, keep pushing! 💪🏻👊🏻🏁🇩🇪

Good job Nico! Next race on the podium!

Much love and respect to you Nico. Such a nice, humble guy. Well done today, it was a great drive👌🏻 and for the rest of the season with a podium🤞🏻🏎🏆

Not bad, but Renault is slow. No podium this year either. Where's the +50bhp improvement?

Was im Fußball CR7 ist in der Formel eins NH7 😉

Can you make a switch to redbull ?! 🤔

Sauber Nico! Weiter so... in jedem Rennen ein Platz weiter nach oben 💪🏼

Nico good start to the season so positive keep it up the podium just around the corner with your name on it (nico hulkenberg 1st ) 🏁🏁xx27xxxxxxx 🏁🏁

Fantastic drive Nico, great job as always. Keep on pushing. 😊 💪🔝

Well done Nico ,great drive, good luck for Bahrain

Good but expected more from Renault tbh :/

OK! Schadensbegrenzung! Nächstes Rennen hoffentlich beide in den Top 10 und dicht am Podium.

Nico you did the job, as usual. Come on Nico 💪

Good on ya Nico!!! With love from Australia. Push on now!!

Very good nico👌 That's 1-0 😉

You deserve a top team! Great drive indeed

Great race from youre part Nico... sadly the Renault is slower then the competition so stuck at 7th was most likely the spot to end the race...

Yeahh...Good Job Nico..But surely you can go much more faster..

Schade was Ricciardo passiert ist, sowas sollte nicht passieren. Du hast einfach dein Rennen gefahren und bist souverän in die Punkte gefahren. Sehr gut gemacht 👍🏻

Today you are have great results and the positioning is so satisfying but a bit disappointed than Daniel, so keep fight until the end of the season. Los geht's Nico Hulk!

Hopefully a podium isn’t too far away Nico!!

Good drive, taking points for yourself and the team.

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6 days ago

Nico Hülkenberg

back at work.. 👊🏼
Renault F1 Team F1 #AusGP
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back at work.. 👊🏼
Renault F1 Team F1 #AusGP


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Good luck, counting down🏁 Groetjes uit Nederland

Endlich wieder "racing time" . Ich drück die Daumen.

por favor você sabe quem possa ajudar uma família brasileira que está com a sua luz cortada. Estamos desesperados. Nos ajude por favor.

Can you spell jack and jones now?🤣😂

Forza Nico Hulkenberg 🙏🔝💪👍

Nico hau rein morgen💪🏻 Du bist sowieso der geilste😎

Veel succes in Australië Nico Hulkenberg

Het is vroeg op maar het is het waard. Alle coureurs...... Good luck, maar Nico ...... Gooooooooood luck !!!!!!! 🍀 en ..... 🏆

😎...Nico und allen anderen Fahrern wünsch‘ ich eine unfallfreie, spannende Saison 👍

Geiler Typ..Ich freu mich schon, wenn du den Dani in die Schranken weißt! PS: danke für die Kappe ;)

Super Typ aber leider nie die Chance bekommen bei den großen

Hulk💪🏻😎🇩🇪 Viel Erfolg👍🏻 Start your engines🏁

Robert Medvedec keeps telling me he can sense that podium in 2019! Good luck Nico!

Good luck this weekend Nico!!!

Ich wünsche dir viel Erfolg u ich drück die Daumen fürs Podium

Very good luck, Nico!! Come on guy! 💪🏻👊🏻🏁🇩🇪

Why is Ricciardo so much faster at anytime than Nico?

Have a great race Nico. ☺️💪🔝

Hulk.. You are a Champion and a fighter.. Get on to the podium this time. 👍👍

Simply The Best Nico 👍👍

Good luck in Australia Nico, hoping for a great season for you!

Best of luck for the weekend!

Its almost a shame you have to put the helmet on and ruin that do. Why is it we never see F1 drivers with helmet hair?

Looks like Top Gun to me new iceman ❄

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1 week ago

Nico Hülkenberg

very happy to finally get back to what I love doing the most.. 😎 ... See moreSee less

very happy to finally get back to what I love doing the most.. 😎


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por favor você sabe quem possa ajudar uma família brasileira que está com a sua luz cortada. Estamos desesperados. Nos ajude por favor.

profitez bien. Bonne chance pour cette saison qui va commencer dimanche !😄😎🏎😍

So excited to see you race again, just finished watching the Netflix series "Drive to Survive" and have to say it really showed many drivers true colours... You remain a great driver and a respectful, gentleman driver... No names mentioned on those d*ckhead drivers. Be safe, show them what you can do and let's win it! :)

Hallo Nico, wir wünschen dir einen guten Saisonstart und hoffentlich in diesem Jahr ein Podiumssieg 🥇🥈🥉 Good luck and keep racing 🥇🏆🥇

Sunbathing under palmtrees?

We believe in you!! The very best of luck. Have a great time this weekend 😃

Swimming 😉 Good luck this weekend.


I hope he will whoop Ricciardo his ass big time

Hanging out by a pool?

En dat is stand-upcomedian ?! .... goede race man zondag ik hoop dat die ausie een standje kan geven 😜 en voor je eerste podium ..... of ben je nu officieel 2e rijder ?

Posing for photos with erect nipples? Alright then, whatever floats your boat.

Wait in line to get another cocktail?

Go Hulk Go!!! I hope Renault will give you a vihicle worthy of taking the fight to Mercedes and Ferrari.

Good luck this year Nico !

... diving into the swimming pool Nico? 🤔

Wish you to do the same

Good luck this season Nico! I'll be cheering you on!

Wish that picture was Melbourne. Never mind, see you Thursday👍

Wish you well all season and hopefully with a podium or a few 💪🏻 Good luck Nico 🏎

Good luck bro, I hope you win your battle 😅💪🏼

Back to work NICO, good week and good season always support

Good luck for season ahead nico, u are well loved and well respected amongst your fellow drivers, i wish u the best for the season ahead.

This photo is nice, here in Holland the weather is 🌧☔. I don't know what you like most ........ You look good in shorts and you're race outfit. Have a good race, hopefully a podium 🏆 greetings from Brigitta.

Less than a week.. Enjoy the last days before the madness begins😎 best of luck!

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2 weeks ago

Nico Hülkenberg

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Gib alles HULK! Dieses Jahr wird hoffentlich besser. 🤪👍

Ich habe gehört, dass Nico Hülkenberg in seinem Geburtsort Emmerich am Rhein eine Demo geben würde. Er würde über die Rheinbrücke fahren. Kann jemand vom Management dieser Seite das bestätigen? Und wenn ja, wann wird das stattfinden?

Hut ab vor dein Durchhaltevermögen. Es muss frustrierend sein , wenn man alles gegeben hat und man bestenfalls 7. werden kann , wenn vorne nichts passiert. Du hattest zwar noch keinen Erfolg in der F1 , aber Kenner des Sports wissen , dass du ein exzellenter Fahrer und ein super Typ bist . 👍🏻

Forza Hulk! Io credo che se Renault, dopo i test, è veramente a 6 decimi dalla Ferrari Nico potrà aspirare ad un podio almeno ( vedi Red bull 2018 )!

Ė ora di andare a podio Nico. non si può più aspettare.

Auf gehts Nico, da geht was diese Saison. Viel Erfolg und Glück.

Hello handsome

Nico Ich wünsche Ihnen eine gute und große Saison 2019 mit Punkten und Podien GO NICO

Wichtig das erste Rennen unbeschadet zu beenden. Hoffen wir das der Wagen zuverlässig und entsprechend schnell ist. Das Podium wird die konsequenz daraus sein, denn das Talent ist je bekanntlich vorhanden 😎 Gruss vom Bodensee

Viel Glück Nico! Hoping for a podium as a reward for an amazing career!

first podium this year nico? just dont hit the walls in baku 😄

Next worldchampion

Auf geht's Nico. Ich wünsche dir so sehr dein erstes Podium dieses Jahr

All the best for 2019 season 💪

Alles Gute für die neue Saison Hol dir dein erstes Podium🏆🏁 Keep racing nico good luck 🇦🇺

Good luck for 2019 just be careful wish you luck.☝

Hoffen wir mal, dass Renault dieses Jahr ein paar Punkte sammeln kann. Wünsche es Dir!

Moin Nico, Viel Glück und Erfolg für die kommende Saison. 🍀🍀🍀 Keep racing ✌✌

maaaate those overalls are sick. Always love the Black and yellow Renault scheme. Simple yet absolutely beautiful. Good luck this season!

Looking good Hulk

the best driver give him mercedes or ferrari he win every year

Beautiful! Very good luck in this season Nico! 💪🏻👊🏻🇩🇪

Have a great year Nico. I wish all the very best as always. 😊

Good luck Nico in Melbourne 😀

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3 weeks ago

Nico Hülkenberg

👍👍 Starke Aktion Jérôme Boateng! 👊

Right To Play Deutschland
Protect. Educate. Empower. DANKE Jérôme Boateng❗ Alles über seinen Besuch in 🇬🇭 unter: #HelpThemRise
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Right To Play Deutschland
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