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4 days ago

Alfa Romeo Racing

A F1 race isn’t about just two drivers, but about a fantastic crew pushing them ahead. Hats off team, that goes for you! 🎩

#GetCloser #AlfaRomeoRacing @ Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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A F1 race isn’t about just two drivers, but about a fantastic crew pushing them ahead. Hats off team, that goes for you! 🎩 
#GetCloser #AlfaRomeoRacing  @ Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


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''(...) o carro tem muita velocidade e está muito bom, mal posso esperar pelo Bahrein”. Estaria ainda melhor se os senhores pilotos o soubessem afinar... Ainda estarão a tempo de aprender?

Saludos desde Monterrey Mexico!

Good 4 points... Forza Alfa Romeo

Good first race. It was important to bring some points home. I am optimistic for Bahrain. Maybe, we can beat Haas F1 Team and Renault!

Thanks to Sauber Engineering!👍

But with Kimi everyone on the team is motivated to win.

Ferrari should stop racing and transfer money to alfa romeo

Bloody Italians! Not only cars but even team wear look brilliant!!! Need to buy one for myself! 🙂 Well done Alfa Team!!!

Kimi Raikkonen says a visor tear-off stuck in his Alfa Romeo Formula 1 car's brake duct forced a compromising early pitstop in the 2019 season opening Australian Grand Prix. Raikkonen ran ninth in the first stint, escaping a first corner brush of wheels with Lando Norris to slot in behind the two Haas cars and Nico Hulkenberg's Renault in the 'class B' battle. The Alfa was the first car to make an ordinary pitstop in the race, on the 12th of the 58 laps, but Raikkonen said it was a compromised strategy. "I think we had a small brake cooling [problem]," he explained. "One of the tear-offs fell in so we had to stop earlier than we wanted. "The car had a lot of speed in my view, but it is still difficult to overtake here.

True! Good luck for race 999!

Please give Kimi a car to win the Ferraris....even only for one race....

Without Kimi no one recagnize your crew efforts...

Better pitstops would be appreciated...

So very true guys! Keep up the great work, and congrats with the good start to the season for Kimi :D

Next race in Bahrain will be great,but china 1000th GP will be even better.....

Good start! Not perfect but good one to build on. You can do better and get 4th on championship. Haas and Renault are not far ahead. Giovinazzi on the other hand needs to improve seriously first.

The pit stop time could be better. Push Sauber!

Poor strategy on Giovinazzi's car ... got him nowhere, held up half the field unnecessarily, and wasn't great watching.

Great start! Now just a wee bit quicker with the pit stops please!!

Who is the Name sauber please back.

Alfa Romeo Racing "Finland" => Ice Man!

At Ferrari it's about only one driver 🤷🏻‍♂️

Realy good start for this season. Good luck

yeah hope better next in bahrain gp.

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4 days ago

Alfa Romeo Racing

That’s all for today! 🏁 P8 for #Kimi7, P15 for #AG99. Well-done both! 👌🏻Now looking forward to Bahrain.

#AusGP #GetCloser
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That’s all for today! 🏁 P8 for #Kimi7, P15 for #AG99. Well-done both! 👌🏻Now looking forward to Bahrain.

#AusGP #GetCloser


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This boy Raikkonen has a bright future ahead

Giovinazzi did a great job holding cars behind him in the first stint.

Bom final com pontos. Vamos para a próxima , vai ser melhor. #alfaromeobrasilrj

So, when will Ericsson replace Giovinazzi?

Kimi outdrove the car today, Grande Kimi 👍👍

Solid drive from Kimi. P6/P7 was up for grabs. On to Bahrain!

Well done Kimi good weekend

Great job kimi! Aim for top 6 next race

Great job for kimi and team alfa romeo..this car has to more for show,we hoppe for better

Such a sweet drive from Kimi! Well done boys! Can't wait for Bahrain

We should put Kimi in this to get some grass roots Alfa passion salute

Bahrain is a complete different track to albert park so i expect kimi will be further towards the front. China will be 1000th GP,lets hope kimi get a podium....

I feel so happy with Kimi finishing in the points... Hope he can score a bunch of them in the rest of the season! Well done guys.

At one point in lap 57 #Kimi was 0.313 behind HUL, too bad he didn’t pass him, but it proofs he’s an incredible driver and that Alfa Romeo is up there fighting for ”best of the rest” with the other teams! Great drive, great start of the season... What #GIO was doing is anybody’s guess...

Great result, Kimi bringing the ALFA home in the points. Grande!

Good weekend for Alfa Romeo. Grabbing some good points is never easy as a lot of things can happen during qualy and race. Just ask Gasly, Ricciardo, Grosjean etc. Kimi stayed out of trouble and drove an experienced champ's race. Gio helped a bit and he is still growing. He can learn a lot from Kimi, he just needs ARR to let that happen. Crazy to see some are already asking for a replacement and in the form of Ericsson, who got beat by all his teammates until now. On to Bahrain and hoping for an even bigger haul of points there. GO KIMI AND GIO!

Kimmi in the points! Good start of the season. Can only get better fro here

Congrats, to a great start and looking forward to a another year watching you progress with a new team/back home team. Been a fan since the start with Sauber.

The car no power please do something

So happy to see kimi finish well with an alfa Romeo 😁 but the strategy for giovinazzi was really questionable. Up to the next one

Firs race, first points! Not bad for Kimi! Antonio need some experience and results will come! He is very talented! Now it's time for analysis and preparing for Bahrain! Keep pushing! #forzaragazzi!

Thank god that Lewis didn't win and Ferrari got no Podium 😁

Bringing both cars home - good work. Points on the board - a nice start, and allowed Kimi to show his abilities and desire. Next race, as per our sisters, more power needed, to move further up the Board. A promising start to this new era. Forza Alfa Romeo.

Good start guys, we have a good base to start. Now hussle and make the car better. Kimi great as always. Gio was good, great defense. Points will come if we keep improving. All the best.

Kimi in the pits: car is slow. Fix it. (Drops steering wheel and leaves). Overall, good performance, but as always, Alfisti are a demanding lot, especially where more CAN be achieved.

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4 days ago

Alfa Romeo Racing

Welcome to Alfa Romeo Racing⚡️
We hope you all enjoy the 2019 F1 season.

P.S. This is just a small part of the brilliant family that makes this possible 🙌🏻❤️
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Welcome to Alfa Romeo Racing⚡️
We hope you all enjoy the 2019 F1 season.

P.S. This is just a small part of the brilliant family that makes this possible 🙌🏻❤️


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When we can buy new Kimi-Alfa-caps?

Freddie Hunt should have been alongside Kimi for this F1 team. Place Kimi in AMG he will easily be Champion again

Good job Kimi ❤!! And Gio, you kept them back a long time 😉

Love you, Alfa! Kimi, Antonio, good luck ❤️🍀🇫🇮🇮🇹

When’s the official merchandise available

What a emotional joy. After many’s of years and loosing totally the reputation of innovation and high knowledge in engineering and technology development, finally we are in F1 again. We deserve to be a great Italian brand. Go for it. 👍🏼

The merchandise will be hot selling for alfa romeo in 2019! FULLY SUPPORT!!! 🤣🤣🤣

Of course Kimi is the only one wearing a cap 😂

you should put some fan stuff for sale, there is nothing in f1store

Forza ragazzi! Good luck Kimi! I hope in a fantastic race!🍀💪

Kimi will finish 3rd in the championship,its still powered by a Ferrari....

Give Kimi n Antonio More Power.

Awesome - a REAL reason to follow F1 this year 😁

Better start than 2018, good! Strength and courage! Come on

Kimi The Iceman before the season start....

The livery looks amazing, so nice to see on track too.

Sorry, no can do. Sorry again, but I have to say it again (not in bad way, or anything, as it actually looks better, than Sport Pesa Racing Point's a.k.a Stroll Racing's one): HOLY NOSTRIL. And now, carry on. There's nothing to see here! Except good looking car with nostrils. Yeah.

good race for the ice man! I was hoping for 7th place, but I'm sure we'll do better next race!

Great start to the season! The only way is up! Keep pushing! 🙂

Well done lets push more power out of those engines...

When i say Alfa Romeo is going to win a championship soon, people laugh at me... just for the record

So the Sauber team became Alfa-Romeo but still using a Ferrari engine? Or is it a rebadged Alfa-Romeo?

Go kimi Go! I'm here at the track ready to celebrate a podium!

Go team Alfa Romeo. Engineering by Sauber. Go Kimi. Go Gio. Top 6.

Can we get a hi res image of this pic? I want it as my cover image!

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4 days ago

Alfa Romeo Racing

Predictions? 🗣 #AusGP #GetCloser ... See moreSee less

Predictions? 🗣 #AusGP #GetCloser


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1st Kimi 2nd Ricciardo 3rd Leclrec

ferrari double podium hamilton dnf

Kimi P3! Go Go Kimi&Alfa Romeo Team!!!!!!

Hoping Kimi runs 4th realistically. But a top 8 would be wonderful, best of luck to Gio hopefully points as well.

SUPER Kimi, thank you

I predict that if Hamilton wins, I'm done with the season. I've been a fan since the 80's, but I just can't deal with it anymore.

Hey! I'm looking for my steering wheel!

A podium for Kimi could be very nice. And of course, some points to Antonio, too! Good luck, #GoIceman, #GoAlfaRomeo!

Both in top 10 + 01 point for kimi's fastest lap ..

Vettel wins Leclerc 2nd Bottas 3rd HAAS 4th & 5th Kimi 6th Norris 7th Max collision Hamilton retires with problem

Haas car in top 5 and Ferrari win.

Lewis and LeClerc crash on the first corner...

Crashtappend crash Gasly (thakns god Alonso is out F1) and Kubica finish 3rd

The driver who crosses the finish line without any gremlins will win. But this is the first race of the season and anything can and will happen. Melbourne is imfamous for it's huge accidents.

The fields nice and close. Safety Car. 😁

It's gonna be an interesting mid-field fir sure!

Good luck for his car

Hoping for a podium. But realistically 5th or 6th.

Daniel Daniel Daniel!! Stay on the track mate!!!

Kimi P4, Giovinazzi on the points. This year's car looks like a strong one!

Tired of Hybrid Hamilton.

Ham wins. Vet 2nd. Cle 3rd. Kimi 6th. GIO 9th. Sauber Romeo forever x

I think Kimi will unfortunately suffer an suspension failure due to a collision with K-Mag on L1 and Gio will finish P12

- We're unable to watch the race from the Middle East!!! Sort it out!!!

Giovanazi watches everything from the motorhome

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5 days ago

Alfa Romeo Racing

Kimi’s and Antonio’s mood after qualifying ... 💭

#AusGP #F1
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Kimi’s and Antonio’s mood after qualifying ... 💭 

#AusGP #F1


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Kimi is great driver, even if you give him a truck, he can earn points!

Alfa just hired an icon. Most valuable brand in paddock

Quasi quasi tifo solo per L'Alfa domani... Oggi mi ha deluso la Ferrari.

When Kimi t-shirts and caps will be out?

Nonostante mi aspettassi Kimi almeno un paio di posizioni più avanti resto molto fiducioso per la gara di domani! Forza Kimi! Forza Anto! Forza Alfa!!! 🐍🇮🇹🍀

I see you guys upped your social media game.

This year will be epic! Good luck Alfa Romeo✌🏻🇨🇭♥️🇮🇹

Kimi is legend..i am happy he has found very good atmosfer in alfa

For Kimi you miss "bwah!"

just team radio....broadcast kimi team radio...

Love it👍👍👍finally a team with humor👌🥂 Happy with the performance so far. Not far off at all👍

Whoever is in charge of your social media... Take a bow 🤣

That's why I love Kimi, doesn't matter in which team he's in

New team, new car. Not bad! Now it's important to finish the race as high as possible! #forzaragazzi!

Kimi will do better tomorrow! 👍

Es war gar nicht so schlecht. Morgen zählt. Auf jeden Fall hat Alfa das schönste Auto. 😎😎😎

Alfa no power what kimi said

Love it The team looks great this year. Got get it

For a World Champion just a win is enough ...

Haha different mentality , one is better than the other, every time looking to be better.

Kimi will earn them points, be interesting to see the car on a track and not a street course. I think it’s easier for good drivers to out perform a car on street tracks.

well i just think kimi knows that the car had more pace.. and that he just could not put together a perfect lap.. but we'll se tomorrow if the iceman can put alfa romeo in the points

Is it supposed to be funny?

Kimi The Iceman Preview of Australian Gp #AusGp #f1

This is a new level of weirdness

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