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Drives for: Sauber
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Charles Leclerc (French pronunciation: ​[ʃaʁl ləklɛʁ]; born 16 October 1997) is a Monégasque racing driver, currently driving for Sauber in the 2018 FIA Formula One World Championship. A member of the Ferrari Driver Academy, he won the GP3 Series championship in 2016 and the FIA Formula 2 Championship in 2017.

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That lap in Q2 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 I honestly can’t wait to see him giving Seb a challenge next year! 🐐👀 ~ ~ ~ #charlesleclerc #leclerc #cl16 #sauber #sauberf1team #brazilgp #f1 #formulaone #formula1 #braziliangp

Piloto de Carlos Sainz 👨🏻‍✈️ (someone correct me if this translate to something else 🤭) Who’s ready for quali? 🙋🏻‍♀️ ~ ~ ~ #carlossainz #carlossainzjr #cs55 #renault #renaultsport #renaultsportf1 #brazilgp #f1 #formulaone #formula1

Oh wow I love this photo of Daniel so much. Hoping to see this smile on the podium this weekend 🤞🏼 ~ ~ ~ #danielricciardo #ricciardo #dr3 #rbr #redbull #redbullracing #f1 #formulaone #formula1 #brazilgp #braziliangp

Shit week so far so I’m really, really glad it’s a race week // Okay but look at Charles’ eyelashes????? His bottom eyelashes are the length and thickness of my top lashes ffs ~ ~ ~ #charlesleclerc #leclerc #cl16 #sauber #sauberf1team #f1 #formulaone #formula1 #mexicogp

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2 weeks ago

Charles Leclerc

Come on babyyyy. Pole position, let's finish the job tomorrow 🇦🇹
📸: @motorsportpics
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Come on babyyyy. Pole position, lets finish the job tomorrow 🇦🇹
📸: @motorsportpics


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Congrats Perfect lap Charles!

Amazing speed all the weekend. Now fly to the victory. Good luck Charles

Well done charles! Finish the job tomorrow, this one it’s for you! 💪🏼

Great Job! Tomorrow will come your 1st victory ! ;)

Congrats!! Good luck tomorrow!!! Make this YOUR race!! 🏎🏁🍾

Awesome lap. Hope to be celebrating a first win tomorrow

Incredible job, Charles! Hopefully tomorrow will also be P1 for you 😁

Congratulations 👏👏👏 hope we finish the job tomorrow

Well done and congratulations! Look forward to you finishing 1st tomorrow! Good luck!

Congratulations! Let’s hope your power unit holds up

Congrats for the last race man !!

Super! Congrats Charles! To the victory! Forza Charles!

Good luck and make my 17 year old Grandaughter a very Happy girl. She is a big fan of yours.

Congrats really great lap you just keep improving becoming a better qualifier. I hope you wont have any issues tomorrow and it will be smooth sailing to the 1st place good luck tomorrow 👍🔥

Congrats& Great job Charles. Tomorrow must be a podium.

Congrats for the pole great Leclerc💯

Good luck with the start ! Keep up the great work !

Great lap Charles! Congratulations!

Fantastic lap but the most important thing is tomorrow: the Race and your first victory in F1 !!!

Good luck! Hope you will win tomorrow! You deserve it!! 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

Well done Charles! You deserve this! Best of luck tomorrow 👍

Just good vibes for you. The time has come.

Well done Charles! You did amazing all day yesterday. <3

Let's go for the first one, Charles! You're doing amazing!

Go Charlinho, Go Senninha! Good Luck tomorrow!👊👊🏆🏆🇲🇨🇲🇨🇧🇷🇧🇷

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3 weeks ago

Charles Leclerc

Back home with another podium. Last laps were exciting from inside the cockpit, we came close to the 2nd place. Onto the next one 😬
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Back home with another podium. Last laps were exciting from inside the cockpit, we came close to the 2nd place. Onto the next one 😬


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Very good job Leclerc, you are a winner and soon will be champion for sure.

CONGRATULATIONS and continued BLESSINGS to you Charles!! BEST OF LUCK in 🇦🇹 Austria! 👍♥️🙋🏻‍♀️Can’t wait 🏎💨💨💨

Congrats i hope to see you on the top

Congrats Charles! Amazing race, fantastic last lap! You have lots of fans around the world including here in Brazil! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🏁🏁🏁

Good luck Charles, bring the trophy home 💪

Good job kid, you are the future, keep it up. Fans support you.

Congratulations 👍🏎🇺🇸🇫🇷

Great driving today! Enjoy your podium!

Pole position! Come on baby! Good luck for tomorrow, Charles. Go for the W!

You will be the next F1 champion soon. Amazing talent and very clever.

Well done. Love your work!!!! You're gonna be great!!

Great job, so excited in those last laps 😆

Congratulations Im thinking to the next week, A1 Ring . This is a perfect field for your SF90. Time to take finally the 1st place. Go Charles ! :)

Awesome Job Charles ! 😁 see you tomorow in Spielberg 🇦🇹

Good luck Charleeeessss! Poleeeeeee ❤❤

Congrats on pole in Austria! Let’s get the job done tomorrow.

Congratulations Leclerc, towards another victory.

Fantastic pilot, good man!! ForzaFerrari.

The best in the world!!! Good luck for this Austrian weekend!! Grande carletto 😃👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Congratulations Charles

Good drive today! If you only had had a few more laps, P2 was on the cards. Looking forward to the next race! 💪💪💪

So close right at the end u only probably needed 1 more lap and second was urs but still a great race well done from us in Australia 👍




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3 weeks ago

Charles Leclerc

Back home with another podium. Last laps were exciting from inside the cockpit, we came close to the 2nd place. Onto the next one 😬
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Back home with another podium. Last laps were exciting from inside the cockpit, we came close to the 2nd place. Onto the next one 😬


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Congrats Charles! Amazing race, fantastic last lap! You have lots of fans around the world including here in Brazil! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🏁🏁🏁

exciting indeed! great job and good luck in austria! :)

Congrats Leclerc. Today you had a good race. Your time is coming and you're creating this moment. Enjoy every podium and be happy! 🤜🏻🤛🏻

Well done. Good luck in Austria!

Well done I am absolutely over the moon for you to finally show what you are capable of... from a ham fan

I'm waiting to see it again and you can do it. Congratulations Charles..

Well done Charles you were brilliant x

Well done, Charles! Congratulations 😘🍾🎉

indeed the last two laps was definitely the most exciting... i hope you get it next time!

Congratulations on your podium ! I felt sad that there wasn't two more laps so you could be P2 ! Stay sharp and next weekend will be your day !

Super, great job Charles, so happy for u, 🤸‍♀️🎊🤗✌😁🎉!!!

Congrats throughly deserved it 😃

Come on !! The future is yours. Just keep "fighting" on the track. Tres bien !!

Great driver! Talented and humble. Good luck!

Great job controlling everything in a pretty dull race, couldn't do any better than that in these circumstances! You've shown you've got the real skills to become the first driver of Ferrari, and you're still so young. Can't wait for you to win a race this season, should happen soon! Grande Charles

Awesome job today !!!! Keep it up you will get there!!!

Congrats for the podium ! Good job Charles 👍👏

Good job kid. You have a big feature ahead of you.

Congratulations !! until next race!! Bonne Chance!!

Great job Charles, victories will come for sure

J'étais présent et très belle course Charles 👌🔥 Tu avais mon soutien à chaque tour 😁

Congratulations You did a great job! A couple more laps or no VSC and you would have been in 2nd place! Fantastico! Best new driver Ferrari has seen in a while, that's for sure! #ForzaCharles

Great drive! One more lap and you'd have taken 2nd!

Nice job Charles, I can't wait to see you at the podium's top 👌💪

Bravo Charles 👍 , ton heure va venir , travail et patience feront de toi le meilleur des meilleurs 🤙🤙🤙👌

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3 months ago

Charles Leclerc

No excuses. I've been useless. I will push to have a better race tomorrow.
Sorry to all the people supporting us and even more to the whole team that deserved so much better.
📸: @motorsportpics1
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No excuses. Ive been useless. I will push to have a better race tomorrow. 
Sorry to all the people supporting us and even more to the whole team that deserved so much better. 
📸: @motorsportpics1


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Don't beat yourself up. Have a good sleep and tomorrow is another day. Looking forward to your race.🏎🏁🤞

Charles! Youre a future champ! But humble today. From this day and future i will support you! Youre a great guy!👍🏻

Sometimes we forget that is only your second year in Formula 1, thats how good you are. Tomorow is a new day and no matter what you always have our support. All the best from Portugal

On a confiance en toi. Les meilleurs se sont tous plantés. La faute est humaine et n'enlève rien à ton talent, ta détermination, et ton perfectionnisme. Savoir se remettre en question est un gage de qualité, que peu de tes collègues ont. Daghe Charles 💪💪🙏🙏🙏🇮🇩

Yes I agree with you Lecrerc, they wear you soft tyres and they want you still to be 1st while all rest use super soft, your mistake is less then you thing ;)

Charles you are a born winner keep calm brother good things are about to come :)

Loving the wholesome support from people who can appreciate a pure talent and a genuinely good bloke who isn’t up himself. Learn from this Charles and let it be your armour. Forza Ferrari! 🐎

Good luck my friend tomorrow. Ii hope too make a good race 🙏🙏🙏

Wish you all the best for tomorrow!

One day has gone by… Will the double stupid and the harsh self-inflicted cure bring a podium to Charles? We will see in about four hours… Comments on one his fb pages are mostly encouraging, as they all should be; most of them begin with or contain the “don’t be so hard on yourself, mistakes do occur” wording or general idea. Which is a beautiful way to share love, the one we learnt when we were babies: giving and receiving a warm and protective hug helped in feeling better. Yet, Hamilton tells us another story in the interview he released to the journalist of the “News” section of the iApp Formula 1®, moments after the end of qualifying: “ I would be the same” … “That’s how we’re tuned as racing drivers, when it’s your mistake, we’re tough on ourselves. May be a little less when you’re older. But still it’s painful.”… “ Years and years ago I didn’t come out of my room for 2 or 3 days, when I had some experiences like that.” … “He is open about it, because he can get it out and move forwards tomorrow”. Champions have this natural gift to see when other champions are around… Lewis is a champion, all champions recognize other champions, Charles is a champion… A syllogism we love! Daghe Charles!

It's a shame for sure, but your honesty and passion shows that you got the mentality of a champion! Don't be too hard on yourself, everyone makes mistakes. Today doesn't matter, tomorrow is where you can make the difference. Go fight for the podium or maybe even a win! You never know, it's Baku after all 😉

Tutto serve. Ogni campione ha commesso un errore. Ti rialzerai. Chi ti critica poi non salga sul carro nei prossimi anni.

La course c’est demain !!! On a confiance en toi Daghe Charles 💪🇮🇩 !!!!

Come on Charles! We believe in you! It's something that can happen, but as you always say, tomorrow is the race where the points are scored!

One bad qualifying doesn’t define a driver any more than one good one does. Keep pushing! You have a long and successful career ahead of you & many many more successes coming your way! ❤️

Don't beat yourself up. Many world champions have hit the odd wall or 2. Go enjoy the race 🏁🏁🏁🏁

Dont be so hard on yourself Charles. you have had a fine weekend thus far and te strategy was good for the know better than we but surely the track went away more than expected which led to less grip than have had a strong weekend and although a mistake was made, you start in the top 10 on the better tyre with the fastest car throughout all sessions bar q2 and q3. I believe you will have a good race. Have faith young man...its only a mistake if you didnt learn from it...push hard but be wary of that particular corner and kerb. You will win this year, yet, young man. Forza Ferrari!!!

Charles, you’re the breath of fresh air in Formula 1. Your team shouldn’t have sent you in medium tires. No other team had med’s on. Please don’t let these bad strategies hurt your confidence you are a future champ. It will come! Get them tomorrow!

Not useless it's learning & coming back stronger. Race is tomorrow.

Don't be so hard on yourself, tomorrow is race day so give it your all. You can still win this.

Mr. Leclerc, ahead of you lies the path of the champions. It's not easy, it ain't for everybody and only the chosen ones will have the power to walk on it until the end. Focus on every step you have to take and be supportive to yourself. You have a sea of supporters blowing wind in your sails. Be sure that you aren't doing the opposite and keep your head up! If it was easy, anybody could do it! ;) 🏁🥇🇲🇨

Useless is a strong word. You err'd and to err is to be human. You're a fantastic driver and a great person. You'll be on the top step soon. A little adversity and a few lows serve to make you appreciate the highs. Chin up lad. Much love from America.

Don't be too hard on yourself, mistakes happen even to the most experienced. I know you'll do good in race but take care and be safe. Win would be very nice 😁

YOU'RE NOT USELESS. Don't worry! You start on the medium tyres and you were already in Q3. Anything can happen in Baku! Keep pushing 😉👊👊♥️

Don't be so hard on yourself Charles , you did great !! Chin up long race tomorrow plenty of action will happen . We believe in you!

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3 months ago

Charles Leclerc

Positive 1st day in Baku.
Tomorrow is the day to be quick though, full push.
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Positive 1st day in Baku.
Tomorrow is the day to be quick though, full push.


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Charles you haven’t posted anything in a long time. Good luck this weekend!

Yeah, very quick. You have pushed a lot. So much that now the wall is in front of you

Dear Charles Leclerc just always remember, not even one third of the races took place yet, with that said, more than two thirds of the races will follow. In other words, you just have to finish the races ahead of Vettel more often than not and you already will defeat him in your first year for Ferrari!!!!! This will be a sensation for most people, but not for me, as I expect you to defeat him already in 2019! Best luck and best wishes Andreas.

Pas de problème tu vas le faire je compte sur toi reste zen tu a le talent je te dit forza Ferrari numéro (16) victoire dimanche a Bakou

No more team orders!!!!

Go for it...claim your position 👍🏻

Forza Charles et on oublie les consignes de course suis ton instinct gazzzzz tu nous fais rêver MERCI 👍

You are the real number one !

Good luck in tomorrow's qualifying Charles Leclerc! You can do everything Mr.Adorable. Fingers crossed😉 😘 #TeamLeclerc #CL16

No team orders! Time to turn the afterburners on

Hello Charles, please push all weekend to see you Over sebastian

Make the pole position and win this fucking race 💪

Take that pole and stay ahead of Sebastian!

Good luck mate. Give LH a run for his money.

good to know but we need 45 pnts. on Sunday

Whatever you do be faster than seb

Push as you know how to Charles, you need this win. Lets outrace everyone in the grid tomorrow and sunday! #CL16

Tomorrow will be your second pole of season!!!, hope Seb qualify behind mercedes cars, so no more team orders...., in case you have team orders please don’t follow it.... Definitely this is your year to become champion!!! Go for it!!!! Forza Charles!!!

Good luck Charles and show em what you got! #ForzaFerrari

Hope you are allowed to win.

You are the number one of Ferrari! This weekend is yours! Good luck, Charles!

We believe in you ..Good luck 🤗

I hope you get pole position tomorrow and win the race on sunday you deserve it 😁

Keep pushing Charles!!! 💪 Try to prove that you can be a champion even if you can't count on that s**t of car... 😑

Vai Charles ( no team order)

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