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Drives for: Sauber
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Charles Leclerc (French pronunciation: ​[ʃaʁl ləklɛʁ]; born 16 October 1997) is a Monégasque racing driver, currently driving for Sauber in the 2018 FIA Formula One World Championship. A member of the Ferrari Driver Academy, he won the GP3 Series championship in 2016 and the FIA Formula 2 Championship in 2017.

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That lap in Q2 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 I honestly can’t wait to see him giving Seb a challenge next year! 🐐👀 ~ ~ ~ #charlesleclerc #leclerc #cl16 #sauber #sauberf1team #brazilgp #f1 #formulaone #formula1 #braziliangp

Piloto de Carlos Sainz 👨🏻‍✈️ (someone correct me if this translate to something else 🤭) Who’s ready for quali? 🙋🏻‍♀️ ~ ~ ~ #carlossainz #carlossainzjr #cs55 #renault #renaultsport #renaultsportf1 #brazilgp #f1 #formulaone #formula1

Oh wow I love this photo of Daniel so much. Hoping to see this smile on the podium this weekend 🤞🏼 ~ ~ ~ #danielricciardo #ricciardo #dr3 #rbr #redbull #redbullracing #f1 #formulaone #formula1 #brazilgp #braziliangp

Shit week so far so I’m really, really glad it’s a race week // Okay but look at Charles’ eyelashes????? His bottom eyelashes are the length and thickness of my top lashes ffs ~ ~ ~ #charlesleclerc #leclerc #cl16 #sauber #sauberf1team #f1 #formulaone #formula1 #mexicogp

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4 days ago

Charles Leclerc

1st race in red done. Not where we want to be. But we'll push massively to be back where we supposed to be 👊 ... See moreSee less

1st race in red done. Not where we want to be. But well push massively to be back where we supposed to be 👊


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Sei più veloce di Vettel, sei molto più determinato e concentrato! Oggi avrebbero dovuto farti passare Vettel dato che hai alzato il piede dopo una partenza perfetta! Cominciare dalla prima gara a dettare chi è in corsa per il titolo non va bene! Vettel non ha vinto nulla con la Ferrari, anzi, ha perso rovinosamente ed è per questo che non merita nulla! Per me quello che ha più chance sei tu! Forza Charles, sei forte, la prossima volta prenditi un posto in griglia davanti a Seb e metti la tua rossa già avanti! Forza Chrales Forza!!!!

Next time do like the radio isnt working ;)

Nice ! Met lui la pression au N 5 😊. On est pas mal de supporter à avoir vu aujourd’hui ce qui s’est passé sur cette course 👌.

Seb, Charles is fasther than you 👍💪🏎

Sei stato bravo Charles, la macchina non andava come doveva ma tu hai portato a casa il massimo possibile, anche se ti avessero lasciato passare Vettel, non avresti ripreso ripreso verstappen quindi non pensarci. Preciso e molto concentrato alla partenza, hai evitato il disastro in curva 1 arrivando a mettere le ruote sull'erba senza perdere posizioni. Bravo!

T'as déjà montré ta capacité à être plus à l'aise que Sebastian Vettel... Ça en dit long sur ce qui nous attend !! Forzaaaaaa 🇮🇹🏎️🏎️

You should’ve and could’ve finished in front of Seb.

First race and they've already fucked you up..

Bravo Charles! Hai portato a casa il massimo possibile considerando le prestazioni della macchina, hai rispettato gli ordini di scuderia, molto importate per la squadra. Sono sicura che il meglio debba ancora venire. Let's hope for podium in Bahrain, you deserve It all! ❤🏎🇮🇩

Good race, thank you for defending Vettel from behind. That was important for the points and important for the team! Vettel is a fair driver, he would do the same for you #forzaferrari

Non capisco perché non ti lasciano passare su Vettel..

You made a good's just the first race are young and have time..use your head like the gread champions did.. We know you were faster than Seb the last laps.. Keep it up..and keep pushing..but use your head the best is yet to Bharein will be different.

Never take second to Vettel you are better than him!!

Ferrari team orders stink. That was Charles’ position to take, instead they protected Seb’s delicate ego. 😔

Next time your place is before Vettel... your pace was so many faster.... fucking team orders

Don’t worry Charles, you were much faster at the end of the race. They will see that soon enough but FairPlay you were more professional than most drivers would have been. It will come, keep pushing!

Good race Charles you demostrate tha you are faster than Sebastián

Charles you gotta race for you man! Don't let them tell you how to race! Instead show them how racing is really done!

Bravo quand même monsieur Leclerc, pour une première c'est pas si mal. Efficacité et obstination surtout... Premier des rookies c'est beau déjà... Allez Leclerc allez.....

You did very Well, i see a bright F1 future for you, i saw it last year, and i see it now again, go for it, keep pushing and the rewards will come...🍀🍀 From a Hamilton fan😉

It’s sad Ferrari wouldn’t let you fight with seb.

U did pretty well this weekend... don be too harsh on yourself... I believe when u get to know the car better u can exploit the best out of it... just last like year when u start with Sauber! More points, podiums and wins coming soon! 💪

So angry they made you back off 😡

Don't be let down by Ferrari strategists. Things happen but solid start for this season!

In future I hope you may overtake your teammate, if you are faster than Sebastian! ;)

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4 weeks ago

Charles Leclerc

First test days done ✅
Happy with the feeling and the many laps done. Tomorrow back in Maranello to prepare next week's test !
... See moreSee less

First test days done ✅
Happy with the feeling and the many laps done. Tomorrow back in Maranello to prepare next weeks test !


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Fitting right in at Ferrari ... they didn’t even need to tell you not to pass seb, you asked them 🤣 I may not be a racing driver but I know what one is ... do you?

Saperti a Maranello ci rende orgogliosi! Complimentissimi per i primi test effettuati! Ho buoni propositi e formidabili sensazioni per il mondiale! Forza Charles

Bravo Charles , j'en connais qui sont fiers de toi ! 😍 Forza Ferrari ! 👊

Charles credo fermamente in te inizia scrivere la storia di questo sport. Sei un fenomeno💪

A tutto gas....dacci dentro come sai fare tu. Incrociamo le dita.

Forza Charly ! Et oublie pas Jules ! Tes la dernière étoiles qui puisse le faire briller aussi !

Future World Champion 💪

Nous te souhaitons le meilleur début de préparation. . Reste toi même et affûte ta flèche d'attaque ..

Go Charles!! Go win in Australia!, show ferrari your more than Vettel, I’m sure you will win this championship!!! 💪🏻🏎🏆

Believe in Charles. Bring it home!

The Next world f1 champion

T’as réussi Charles à faire un chrono aussi bien, même meilleur que Vettel, ce qui montre au moins que tu te sent bien à l’aise et avec un bon ressenti de la F1 !! 👏👏 + que hâte de te voir face à Vettel alias ouin ouin Forzaa Charles !!

Donnes nous autant de plaisir que tu en prends Charles!! Forza Ferrari et #JB17

Why Charles? Why? That was so pitiable and ridiculous. :( I'm disappointed in you!

Even a regular driver could win with that kind of a car, which Vettel is clearly not. I hope Leclerc beats his ass this year, and hes gone for good from f1.

Prova a stare dietro i due galli per 20/25 giri, senza rischiare niente, vanno in crisi da soli. Vola campione

Bravo Charles! I'm glad you're happy with this amazing car! Can't wait for the season to start! ❤

Charles sei un grande è stata un'emozione fantastica vederti finalmente nella macchina che meriti, crediamo in te e non vediamo l ora di vederti in pista a Melbourne! Forza campione!!! Forza Ferrari!!

Let's take a step forward this week, because as you have said Mercedes are carrying about 200kg of sand and we need to make sure we're in a position to put the pressure on.

Go Charles !! #Forza_Ferrari #Lec_16

Can’t wait to see you winning races an the championship 🏁

Im hoping Ferrari treat you as fairly as they do with Seb. Please also wipe the floor with Seb this season 🔥

Can't wait to see Charles and Seb bring home the championships.

Good job man!! The most important thing u told is that this car is easy to drive so.. we could have a lot of fun during the season 😁 remember that is a sport and has to be funny so, enjoy it 😉😍

Non ti fare intimidire da vettel ed hamilton dimostragli chi è il più veloce 🚗🚀🚀

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1 month ago

Charles Leclerc

‪Tomorrow is finally the day for me to get back to the thing I love doing, driving !‬
‪📸: Marco Campelli‬
... See moreSee less

‪Tomorrow is finally the day for me to get back to the thing I love doing, driving !‬
‪📸: Marco Campelli‬


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Please destroy Baby Vettel in testing and season points.

Vai Leclerc facci sognare oggi non mollo un secondo il televisore forza Ferrari

Demain un champion dans une voiture de champion. Avec toi Charles 💪 Que l1 saison commence! Montre leur!!!!

Calmez vous les gars, laissez le se former et les résultats viendront. Ne pas lui mettre la pression de suite !!

You are better than Vettel remember😉💪💪

Forza Charles, in bocca al lupo e riporta la Rossa nel gradino più alto... quello che, di norma, dovrebbe essere suo 🏎❤️

Forza Ferrari, i truly believe you and Vettel will be an unbeatable combination this season, i believe you will re-light the fire inside Seb's desire to race otherwise you will surpass him and hopefully it's a friendly teammate battle throughout the year

Work hard for the team ,#essereFerrari

Good job, well done, next time better than Vettel...👍👍

You are "The future".......!!!!!! Forza Ferrari!!!!!

Fly high Charles. The sky is the limit!

Hoping you n seb bring us our title home!! Forza ferrari! Forza seb! And for the first time.....Forza Charles!

Good luck charles!can´t wait!you are number one,teach seb....

I will see in AUSGP! Congratulations

It's time for the Scuderia Supremacy

Can't wait man to see you in red .... #Forza_Ferrari #Lec_16 #essere_Ferrari

I hope you'll find your rythm and the good settings quickly.. go CL16.

Domani già ti vedo sotto il tempo di Sebastian😉 Vai fenomenooooooo fammi godere💪🏻❤️

Good luck Charles! I'm excited to see you drive in that Ferrari!

Yessss,cant wait for this. Allez charles!!

Enjoy it,Charles ....good luck

You go future champ!👊🏼🏎🏆

Good luck this season Charles in the red car 👊

Get at the top of the time sheet! Gather lots of data! Get used to that Ferrari! Be on top with Vettel! GO LECLERC!

Smash 1.18’s time by vettel.

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1 month ago

Charles Leclerc

‪Ciao bella. ❤️ #SF90 ‬ ... See moreSee less

‪Ciao bella. ❤️ #SF90 ‬


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Vê se tu corre direito, pra derrotar o Hamilton, fechou? E pilota na chuva visto que o vettel patina sempre

Leclerc show whos first driver in the team, wipe off vettel

"CIAO BELLA!" ..... me stai simpatico!!! te lo dico.....corri.....corri veloce....strigliala, spremila e vinci!

Let's see it beat Mercedes at least 4 times in the first 6 races and we'll talk.

Non vedo l’ora di saltare un piedi sul divano! Fai come solo tu sai fare!!!! 🎉

Aller mon petit Charlinhooo montre leur ce que tu as dans ventre !! Rémi Sln Thomas Silano Tu te bats aussi pour Jules 👏👏

Forza Charles, massacra quel mezzo pilota di Vettel e fallo scappare da Maranello!

Forza Charles, suonale a Seb e prenditi il mondiale 🔴🔴

Fregatene degli ordini della scuderia e dimostra a Vettel che la prima guida sei tu!!Vai campione!!

That's great Drive and rule the track!

In bocca al lupo! 🍀🤞🏼non vedo l’ora di vederti correre! 😍😍😍

Time to win Mr. Leclerc let's do this! #forzaferrari

You can do it this season.. find your rythm Quickly. good luck CL.. Forza Ferrari. .

Vai charles quest anno non ti ferma nessuno!!! Credo in te!!!! Forza ragazzi! Forza Ferrari!!

È bellissima, portatela sui gradini più alti del podio!!!! Forza Ferrari! 😍

Forza Charles riporta il titolo a Maranello! #GAASSSSSSS

Siete il team più forte! Un 4volte campione del mondo (speriamo presto 5) ed un predestinato per il futuro. Il top!

Facci Sognare Ragazzo! Jules sarà con te nell'abitacolo ogni volta che scenderai in pista, la tua forza aggiunta è nel tuo cuore! Gas a Martello!!! :-)

You're the next World Champion. Go, Leclerc

grande Charles, sovverti la gerarchia presente nel team, puoi farlo solo con i risultati... io ci credo!

Good luck man, not a big Ferrari fan but really like to see you do well 👍

Forza! Con tranquillità e serenità mosterai il tuo talento.

Dai Charls! Umiliali tutti! Hai la mia stima! Forza Ferrari!

I like F1cars from 1999-2004years. They was most beautiful as for me)))

A modern design with a modern lineup of drivers. This season is going to be one for the history books by the looks of things

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2 months ago

Charles Leclerc

‪Car fired up today. ‬
‪Can't wait to be back in the car in 2 weeks ! ‬
... See moreSee less

‪Car fired up today. ‬
‪Cant wait to be back in the car in 2 weeks ! ‬


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Nous te souhaitons de trouver tres vite ton feeling et ton rythme pour faire comprendre à certains que t'es très jeune mais aussi un pilote d'actualité. Tu peux le faire cette année... je suis contre les hiérarchies entre les pilotes(coéquipiers)..

#ForzaCharles dethrone Lewis!

That some big shell logo on the side. New livery I suppose?

Idolo!!regalami soddisfazioni da giovane debuttante in un top team!#forzaferrari

Allez le monégasque. Brille comme Daniel Elena en rallye, je te l'espère... 9 titres ca serait cool 😉 Courage pour cette année, va falloir te faire une place avec les coudes et le coeur dans ta nouvelle équipe et avec la nouvelle monture 😉

hi mate how are you im 21 im a Ferrari fan my hole life i love red and you did great good luck you did your best at Ferrari your former team is bad now you are in the best team now good luck brother 👍

Charles je me réjouis que cette saison commence! La relève est là 💪 bonne chance. 😎

Charles ma quando cazzo passano ste due settimane??? NON CE LA FACCIO PIÙ 😭

😍 Hope we see us in Austria or in Germany I want a picture of us where we hold the picture of us! Good luck for this season ! And have fun 🤗 #goCharles!

Moi qui a jamais ete un fan de Ferrari (sauf a l'epoque de Gilles) Voila Charles. Bien, va faloir changer ca!! 😁😂

Will be a great year for you 💪💪

Can't wait for your first win in 2019!!

Excited to see what your future will be young man. Haven’t seen a driver as good in GP2 in a long long time

Excited for your first F1 podium!! 🏎

Can't wait to see you in your new Red car! Facci sognare Charles 💪

Great Charles!! We needed a driver like you! Really promising season!!

This year is going to be fantastic.....mark my words!🔥#forzaferrari

Get in there Charles !!!! #Forza_Ferrari. #Lec_16

2019 will be a great season. Good luck C. L.

"Seb, this is James.", "Copy, James"

Cant wait, this season looks to be one with the potential for a 3 or even 4 way championship battle

I have high hopes for you Charles LeClerc!! Go out there and win a championship in 2019!!

Can't wait to see the car and how well the team does this year 🙂

Cmom beat Vettel this year. You are the future of formula 1

Can’t wait to see you driving it!

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