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Drives for: Sauber
Ranked: 18th in Formula 1

Charles Leclerc (French pronunciation: ​[ʃaʁl ləklɛʁ]; born 16 October 1997) is a Monégasque racing driver, currently driving for Sauber in the 2018 FIA Formula One World Championship. A member of the Ferrari Driver Academy, he won the GP3 Series championship in 2016 and the FIA Formula 2 Championship in 2017.

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That lap in Q2 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 I honestly can’t wait to see him giving Seb a challenge next year! 🐐👀 ~ ~ ~ #charlesleclerc #leclerc #cl16 #sauber #sauberf1team #brazilgp #f1 #formulaone #formula1 #braziliangp

Piloto de Carlos Sainz 👨🏻‍✈️ (someone correct me if this translate to something else 🤭) Who’s ready for quali? 🙋🏻‍♀️ ~ ~ ~ #carlossainz #carlossainzjr #cs55 #renault #renaultsport #renaultsportf1 #brazilgp #f1 #formulaone #formula1

Oh wow I love this photo of Daniel so much. Hoping to see this smile on the podium this weekend 🤞🏼 ~ ~ ~ #danielricciardo #ricciardo #dr3 #rbr #redbull #redbullracing #f1 #formulaone #formula1 #brazilgp #braziliangp

Shit week so far so I’m really, really glad it’s a race week // Okay but look at Charles’ eyelashes????? His bottom eyelashes are the length and thickness of my top lashes ffs ~ ~ ~ #charlesleclerc #leclerc #cl16 #sauber #sauberf1team #f1 #formulaone #formula1 #mexicogp

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1 week ago

Charles Leclerc

We cannot get enough of Charles Leclerc in red 😍

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Anche se sono un'Alfista, sarò una tua sostenitrice accanita nella tua avventura in Ferrari grazie per quello che hai fatto in Sauber Alfa Romeo ci hai regalato un sogno❤

And we had more than enough of Sebastian in red.

And we can't wait to see him winning with the Red#16 :D

Oh Charles, I can't count how much time I've waited to see you behind an F1 car but behind a Ferrari? That fills my heart of joy. I met you once back in 2012 when you raced karts in Braga, Portugal. We were both so young and he couldn't talk English very well 😂 but I just had that feeling that you would race in F1. So happy for you, Charles. A big hug from Braga 🇵🇹 #forzaferrari

Come on Charles !!! Can't wait to see you in Melbourne. #Forza_Ferrari. #LEC_16

first win for him in Australia!!!!!!!!!

Basta giocare...testa sulle spalle!!DOBBIAMO VINCERE!!! Go CHARLES!!!

Ben arrivato Charles!!!!

You have talent left to be the next F1 legend. I wish you good luck in 2019. #focus

Nous déçois pas mon gars hein, t'as pris la place de Kimi quand même

Vai Carletto! Hai un grosso peso tra le spalle, e dovrai attenerti alle regole, però adesso pensa a goderti il posto in Ferrari. Hai ottenuto buoni risultati in Sauber. Adesso con la rossa potrai fare meglio!

Sarò uno dei tuoi tifosi più incalliti, spacca tutto Charles!!

The red suits you, my mate. I hope you lead it to your first podium, victory and championship next season! No matter what happens tomorrow, I'll still support you.

How many days till Melbourne?? I can't wait!!

This car suits you a lot ! And I hope to see you again Charles, last time I saw you I was in Monaco and you were on a scooter 😅

Soon we will enjoy Ferrari again

Love this... can’t wait to see you at Silverstone #champion Also glad you are back in red, I can wear my Prema Racing t shirt again!

Come On Charles 💪 Que la saison commence vite pour montrer ton potentiel! Ce rouge te va si bien 😜😜

Gonna be a deadly combo!

Tellement hâte! Vivement Melbourne !!! Go Charles!

God speed Leclerc. Do well.

I want to see u challenging Lewis for world championship lets go no pressure just keep it up

I’d like it even better on the top of the podium!

win the first race and pile on the pressure 😎

Wish it was Charles and Kimi 😢

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3 weeks ago

Charles Leclerc

Another great year on track.
2018, you have been amazing. Really looking forward to 2019, big challenges ahead.
Best wishes to all of you for the new year 🎊
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Another great year on track.
2018, you have been amazing. Really looking forward to 2019, big challenges ahead. 
Best wishes to all of you for the new year 🎊


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Fatti valere Charles! La tua sfida sarà grande e avrai noi al tuo fianco! ;)

Hai il talento, l'umiltà e la semplicità per diventare una leggenda della F1, facci sognare Charles!!

Happy New Year Charles! Can't wait to see u racing with Ferrari! Woohoo Finally it's 2019! have a very good year 👏👍🎉

Happy new year next champ!🏎🏎🏎

And 2019 will be so much better! Your glorious career is just starting out boy! Good luck and Happy New Year Charles Leclerc !

The new world champion....good luck :)

Hope you bring Ferrari back to the top in 2019!

I wish you a great year and I hope all your objectives could be accomplished! Greets from Argentina!

Merci Charles, tous mes meilleurs voeux pour cette année 2019 pour toi et pour toute ta famille !! 🍾🎆😚😚

Michael is behind of you ;)

Can’t wait to see you on track with SF 💪

much success for you .. champion many races to win this year 2019 starting with Australia supporting you .. watching the tv happy new year 2019 Champion .... 💪💪💪💪

2019 when you will be world champion

Bonne année Charles... et bientôt j'espère que tu seras champion du Monde des pilotes. Tu as le potentiel pour y arriver. 💪💪

Welcome in Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow Charles

Hey Charles, Thank you for 2018 and good luck in 2019 See you in Canada

Happy new year! All best for your life ❤❤❤❤

Looking forward to see you in a better car next season!! Forza Ferrari ❤️

Souhaitons que le cheval cabré t’emmène sur les sommet ! Excellente année 2019 Charles 🏎🎉🍾🥂

Future multiple F1 champion. You're going to win races next year

All the best Charles for your challenge with #ScuderiaFerrari

Bonne et heureuse année 2019 que tes souhait soit exaucé bises

Non vedo l'ora inizi la nuova stagione !!!! Forza Ferrari Forza Charles !!

It is all about time .. You will do it now or later .. Be patient and wait your chance ❤

Charles, I am very hopeful that very soon, there will be a 4 way title fight: You, Max, Lando and George... Nothing better than seeing Williams and McLaren up there again with young, talented and ambitious drivers competing each other!

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2 months ago

Charles Leclerc

1st day wearing full red.
I will be in the car tomorrow 🔴
Credits : @kymillman /
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1st day wearing full red. 
I will be in the car tomorrow 🔴 
Credits : @kymillman /


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Charles, moi et mon ami Antonio avons cru sur toi a' F1 manager avant que tous le monde t'a connu! Donc deux billets pour le GP de Monza 2019 seront un cadeau adapte' ❤❤

Charles Leclerc, you are young and talented. You are in a position that everybody envy. Please, do us a favor: NEVER EVER become Seb's valet. Do your own things. Drive the best you can. Don't let the system screw your career. Sincerely, all the best!

Jules will be watching over you #ForzaJules

Future world champion!!

Demain, ton rêve devient officiellement réalité !! Il y a, là-haut, 2 👼 qui doivent être vraiment très, très fiers de toi. Félicitations et profites-en bien demain. Ce n'est que le début d'une grande aventure en rouge qui ceci dit en passant, te va à merveille 😉

After seeing Alonso leave, you are the racer I will follow in 2019.... supreme talent, !!!

Finally! Its the right time to see a young driver in ferrari....e che diamine! Ora fatti valere! Go go go fast!!!

Such a pity that Hulkenberg has the race number 27. FORZA CHARLES

Go ahead Charles.Make Ferrari champion again.❤️

Our new champ' ! Jules can be proud of you ❤️

2019 will be a mighty fine year in the F1

Incomincia con l'italiano Charles.. La Ferrari parla italiano.

Seriously one handsome young man!!! Talented too!

You deserved! An incredible driver in Sauber, and now will be an incredible driver in Ferrari! Good luck Charles! We will be cheering for you!

just make your step strongest so that you are never considered as a SECOND DRIVER ever in your pathetic team.

Le rouge (et blanc) te va si bien ! ;-) Daghe Charles !

You'll do great at the Scuderia.The red fits really well on you, Charles. Future champ.

Era dalla GP3 che si capiva che questo momento sarebbe arrivato. Ora è tutta tua, goditela!

Congratulations Sir, you earned it. Now prove you can handle it.

Im sure your dad and Jules are very proud of you. You are a legend in the making. Can't wait for 2019

Hadi Abu Ammar. Can't deny Max's talent, but i hope leclerc comes out and scores pole and a w rd1 in australia. I would love to see Max's face haha

I hope to see Seb become champion with Ferrari, but I also want to see you win the championship in the first year of your carrer in Ferrari, so it will be difficult who I want to win :-D Anyway finally my dream team, my favourite 2 drivers in my favourite team See you in the next season on the podium!

Hmm got tenner floating in my 365 account. Might go fiver leclerc and a fiver on the favourite! (Grosjean)

You will be the best next year!

World champion in the making

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2 months ago

Charles Leclerc

7th and other very strong points ! Looking back at the race, I think the strategy was the right one but we have just been unfortunate to have the Virtual Safety Car at that exact moment.
Anyway, thank you so much to all @sauberf1team for the amazing work. This season is a season I will always remember ❤️
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7th and other very strong points ! Looking back at the race, I think the strategy was the right one but we have just been unfortunate to have the Virtual Safety Car at that exact moment. 
Anyway, thank you so much to all @sauberf1team for the amazing work. This season is a season I will always remember ❤️


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Can't wait to see you in your red car ❤️

Super Charles und vielen dank was Du für das Sauberteam getan hast es war super mit Dir.Ich wünsche Dir einen guten Start ins 2019 für Ferrari und gib vollgas.Ich werde Dich in Errinnerung behalten was Du für Sauber getan hast.Viel Glück Charles und alles gute

Dear Charles, always remember that you drove an ALFA ROMEO, this is a great honor for you. good luck in ferrari

Fantastic season Charles, out drove that car and your teammate. Really looking forward to you been in the Ferrari with Seb. Enjoy the winter break.

Grande Charles ! Next year's World Champion ! Looking forward to see you in the Ferrari !

Excellent stuff...put your head down and lets see you in March...tifosi are behind you!

Can't wait to see you in red 😍❤ an buy your stuff

U are the 🚀 on 🔥. Hope see u champion next year

Congratulations on your fantastic season Charles! Excellent teamwork from you and Sauber! Looking forward to see you in all red in 2019!

Looking forward to seeing you in the ferrari next year!!

Saison incroyable Charles ! Ça va être long d'attendre tes grands débuts en rouge..

Grande, Charles! Brilliant year, just as I expected from you! Benvenuti in Ferrari! Looking forward to see you next year!

Congrats 👏🎉 ...and good luck for next season!! 🏆

great season, looking forward to greater things next year 👍👍

I see something in your eyes...a light..same as Schumi and Senna!!

Ti aspettiamo a braccia aperte!!!!! 2019 world champion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! forza Charles!!!!!!!!!!

Ti aspettiamo per una grande stagione in Ferrari 🏎 grande !!

Future legend! Please be Next Ferrari world Champion!

Charles sei stato fantastico, grazie alla Sauber hai fatto esperienza,ora non vedo l'ora di vederti in rosso!..inizia un nuovo ciclo 👊👍💙

Charles we're waiting for you!!

Bravo Charles. Tu vas faire un chemin incroyable chez Ferrari, c’est écrit !!! Good luck 😉

Great race giving the Red Bull a hard time! Nice job along the entire season, kid. On to the next season with Ferrari 👏

Sarai tu il futuro campione della Ferrari. Sarai tu il campione per la Ferrari. È destinato.

Il futuro è tuo ! Sono certo farai grandi cose . Forza Ferrari ❤

Non vedo l'ora che arrivi mercoledì per vederti su quella macchina rossa !!

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4 months ago

Charles Leclerc

What a race !!! Feels like a win, best of the rest for the first time this season. Important points for the team, see you in Japan ✌️ ... See moreSee less

What a race !!! Feels like a win, best of the rest for the first time this season. Important points for the team, see you in Japan ✌️


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Great job now grow up and act like it. Calling Kevin dangerous, check this.. Looking forward to see you race a ferrari tho'! 😊

Felicitaciones! El sobrepasó a Mag fue una maravilla!!

Grande Charles, c’è bisogno di aria nuova in Ferrari.!!

Well done Charles!! can't wait to see you in red!!!

Brilliant race! Your move around the outside of K-Mag was fantastic! #AllezCharles

U did an amazing job in a Sauber! Can't wait to see u getting podiums n wins in Ferrari next year! 💪👏👍

Great result Charles. Can not wait to see you in the Ferrari next year. I will be at testing Barcelona so do us proud.

World championship contender next year fingers crossed. I may be a brit but you are one of the two drivers I support and neither is a brit

This time next year you will fight for the victory :)

Loved watching you today. You kept up with the top dogs and held your own. You have an amazing future ahead and I look forward to watching you grow 😘 🇦🇺

Brilliant Charles! So happy :D makes up for a bad day for Ferrari :)

Amazing performance, Charles -well done! Can't wait to see you next year in Ferrari.

Winner of class b is all that's achievable given the performance/ budget of the top three teams. Superb . 👍

Great Job, Charles!👍 I've seen you fighting to defend your position, overtaking other cars that had demonstrated to be more performing than Alfa .... and, at the end, you have arrived in the best position after the 3 top teams. Really great!!!! 👏👏👏 Yup have contributed to better also the car, during all these months, working with the team: you are a great race-driver.

Well done charles next year you can take it against Seb:)

You are A Future Ferarri Formula 1 World Champion

Fantastic result. Congratulations. Looking forward to Japan next week.

Counting down the days until I see you in Ferrari red on the 2019 grid. You are going to smash it next year! I can't wait to celebrate every podium with you. Go Charles Leclerc !!

Quoi te dire à part… FELICITATIONS !! Superbe week-end 👌 et en plus, pour une fois… tu es satisfait 🙌😜, c'est le top 😉😎🎆

Carlo sbrigati a venire in Ferrari perché ho bisogno di ritrovare soddisfazioni.. tutto il paddock ha paura! Il 2019 è tuo 💪🏻👍🏻🍀

une superbe course un grand BRAVO pour ta superbe progression cette année et je te souhaite le meilleur pour dimanche prochain !!

Charles Leclerc quando scali troppo in fretta c'è una protezione se fai troppi giri motore ? Ti rifiuta mai la marcia ?

Are you going to have a different racing helmet for Japan? in respect for Jules Bianchi. Never forgotten.

Excellent race. Great to see your professionalism, still putting in your best for Sauber. Great going Charles keep the momentum up and next season it'll be podiums and wins you're fighting for.

Isn't that strange that this time next year P7 will be disappointing, Charles? 😂 anyway, great job, amazing racecraft, fully deserve that red car for the next season!

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