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Charles Leclerc (French pronunciation: ​[ʃaʁl ləklɛʁ]; born 16 October 1997) is a Monégasque racing driver, currently driving for Sauber in the 2018 FIA Formula One World Championship. A member of the Ferrari Driver Academy, he won the GP3 Series championship in 2016 and the FIA Formula 2 Championship in 2017.

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That lap in Q2 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 I honestly can’t wait to see him giving Seb a challenge next year! 🐐👀 ~ ~ ~ #charlesleclerc #leclerc #cl16 #sauber #sauberf1team #brazilgp #f1 #formulaone #formula1 #braziliangp

Piloto de Carlos Sainz 👨🏻‍✈️ (someone correct me if this translate to something else 🤭) Who’s ready for quali? 🙋🏻‍♀️ ~ ~ ~ #carlossainz #carlossainzjr #cs55 #renault #renaultsport #renaultsportf1 #brazilgp #f1 #formulaone #formula1

Oh wow I love this photo of Daniel so much. Hoping to see this smile on the podium this weekend 🤞🏼 ~ ~ ~ #danielricciardo #ricciardo #dr3 #rbr #redbull #redbullracing #f1 #formulaone #formula1 #brazilgp #braziliangp

Shit week so far so I’m really, really glad it’s a race week // Okay but look at Charles’ eyelashes????? His bottom eyelashes are the length and thickness of my top lashes ffs ~ ~ ~ #charlesleclerc #leclerc #cl16 #sauber #sauberf1team #f1 #formulaone #formula1 #mexicogp

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4 weeks ago

Charles Leclerc

No excuses. I've been useless. I will push to have a better race tomorrow.
Sorry to all the people supporting us and even more to the whole team that deserved so much better.
📸: @motorsportpics1
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No excuses. Ive been useless. I will push to have a better race tomorrow. 
Sorry to all the people supporting us and even more to the whole team that deserved so much better. 
📸: @motorsportpics1


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One day has gone by… Will the double stupid and the harsh self-inflicted cure bring a podium to Charles? We will see in about four hours… Comments on one his fb pages are mostly encouraging, as they all should be; most of them begin with or contain the “don’t be so hard on yourself, mistakes do occur” wording or general idea. Which is a beautiful way to share love, the one we learnt when we were babies: giving and receiving a warm and protective hug helped in feeling better. Yet, Hamilton tells us another story in the interview he released to the journalist of the “News” section of the iApp Formula 1®, moments after the end of qualifying: “ I would be the same” … “That’s how we’re tuned as racing drivers, when it’s your mistake, we’re tough on ourselves. May be a little less when you’re older. But still it’s painful.”… “ Years and years ago I didn’t come out of my room for 2 or 3 days, when I had some experiences like that.” … “He is open about it, because he can get it out and move forwards tomorrow”. Champions have this natural gift to see when other champions are around… Lewis is a champion, all champions recognize other champions, Charles is a champion… A syllogism we love! Daghe Charles!

Don't beat yourself up. Have a good sleep and tomorrow is another day. Looking forward to your race.🏎🏁🤞

Loving the wholesome support from people who can appreciate a pure talent and a genuinely good bloke who isn’t up himself. Learn from this Charles and let it be your armour. Forza Ferrari! 🐎

Charles! Youre a future champ! But humble today. From this day and future i will support you! Youre a great guy!👍🏻

Sometimes we forget that is only your second year in Formula 1, thats how good you are. Tomorow is a new day and no matter what you always have our support. All the best from Portugal

You have been great all 2 days. Errors happen to anyone. And i'm sure you will learn and became stronger. Good luck to tomorrow ! 😊

Wish you all the best for tomorrow!

Humble words! Honesty is a great value. Turn the page, we’ll be looking forward to see you giving us a demonstration of your talent #forzaferrari

Stay focused, forza Charles!! 💪❤

The race will be tomorrow and you know how to win it. Keep your head up and push like an animal. Show the world who you are. Good luck for tomorrow and best wishes. 🙂

Useless is a strong word. You err'd and to err is to be human. You're a fantastic driver and a great person. You'll be on the top step soon. A little adversity and a few lows serve to make you appreciate the highs. Chin up lad. Much love from America.

Good luck my friend tomorrow. Ii hope too make a good race 🙏🙏🙏

You’ve never disappointed me by your great attitude. I know you will push harder on race day and I believe that your performance will be very remarkable ❤️

I know this feeling. It happens when you evaluate the best possible outcome as only as sufficient to you. You think this motivates you, and it does, but it consumes you and makes you feel too much pressure. Focus on your strenght, focus on your father and on Jules, focus on having fun, focus on driving and don’t think about anything else. 💪🏻

Charles, everything can happen. Your fans are with you in every situation. Everybody knows you’re the extremely talented driver, you proved it so many times! Good luck for tomorrow! I’m fan of Alfa and of you personally 🙃

Good luck tomorrow and you are a very good driver, I trust you❤️

Heads up Charles! You have only one way to go and that is up! We love you and we are with you! ⛽🚦🏁 Get there and win the race, you already won our hearts! ❤

Chin up lad. You handled yourself well. Shows your dedication to being one of the best. All the best of luck tomorrow. I'll be rooting for you :)

One bad qualifying doesn’t define a driver any more than one good one does. Keep pushing! You have a long and successful career ahead of you & many many more successes coming your way! ❤️

Don’t be so hard on yourself Charles! Margin for error on a street track is always slim, all the great drivers make mistakes from time to time (Senna at Monaco, Schumacher etc at Montreal, the list goes on). Chin up, it’s a long race tomorrow and at Baku, anything can happen. Will be cheering you on from Scotland! 👍🏎

All the best for the race, Charles! No need to be sorry. Your sheer speed and pace is impressive and your composure in handling such circumstances shows your maturity. You're the one to look out for tomorrow, for sure.

Cheer up Charles.. I know you can do better tomorrow.. You’re a great driver ❤️😉

And if you were right ? No excuses, you’ve been useless… Your team and supporters have been disillusioned. You should be sorry for that. Excuses are just a way to hide from facts; facing reality allows finding the reasons of the crash. They can be analyzed and corrected. In respect to your potential and in the economy of the qualifying, today has been useless. Yes, your team and your supporters are not as happy as if you had been in pole position… Can anyone say the contrary? Yes you are right to feel sorry, being happy would be senseless. Most importantly you are right because this is your way of dealing with these situations, it carried you all the way to where you stand and it will keep on driving you toward your goals. Anyone engaged in racing at the highest level can only strive for perfection. Facing fate while mastering complexity in a matter of milliseconds is a restless job just for the twenty of you. Winning a race is the destiny of just one of you. It is your game it has your rules. You are right. Daghe always !

Don't be so hard on yourself Charles , you did great !! Chin up long race tomorrow plenty of action will happen . We believe in you!

Charles, you’re the breath of fresh air in Formula 1. Your team shouldn’t have sent you in medium tires. No other team had med’s on. Please don’t let these bad strategies hurt your confidence you are a future champ. It will come! Get them tomorrow!

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4 weeks ago

Charles Leclerc

Positive 1st day in Baku.
Tomorrow is the day to be quick though, full push.
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Positive 1st day in Baku.
Tomorrow is the day to be quick though, full push.


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Yes Charles, great day today and we are all very much looking forward to the race.

We believe in you ..Good luck 🤗

Yeah, very quick. You have pushed a lot. So much that now the wall is in front of you

You are the real number one !

Good luck for the weekend Charles 😊😊👍👍

good luck you are the best forza chalers

Good luck and just do what you do best. 🏁 #forzacharles 🇮🇩

Best of luck, Charles..... cheers from Transylvania !

Flaying lap for tomorrow #WC

No more team orders!!!!

Let's do this! #ForzaFerrari

Good luck for you Charles

Porcamaiala, Charles! 1.5 sec to Hamilton ... BANG!!!

Good luck tomorrow, Charles! <3

come on charles u can do it. #forzacharles #forzaferrari

Good luck Charles!!!! I’m waiting your race! 🤙🏽😎🔝🙌🏽💣💨💨💨❤️

Tomorrow is the race, push! 💪🏼

Good luck Forza charles ☝️☝️

Take that pole and stay ahead of Sebastian!

Go Go Go!! Don't follow team rules please... You rule 💪💪

You are the number one of Ferrari! This weekend is yours! Good luck, Charles!

Keep pushing Charles.... Keep pushing. We need to beat the Mercedes. #Forza_Ferrari

Good luck in tomorrow's qualifying Charles Leclerc! You can do everything Mr.Adorable. Fingers crossed😉 😘 #TeamLeclerc #CL16

Push as you know how to Charles, you need this win. Lets outrace everyone in the grid tomorrow and sunday! #CL16

Whatever you do be faster than seb

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2 months ago

Charles Leclerc

Sometimes, it is just not your day. Today it was not ours but I'm so proud of my team. They gave me an amazing car all week-end long and we'll come back stronger, I'm sure 👊
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Sometimes, it is just not your day. Today it was not ours but Im so proud of my team. They gave me an amazing car all week-end long and well come back stronger, Im sure 👊 


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You drove like a champion today Charles and you couldn’t have done any more in the circumstances than you did! I think every Ferrari fan in the world wants to give you a hug today! You have such a bright future in F1 ahead, today is just one chapter in that! 🙂 that win was yours, but there will be so many more! ❤️🏎

I'm so proud of you Charles❤ You did amazing❤

You did an amazing job racing and even Hamilton said the win should have been yours. The engine going down was beyond your control. You drove start to finish like a champion and you were pure class after the race. You will definitely be on top! No doubt on that one.

You are the best!!! Congratulations!!

Charles you will win the championship one day, I think everyone can see that. Ferrari let you down big time today. Take all the experience and wages you can in their car then take that experience elsewhere and smash the championship 💪💪

Not the result we wanted, not the result you deserved. You deserved that win! But looking at the bright side, we still saw that Monaco flag waving on the podium. Your first F1 podium! We saw your full potential today, and that potential will see you become the champion of tomorrow! Grande Charles, go get them in China!

GRAZIE CHARLES! Ci hai fatto divertire. Hai fatto una gara fantastica! Sicuramente la prossima sarà una Vittoria! SEI IL NOSTRO FUTURO 🍀🔥🇮🇹 #FORZAFERRARI

Words of a future champion.

Chin up Charles. You’re a future world champion. And as Hamilton said, you have way more wins to come. It’s just the beginning! You’re an incredible driver and your dominant performance throughout the weekend was simply amazing! ♥️ #ForzaCharles

You’ve made every Ferrari fan proud today. Welcome.

Non avrai vinto la gara, ma hai vinto i cuori di qualsiasi amante della F1 ❤️

Q1, Q2, Q3 et pôle...sans parler des libres...meilleur tour en course ! Même si ce podium ne reflète pas la perf de ce we, tout le monde a maintenant tu sais que tu peux le faire ! Félicitations Charles, et merci de nous faire rêver...

But you won millions of hearts out there

I'm not a Ferrari fan, however you have been the best driver all weekend and was really willing you to win this one as you deserved it! There is no doubt you will win races and have lots of podiums, and have already shown you are a class act 🏁😊

Future World champion!

Charles abbracciami e dimmi che è solo un brutto sogno ti prego

Le résultat final n'est pas celui attendu mais tu nous as fait entrevoir un sacré pilote!.. Qui ne lâche rien, un bon état d'esprit, une belle maîtrise et maturité. Que de promesses pour les courses à venir. 👏🏆

Tu as montré ton talent au monde entier Tu as su te faire accepter et respecter par les plus grands ... Les victoires vont suivre Ton père et Jules peuvent etre très fiers de toi !

Everyone knows you deserved to win!

Heartbreaking watching that today, chin up and better luck next time 👏❤

You lost the win but you won our hearts. Hopefully top of the podium in Shanghai, good luck!

Based on what we have seen in 2019, you deserve more to be supported as primary driver by the team and not Seb. FORZA FERRARI

Keep going man, you are amazing. Next race is yours.

U did amazing Charles! Dominant all weekend n u did nothing wrong... a big shame that u lost the win due to car issues... absolutely gutted n heart breaking 💔 but I'm sure we will come back stronger n better! Never give up! 💪💪

Well done Charles. Even though your engine gave out on you you still finished 3rd and won Driver Of The Race. You had an awesome weekend and I believe will only get better. Keep your head up and keep fighting. #ForzaFerrari

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2 months ago

Charles Leclerc

Poooooole Position 😘
Special day and a day I will always remember but tomorrow is the day where points are scored, let's focus on that. 👊
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Poooooole Position 😘
Special day and a day I will always remember but tomorrow is the day where points are scored, lets focus on that. 👊


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Congratulation Charles❤️ Good luck for tomorrow👊🏻

Congratulations So very happy for you, Charles!!! ❤️❤️ Best of luck tomorrow!!! 🥳🥳

Go Charles! Excellent work! The next are you! Avanti!!! 💪

Congratulations Good luck for Tomorrow 🏆🏎🍾🏆

Amazing qualifying session. Well done Charles! Go go go tomorrow 💪

Congrats Charles - cross my fingers for your race tomorrow - your new fan from Denmark 👍🍀🍀🇲🇨🇩🇰

First step of a big walk. Congrats!

Bad luck today @Charles leclerc, it is Sad to se a New f1 driver having sutch a bad luck.. But like you acted today was amazing!. Lets hope for more p1 in the future!

Congrats Easy to see where Vettel lost time to Leclerc

Well done Charles, you are a fantastic young man 🏁🏁🏁

Bravo Charles ! J'avoue avoir eu une petite larme au coin de l'œil et une grosse pensée pour Jules et ton papa. #JB17 #NeverForget

Congratulations from Sweden!🇸🇪🇫🇷

Congratulations Charles! Good luck tomorrow! 🍀

Bravo Charles et merci pour la photo..du photographe.. voici la meilleure de ma série! À demain sur le podium!

Congratulations, grande Charles! P1! Now let's get that first ever F1 win tomorrow!

Charles... prestazione da campione. Gara stupenda dominata da vero leader. Oggi il boccone é più amaro di quello che ci aspettavamo tutti... ma servirà in futuro per la sete di vittoria. ❤️❤️❤️

Congratulations on your first pole position. Have a great race (from a McLaren fan )🏁🏁🏁

Congrats Charles !! Keep it up man. We need a 1-2 finish tomorrow. #Forza_Ferrari

È un vero peccato, come sia finita a causa di un guasto al motore. La consolazione sta nell'aver trovato un grandissimo campione. Avanti così!

Well done Charles! Awesome job today. 👏🥇 We all know this is just a starting point for your long career in red. 💪 Stay focus tomorrow! 😉

Half of the job done today. You now have to complete it. ;) Best of luck

Fantastic job Charles. All the best for Sunday.

Sei stato un grande oggi in gara!!! Sei stato tradito dalla tua rossa, ma tu hai già dimostrato di essere un campione dal viso pulito...Così giovane e già campione!!! Grandissimo Charles 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Brilliant drive .. im a lewis fan but seeing how fast your car is .. just go for it . Every f1 fan will be routing for your first win . Sock it to seb ..

Too young to join Ferrari people said.... POLE POUR Charles Leclerc yeeesssss!!!! Bravo mec!

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2 months ago

Charles Leclerc

Quali day ! 👊 #CL16 ... See moreSee less

Quali day ! 👊 #CL16


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Bravo bossulică! Eu și Valentin suntem foarte mândri de tine! Bafta mâine, pwp #essereFerrari #Charles16

Félicitations pour la pole position. En route vers une 1ère victoire demain dans le grand prix de Bahreïn. Viva munegu 🇲🇨

Go on get pole Forza Ferrari 🇮🇹🏎🇮🇹

Buongiorno, Appassionato di Auto e tifoso Ferrari. Sono dispiaciuto che ormai da anni, Ferrari si comporta in maniera scorretta con i propri piloti, non dando loro la possibilità di esprimersi al meglio. Abbiamo avuto piloti velocissimi come Alonso , Raikkonen .Lei a 21 anni giuda una Ferrari F1, quindi è un fenomeno, molto più di Vettel che pur con i suoi titoli, oggi commette errori su errori, quindi non è più adeguato.

Vise la pôle Charles !!! A défaut termine devant Vettel !!!

Vai ser o novo senna. ..... é só ter mais coragem acima do comum. Ayrton era pura coragem.

Congratulations on your pole position!!


Let's hope there's no team orders tomorrow and if there is any ignore them 👍

Bravo pour tout ce que tu fais Charles tu fais déjà parti des grands à tou de continuer et de devenir très grand je te le souhaite très fort 💪

Machine!!!! Forza Charles la plus belle qualif que j'ai vue !!!

Tu es un champion ! Tu m'as fait rêver l'année dernière... #forzacharles #forzajules

You are great always Charles.

I’m so happy to see you getting your first pole in F1, you’re an inspiration and I’m pretty sure you’ll be a world champion very soon. Greetings from Argentina!

Good luck today Charles x Fingers crossed for a great result this weekend!! 🏎❤️🏎❤️

I may piss people off here, but you and Hamilton have the same look in your eyes. Determination.

Good luck! Your dad must be so proud of what you’ve achieved! 😢🏎

Charles....please don't be Vettel's wingman again. I want you first 🏆 forza Ferrari 🔴🔴🔴

Let’s get that front row!

Aller charles fait comme tu as très bien fait hier dans les libres. Bonne chance et tellement content que tu sois chez ferrari et çà fait depuis 23 ans que je suis pour les rouges.

The first of many to come!!


Charles, Domenica Spegni la Radio del Team. Se sei più veloce, DEVI stare avanti. Sei forte! ❤

Do it man we love you kid

1ere pole position : l'histoire est en marche ! bravissimo Charles !!

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