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Ranked: 16th in Formula 1

Brendon Hartley (born 10 November 1989) is a New Zealand professional racing driver currently competing in Formula One for Scuderia Toro Rosso. He won the 2015 FIA World Endurance Championship, alongside his teammates Mark Webber and Timo Bernhard, and also went on to win the 2017 FIA World Endurance Championship alongside Bernhard and Earl Bamber. He won the 2017 24 Hours of Le Mans with Bamber and Bernhard. He made his Formula One debut for Scuderia Toro Rosso at the 2017 United States Grand Prix.

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Missed out on Q2 by 2 hundredths of a second, little annoying but that’s how it goes.. I also turned 29 today which too was a little annoying 😅 but thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes and STR for the cake 🎂 Starting from P16. Will do my best 👊

Press conference and track walk yesterday. Keeping it real and remaining focused on the stuff I can control. Another drivers favourite here in São Paulo, circuit is so good!

Not the outcome we wanted but plenty to be positive about. Tyres were ruined after big locking on lap one and was forced to pit. It compromised the race but we fought back and showed very good speed. I later had contact with Ocon which caused damage and a penalty (which I thought was a little harsh). Without the contact I was fighting for 9th position which was a great recovery. Had great pace all weekend and should have converted, that’s racing. I’m pumped up, I’m fighting and I’m looking forward to the last couple of races. Congrats to Lewis for the Championship and RBR for the race win 👍

Nailed Q1 and finished up P10. I had one set of new boots and one lap to get the job done in Q2, I could give you some lame excuses but ultimately it was a mistake in the last sector which cost us a chance to go through to Q3. We will line up p14 for tomorrow’s GP. Car has been hooked up all weekend. Targeting points 👍 👊

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1 week ago

Brendon Hartley

South Island road trip has sadly come to an end. Sarah is sometimes trigger happy so it was hard choosing just a couple of snaps to share. We had such a good time switching off and enjoying our beautiful country. I’m now heading back to reality and back to Europe. There are a few things in the pipeline 👍 ... See moreSee less


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Good luck. You are a great ambassador for New Zealand unlike a few other top international drivers & teams. Safe travels .

Does it start with an F and end with errari?

You came home for some much needed "only being HOME" can do. Happy New Year Brandon it's yours for the taking. Go hard K-ONE-W-ONE😊

I am really going to miss rooting for you this F1 season. It was great having a Kiwi in the mix. All the best for the future.

Beautiful scenery and I’m sure it was very welcome peace. Good luck in your negotiations, don’t forget you’re one of the best around

We loved F1 2018 not so keen this year. Can’t wait for the next chapter

Have a great 2019, Brendon (and Sarah). Forza!

Glad you had a great holiday !! All the best from us PALMY FOLK for your next encounter !!! Terry

All the Best for 2019 Brendon and Sarah, cant wait to see what unfolds for you both.

#Keep fighting for a place in f1#

I need to get back there someday, it's a stunning country. Best of luck for 2019 Brendon.

Looks super sweet Brendon. Good luck with your opportunities this year.

Good luck Brendon. Don't worry about F1. We all know you're a champion! (Just steer clear of FE 🤣)

Man, you deserved this trip so much! All the best for 2019 in Europe:) Enjoyed cheering for a Kiwi in F1. Will keep cheering for Dan Ric now 😊

Have a great year, I’m sure you’ll Be back on the podium soon 🏁🏁

Good luck with what ever you choose.

... good luck for you, I am sure you are very fast again in a racing car 🏎........

Looking forward to seeing the next step! Glad you know where to come in the off season!!

All the best Brendon go tear up Europe

You just walked past me 🤣 #legendsofbathurst

I love New Zeland! I was lucky enough to spend two months there last year. It’s incredible how beautiful it is! 😃

Great photos! #likenoplaceonearth

Geez we got a beautiful country 🤘🏼🇳🇿 All the best in 2019. Get it Brendon

Great shots!! Wishing you a fantastic season with whoever you are working with

Wishing you all the very best for the future.

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3 weeks ago

Brendon Hartley

Awesome end to 2018 and start of 2019!
Thanks to @giltrapgroup for the wheels, @cablebayadventurepark for the use of their thousand odd acres, and to the glamping crew for the good company over the last couple days. Back on the road with Sarah🤙 #Roadtrip
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Nice. A proper Kiwi holiday.

Happy New Year to you both. Looking forward to new adventures in 2019 xx

4 million dollars is a lot when you crash a F1 car but is lesst the most important thing that you ok, if you ever get a chance at F1 again study understand the way car response to you

Whaa amazing bro ... ! Not to bad ... I quiet like New Zealand. <3 Really far but not the end of the world. ^^

Jealous!! My dream is another combi!! Enjoy 😀

Happy New year👍

Never mind about holiday's what are you up to about driving

Happy New year Brendon 🎉

Looking forward to the next chapter

Happy New year brendon and family 🎇✨

No doubt a well deserved break.

Jamie Madden

Looking forward to the next chapter

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4 weeks ago

Brendon Hartley

Happy holidays 👍 ... See moreSee less

Happy holidays 👍


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Happy Holidays Brendon n family 💜🤘🏼

Merry christmas 🎅🎄

Merry Christmas and a happy new Year 🙋‍♂️🔔🎺

Merry Christmas Brendon

Looking forward to hearing your achievements in 2019!!! Best Wishes!!

Love the 356!

Merry Xmas home u having a great break. Be cool to see u at the palmy track

Merry Christmas and Happy Anniversary

Merry Christmas!

Merry Xmas Brendon, have a great holiday

merry christmas !

Meri Kirihimete and be safe.

Heres to an exciting 2019 lots of car things fun and new challengers Remember keep that pedal to the metal😆😆

Have a great camping holiday Sarah and Brendon ... and no speeding

Merry Christmas Brendon hope you have the best of holidays

Merry Christmas

The Giltrap Carrera Convertible 356. Lovely Christmas treat.

And Merry Christmas

That next years ride

Such a beautiful photo!! Happy Christmas

Have the Very Merriest and the Happiest of New Years!

Hope you’re staying dry!

Merry Christmas to the Hartley’s. Hope you are having a lovely break in NZ with the family!🎄

For you too, Brendon!

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4 weeks ago

Brendon Hartley

Been good catching up some of my mates in NZ.
Happy holidays everyone!
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Been good catching up some of my mates in NZ. 
Happy holidays everyone!


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Merry Christmas to you and Sarah and your whanau. All the best for a great 2019

Awesome to see the faith of Porsche coming through. enjoy the land of the long white cloud

so thats what the redbull logo actually looks like

Looks like Gasly

Well - that’s good for the stereotype kiwi image! Have a restful Christmas. Hope the weather’s good for you!

Merry Xmas...pretty sure there is a space on the grid for you at the CIK meeting next month. ;)

Merry Christmas to you and your family Brendon Hartley !

Cheers Brendon. Same too you and your family😊

Good luck next year...

Too cute lol

Brendon Hartley : Good Baaaaaaagger

Very cute‼️ とてもかわいいです😍

Merry Xmas and may 2019 be on point for you 👌

Thanks Brendon Hartley just got reminded by my aussie mates this morning 😀

Must be from north island . Pic of a sheep on fb 🤣🤣

Have the Merriest!

Merry Christmas!

Have a great break brendon

Same to and yours Brendan.

Yes.. Baaaaaack at ya!!! Darren hopes to catch up with you soon 🎄🎄🎄🍾

….back atcha Brendon Hartley, get some seat time over the holidays and keep the cobwebs at bay.

All the best to you and yours Brendon.

Happy Holidays Brendon 🇳🇿🖤🤘🏼

Aww that's beautiful, enjoy your stay, happy holidays...

Thanks for the 2018 memories. F1 won't be the same without you. Enjoy your break in NZ.

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2 months ago

Brendon Hartley

I left the circuit on Sunday with my head held high. I’m very proud of my story and journey so far but am left feeling I have unfinished business in F1. For the moment that has been put on hold. I’ve hit speed bumps before and I am a strong believer that tough situations make you stronger, it also helps that I have a great NZ support crew, family, friends and wife. I also want to thank my trainer Rich and almost all of the 500 strong Toro Rosso staff who I have stood beside and have enjoyed working with this season, all of the engineering team, the mechanics, marketing, PR, logistics, hospitality crew, factory staff and of course all at Honda Racing. I really do appreciate the support I have received from fans across the globe this year, I still have plenty more pages to write in my story and I will make the most of the opportunity's in the next chapter. ... See moreSee less


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Brendon, you are a true gentleman. My wife and I became instant fans of yours back in 2015 at Spa-Francorchamps, watching you interact with a young disabled lad in a wheel chair, whilst your team mates were busy making jokes amongst themselves, the genuine interest and love shown on your face and the way that the lads face lit up during his few moments with you were enough to melt the coldest of hearts. I'm soo happy for you to have finally had your shot in F1 and everytime seeing you on screen brought back those memories of Spa. You, sir, are a world champion, if not in F1. You are humble and genuine, something that is unfortunately lacking in today's world. Thanks for the memories, Brendon, you can look back on this chapter with your head held high, knowing that you gave everything you have to give. I hope that the Kiwis back home are proud, you certainly have given them a lot to be proud about!

Mate like i to told your Dad you are a living legend, 41 years since NZ has seen a point in F1 you join the elite in history. Out of billions of people on the planet 20 get to sit in a F1, your gone beyond what anyone could hope and dream of cause your living that dream. Screw the baggers like NZ Media they love fake news cause they are fake people, your the real deal alot of very proud excited family,friends and kiwis back home.

First time I have posted a comment apart from telling you to take your hands out of your pockets; but I need tell you how proud of you Bryan and Linda are; and also big brother. Also made me proud to have known you all your life. To see you develop the way you have brings tears to my eyes. Keep doing it

It’s indeed very sad to see Brendon leave F1. But let’s remind ourselves of why he was there in the first place. 2017 85th running of 24 hours of Le Mans. In the #2 car (lucky number for kiwis there btw) after more than an hour in the pits, 18 laps down and DEAD LAST that team won. Brendon did a lot of the heavy lifting that day. In my mind as great as Fangio’s comeback at the German GP in 1957.

Don’t know the first thing about motor racing but what a champion person you are and success will come albeit on a different stage . You have made all of us Kiwis so very proud x

Congratulations on being the man you are today. A Humble man is a great man. And the fact you haven’t burnt bridges in the fight to get what you are passionate about is the mark of a great man. Life is only beginning for you there may be another opportunity to get into the seat if a f1 car again there may not but you have successfully done what millions have only dreamed of doing. Be proud keep your head high. Keep doing what you are doing and best of luck.

Torro Rosso and Red Bull made a mistake. They should have kept you!! Good luck! Let’s see you back in F1 ASAP!

On a rainy day at Magny Cours in 2007 I first meet a very fast driver... was lucky to saw you racing a couple of time in F3 and 3,5l.... You can be very proud of what you've achieved and you ll come back stronger as usual

You are an elite champion for sure. In every way Brendan you make New Zealanders proud! I’m going to keep wearing my F1 Hartley hat with pride!

You are an inspiration to all your fans Brendon Hartley, well done mate looking forward to the next chapter

I’m looking forward to a break from watching the debacle that is F1, I was only watching diligently because you were in it Brendon but the behaviour and antics of pretty much everyone involved in it from both sides was winding me up, they way you’ve been treated by STR is shameful.

Someone will pick you up mate .. tell you one thing Toro Rosso lost a LOT of followers when this happened ..

While it must be devastating to be leaving F1 for now, at least you're leaving in one piece. I can't be the only one that questioned the Toro Rosso quality control after the suspension breakages at Silverstone & Monza. It would be great to see you in a car and team that is capable of being at the sharp end of the grid and hopefully that opportunity appears somewhere.

You are a rock star. You have done what most of us can only dream of.


So long as you don't end up at a team that throws you under the bus every race. Must have been a drain having a shit car and then having them get you put to the back of the grid every time from engine swaps. Keep it real for Palmy and West end anyway !

Congratulations on your achievements so far and the positive attitude you have kept. You are making every Kiwi motorsport fan proud and providing an excellent role model to competitors.

Its not how or why you get knocked down ...its how you get up again....Best of luck for the future

Indeed you can hold your head high and us kiwi's are tough and resourceful, may your next chapter be even more fruitful.

Be proud not many can say they made it to the best of the best the pinacale of car racing and thats wat u did. Another New Zealander for the motorsport hall of fame

Avoid the poisonous Helmut Marko in your future racing endeavours. There are plenty of supportive teams backing their kiwi talent. Obvious examples are Penske and Ganassi

Good work, keep your chin up. You did us proud 🇳🇿.

Thanks Brendon. Thank you for everything you did with Toro Rosso Honda. You have been a great driver and you have progressed from race to race. I wish you all the best for the rest of your career 😔❤️💪👊 #ThankyouBrendon

You were the better Toro Rosso driver in the second half of the season, sad to see you go

Humbled to briefly meet you at circuit de Catalonia earlier in the year and finally hold and wave the flag high for you at the top of the motorsport mountain. Brendon Hartley #keepthefaith

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