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Drives for: Toro Rosso
Ranked: 13th in Formula 1

Pierre Gasly (French pronunciation: ​[pjɛʁ ɡasli]; born 7 February 1996 in Rouen) is a French racing driver, currently racing in Formula One for Scuderia Toro Rosso. He was the 2016 GP2 Series champion, and the runner-up in the 2014 Formula Renault 3.5 Series and the 2017 Super Formula Championship. He made his Formula One début at the 2017 Malaysian Grand Prix.

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Brasilian GP 🙏🙏🙏 📸: @andyhone

Q3 PAPI !!!!🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 Super happy with our qualifying today, exciting & pretty cool with the conditions.😁 Starting P9 tomorrow!! 🙌

Joyeux anniversaire Brendinho!! Lets make a good one this weekend. 🙌🇧🇷

Bom first dia in Sao Paulo 🇧🇷 📸: @kymillman

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4 days ago

Pierre Gasly

We miss you champion. ... See moreSee less

We miss you champion.


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17-7-2015-----17-7-2019 You are missed Jules❤ Gone but never forgotten To young,,so talented and a beautiful person

Remains forever in everyone’s hearts! So tragic, so young, RIP Jules ✨

Bel hommage avec cette photo

God bless you Jules

We miss you #jules rip

Great pilot Jules Blanchi, rest in peace !

Jules... I miss him so much 😪😪😪

Still, Jules is still missed, but his spirit lives on.

R.I.P. 🏎

That is Very sad 😔🥺


Il nous manque tellement en effet 😢



Esteban,Charles,Jules et toi vous auriez fait une belle équipe de jeunes pilotes d avenir .

Bravo Pierre Galsy d'avoir une pensée pour Jules Bianchi ( il nous manque )







R.I.P Jules

Never forgotten. ❤️

Il avait la voie toute tracée pour être l'un TRES grand… Hélas

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6 days ago

Pierre Gasly

« My name is Bond, James Bond. »
Pleasure to meet you 007🤵🏼
... See moreSee less

« My name is Bond, James Bond. »
Pleasure to meet you 007🤵🏼


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Fantastic Pierre!

Excellent, superbe !!!

Awesome drive yesterday 👌

Bravo Pierre !! Belle course hier !!! Continue

Trop classe ! 007, licence to win !

Really great, waauw.. 007 brought you good luck Pierre 🍀🍀🍀 What a race and the suits from you and Max looked really good

Great drive Pierre! Keep that 007 magic going!

Excellent !!👌

Bravo pour ta 4ème place

Bravo pour la quatrième place. Très belle course tu t’es bien défendu et magnifique dépassement sur VETTEL. 👏


Super classe

Joao Renato Antoniazzi 😍😍😍

Bravo Pierre

Belle rencontre 😉


Génial cette photo, les combi sont au top!!!👍👍

Faut les garder ses combi,vous êtes trop stylés perso je trouve ça classe 😆😍👍👍

Your name is Gasly, Pierre Gasly 0010! 👍







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1 week ago

Pierre Gasly

P4 👍👍👍
Enjoyed that one!
Thanks to the team for the great work all weekend.👌
📸: Kym Illman
... See moreSee less

P4 👍👍👍
Enjoyed that one! 
Thanks to the team for the great work all weekend.👌
📸: Kym Illman


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Fantastic Drive Pierre 🥴🤩

Amazing, keep it up Pierre! Congratulations

Amazing race!! Well done on your best finish this year.

Nice work, well done!

Awesome job Pierre!

Amazing job!! Great things are coming!!

Great race! Well deserved! ❤️💙

Happy for you Pierre. Hope this is the beginning of a succesfull career!

Amazing job bro😍!

Great drive mate. It is good to see you showing your true pace.

Pierre, you can be so proud..what an excellent race you did drive👍👍 Keep up the good work

Nice, très bon travail... félicitations...

Great race yesterday Pierre... I appreciated your duel with Charles

You were awsome! I really enjoyed the race!

Amazing weekend Pierre! Keep 'm coming! 👍💙

Fab race well done xxx

Well done good job !!!!💪🏎

Good Good GOOD JOB 🔥

You did an amazing job Pierre I'm so proud of you

great race!! keep it up!!!

Well deserved,and keep on going soo

Congratulations finally up front mixing it up 👊

Tu as été super Pierre en finissant 4 ième.. belle course...bbientôt le podium :) continu comme ça tu me plait...et tu fais des progrés FÉLICITATIONS 😘

You've showed a great weekend Pierre i <3 you!

Bravo pour ce merveilleux moment Je te reconnais bien là tu ne lâches rien Le podium n’est plus très loin !

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1 week ago

Pierre Gasly

Special 007 suit today.🤵🏽
Starting 5th, let’s go racinggg
... See moreSee less

Special 007 suit today.🤵🏽
Starting 5th, let’s go racinggg


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Good luck piere

Good luck booth of you guys!!!!💪💪💪💪

Good luck Pierre! You can do it! I believe in you! 💪🍀🔥

Superbe course, Pierre! Bravo

Good luck!

Excellent 👍

Good job today Pierre!! Next time podium!

You can do it, Pierre! 💪🏼👊🏼 Good luck!

vous êtes superbes dans votre costume


Bravo pour cette 4eme place cool de peu le podium félicitations le travail paye

J’adore la tenue ! Bon courage 💪🏼

good luck Pierre!! #FullGas

Vous êtes trop beaux tous les 2.bonne course 🙏

Je t avais prevenu tu vas bientôt te faire un podium...félicitations pour ta 4eme place...

Marion Rivière


La classe je l ai en miniature


Boa sorte!!!!

Maxime Long

Gentleman 😁 bon courage Pierre on est tous avec toi.

Bravo pierre... Le podium se rapproche... Super weekend.

The names Bond ....Pierre Bond ...shaken not stirred!

Top la combi vous auriez les portée ce week-end

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1 week ago

Pierre Gasly

5th ... See moreSee less



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Très beau travail ! Accroche toi pour demain.

Keep going, Pierre! Good luck!

Great result Well done

Good weekend so far. Glad you found your way up.

Nice turnaround of form. I hope you can keep it going tomorrow

Great weekend so far Pierre! Good luck for tomorrow! Let’s do it!! 💙🔥

Good work!!👍🏻


Very good qualifyng pierre!!!.....good luke for the fantastic race!!!!

Great job, next step the race

Good job. This is the result of all the hard work. Tomorrow your first F1 podium 🇲🇫🏁🥇🏎

Excellent. You seem happier and more relaxed. Keep Seb off your tail and move forward. The bulls look competitive for the race.

Good job, wish you all the luck for the race 💪

Bravo mon pote comme d’habitude t’es meilleur

Great job Pierre

Yes. What a weekend zo far.. Keep this up.

Good luck Pierre

Great job today. I believed and still believe that one day you’ll be on podium and win a race

Good job Pierre!

Good job using the setup from Max 😄

Super content pour toi. Je te suis depuis la Fr 2.0. De tout cœur avec toi et vive la Normandie !

Excellent result Pierre I see good times on the horizon for you

Super perf.. Tu améliores et tu connais de mieux en mieux les limites de ta voiture..essaies de terminer dans les 5 premiers et peut etre de profiter d une erreur des collègues..curieux on ne voit plus de messages désagréables...tu commences à les inquiéter...bravo.....👍

Good Result 👊🏻👍🏻🏎

very good!!!!!!!!!!!

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