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It's the crown jewel in the F1 calendar...but who knows more about it? 👨‍🎓 ... See moreSee less

Monaco GP Quiz


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Great Stuff! Contgrats ROKiT Williams Racing for this idea! I hope you will continue the series also before other races :)

I see that the guys are in good moods. The car stands still, but the moods are great. Keep it up

"We could get a podium if that's the case!" :D

I can already tell this video was far more entertaining than the race on Sunday will.

Piers Cartwright...

Triple 👑👑👑 - Monaco GP, Indianopolis 500, 24 hours of Le Mans

What a laugh Robert hehehhe. Brilliant

How can you lads NOT KNOW the famous red5? 😁 . Funny lads though 😆

Haha nice quiz

Most racewins became Senna - Schumacher - Hamilton right?

Pablo Fyfe

Angelos Fotsinos ο αλλος δεν ηξερε τον μανσελλ το 92

Krzysiek znowu George wyżej od Kubicy :d

George dont know best Roberts Monaco finish wtf

Ahaha they don't know anything.

George beat Kubica once again

The crown jewel? Lol. Monaco is worst "race" of the entire season.

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Thursday comes to a close with George P19 and Robert P20 in FP2.

A challenging day as expected but we'll be working hard tonight and tomorrow to find some more pace ahead of qualifying on Saturday.
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Thursday comes to a close with George P19 and Robert P20 in FP2.

A challenging day as expected but well be working hard tonight and tomorrow to find some more pace ahead of qualifying on Saturday.


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You won’t find any pace, and I love you guys.

George still thinks they have made a progress with the car and they are closing the gap ?? Oh wait... So sad to watch both of these drivers struggling so much... In 2 miles you are loosing 4 seconds to leaders!!! That's a tragedy to watch!!! 2 seconds per mile slower... I am still supporting you guys but this looks so bad that it's hard to believe in! Last year in FP2 Sirotkin did 1.13.547. This year George is doing 1.15.052. There is something wrong if the team is going backward not forward. Can this team do something with this "car" ?!?!? I hope you can but its harder to believe in any progress. Fingers crossed and good luck...

Is this a merc powered team ?

Amazing times in this day 🤦‍♂️

Great job, you fix nothing.

The team ideally need to develop and race a new chassis this season to have any chance of getting in the points. Better still, it will be a cheaper option to stick the new wings on last years car. Time for Williams to swallow their pride and buy as much as they can from another constructor.

Challenging day, that's at every grand prix.

There’s a fundamental flaw with this car whether it’s the chassis or aero the team will have some idea of what’s wrong it takes a lot of money time and dedication to sort out give support to this the only truly independent team in formula one

What’s going on guys? What does everyone think is some of their biggest problems this year? Where are they failing?

Good luck ROkit Williams Racing team for the weekend. It’s only Thursday,and a lot can happen before race day. All the best.

Monaco is a very low-speed track. Which you would think would suit Williams' low-speed cars.

How did you manage to get the blur on the picture? Surely the car wasn’t going fast enough for it to blur naturally

Got beaten by the road sweeper that finished two seconds a lap quicker and it wasn’t even on super softs ☹️

Please find some pace love Williams but???? Especially with a Wisbech driver (;where my ma in law lived till her sad passing this year and my father in law who wrote the the book on F1:"reflections on a lost era") go williams on and upwards

Russell recently topped the timesheets for Mecedes testing.🏳 The time difference between Russell & Kubica very little today. 0.1

I love williams F1 team but really....who are you trying to fool?

A small prediction of the future for all those who comment. Season 2019 will unfortunately always be P19 and P20. And it's time to put up with it. This year is the year of testing and repair of the entire team. It does not matter who is behind the wheel of the cars. Stop delving yourself and let ROKiT Williams Racing do their job :) It is how it is 🙃 Just keep supporting.

I didnt see the FP2 but FP1 was good , better pace smaller difference between your drivers. However it happened again and its like that always that if Rob is faster than both drivers go to pit for some changes, abd then George is suddenly faster hah. Anyways its a british team and im not suprised that young british rising star have to look better. Funny alsi that Rus is always asking his engineer about Robs sector times and lap times during race, while Kub is not doing it. Thought that Rus said he doesnt want to compete with Kub... ;)

A truly abysmal performance - 4 seconds off the pace - the car hasn't made any forward progress since the season started and all Claire Williams can do is bleat about the Ferrari rules veto. , frankly it is an embarrassment to watch. Would be better to have stayed in Grove!

Might well copy the whole Mercedes car and paint it with the Rokit scheme all over it... may that would change something for the better..!

this is heartbreaking, for a Williams fanatic last & next to last yet again 😢

2.2 second gap to Renault. Stroll can be discounted because he always struggles in practice and qualifying. It's an average performance in the context of the season so far. Kubica and Russell quite equal. No crashes so far!!

In other news, water is wet...

George and Robert again at the end of peloton. Damm you Williams, do something!

You dont have to announce it every two weeks, positions of williams drivers are pretty easy to predict...

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Danke Niki ❤️ ... See moreSee less

Danke Niki ❤️


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Great tribute

Forever in our hearts

Classy move RoKit Williams

FP1 in Monaco ✅

P17 and 40 laps on the board for George with Robert P18 and completing 24 laps after his session was cut short following a brush with the barrier.
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FP1 in Monaco ✅

P17 and 40 laps on the board for George with Robert P18 and completing 24 laps after his session was cut short following a brush with the barrier.


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Thanks for reminder . . I wondered if it was day earlier like the old days of Monaco . . Good luck boys . . Stay safe


Forza #RK88 and #GR63. Good luck on sunday 💪💪💪🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱

Kubi$a, of course behind Russell If the car does not improve, that's because Russell is the only driver now at Williams to be able to improve the car Claire has other solutions for the second car, Sirotkin is ready to replace nr 88

Haha hahah Kubica hit the Wall he is not F1 driver any more, Russell hit wall in Spain...... Silent this is you English people

its time for williams to get back in midfield and push on to get back in topfield

Gradually climbing up the order... promising signs, well done everyone at Williams for clawing back towards the pack. This season’s far from over

Well done GR the gap is closing to your rivals (and increasing to Kubica) keep pushing

Williams have a GP2 car ...


Kubica was better than Stroll

I guess two cars must not have ran FP1 if y'all got P17 and P18

Can't wait for another session!

Kubica loving Russell's rear end again...

This is going to be a reoccurring story with Kubica.its a pitty WilliamsF1 need Kubica for the sponsorship money he brings to the team.

It’s drift car, not f1 bolid ☹️

kubica hit the wall in fp1.... in other news, water is wet

Once again robort the "amazing driver" put it in the wall.

16 lap more and faster only 0.4 sek? What a shame! Haha

Closing the gap 👍

The old ones are the best 🤣🤣

Another session, another wall for Robert 😂😂

🇵🇱 Forza Robert 🇵🇱


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