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16 hours ago

ROKiT Williams Racing

GR63 🔥 for your 📱

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GR63 🔥 for your 📱



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No thanks, makes my phone slow

You know, props for keeping your social media one of the best of the F1 teams, but could you maybe put all the hard work that goes on here into fixing your car and then get back to us?

Tylko Kubica!!!

No, thanks. I don't want my phone to lose pieces.

Where is Paddy? 😎😎😎

Tylko Kubica

To check the real value of George, I suggest to change the car with Robert. Williams can not still build one car, but what about two cars.

You promoted more Russell than Kubica? 🤨

Congratulations but it's not far away time when George will shares Pietrov's fate

Very mature for his age this one.


Slow download connection

Share some cool cover photos for fb with RK

Tried to download, but it went to upload instead 🧐

They meant to post these last Wednesday. Late again 😂

Yeah my phone is slow enough. Thanks

Very status!


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17 hours ago

ROKiT Williams Racing

Check out our photo of the weekend from the Australian GP 🇦🇺

Head on over to instagram.com/williamsracing/ to find out more about the shot 📸
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Check out our photo of the weekend from the Australian GP 🇦🇺 

Head on over to instagram.com/williamsracing/ to find out more about the shot 📸


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Was it dark by the time you finished the race?

It's so sad the day williams is becoming a laughing stock. Either big changes need made or start building next year's car now. Maybe if they get ahead of the pack they can maintain it. Playing catchup never works


I see you didnt had enough parts to fully develop the picture

Start working on the 2020 car now!

The irony of it being your car running all by itself

Presumably, photographers use a much lower shutter speed taking a picture of the Williams car? 😂

Support Williams, we have to support them. Hope they get better soon


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22 hours ago

ROKiT Williams Racing


Spice up your phone with a Robert Kubica wallpaper from the Australian Grand Prix 🇦🇺
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Spice up your phone with a Robert Kubica wallpaper from the Australian Grand Prix 🇦🇺


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Keep blasting the guy... He deserves nothing but respect. Came a long way to be sitting in F1 car. Where are all of you right now when he's doing what he loves and he's good at?

Now thats better ❤️ RK🇵🇱🇵🇱

I dont want my phone to go slow.


Dear oh dear... Williams share some photos and all that happens is 1001 unfunny jokes about being slow and crashing. Give yourselves a pat on the back everyone... Classy really classy 😏

I put this wallpaper on my phone. Guys, do you know why my phone is so slow now?

If I download this will my phone crash 3 times in 3 days too?

Jeez you negative people give him a chance. Ridiculous testing restrictions means he has had virtually no time in the car. How about a bit of positivity and encouragement eh?

Great to see Rob back. Such a shame the car is an absolute utter boat anchor.

Respect for one of the most important team in F1, hope you guys got some points in this season ✌

The 2019 car is so slow you have to stop it's time with a calendar

So you want to slow my phone down even more - I'll wait until someone makes the car go at least 3 seconds a lap faster - shouldn't be difficult, a brick is more aerodynamic!

I really appreciate all the effort of Robert to come back to F1.. but the gap between him and his team mate was very big.. I hope he will be able to cope with his handicap in a better way, because this was painful to watch for both Robert and the team.

Slowest Mercedes-Benz AMG ever

My mobile it is already slow like it is, i do not want my mobile to copy the wallpaper and get even slower

Sorry I don’t want my phone going 4 seconds faster than it should

Won't that slow my phone down or make it hit the wall?......

I hope that Williams will solve the problems with Aerodynamics quite quickly in the car and jump into the middle of the drivers' stake. And I'm happy to see how these silly joking smiles disappear from your face pranksters.

Seriously? If I want to slow down my phone I will fill it full of apps, not that pay to play driver!

Good job Robert. Focus on Bahrain 👏👏

Is sad to see that Williams became the new Minardi

My phone is way too fast for Williams wallpapers :/

make some for the wallpaper ! plz


I love you Williams but this may even be the worst season yet even more so than 2018😑

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2 days ago

ROKiT Williams Racing

This got us right in the feels!

When Robert met Julia thanks to our partners PKN ORLEN 😊

Wielu z Was pytało, jak to się stało, że Robert Kubica spotkał się z Julią podczas testów F1 w Barcelonie. Obejrzyjcie film i poznajcie tę historię! #Juliateam Trzymajcie wraz z nami kciuki za Roberta ✊✊✊ #WeAreRacing #F1 #RK88
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It was beautiful❤️❤️❤️ Robert, PKN ORLEN, ROKiT Williams Racing...You are loved!!!

❤️ Grande Robert #supportKubica

So Sweet. It's wonderful to have such a open heart. Love and Respect to Robert and Williams. Bravo.

hermoso gesto de robert pero soy fans de wiliams desde cuando corria mansel ..pero el campeonaro anterior tuvimos unos pilotos de terror y este año 2019 la primer carrera fue de terror mas que formula uno parecian carretas los wiliams no se si por el auto la carroseria o que motor tienen saben ...que marca o por los pilotos que son malos ....quiero lo mejor para wiliams porque soy fans de la escuderia y amo a claire ......saludos y gran gesto robert desde bs as argentina

Beautiful story. Well done to all those involved 👏🏻

Had to dry my eyes before I could type this, that was wonderful and unforgettable 🤟🥰😀😅

A down to earth person not like some! She will remember that experience for the rest of her life. 👍Robert

Great Robert, a true great person, which happens to be a great racer. Wishing you all the best and hoping Williams car improves. We all know what you are capable of.

Brawo Orlen Brawo Kubica Brawo Williams

My heart is melting ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Thank you, Robert!

Very nice to see this. Thanks for making that happen for Julia.

Respect! 💪 #SupportKubica #RK88

Thank you Robert and Williams F1

Hello ROKiT Williams Racing! I'm gonna help You! When I can start? ;p Enough bad feelings! Let's have fun :) * I'm just kidding. Fingers crossed forever!

Wonderful. Thank you for sharing

Darn. One of the more wholesome things I've seen today. Robert is a treasure. ❤

Williams And Robert Kubica, that was genuinely awesome

Well done ROKiT Williams Racing. Your the best.

That's a bit of a tear jerker. What a wonderful experience for Julia and what an amazing person she is.

Impossible doesn't exist... :)

God bless you

what humility...this is a quality that all iconic sportsmen MUST posses

Great job Orlen and Williams! ♥️♥️♥️Never give up and reach for your goals, even in the face of adversity!Beautiful words of Julia

Respect to Orlen and Robert. 💪🇵🇱❤️

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"Thanks Melbourne, you've been a lot of fun! See you next year! 🇦🇺🙌"

Check out George's F1 debut in pictures 👇📸
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Melbourne 🇦🇺


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Start working on the 2020 car

Kubica gana be backmarker of the year

Lisa Johnston where were his photographers when he met us! 😉🇦🇺🏎

George Russell is pretty amazing. To be only 12 years old and drive an F1 car is pretty awesome.

the only Williams driver (y)

Silver lining: Being so slow means there’s more time to take in the sights at some of the world’s most beautiful places.

What do you think will happen first - will Williams give him a car at least capable of getting points or will he finally hit puberty?


Top reams have a solid feedback loop between (an experienced) driver and those who design and configure the car. I wonder if that's what's been missing at Williams. Hope GR and RK can help the team succeed. Mercedes was nowhere before Hamilton joined and McLaren has struggled since he left. You need someone who can articulate problems to someone who understands how to fix them

Amazing resilience and maturity. i congratulate him and hope williams find improvement this season!

Great job George. Now we just need to find a No2 driver who can push you a bit

That’s the quickest a Williams driver went all weekend was on the parade lap 😂

Alot fun... Yeah!... 😐

Keep up the good work.

Piss poor outing

Who was this spanish female comedian which looks similar to russel?

It may have been a lot of fun for you. But for us, it wasn't.

Poor George I can’t see him getting anything out of this year I think he be better racing else where where he still getting the chance to practice and perfect his race craft cause Williams right now would be better sitting s couple races out to try and fix things then showing up to run over 1 second a lap off the next best team the gap is so big

plenty of time to watch the scenery go by i am sure my focus is faster than a Williams car it's so sad that great team has ended up last as usual

Well, at least it’s a pretty car.

Brilliant, I really didn't think you could do worse then you did last year. Bravo, smashed it

"See you next year." - From the back of the grid

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