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Lance Stroll (born 29 October 1998) is a Canadian racing driver, currently driving in Formula One with Williams. He was Italian F4 champion in 2014, Toyota Racing Series champion in 2015, and 2016 FIA European Formula 3 champion. He was part of the Ferrari Driver Academy from 2010 to 2015. He achieved his first podium finishing, a 3rd place, at the 2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix, becoming the second-youngest driver to finish an F1 race on the podium and the youngest to do so during his rookie season.

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It’s race day y’all! Shake n bake 🤠 #Texas

Tough day at the office. Onwards and upwards! Bring on Texas #JapaneseGp

Suzuka🇯🇵❤️ #japanesegp @f1

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Check out my thoughts on 2017 here! 👇

ROKiT Williams Racing
Fresh from this week's #AbuDhabiTest, Lance Stroll reflects on his rookie F1 season and looks forward to 2018 #F1 #WeAreRacing
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ROKiT Williams Racing


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F1 should be for the best drivers, not for guys with rich daddies! You criticize Vettel? He is a world class driver and not a loser with a rich Daddy!

You will win a couple next season...great rookie season... Ramble on :-)

Dear Williams. Please give this guy a car that performs in 2018. No more middle of the field stuff. Time to start winning again.

Salvatore Bruno

#F1 #WeAreRacing Canada

Thank you for the great autographs !!! Best Regards !!!! Mati & Arek autograph collection

Hey Lance, i got your (and Felipe) signed cap from Singapore GP. See you next year

you drive only thanks your money .. your cash is more of your talent shame of you

Congratulations Lance Stroll. I hope you do well in 2019. The competition is stiff. Don't take others out and focus on your own race not everyone elses. Sorry the podim will be full next year but you can go for best of the rest rest and mayube sometimes get lucky. Enjoy it while you have it and don't take it for granted. good luck. I am glad you got the ride!

Shouldn't even be in F1 what a joke the sport as become

My daddy is a billionaire!!! Make space in the team for me!!! I might not be the best BUT WE HAVE MONEY!!!

PAYDRIVER ! need learn how to driver ! papa buy force india for little son driver next yaer ! sucks ! ridiculos !

Good job Lance #canadaproud

Amy Becki Rose Walker NoiseGuard

Talented young hopes to carry the flag for North America...good luck this year at Williams.

And a fellow Canadian I think you're a FUCKING DISGRACE to the sport. Period.

tu parle tu parle mais le probleme sait ta pas de couille toi une chance que ton pere a de l argent car tu serai pas la ajd tu es pitoyable en voir en piste ti con

Só corre na fórmula 1 por que o pai dele e dono da equipe,caso contrário não conseguiria ao menos ser mecânico , quanto mais piloto.

Il pilota più scarso nella storia della F1, datti all'ippica. The slowest pilot in f1 story,better horse racing for you.

Sirotkin was 8 millions more fast than Kubica. What a shame...Seriously. If confirmed, I will stop to support this team and probably stop to watch Formula M (for money).

tu n’es pas un bon pilote merci papa !!! dans les catégories en dessous de la f1 tu étais arrogant et pas sympathique !!!la classe ne s’achète pas !!!😀

, actuellement pilote chez Williams, pas toujours convainquant en piste mais "boosté" par l'argent familial TU N'A RIEN A FOUTRE EN F1 TON NIVEAU EST UNE CALAMITÉ

Très bonne saison Lance et félicitation . J'étais à Monza et tu m'as vraiment impressionné lorsque tu as roulé sous la pluie en qualif ! Et je n'étais pas le seul tout les tifosis autour de nous l'étaient. Repose toi bien tu l'as bien mérité. À l'an prochain champion !

Hi I'm Tamara Bourassa I'm from calgary

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2 years ago

Lance Stroll

ROKiT Williams Racing
Karun Chandhok catches up with Lance Stroll and Felipe Massa on Williams TV ahead of today's #BrazilGP 📽️🇧🇷
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ROKiT Williams Racing


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See in the candian👍

2 years ago

Lance Stroll

That's a wrap for FP1 & FP2. Read what Paddy Lowe, Felipe Massa and Lance Stroll thought about today's on-track action. #WeAreRacing #USGP #DriveForTheCure

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Lance, you are one of my drivers of 2017. Shaky start but you keep pushing. Well done dude! Williams, get some more oomph out of that Merc engine!


Te szerencsétlen.

who is the most overrated pilot? You.


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2 years ago

Lance Stroll

We’re off to Austin! Read Paddy Lowe's, Felipe Massa's and Lance Stroll's thoughts ahead of the #USGP.

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Go Lance!

Will Lewis kneel during the anthem?

foda se

2 years ago

Lance Stroll

ROKiT Williams Racing
Eighth place finisher, Lance Stroll, talks about his first race in Malaysia.
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ROKiT Williams Racing


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U r an idiot Pay attention to the street U HAVE to drive only baby tricycle.


Ma na dose te ripiju quandu? Ma ci cazzu v'iti misu an capu te e quiddh'addhu cujone? Tutti sti incidenti iti cacatu la minchia! E che cazzu, nu picca de attenzione

Well done !!!! 👏 your mirror was broken???? you're not alone on track

Congrats 🇨🇦❤️

dude u need to learn how to drive the car after ur done the race

Well done fellow scorpio Tiger. Keep on racing 🏁

Good Job Lance

Impara a guidare, impedito!!

Vettel drifted over to the left. Stroll held his line. He needs to man up and quit blaming everyone else. Pissed cuz he couldnt get around the Red Bull for 3rd.

Bravo Lance Stroll Tu nous fait honneur . Tu est vraiment un pilote de grand talent et je suit ton parcours avec plaisir.

Well done Lance . So proud .


good job lance 👏👏

nice race Lance ..... always better ....grande

Fuck you

You are a fucking idiot!!! You asshole ruined Vettel car



You know you just won the world championship for most idiotic person this will be your only achievement in F1, no one crashes after finishing the race.... Dumbo.

Bravo Lance ! J'admire ton travail!

dio bastardo, tra te e verstappen non so chi sia più figlio della merda. siete solo dei raccomandati.

Well done 👏getting there

Nice strike 👍 Now that Kvyat's gone you can claim the Torpedo title

Lance Stroll, I am the Brazilian composer and singer "Décio Cabelo", 63 years old, I have 137 videos on YouTube: deciocabelo canal. My DREAM is to record my songs! I'm so poor! Could you help me? Please! I'm your FAN! Thank you so much! Décio Cabelo, in English: "Decio Hair".

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