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Nicholas Hilmy Kyrgios ( KIRR-ee-oss; born 27 April 1995) is an Australian professional tennis player who is currently ranked world no. 19 in men's singles by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP). He is currently the highest-ranked Australian in the ATP rankings. Kyrgios has won four ATP Titles, and has reached seven ATP finals, including the 2017 Cincinnati Masters.

During his junior career, Kyrgios won the boys' singles event at the 2013 Australian Open and the boys' doubles event at the 2013 Wimbledon Championships. During his professional career, Kyrgios reached the quarter-finals of the 2014 Wimbledon Championships—upsetting then world no. 1 Rafael Nadal and world no. 13 Richard Gasquet en route—and the quarter-finals of the 2015 Australian Open. Kyrgios is only the second player, after fellow Australian Lleyton Hewitt, to have beaten Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic in their first meetings.

During much of his career, Kyrgios has been met with a negative reception. He has been accused of "tanking", verbal abuse and unsportsmanlike conduct by much of the media and former tennis players including John McEnroe. Other tennis players, however, including John Lloyd, have praised Kyrgios's unique style, character and flair, and in 2018 his renewed focus at the 2018 Australian Open attracted much media attention.

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☺️ be happy ☺️ good vibes ☺️


Kings and Quincy

When they say you aren’t explosive 😝 #doU

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3 weeks ago

Nick Kyrgios

No Houston for me.... 😔😔
#BackToOz #HomeTime 🛫✈️🛩
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No Houston for me.... 😔😔
#BackToOz #HomeTime 🛫✈️🛩


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Let’s get them again another year G 🤙🏼

Its okay. Hope you recover soon..

Will you play in monte Carlo Nick?

$2.50 basics at moose next week mate??

Look forward to your return, better to be safe than sorry

When will he play next??

Good call Nick. Clay is tough on the body (so I hear). Rest up and get fit and healthy and just go for grass season as you played awesome there last year.

Houston Mission Control, I must abort 'take off/Launch' !

Look after yourself NIck, Look forward to you playing in Europe, Goodluck xxxxxxx

Good decision Nick.. sports injuries don't get better without rest and treatment.. Gunna miss watching you and those through the leg shot's..stay in touch Nick..😉

Have a good rest Nick, good idea!!!

You know your body and great you’re listening to it. It’s the most important item in your repertoire!

Dont worry Nick. Treating your knee is a priority. We expect you back in the courts asap! 💕

Get better Nick. Look forward to seeing you.

Listen to your body Nick. We’re here to support you❤️

Live the life you love and love the life you live

Dashed injuries are such a nuisance. Get that knee well rested Nick .

God bless you and your family Nick,your fans love you and we know you'll be up and playing very soon.....❤️🙏🏻👍🏻👍🏻🥇

I'm very sorry for your knee. Take some rest, focus and come back stronger! Take care Nick, you are a good player. 🤗

Hope you rest up and recover Nick. Wishing you the best!

the tennis need player like you

We will miss you, get better

Recover well Nick! Focus on the positive and see you soon

Home is good. Early Easter with your family maybe.

So...We don't need your fantastic droppers in Houston😒

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4 weeks ago

Nick Kyrgios

Lost the match, but I won the consolation prize of best tweener of all time (the commentator said so, so it has to be right, right?) haha 😂

See you next year Miami.

@Tennis TV
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Kyrgios Coric in utterly insane rally in Miami!


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Some amazing shots were played in that match. Thank you for the great entertainment.

Definitely the best tweener of all time! I about fell out of my chair watching it. Lol I don’t care about any of the criticism from others, you are always entertaining to watch and great for tennis! Keep doing you, Nick!

He said one of the best, not the best. Where’s grammar mate?

Miraculous shot and you did your best Nick. Best of luck for the next tournament! 💖 🇦🇨🎾

Love u Nick Kyrgios you are my inspiration of beeing a better tennis player year after year ❤❤❤ #haterzwillalwayshate

You are not just a very talented tennis player. You are the joy of life. You can make people happy!!! We thank you, continue with flame and passion. We love you. ❤️❤️🇬🇷🌹🌹

Onya Nick..full of surprises.. through the leg shot's always awesome to see and win points..😀😀

Great to see you having fun Nick,💪💪

Flipin' 'eck Nick!! Brilliant. Thanks for being you.

so wanted you to win! always fun to watch your game. Good luck!!

Cool, though most times I mute the commentary 😉

Great shot Nick. You did awesome this week.

Great stuff Nick, keep the fire 🔥, all the best mate.

Sorry but i don’t agree with him...there is a whole collection of tweener by are a true talent but you need to be more focused on your job, nick...

Nick love seeing you play, so wanted you to win though,

I think you're a great player, you do amazings movements on the tennis court, I'm your fan and i'm very happy that you won the Open in Acapulco 👏👏👏👏🎾 Saludos From México 🇲🇽 🙋❤️

Well done nick keep doing what you are doing love watching play keep having fun

I’m a fan in the 🇺🇸 and I know you could be #1 and have some much talent to get there!!!! Go out and play and yes have fun but not at your opponents expense please go out and concentrate on your game and block everything else out and show the haters you are a great player and can be #1!

I enjoyed watching you in Miami, Nico, cause you were obviously enjoying playing. Hope you can stay healthy.

Nick we all love you and with the talent that you’ve got, you could’ve simply done the job on Coric but your temper caught up with you. I really expect much from you on the next ATP Tour. You are my favourite player and you make Tennis come alive, just concentrate on your game and you will win masters and G slams in the future.

You played so many epic points. Best in the game 😎👍

Love those commentators. Best out there I reckon. And yes that was just pure brillance by you Nick as well as the behind your back backhand flick volley winner you hit. Sorry you didn't get the win today but you are playing fantastic tennis. Hope your knee isn't too bad. 💪❤

Play it like it don’t matter man - so awesome to see such a carefree game in this fragile world

Was looking forward to see how Aliassime would fare against you! Next time!

That’s an unbelievable play you pulled there Nick !

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4 weeks ago

Nick Kyrgios

You have to question the world when a grown ass man feels the need to reach out with this hate?! A racist, homophobic hater, yet I’m the disgrace? How messed up is the world? You’d be surprised how much of this shit I have to put up with, especially from Australia. ... See moreSee less

You have to question the world when a grown ass man feels the need to reach out with this hate?! A racist, homophobic hater, yet I’m the disgrace? How messed up is the world? You’d be surprised how much of this shit I have to put up with, especially from Australia.


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Nick, just keep doing what you do best awesome tennis. These people are not worth wasting time thinking about. But exposing them is good

Stay focus Nick. Go out there and be the best

You are the best Nick 👏👏 awsome

So sad that there is so much hatred in the world. Universal love and respect for others would go along way to helping dissolve many of the problems of the world. Well done for highlighting this abuse and I hope you feel the love as well from Australia and all around the world. Love your tennis and your humanity.

It's seems to be a trend, specially from betting and for being in the public eye. Hopefully you and your fellow sportsmen and sportswomen are able to handle the pressure and contempt and realise you bring joy and enthusiasm to millions of fans.

You'd think by now we wouldn't have to still deal with this crap as people of color but unfortunately the amount of people with hate in their hearts seems to be growing instead of shrinking. Just continue to rise above it Nick. You're playing some Amazing tennis and doing great things with your Charity so keep doing you! So proud of you! 😊

Mate you wouldn’t expect someone in a wheelchair to walk up a flight of don’t expect a New South Wales supporter to say anything that could be classed as human.

bet this guy cant return ur underhand serve

Your - You’re. The Malaka can’t even spell!! Next mate! Don’t even worry about it. 🇦🇺🇬🇷

Gutless keyboard warrior - bet he wouldn’t say that to your face.

That is so disgusting... We’re not all like that 😖 Australia loves you Nick!!!

I like how your iphone is ready to respond “hahahaha”

Nick the best revenge is success . Silence the haters

Should've replied You're* You*

No one should ever have to put up with these disgusting words of hatred. Let’s see if he would say it face to face....I highly doubt it!

Unacceptable, I am sorry this type of hate is part of your job. Well done on calling it out.

I think Mick is a sandwich short of a picnic so doesn't know any better. Feel sorry for the lady with though unless she is his carer.

Forget guns... We need tighter keyboard control laws! 😂

Just ignore, Nick. Just ignore. You are Australia's pride.

Wow .... so unnecessary!!! What a loser!!!!!! Hold your head up high Nick, there are some of us here in Australia who are so proud of your talent and the way you represent yourself and our country!!!! 👍🤩

Time to start playing Davis cup for Greece with Stefanos

It’s disgusting Nick Kyrgios and you don’t deserve it. Keep your eye on the ball and continue to be the master of your own journey. You’re a talented showman. Keep up your great prowess. 👏🏼👌🏼

Haters gona hate, players gona play!!! 💪🏼

Unfortunately it is the world we live in today where people hide behind a mobile, computer or whatever and believe that they have the right to talk to others like that. It is extreme bullying and it says everything about them, not you. I have witnessed what you have to endue and myself and plenty of others have stood by you and defended you and I will continue to do so even if it means I also have to cop the same treatment from them. There are some great tools e.g. ignore, block and delete. Those of us who have been beside you since the start and understand who you are as a person are the ones you need to believe in. You are doing great Nick.

Where did India come from? I thought you were from Canberra.

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Insane Kyrgios shots in win over Lajovic in Miami!


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Loving the entertainment Nick!

Love your playing Nick! Keep up the great work and keep enjoying

Incredible player

Gorgeous tennis Nick really gorgeous..

Augusto Assis cara é o ronaldinho gaucho do tenis kkk

Maurice Strobel Maurizio Scioscia der hat doch kein bock warum spielt der überhaupt

Great player!

Whose he playing

So amazing 😍😍😍

The greatest showmen !!! Loved the match today !!

His soft defence is a good once

This guy is such a tool. Magnificent player and I actually enjoy his confidence. But he is a tool.

The new tennis era!

Ευχαριστούμε που με το ταλέντο, τη χάρη, το πάθος, την τρέλα και την ευφυία σου, μας θυμίζεις πάντα οτι το τέννις είναι απλά ένα παιχνίδι, η Ζωή η ίδια είναι ένα παιχνίδι και οφείλουμε να τα διασκεδάζουμε. Δεν αξίζει να παίρνει κανείς πολύ στα σοβαρά, ούτε τον εαυτό του! 🇬🇷Είσαι μοναδικός

BRAVO !! Well played.

Extraordinary talent. I just think he gets bored.

Just keep focused on ur game nick ... ur tallent is shining through

what a tallent

Respeito com adversário faz parte do esporte.. Kyrgios sou admirador do seu jogo, mas precisa de atitudes educadas..

I love this dude. Future 1#

Il se la joue cool des fois il gagne des fois il perd il fait l intéressant pour perturber l adversaire il doit prendre l exemple de zverev

Smashed it love to watch you..I don't mind if you flip out on occasions.. you are becoming a bloody good player.😄

genius, you are a different player. crack!

Love it! play hard sir!!

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Dusan Nick


Comment on Facebook

David Marques deux fois dans le même match c’est abusé L’attitude sur le deuxième c’est encore pire que sur le premier 😂

و الله تا مسطي هاد kirgios 😂 كيعجبني فلعبو غي هو بعد لمرات كيبدا يتمرغ فكواري decisif و كيتخور Othmane Sadik

Always a pleasure to watch this unique, talented tennis star. Love the way you do it "your way." Reminds me a little of Gael Monfils who is also entertaining to watch. <3

I’ve watched the video ten times now. Safe to say it’s brilliant stuff, keep being you Nick🤙🏻

Just brilliant! It’s a completely legitimate play and love how it annoys so many people. I also loved how Nick played his best tennis while having a conversation with a heckler in the crowd. Tennis needs more personality and Nick is supplying entertainment plus. Don’t change!

So unexpected yet expected from Nick! Love it!

I just love watching this guy. He is so different and never a dull day watching him play. Nice one Nick. Go for it

I just love watching him. He’s so interesting - you never know what’s coming.

Thanks a lot for entertaining...Nick=entertainment...😍😍

I watched this game and it was very interesting,#Nick playing very well but with some Funny character. No doubt he will win Miami Open this year .

😂😂😂 I cannot stop laughing about 1st serve. Never saw it coming!!

I can hear Nadal stuttering wherever he is already.

Australians are always fond of the under arm

I fully love it what a great way to Handel clay court players who stand 8 meters behind the base line

Please do this to Federer and Djokovic and Raonic more often. Because I want to see their reaction 😂

well he did not break any rules there...PLay Smart!

the Happy Gilmore of Tennis

This guy is completly f***g crazy! 🤣🤣

Effective but obviously boring strategy 😆

Talk of unconventional Tennis 🎾. You just don’t know what to get from him both from his tennis and personality. Enigmatic character. I love the boy !

Standing back to buy yourself more time to receive is a total bs move. You are asking to be underarmed. Good move. More people should do this. Watching Nadal further back than the linesperson is a bad look for tennis

Do all the drop serve haters hate the drop shot? Didn’t think so. Keep the play up Nick!

Yes, you can hear the whole tennis world rolling their eyes but if its not illegal, go for it. He certainly is a different player.

Monica Nicolescu does an underarm serve in every match she plays and no says a word 🤔

I sommer spillede jeg en kamp hvor modstanderen gjorde det mod mig. Jeg var tosset! Så ja, det kan sikkert bruges som mental terror!

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