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Nicholas Hilmy Kyrgios ( KIRR-ee-oss; born 27 April 1995) is an Australian professional tennis player who is currently ranked world no. 19 in men's singles by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP). He is currently the highest-ranked Australian in the ATP rankings. Kyrgios has won four ATP Titles, and has reached seven ATP finals, including the 2017 Cincinnati Masters.

During his junior career, Kyrgios won the boys' singles event at the 2013 Australian Open and the boys' doubles event at the 2013 Wimbledon Championships. During his professional career, Kyrgios reached the quarter-finals of the 2014 Wimbledon Championships—upsetting then world no. 1 Rafael Nadal and world no. 13 Richard Gasquet en route—and the quarter-finals of the 2015 Australian Open. Kyrgios is only the second player, after fellow Australian Lleyton Hewitt, to have beaten Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic in their first meetings.

During much of his career, Kyrgios has been met with a negative reception. He has been accused of "tanking", verbal abuse and unsportsmanlike conduct by much of the media and former tennis players including John McEnroe. Other tennis players, however, including John Lloyd, have praised Kyrgios's unique style, character and flair, and in 2018 his renewed focus at the 2018 Australian Open attracted much media attention.

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☺️ be happy ☺️ good vibes ☺️


Kings and Quincy

When they say you aren’t explosive 😝 #doU

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Nick Kyrgios

Super excited to be returning to @CitiOpen in Washington this summer! 🙏🏽🎾#CantWait ... See moreSee less

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Round of 64th and... OUT! 😂😂😂 congratulations, king of grass!

Time to step up Kyrgois. I picked you in my racket bracket. I have faith in you; you have so much talent and skill. I’m a teacher and I’ve seen all sorts of kids walk through door my over twenty-five years. I think the counselors would try to label you as ADD; I’d just say you were a student that lacks focus and doesn’t want to do his homework. Prove me wrong Nick, prove me wrong

You were very disrespectful. The best man won!

Good luck wish u best always and have fun. Smile always don't let anything get to u.

Loved the game last night Nick ...although you do tend to have me on the edge of my chair gritting my teeth at times but i am forgiving especially when you win .I think you love the edge too :)

Come on Nick mate. You are super talented. I want to see you let your tennis do the talking. You are way to talented not to win a grand slam. I am so proud of you buddy.;-)

Awesome Nick love your work keep fighting mate


grow up, little baby

Oh how I loved that 😉 😉 wink🙀🙀please put a show on for me gorgeous 😘

Well , please play properly and with integrity. You could be the best if only you would play to your potential and keep your head . 🎾

Congrats on tonight's win. Keep it going! (and please pay absolutely no attention to the negative comments that some feel the need to make).

Nick...I am a fan, I am the mother of one of your ex teachers, I have defended you, supported you and watched you. Please abandon your “white line fever”. Please show the world your true talent, your integrity and nature. I will be watching you and cheering you on. Make us proud. 🤩

Play for you and no one els!! Your game your job! Love it when you’re into it! Good luck champ.

Please don't put on a show!!!...just utilise your talent to play the game, no need for any antics....wastes energy. Play hard, play well. Good luck. :P

you're the best Nick! Read about your verbal tennis match with the reporters, i was totally entertained!! Keep up the good work!!

Some of the drama makes me consider to give up on you, but I have seen what you can do when youre switched on, so I’ll root for you a while more.

Nick you remind me so much of my 24 year old son. Same sounds, same attitude, same hair, same color. He too was very gifted athletically but blew it at a younger age, because he was sure he knew better than all his coaches. I would so LOVE to see you reach the top, and I think you do care, not matter what you say. You can play any sport, but you've come so far in tennis. You can't even know how many of us love you despite all your self-defeating antics. Please won't you try to show the world ?!

Just love watching Nick. I am a 76 year old senior originally from England but now live in Tennessee. Nick you make my day!.

Let your talent shine Nick good luck

What a sad individual you are. Your parents did a great job on you didn’t they for you to end up like you have. But on a positive note you will never go down as one of the greats of tennis and no one will remember who you are in 10 years time. Enjoy your 15 minutes fool 😂😂😂

Good luck / but behave as you are one talented young player.

Nick you are a great player, please stay calm, play well and represent Australia with pride.

Practice, train, compete like you are gonna win and great things will happen🎾❤️best of luck!

So pleased Rafa thrashed you, you are rude, obnoxious and an embarrassment. Pleased we will not have to put up with you any longer at Wimbledon..

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3 months ago

Nick Kyrgios

And now here I am, trying to save the world, when I can’t even save myself #searching ... See moreSee less

And now here I am, trying to save the world, when I can’t even save myself #searching


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You have a beautiful heart. Anger is not as easy for some to control as it is for others. Don’t let it define who you are. You have amazing tennis skills. I thoroughly enjoy watching you play. I admit that I get disappointed when you allow your anger to get the best of you. I pray that you will learn to overcome it and reach the heights you deserve.

You Nick Krygios are disrespectful angry entitled and have a huge ego problem. A meltdown every now and again is maybe acceptable but if seems that you are having one every match you play. Despite being talented and having been given all this fabulous support from your country your family and your fans jou display such , quite frankly serious disrespect for everyone including your colleagues and people that are hardworking in the courts. Man up and behave like a professional and enjoy your talent. Or leave . Go into the real world and see how hard life really is.

Be strong NK you have immense talent and so much to be thankful for. You’re loved by all bro so go make us proud 💪🏻🎾

Keep searching lovely. You'll find what you seek. Xx

Good luck Nik, I do honestly hope you find the help you need, your a very talented young guy, try to put tennis on hold for a while, get some help and come back stronger than ever. 💕

Nick, you have a great talent and you are going through a very difficult period. It's tough, but it will pass. Please stay strong and ask for help when you are ready.

It takes strength to ask for help. I look forward to seeing you back on court physically and more importantly mentally healthy

💛💚 NK Just do what makes you happy bro! Your still so young, Life is full of ups and downs. If you need time off, do it! Put the racquet down pick up the Bball, shoot hoops, spend quality time with your family and friends. You could retire today and you would still be my favourite player of all time!

Take strength from those who believe in you. You are immensely talented, find your path!

As a member of the Comment Reading Association, I’m only here to read comments. Please keep the comments short and simple. We do appreciate your typing effort. Also please watch your spelling. Thank you and have a great day!😊

You have so much natural talent and I hope you are able to see the success you are fully capable of. (I’s easier said than done. But you can do it if you believe in yourself). P.S. Have you ever considered meditation or yoga before matches to clear your mind, focus, and get your emotions in check? It might be worth a try. You may surprise yourself with the positive impact it makes on your tennis!

Hope you find the inner peace through which to channel your amazing talent.

Hey Nick...very harsh on yourself buddy. Talent undoubted ... never easy for us to put our pride to one side, take a step back and change our processes .... not sure you will even read this, but I urge you to research Bjorn Borg (the original iceman) and find out “why” he became so ice cool on court ... it’s not because he was introverted, it’s because there was one life defining moment in his junior career that defined his mental approach for the rest of his life .... keep the faith ... admire your immense talent, don’t listen to the white noise, and just correct the reactions ... best of luck.

Nick we are in our 70's and very big fans of you..we have been through a lot of stress in our time , but you can get through it..LOVE YOU stay as strong as you can

Big fan love watching you play You are awesome Be Happy life is short 💪🤺

You’re amazing. I’m always entertained by watching you play!

Sounds like you are not in a good place at the moment .... just remember to do what makes you happy ... you are not responsible fir the happiness of your fans or sponsors and if you are struggling then you need to reassess what us important to you ...

You make it hard to like you and yet I do. I think you're something special. I wish you could see what I see

Look after yourself first Nick - you seem to have found your direction in helping kids but you need to be at peace and happy in you, to make it all work. Please step away from the pressure for a while and take time out for yourself. Much love to you ❤️

You need to deal with your mental health.....I am not being mean...please find someone who you can confide in and have that frank are a great human being...and yes, you have to save yourself before you can save anyone else....there has to be a spiritual awakening....hope you find it soon.....go back to your beginnings...and deal with the pain....find your happy place! Your foundation will have what it needs because your heart is in the right place.....

Hello Nick , you are trying , you are good person great tennis pro Nick time to time its hard but you just have push through and you are wonderful your self ... we are with you Nick

Mental health is the most important thing to focus on, when this comes everything else will follow. That beach looks beautiful.

Just bought 2 pairs of killer NK shoes off the NKfoundation website. Well done Nick Kyrgios, you are doing such great things on and off the court and I am proud to support you and this cause. Keep up the great work!!!

Time Nick... you still young buddy. Have faith, be kind to yourself and let it all work itself out. Other people's opinions don't even matter. 😊

They say charity begins at home but I prefer the french version « charité bien ordonnée commence par soi-même » which actually shifts it towards self-care first and foremost. You have to fill in first and be happy so that you can then give that to others. Get the help you need and be well. In the meantime, know that we love you and are cheering for you. 💛🙏🏾✊🏾

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3 months ago

Nick Kyrgios

Our friends the Victoria University Polytechnic Diploma of Sport and Development students invite you to a trivia night to fundraise for NK Foundation - Giving Dreams A Sporting Chance. Tickets are only $10 per person and light refreshments are provided. So gather your mates and get set for a fun night! 😄

Don't miss out - register here:
... See moreSee less

Our friends the Victoria University Polytechnic Diploma of Sport and Development students invite you to a trivia night to fundraise for NK Foundation - Giving Dreams A Sporting Chance. Tickets are only $10 per person and light refreshments are provided. So gather your mates and get set for a fun night! 😄

Dont miss out - register here:


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I hope you make a ton of money for your foundation Nick. Would love to be there, but live in another state. GOOD LUCK!!

That would be a lot of fun and for a great cause 😊 Too bad live in Queensland 😞

It is enough to look at it as it looks and realize that its statements should not be taken into account, nor can it be stated at all. Ignoring is the only method that works against such tough characters of kirjos type

Spoiled rotten baby - quit tennis and get a pacifier to suck on Your an embarrassment to the sport!

What respectable foundation for higher learning would ever associate themselves with this belligerent juvenile?

Great work nick . Keep it up .

Will you be there???

Sounds awesome, are you doing one in QLD?

Any chance there’ll be one of these in Sydney?

Keep up the great work Nick

Fabulous work Nick 💖

That is besutiful Nick xxx

Respect for Nick.

Withdrawal from Roland Garros 2019? Too scared to face Rafa at Roland Garros..for sure you will be slaughtered easily on Philippe-Chatrier court like 6-0 6-1 6-0.

Amanda Kovacs

Nick .. Kindly do justice with your talent. Don't waste it.

Justin Alan Luong I’m a Top Fan, put some respect on my name


Michael Whiting one of the finest achievements I’ve ever received

Alycia Azzopardi Lauren Azzopardi Jess Saunders Viviene Huynh

Liam Harrington just wanted to show you my new badge


Mark Williams - you should attend ?!

Jake Parker you’ll have to go for me 🙂 Wendy Parker

Ben Thompson custom made for you

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3 months ago

Nick Kyrgios

Very eventful day to say to the least 🤦🏽‍♂️ Emotions got the better of me and I just wanted to say that the atmosphere was crazy out there today, just super unfortunate that it had to end in a default 😳😅 Sorry Roma, see you again, maybe 😴✌🏽 ... See moreSee less

Very eventful day to say to the least 🤦🏽‍♂️ Emotions got the better of me and I just wanted to say that the atmosphere was crazy out there today, just super unfortunate that it had to end in a default 😳😅 Sorry Roma, see you again, maybe 😴✌🏽


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Love this guy. Passion and heart. Most people don’t see it, but I do! Go Nick!

He will never be a great tennis player. In order to achieve that, he needs to be a great sportsman (hard working, talented, gentleman and with good manners, professional, role model, nice attitude, sympathetic, passionated but about game and not about circus show). For the moment, he fits better in reality show than in tennis. It is even not fair to compare him with really great tennis players nowadays as Nadal, Federer, Djokovic, Del Potro, Murray, Nishikori, Thiem... I also believe that there is no need to mention "pity" next to Nick's name as things he does, he does on purpose. Pity is what happened to Murray or Del Potro. What is going on with Nick is simply having rude person talented for tennis.

You are a very talented sportsman and athlete Nick. So please use this unique gift to your advantage and not waste it.

Nick you need help & councelling. You are an amazing tennis player but thing's get the better of you on court & in your personal life. Listen to your friend's & family & they will guide you through life & the tough time's ahead 🎾🎾🎾

Keep working hard and Ask the Lord to lead you and guide every step of the way. He’s the Best Coach! With Him leading you, you won’t fail!! Don’t read all the comments on here. You’ll be fine. Philippians 4:8 New King James Version (NKJV) Meditate on These Things 8 Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things.

I don’t know how to help you but I wish with all my heart you find inner peace.

You are so talented and loved by so many. Please look into getting a coach and making it to number one. You should have already been there by now.

Nick you need help. Please get professional anger-management if you want to keep playing professional tennis, otherwise we'll never see you again. That would be sad and I think, and with time, you'd regret it. You're such an entertaining, skilled guy. Don't give up so easily. It's up to you. Take this from a 70+aged tennis addict 💗

Your such a talent. Don’t waste it. Your very lucky to be in the position you are, make the most of it, life is short.

Still a fan, disappointed though. I always look forward to your matches. Waiting for that phenomenal talent to go all the way in a GS! 💗

You have a platform that so many would love to be in and with all your charity work you do when you act the way you do on the courts no one remembers the good you do please please just get it together if not for you then for the kids that you help, your mom and your fans that ❤️ you and want you to be #1 and know you can! Don’t throw it away! I’ve been a loyal fan but get very disappointed when you never know which Nick is going to show up on the courts😞maybe you should take a break and truly find yourself and decide what you want to do for your future 😊👍🎾❤️believe in yourself and what you can do on the courts and the fans will be loyal and supported! ❤️

Please take responsibility for your actions and adjust,reset and restart Nick,please remember that you have talent but you need other attributes in order to be who you were born to be. Please remember the kids depend on you🙏🏻♥️👍🏻❤️ That wasn’t a good look.

You know what .. everybody posting wishes this was their bad day... whatever move on, love watching you play, if you never did anything else you’ve done more in your career than 99 percent of the people coaching you and offering advice. You are a huge talent.. the athleticism is crazy. Good luck my man!

Keep going Nick you are one of the best players i ever watched, but try to focus only in the game

I’m beginning to wonder whether you have some serious mental issues. You have plenty of money so get the help you need. I love watching you play but don’t enjoy this behaviour.

Man i love , you you are the best .

Maybe learn play the game for what it is like you came out saying got issues with verdasco and Nadal like these are guys pay there guts out because of younobce again Australia looks ridiculous to rest of world so you keep working on making that grand slam donut 0 giving it the grace it deserves over a 18 time potentially 19 grand slam this year you are a joke to tennis Australia and the world

It happens bro, your real fans have your back and the fakes only care about W's. The pro atmosphere is radically different I'm sure and having "fans" who agitate you during a match is unacceptable tbh. The same people who say it's a gentlemen's sport and give you hell need to understand that the fans should act properly too.

Man you have the talent to be one of the greats. Stop throwing it away we all want you to reach the top you can do it man. Ignore the haters and just play your game. OTTO

Haha you make tennis entertaining

Some great acting skills. Was it easier to throw the match than lose to a better player on the day?

Maybe sort ya life out before you come back on court as clearly have issues with yourself that need to be fixed before you make a return

Nick please control your emotions on court, play tennis and beat the crap out of your opponent, you’re an awesome player, love watching you play.

You need help with your temperament, champ. Help is available if you really want it... You’re a professional, best to start acting like one. It’s in your best interest, aswell as your fans. All the best. 🤙

Nick you are such a talented sports person. Benefit from it. Reign in those negative emotions. Be happy

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