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Dominic Thiem (German pronunciation: [ˈdɔmɪnɪk ˈtiːm]; born 3 September 1993) is an Austrian professional tennis player who has a career-high ATP ranking of world No. 4, which he first achieved on 6 November 2017. He has won ten singles titles on the ATP Tour. In 2018, Thiem reached his first Grand Slam final at the French Open.

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Good company at the official gala of the #NittoATPFinals ! 🇬🇧 Last day of practice came to an end and I’m ready for tomorrow ! 💪 #london #finals #bamos #heretocreate #4ocean

Completely ready for my flight to London ! ✈️🇬🇧 #london #NittoATPFinals #o2 #heretocreate #4ocean

Last practice days before the big finals ! 💪🇬🇧 #NittoATPFinals #london #soon #heretocreate #4ocean

Good week in Paris, now I’m looking forward so much to the #NittoATPFinals ! 🔜🎡🇬🇧 @theo2london #london #atpfinals #heretocreate #4ocean

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1 month ago

Dominic Thiem

See the new @babolat #PureStrike during my first match at Roland Garros🎯
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Shut up loser posters and watch how he wins the match!

There is no feud. The media made this up for ratings. You owe her nothing. Concentrate on your game. You're a great player and a gentleman. The French Open management created that problem. Ignore it.

Dominic, a Great French Open, yes you lost the Final to Rafa and that is painful, but any loss against a great legend like Rafa is a learning experience. YOU get better, you become a better and better player playing against the greats. Look at your WIN against Novak, amazing, you are up there and can only learn from players like Rafa. Djoko and Federer both have said Rafa pushed them to become better because they had to learn HOW to beat him and they both still lose to him at times! Great tournament, be proud!

You were amazing young man. Your day will come.

Thiem, you will win you RG trophy for sure! ❤️🎾💪 Thanks for fabulous play on the clay #RG19 🙌 🙏never surrender 💪🎾☝️

Congratulations, I love your game, good luck for Sunday

Such an inspiration!! (Y) great Tennis in Roland Garros!!

Great win! And fully deserved. Very well done!

Congrats Dominic, you'll win RG some time, in the next couple of years. That's for sure!

keep the of luck domi

Congrats for reaching the finale Dominic! Well earned! Good luck tomorrow!

You have mind not only muscles. YOU are young. YOU are the number 1

Merci, Thiem❤️❤️❤️🎾 I'm so happy to be your top-fan💎☺️🙏

Thiem, I hope you will improve even more in the future. Your game is more vesatile and controlled, keep that work up. And no, you are not old, 😂 many more tournaments for you. Your team is great #thiem #savetheocean

nice come back dominic ....

i was to bet on rafa nadal to win but i guess i shud just keep my cash and watch the game...........wishing u all the best mr dominic

who is this guy paul t???waaaaaaaaaaaaaaat????hez giving u real hard time

I predicted you will win the French Open.

Was he paid to lose a set

Thiem, one day you will win RG trophy for sure!!👏

French needs a new King, and you will be crowned! Root for you Thime!!!!

What a crazy match. Good job! Hope you got enough reserves for Rafa tomorrow. Bamos!

i hope you are goin to beat nadal too.....thats the final guy then youl be crowned the king of tennis

Félicitations Excellent joueur !beaucoup de plaisir à regarder son jeu !battu Djoko tant mieux (son petit numéro minable d'hier m'a fortement agacée )

Merci pour ce match En finale contre Nadal tu t’es battu comme un grand champion et nous a offert un match spectaculaire, tu le battra la prochaine fois❤️❤️

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1 month ago

Dominic Thiem

ATP Tour
Work hard. 👊 Succeed. ✅ Repeat. 🔄

Get an exclusive look at Dominic Thiem's Road to London preparations 👀
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ATP Tour


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Great, all the hard work is going to show. Get them Champ.

God Bless you Thiem 🙏🙏

You're not a very nice person. Serena didnt ask for you press briefing to be interrupted, yet you dissed her. You're the one without a nice personality. You can get the same treatment as she gets after you've won 23 slams.

Thank you for sharing these videos! Good luck in Paris!!!

You surely the potential top 3 in the wolrd...all the best have a great future...stay calm, positive and focus, persistent never give up spirit .. Keep shining Dom...we are behinds you...GOD bless richly 💪💪💪❤️❤️❤️

Good Luck 💪🎾🍀

Not one tennis player has gone through more grueling matches before a final than RAFAEL NADAL!!! Funny, NOT ONCE did NADAL EVER MENTION OR COMPLAIN ABOUT THOSE MATCHES OR USE THEM AS AN EXCUSE!!! Frankly, Nadal too kind/nice/gracious by giving Thiem any credit whatsoever!!! Thiem nothing but a spoiled brat/CRYBABY!!!!!!!!! DON'T KNOW WHO THE HELL YOU THINK YOU ARE MR. NOBODY!!!!!!!!!😵


Clemens, Andreas, Rene!

Lieber Dominic, es soll keiner sagen ein zweiter Muster, DU bist eine Sensation Du bist meines Erachtens und das zeigt auch dass Spiel in Frankreich gegen die Nummer 1, dass Du Mental, Körperlich und Physisch einer der Stärksten Spieler derzeit bist und Du wirst noch viele Spiele für DICH entscheiden, ich ziehe meinen Hut vor Dir😍😍👍👍👍👍, so etwas wie Freitag, Samstag war eine Klasse für sich und ich freue mich wie Du dieses Spiel gewonnen hast, mit Köpfchen und Druck zugleich so etwas habe ich schon lange nicht gesehen außer bei Rafa Nadal, aber Du wirst auch Ihn besiegen da bin ich mir ganz sicher , Herzlichen Glückwunsch und zu diesen Grandiosen Tagen, Danke

Athletisch fast perfekt, fehlt nur noch der Mental Trainer :) Bei guter Vorbereitung hättest du heute gegen Djokovic aus servieren können. 2 Matchbälle mit eigenem Aufschlag, auf der Wind mäßig besseren Seite, vergeben, lag am Kopfkino. Wir wünschen dir im Finale mehr Selbstsicherheit, insbesondere, sollte es Matchbälle geben :)

Jürgen QuirtmairPauli Hartmaier

all the best.. u will win a major soon.

Come on my strong man!

I predicted you will win the French Open, man. I think you are gonna win your first major... right now.

Tennis Oesterreich ist stolz auf unsern Dominic Thiem, viel Glueck in RG !

Gegen Nadal waren schon die Startbedingungen nicht optimal :) und auf Nadals Mätzchen muss man vor dem Spiel den Schiri aufmerksam machen :) denn während des Spiels zieht man sich noch den Zorn des Publikums auf sich :) Trotz allem ein starker Auftritt :) Wir wünschen dir eine gute Gras Saison :)

Elias Mayer ziemlich interessant wennst Zeit hast

Bravo bravissimo!!!

Sei il migliore!!!

Nach der ersten Runde bist jetzt richtig drinnen...hop auf und hol dir den Pot...👍😁...frei mi schon auf lässige partien im TV...!!!

Lieber Dominik, du schaffst das.

Österreich kann stolz sein...👍💪

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1 month ago

Dominic Thiem

TOMORROW 👀 The new #PureStrike 🎯 Babolat ... See moreSee less

TOMORROW 👀 The new #PureStrike 🎯


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Lea Bretschneider

Robert Wonisch

Viktor Desperado Georg Meisterl 💪


Bin schon gespannt... 🤔

Love the way you I mean eh! 😍😍😍

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1 month ago

Dominic Thiem

🎯 Very good control, Still a lot of power 🎯
@babolat #PureStrike 5.24.19
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🎯 Very good control, Still a lot of power 🎯  @babolat #PureStrike 5.24.19


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Good luck at the French Open Thiem!!!

Hope to see you in the 2nd week... Good play Good luck #RG19

Good luck at Roland Garros..may you have a favorable draw!🎾🇦🇹

Good luck at #RG19 ❤️🙌 🎾

📈👍😎😆 Bamos!

Go 4 it man. Alles Gute fürs Turnier. Du packst das 👍🏻👌🏻👍🏻👊🏻💪🏻

Đặng Nhật Minh Le Trung Kien phải chăng là ...???

Cmon people. We need more Likes and Fans for Thiem than for the criminal HC Strache. Strache has almost 800.000. Support Thiem! We need mininum 620.000 more Fans! :)

Wishing you good luck in the French Open. Please win it 😂

Super super super Dominic!!!! Sei il migliore!! Continua così!!! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 Aspetto con ansia di provare la nuova Babolat Pure Strike 2019!! La versione attuale è nuova sarà ancora meglio!!!

Hà Tạ Hồng

Roland Garros...Finale Thiem-Nadal...und dann glab i er packts der Domi...😁👍 ....!!!


Go Dominic!

Go Dominic!!

tu resteras toujours un idiot

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1 month ago

Dominic Thiem

‪SHARP CONTROL🎯 = modern control + pure feel ‬
‪The new #PureStrike. Revealed MAY/24/2019.
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Best of luck at Roland Garros! We'll be rooting for you! :)

New heavy weapons for Roland Gaross. Good luck to you!

Good luck at the French Open!!!!!

Christian Heßbrüggen

Corey Thompson

Roderik ten Dolle

Yes!!! #babolat

Dominik ! Aus Barcelona habens endlich ein paar Bälle von der Seite im Fernsehen gezeigt, ich habe extra geschaut, wahnsinn wie du dein rückhand beschläunigst - ein monster schlag !!!! B A M O S !

Kann in Paris nichts mehr schiefgehen...toi, toi, toi...😁👍💪


Which was code named One7

But you play with PureStrike White

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