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Victória Fyódorovna Azárenka (Belarusian: Вікторыя Фёдараўна Азаранка; Russian: Виктория Фёдоровна Азаренко; born 31 July 1989) is a Belarusian professional tennis player. She is a former world No. 1 in singles and was the year-end No. 1 in 2012.

She has won two Australian Open singles titles (2012 and 2013), becoming the only Belarusian player, male or female, to win a Grand Slam singles title.

Her other achievements include winning six Premier Mandatory tournaments including the Sunshine Double in 2016, the singles bronze medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, two mixed doubles Grand Slam titles—the 2007 US Open with Max Mirnyi, the 2008 French Open with Bob Bryan—and the gold medal in the mixed doubles at the 2012 Summer Olympics with Max Mirnyi.

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✌🏻 🇯🇵 ✌🏻 おっす

Practice was fun today! Thanks Tommy 👍🏻


Sometimes I forget that I’m an adult and I have responsibilities... it’s ok for just 5 minutes tho 🤣 #hardwork

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2 years ago

Victoria Azarenka

When the time is right we will be ready 🎾🎾🎾 and we will be stronger than ever 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻❤️❤️❤️👶🏼🦁👩‍👦 ... See moreSee less

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Nothing last forever - breaks will always bring up the right things to follow 💔🇧🇪

This is the sweetest EVER!! Little Leo is taking it ALL in, Vika!! Love U!! Ur SO talented & will be back, NO doubt!! #mommychampion 😘💜💋

Buenas Noches Victoria. Azarenka, yo Omar Santin y Alicia Mazzaferro mi compañera de la vida queremos verte pronto en los escenarios del Tenis Mundial Vamos Campeona un Saludo Cordial desde Argentina!!!!!

Hello guys tell Vika to take an Italian coach, the advice Francesco Cinà the former coach Roberta Vinci if he chooses will always win a hug from Gianfarlo superfans

Vai Victoria i writing Italy reprended joke tennis.i no good health,i lost home 7 may,i hope you wins in tennis,ciao kiss from Italy..

Para cuando juegas !! Ya quiero verte en una cancha de tenis disputando una final....un abrazo Victoria....desde Monterrey, México

Это главная Победа!!!!!! Но мы ждем тебя Вика---- вся страна!!!! Вся Беларусь и вместе со всеми твоими болельщиками по всему миру!!!!

Викусечка, золотце, какие вы красавцы! Успехов в решении семейных проблем! Мы соскучились! )))

Vídeo inédito da nossa último partida! Eu sabia que havia coloca você no bolso** não no colo hahahaha Fábio Romeu

Викуля,мамочка красотулька💋😍💖Береги себя для вас двоих👐💘👍и наслаждайся этими моментами💖👐😍Все будем ХОРОШО.По другому и не может быть. Мы еще увидим тебя с Трофеями в руках-100%👐💪💪💪

can´t wait VIKA, come back and bring queen Serena with you!

Best wishes for Australian open.

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Hi Vika, am wicked sorry to hear about what you're goiing through. You're doing the right thing by not going to Australia. We'll miss you on the court though, and we are wishing you God speed, good luck, and personal best wishes.

Can’t wait to have Vika back on the courts!!!

Victoria you are perfect mom and tennis player!!!

We are proud that you are strong!

Linda. Vika..hermosa con tu hijo. Cu ando regresas a las canchas..te extranamos

Can't wait to see a Leo and Alexis mixed final in the future 🎾

From this video I can tell how much you love your son and tennis. You'll turn him into a champion: he already loves it! I hope you can come back to competition, we all miss you

don't worry your soon will play football later.

A working mother indeed.

Hope you have full custody of Leo. You go girl. I always want you to win.

Really respect you, you are a great and unselfish mum....and an awesome tennis player

Go go Victoria Azarenka... its always a joy to see you play and win. Love ❤️ from Singapore 🇸🇬 🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾

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2 years ago

Victoria Azarenka

My incredible fans and friends, who have supported me throughout my career deserve to know why I may not be able to compete at the U.S Open this year.

The day my son Leo was born, back in December of last year, was by far the happiest day of my life. I now have a brand new appreciation for how new mothers - and fathers – juggle the many different responsibilities for their families. However, like most working mothers, despite my unconditional love for my son, I am faced with a difficult situation which may not allow me to return to work right away.

In Belarus back in March, with my family in tow, I started working toward the goal of returning to the tennis tour and competing at a high level by July 31st. I was able to return early, playing in Mallorca mid-June followed by Wimbledon.

Shortly after Wimbledon, Leo’s father and I separated and as we work to resolve some of the legal processes, the way things stand now is that the only way I can play in the US Open this year is if I leave Leo behind in California, which I’m not willing to do.

Balancing child care and a career is not easy for any parent, but it is a challenge I am willing to face and embrace. I want to support men and women everywhere who know it is ok to be a working mother - or father. No one should ever have to decide between a child and their career, we are strong enough to do both.

I am incredibly grateful for all of the support I have received from women and men around the world who recognize the importance of supporting working moms and our right to be with our children. I look forward to hopefully having positive developments soon so that this difficult situation can be resolved and I can get back to competing. No parent should have to decide between their child or their career.

I remain optimistic that in the coming days Leo’s father and I can put aside any differences and take steps in the right direction to more effectively work as a team and agree on an arrangement for all three of us to travel and for me to compete but, more importantly to ensure that Leo has a consistent presence from both of his parents.
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Stay strong Vika!!! Things always have a way of working out!!!! You are doing the right thing by making Leo's world important. I hope that you and Leo's Dad work through everything to where both of you are there for him because that is important!!!! Take care of yourself keep your head up and have faith!!! Hopefully we your fans will see you on the courts sooner than you or us think!!!

As a true parent ,you should always be there for your child, no matter what the circumstance, even a career ....My compliments for putting your family first Victoria Azarenka . Wish all the best , your fans will miss you on the courts but we truly understand ...🎾🎾🎾

Dear Victoria, we will miss you at the Open . I hope you cam work it out with Leo's father. But although you have the right to work and be a mom I think your child comes on the first place. We will " survive" without you. A child mentally not.

Выдержки и Стойкости!!! К сожалению, в реальной жизни надо уметь держать удар не только на корте, но бороться за сына надо как никогда в игре ДО ПОСЛЕДНЕЙ КАПЛИ КРОВИ! Пусть возобладает здравый смысл у Вашего сожителя и не важно какой он национальности и из какой страны, и ВМЕСТЕ сможете растить Вашего ЧЕЛОВЕЧКА!!! ПОБЕДЫ ЕЩЁ ВПЕРЕДИ!!! Мы с Вами и ребёнок на этом жизненном этапе - ЭТО САМОЕ ГЛАВНОЕ!!!

Sorry to hear that you and your family are going through these problems, I wish you good luck with it all, and I hope you all figure something out so you can play the US Open Tennis Championships <3

You're a great mommy! You also did a fantastic job in Wimbledon. I was very impressed with how quickly you bounced back. I have four children and I decided to take a step back from playing professional vball tournaments to have a family. I'm still trying to recover after having four kids and trying to get back into volleyball shape. That's why I look up to your accomplishments. I support you in your decisions. It will just be hard not to see you on the court at this year's Open. 😊❤️ God Bless!

Seguís demostrando lo campeona que eres y ahora fuera de una cancha de tenis. Ser madre es una tarea nada sencilla y estas demostrando que estas dispuesta a pelear como lo hacías y lo harás dentro de un court. Porque un hijo no es un trofeo de disputa, es un ser que merece ver feliz y sus padres. Fuerza y como siempre nunca bajes los brazos.

I have admired you as a player and woman for years, Vika, but now even more so. You will be missed, as it was so great to finally have you back, but you are definitely doing the right thing. I wish you and Leo all the best for a speedy and proper solution.

In every game you've faced you are still the toughest player I have ever known.its a very difficult situation of yours right now,but at least there is one Leo who's on your side that makes your day more and more courageous and strong mommy that is you Vika,,,be positive moving forward.your Son is the only one you need it right now...I still believe of your strong personality you can do it...God bless

I love you Vika & miss you terribly. Tennis is not the same without you. I do however totally understand. I have 2 boys and they are my world! They know there is nothing I would let stand in the way of me being a parent to them. That is my first & foremost passion, all else is after. I pray you will resolve your differences with Billie & return to us. Stay strong, you are the absolute best tennis player ever!!! But, fort & foremost, you are now a member m to a beautiful boy.

Humbling words that speak a lot of truth Victoria. Your commitment to your family is what makes you a role model to young (and older) people everywhere. Finding balance between one's work life and family is always a challenge, irrespective of your wealth or social standing. With time, your fans are sure you will find that happiness that allows you to be devoted to your family and still pursue your dreams. Best wishes from Australia 🇦🇺 🎾

Всё очень сложно, очень. Конечно адвокаты помогут, но разбитые сердца не склеишь,а ребёнка сформируется своя версия на будущую жизнь. Всем удачи и успехов. Everything is very complicated, very much. Of course, lawyers will help, but you can not stick your broken hearts, and your child will form his own version for a future life. All good luck and success.

Both mother and father are important for a child. You both have to act as adults, fighting for your careers but always putting your baby Leo at first pisition. The dialogue, comprehension and respect will wine. Do it for the love to your beautiful son. He belongs to you both. Much lucky for Leo, you and Leo's father! 💗💗💗

Omg 😭😭😭 Sending you lots and lots of love to you sweetheart!! We fans are here to support you no matter what. Knowing how strong a competitor you are we are sure you will bounce back with a bang!! Hugssss 💝💝💝💓💓💓

Vika, your heart and focus is where it should be - tennis will always be there as well as your adoring fans who will support you and have your back when your family stuff is squared away. And just so happens I love single moms - let me know when you are taking dating applications - ha!

I've been there. Be amicable. That's all I can say. Tensions and emotions run high, but as parents you never lose sight of preserving the best interests for your children. The sooner you can be amicable with your spouse/partner/ex the sooner you'll be able to live the functional life that you both want to live. It's a process, it doesn't happen overnight. The only ones who benefit from the animosity are the lawyers. Good luck!

Amazingly said. I hope that you can come to an amicable parenting care for Leo. Looking forward to hopefully seeing you in Australia at the Open. You are an amazing player with so much more to give, but family first! Sending big hugs and warm wishes from Melbourne Australia

Thanks for sharing Vika. So many of us have been through similar situations..separation, divorce, inability to relocate and all the stresses and finances that accompany this . You are doing the right thing, baby Leo is your world now...and this all will pass in good time. Your attitude sounds excellent and I agree a mother should never have to choose between work and her child. Best of luck, much love, you are a great mom and great tennis player, love and hugs, Bonnie 👏👏🙏🙏😘😘🇨🇦👶👶👶👶👶🍼🍼🍼🍼❤️❤️

Well said and I hope you can soon work something out which is amicable to both of you. Most of your fans will still be here waiting for your successful return to the game you love. Thanks for the heads-up, keeping us informed about what's going on in your life, which is absolutely your business. 😎

Good luck my sis, I am proud of you for what you want to do and achieve! Good Communication is the key in any relationship and I wish you get a positive results asap! Lots of love ❤️

I had lost respect for you as a player over the last few years. As I read this I have gained respect for you as a person and a women. Balancing being a Mom, a relationship and a career is so difficult. I can't imagine trying to compete and deal with the issues you are being faced with. Your place is with your baby Leo. Keep training hard. I am again a fan and will be routing you on!!

Hi Vika, you have been my favorite player for as long as I can remember. I also have a 4 year old daughter and I totally understand what you are going through. My only hope is that you can find a way to continue your career and live a happy life with your son. As you said, I also believe we all deserve to be ale to pursue a career while having children, whatever their age. Hope to see you back soon (especially in Montreal next summer😉). All the love to you and your son. ❤️💕❤️

Thank You for being so open and honest Vika. Follow your heart and I'm sure happiness will find you. Maybe it will be on the court, maybe not but stay true to yourself and your son.

I wish you the best and hope this can be worked out. No one should have to choose between their career and their child. You are a wonderful mother to Leo. I am sending light, love, peace to you an pray it will be resolved soon. Always Team Vika!!! #staystrong

Mucha suerte en este proceso. Lo importante ahora debe ser tu hijo. Está muy pequeño y necesita a sus padres. Ojalá te veamos pronto en las canchas nuevamemte como la campeona que eres y logres el equilibrio entre el trabajo y la familia. Un abrazo.

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2 years ago

Victoria Azarenka

The best Mother's Day! I'm so thankful to be a mom of this little 😇 and to my mom to show me the best example of how strong, loving, caring, inspiring you are. You taught us what unconditional love is all about and how strive for the best version of yourself. Love you mommy! (My mom doesn't like photos, so I'm not posting one) ❤️ and to all the mothers and grandmothers out there you are all amazing! ... See moreSee less

The best Mothers Day! Im so thankful to be a mom of this little 😇 and to my mom to show me the best example of how strong, loving, caring, inspiring you are. You taught us what unconditional love is all about and how strive for the best version of yourself. Love you mommy! (My mom doesnt like photos, so Im not posting one) ❤️ and to all the mothers and grandmothers out there you are all amazing!


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Hello, I love you so much for your help and help me to this world star to help me. I need help to help my life and death.

This is the photo that I took the other night at the dog park. Pleasure meeting you.

I love you Victoria, you are SOOOO beautiful!! And a very, very special lady...

Happy mother's day Victoria!

Looking great Vika! Happy mother's day!

Happy happy Mother's Day to you the queen of tennis ooooooop😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

Awesome! Can't wait til you're back on the tour!

Happy Mother Day te extrañamos en las Canchas de Tennis Vika

Thanx for being a mother bt wt if some one wants to be ur frend hw kan do it i need some help from u ,if yes kall me

Happy mother's day Vika. Can't wait for your return.

Muchas felicidades hermosa que Dios les bendiga siempre❤🌼

Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!!! Have a great one sweet lady and God bless. Keep playing hard and strong and more importantly keep being a great mother and strong wife lady.

que hermosa eres mujer mi dios te bendiga siempre te mando un fuerte abrazo

Happy Mother's day

Vika eres la madre más bella que bueno que estés muy feliz me alegró por ti Ok y éxitos en está temporada.

looking great! WTA need clean strong free dupper player like you! Hurry VIKA

Happy Mother's Day to you too Victoria:

Happy Mother's Day Victoria! Have a great day! Looking forward to your return to the court!

Congrats Vika on your becoming a Mother, looking forward to having you back on the tennis courts. You are looking good young lady🎾❤️❤️

Happy Mother's Day to you for your first Mother's Day! 😎

Very classy of you Vika for saying Sharapova has served her time and deserves another chance.

Same to you Vika.. Your baby will continue to fill a space with so much love u never knew was possible..happy Mother's Day!😘😘🇨🇦

Happy Mother's day Victoria ! Come back soon to the court. We need you on court ! You have a very nice house.....

Happy mumma's day to you Victoria can't wait see to see you both somewhere in the world together. Much aroha(love nz) xxx :-)

Master I send a hug of goal and sorry for bothering you, but I am putting a video to my son for his birthday (18 years) with important figures. I hope you can send me a simple video saludandolo, my son is called francisco rodriguez "pancho" is for 20/8, GREETINGS FROM ARGENTINA

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2 years ago

Victoria Azarenka

I'm very happy and humbled to be recognized by our country with the Order of Honor Medal for my achievements! Thank you ❤️🇧🇾 ... See moreSee less

Im very happy and humbled to be recognized by our country with the Order of Honor Medal for my achievements! Thank you ❤️🇧🇾


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Great attitude thats make you a champion for all of your fans😘😙😚god bless you more😘

Поздравления ВИКА!!! Это достойно того как Вы цените свою Родину и поддерживаете нашу и свою национальную команду!!! Видел в живую Вас как болельщика - ЭТО БОЛЬШОГО СТОИТ!!! С нетерпением ждём в строю и на корте...🎾💞

Congratulations to you 🎖️🎖️Victoria Azarenka

Вика, поздравляю с заслуженной наградой! Спасибо за великолепную игру за Беларусь на Олимпиаде и кубке Федераций

Muchas felicidades Vika eres la mejor te extrañamos un abrazo besos para tu hermoso bebé ❤❤❤

Too less for you. Your country must be grateful to you. Why don't they make you Queen there? #JustSaying. I love you much.

You marked your country on the map and made it known due to your performance. Congratulations, we'll deserve heroine of your country.

What an honor,congratulations Vika, would love to see you a picture of your little one, I bet he has grown alot bigger. I'm sure missing you on the courts, hope you are back soon 🎾 🎾

Congratulation, it is well deserved, any country would be proud of you as a citizen. Looking forward to see you on the tour this summer.

Mi Gran Tenista Sos Mi Campeona Un Saludo desde la Ciudad de Bahia Blanca, Provincia de Buenos Aires .Republica Argentina.

Dios te bendiga grandemente y te llene de muchas bendiciones en tu vida así como de mucha paz espiritual, amor, salud, prosperidad y muchos éxitos en tu carrera deportiva

Many Congratulations! Victoria. vieĺmi dobra zaslužana. I am sure that Belarus is so proud of you. xx

Deserve it vika

All your fans arr so happy for you. Vika you deserve that and so much more

Victoria, impresionante belleza natural que eres, sigue así y ánimos.

thank god it is the right one. someone gave maria one and then there was a problem again.

Congratulations for this honour! I want to see you back soon at the courts.

Congratulations to you! What a great achievement. A beautiful photo too! 😎

Congratulations Vika! Well deserved. Can't wait to see you back competing on the WTA tour 😄❤️

You deserve this glory in 100 % or even more Victoria !!! You are a great ambassador f Belarus, whoever I meet from Belarus , I always ask him about You !

So proud of you and your accomplishments in tennis!

Congratulations !!! You deserve it. Difference between you and many other champions that u stay belarus citizen.. u not come to other country for financial advantage.

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2 years ago

Victoria Azarenka

This is an article from our recent chat with NYTimes! Thanks for coming out guys to my home country. Great talk! ... See moreSee less

This is an article from our recent chat with NYTimes! Thanks for coming out guys to my home country. Great talk!


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Salut vicky courage j ai hâte de vous revoir dans les circuits tu es mon tenismane préférée

You're awesome, azrnka

Pay attention WTA! The Mighty Az is getting ready to return!

Hi how is your Baby ???


LOOKING good honey welcome back. :-) :-) hope bubby's all good.

Do I see a starwar princess ..😀

A fantastic article to read! The fire in your belly is an inspiration to the younger generation!

Miss you Vica 😘😘

Look amazing Victoria Azarenka! I cant wait to see you playing again.

When are toi coming black, I missed you. I hope everything goes Well for toi and your family 😊

Looking forward to seeing this girl play again... Coming back to tennis :-)

You're awesome, azrnka Belarus ..Wow !!!! Met special-guy while out in Kauai..perfect !!!! Laird&Gabby...beautiful-inspiration..many-levels. Miracle best..that you're a "Mom" !

Давай уже возвращайся на тур . ❤

amor alla esta el señor

LINDA vika,esperamnos verte pronto en las canchas besos al bebe...

Great news:)

Pretty mommy

One on one Vicka 😊😊

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