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Denis Shapovalov ( SHAH-pə-VAH-ləv, -ləf; Hebrew: דניס שפובלוב‎; Russian: Денис Викторович Шаповалов [ʂəpɐˈvaɫəf]; born April 15, 1999) is a Canadian professional tennis player. He is currently the youngest player in the top 100 of the ATP rankings, and was the youngest to crack the top 30 since 2005. His career-high ATP singles ranking is No. 23 in the world.

Shapovalov rose to prominence by reaching a Masters semifinal at the 2017 Canadian Open as an 18-year old, beating grand slam champions Juan Martín del Potro and Rafael Nadal during his run. He has since reached another Masters semifinal at the 2018 Madrid Open and became the top-ranked Canadian on May 21st as part of his ongoing climb in the ATP rankings.

As a junior, Shapovalov reached a career-high ITF junior ranking of No. 2 behind a Wimbledon grand slam singles title in 2016, and a US Open grand slam doubles title with compatriot Félix Auger-Aliassime in 2015.

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What a year... so many great memories, experiences and moments. My first full year on the tour and I have learned so much. I feel so blessed to have such a strong fan base supporting me throughout the year. Couldn’t do it without you. I couldn’t imagine being in the position I am today at 19 years old. This being said, I am super motivated to get back to work this off season so I can keep climbing in 2019. I want to thank my team for their efforts in always keeping me in shape both physically and mentally, especially in the moments when I needed it the most. Top 30 in the world and I’m ready to work to go even further next year. Once again, I truly appreciate the love and support I’ve been getting from fans all around the world. You guys make me want to come back for many years to come ❤️. See you in 2019☺️ #DontStopFighting

Thank you @sthlmopen. Such an amazing tournament to be a part of. See you next time 💪

Been loving the new @BioSteelSports grape flavour 🍇 #DrinkThePurple #DrinkBiosteelNotSugar

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1 month ago

Denis Shapovalov

I started consuming @BioSteelSports products before striking up a relationship with them. I was ranked 600th in the world at the time when my coach reached out to inquire about some products. After I defeated Nick Kyrgios, BioSteel invited me to a photo shoot to introduce me to some of their athletes. Things must have gone well because they signed me quickly after that. Part of my tournament preparation includes making sure I have enough BioSteel products with me on-hand when I compete. Now a days there is a better chance of me going to an event without a racket than my BioSteel. 😉 #ItsJustTheTruth ... See moreSee less

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Your shot selection on big points and your double faulting will stop you from winning big titles.


You are in an ad with Gretz -- not bad!

he thinks he is nex gen😂😂yes, maybe for Challengers!!

ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR GRATITUDE That's a great personal story. It sounds so spontaneous and natural that must be true. Just hope it happened the same with our trademark FORMULA to win. Now is your turn to acknowledge your GRATITUDE for it too.

how the fck u lost first set

Your amateur level backhand return is painfull to watch,and your double faulting???You Will NEVER win a big tournament,you are bad in major segments of the game.Go to chalengers to learn how to play SMART tennis.

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Awesome video by ATP, check it out!

ATP Tour
What is it really like being a player on the ATP Tour 👊

Follow Team Shapo as they gear up for the season in this unique behind the scenes documentary 🎬
... See moreSee less

ATP Tour


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Denis, work on the: serve, returns, net game and point construction.

Keep striving! Looking forward to seeing you.

Respect ✊ great to see all the time, energy, discipline, and dedication... only makes it all even more impressive!! Love the lyrical outlet too 🖤

great behind the scene documentary. good job ATP. now do a similar piece featuring Rafa and Fed so we can compare.

Keep goin', Shapo! You'll be the best!

Nice haircut..

very cool good luck

DanIel Delgado yo boy 💪🎾

Emil Eire Frerk Olsen


Happy New Year!

Pedro Papangelis 🍞

Sen ne simarik bir cocuksun. Senin oynadigin tenise sicayim siktir

come on buddy! I wanna see you take out Djokovic at a major this year

Hey, I'm in Bradenton too just on the other side of US 41...Have a great training and a wonderful season...!😜🤪

An awesome video guys. Keep up the good work guys. God I miss training there as a kid, damn I’m getting old🎾🇨🇦💪🏻


nice you and FAA at Davis cup

I get so mad when he sprays balls and plays eratic. But it’s becuase I like they way he plays so much. I really want him to win trophies. Hopeful still!

喜 ~ 喜 : H O N E Y _ K I S S : K R I S : 陳 惠 君 ~~~ R O M A N T I C + R I C H ~ S A I N T _ V A L E N T I N E ' _ D A Y _ON_ FEBUARY 2 - 14 _ FOR _ S U N - N Y _ K I N G _ D E N I S _ SHAPOVALOV : 喜 ~ 喜 : H O N E Y _ K I S S

Amazing !

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2 months ago

Denis Shapovalov

Off-season is training season, gotta hydrate! #DrinkThePink. Code BoxingWeek gets you 26% off everything at @BioSteelSports ... See moreSee less

Off-season is training season, gotta hydrate! #DrinkThePink. Code BoxingWeek gets you 26% off everything at @BioSteelSports


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e come rinizia il tennis per chi perdo per te ovvio , magari diventi pelato !

Good luck for the new season 😊

That smile just melts me

Such a cutie <3

Love the outfit! Go Denis in 2019

Keep that Smile going the whole year, Denis! Canada will be cheering you on! I’m from BC

The desire rise within me ! I could do or perform anything on you Denis ! <3

All the best Denis in 2019 !

Loving that view from the courts at 10xToronto!! Denis Shapovalov

Good luck Denis😃😃💪💪👍👍💙💜💛

Best result this season

Hope you building you body

Te amo 😍


喜-喜 : H O N E Y :K R I S …… MERRY _ CHRIST - MAS _ AND _ HAPPY _ N E W _ YEAR _ TO _ K I N G : DENIS _ SHAPOVALOV …… H E A D :將 才 :J O N _ D Z A I …… 1 0 1 _ S K Y - SCRAPER :才 高 … 8 斗 : T S A I _ G A U … 8 _ D O :R I C H _ G I F T :天 分 :T I E N _ F E N : W I N :R I C H …… 1 6 - 8 : 1 路 … 發 : Y I _ L O O … F A :W I N :R I C H

Drag Eugenie out there w you. She’s too busy on Thot Patrol lol

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2 months ago

Denis Shapovalov

A Shaprismas 🎄🎁🧝‍♂️🎅👻🦌 happy holidays! ... See moreSee less

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Owen McNamara happy holidays

Tobias Schaller

Kind of cute. Sure hope your working hard to make this your must successful year yet. Time to make your move.

Merci, Thank Shapo!

Seems like a lot of Fun

Merry Christmas more successful tennis next year

Vickie Marcotte Ahah 😂👌🏼

Happy Hanukah Merry Christmas

Samuel Morris happy holidays!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!! Have a fantastic 2019 tennis Season!!!!

This is awesome 😂😂😂

Merry Christmas Denis, & to the familia(that includes the doggies)!! And the best for the coming year!! The Davila’s in Utah(Greatest Snow on Earth!!)

Hey Blondie

Scott MacDougall

Hey Dennis!, Merry Chritsmas to yall!. You are coming to Acapulco in February for the Abierto Mexicano de Tenis right?.

Merry Christmas Dennis!

Giovanni Franchino avete i leggings uguali

besides Shapovalov, who were the rest of them?



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3 months ago

Denis Shapovalov

Team Shapo 🤙🤙 #PreSeason #Bahamas ... See moreSee less

Team Shapo 🤙🤙 #PreSeason #Bahamas


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Best wishes for the next season! 😊

Denis profite bien du bon temps N oublié pas ta Raquette !!!j ai hâte de te voir bientôt Best sièges🎄

I know you're going to have a solid season, Denis!

jajaj They are crazy!!! Have fun Denis Great Team!!!!! 😃😃

Sexy... heheheh

cool shot

What a cutie you ate

Samuel immenso Shapo!

have a hair cut sir. you will be hotter!

Carmen Fordyce I'd be bobbin for boyfriends in that pool.

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