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Borna Ćorić (Croatian pronunciation: [bôːrna tɕǒːritɕ]; born 14 November 1996) is a Croatian professional tennis player. On June 25, 2018, he reached his best singles ranking of world No. 21. He has been described as one of the most talented young tennis players.

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London has got pretty good vibes in November 🙃

Congrats @domithiem on the win yesterday.. it was a great fight..💪🏻 Now back to Zagreb to visit family, before the last sprint of the season #DavisCup #🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷

Business as usual 💪🏻

I don't always talk to myself, but when I do, I talk back Thanks for this gold @tennistv

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2 days ago

Borna Coric

Tried every trick in the book to stop sweating.. nothing worked, so I will happily take your suggestions 💦🥵 ... See moreSee less

Tried every trick in the book to stop sweating.. nothing worked, so I will happily take your suggestions 💦🥵


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I enjoy your sweat

We appreciate the look. Hot, hot, hot!

Lagyan mo ng dyaryo likod mo! Diba Rome???

Good luck....

The compression shorts look you rocked earlier might help

I sweat Iike that to. I look at it as just having a really good cooling system:)

Simply enjoy the water, haha!!😋😋

I would remove the clothing immediately!

Nice like that ! You Can take off your clothes too😉 😉😉😉😉

Be cool Be positive always

Looking good man, time for a new set of clothes haha

Were is the umbrella...that helps someand fresh t-shirts.

In your case Borna Coric your a sweater to begin with so it will just get worse. But you still so handsome sweating or not 😁😍

💦💦💦🌬🌬🌬 quick shower ‘n change of clothes at end of ‘each’ set .. 👏👏👏

Good luck Borna 🤗

You look good all hot & sweaty!

Shirtless is the way to go. And I guarantee ratings would go up!

Rafa might have some tips. Look how much he sweats 💦💦💦

Take a 20 t-shirts kit next match!!! Maybe tournaments should be suspended during August

Skiiiidaj seeee! ✌️😄

skip the summer...

Suck it up ! that’s summer in America! Hazy Hot and Humid ! Stay hydrated!

Avoid wearing black clothes items!

Apply some tawas it really works but available only in the Philippines

😄😄😄... Nice day in NYC Borna !!!...🌹🌹🌹

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3 days ago

Borna Coric

If Monday had a face 😐 ... See moreSee less

If Monday had a face 😐


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Best wishes @USO

My babe, I would love to see that face every day!!

Monday is my new favorite day.

👏👏👏 💐 xoxo

good luck in the US Open

Hi Borna! Želimo Ti uspješne pripreme za GS te odlične rezultate i hrpu bodova za odlazak u London!!!

Nothing but wish you all the best

Nice face!

"Borna in the U.S.A."! Love that song!

Love ya Borna! All the best in New York.

C’mon Borna!

Hope you break out @ the Open! Can be your first GS !! Think Big Apple!


Ma super je bio trening sa vawrinkom:)

It’s time to shine

I’ll see you at the US OPEN.

კი,თანახმა ვარ <3 გამოგყვები ცოლად.

Bas tako , slazem se , ali i s tim izrazom lica opet si sladak , sorry morala sam reci 😃

If mondays had a face like this, it would be wonderful

What am I doing in Florida.

Došlo je vrijeme da Ti poželimo samo bolji ždrijeb! Moja pozornost je uvijek na Tvojoj igri, ali me muči kad dobiješ udarača, a ne pravog tenisača, jer tenis nisu samo asevi, nego lijepa domišljata igra. SRETNO ! (78 god.)

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6 days ago

Borna Coric

Back to work 💪🏻😉🏋🏻‍♂️ ... See moreSee less

Back to work 💪🏻😉🏋🏻‍♂️


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Keep working! And watching! You’ll be rewarded with your skills and talent. Cheers!

Beautiful back beautiful front - enjoy your youth and beauty - time passes by soo fast.

You are my dream come true!

Oh my god .....😉😳

Oh my God... 😲🥰

i'm sure there will be more workout photo's 🐞🙃😎☺️have a good feel 4 your play 2 day...

I just fell off my chair.


Good news that your over that back injury 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼


Sexiest of the sexy! And you're just so nice too!!

Oh yes, keep the teasing going 🙀🙈👬

Time to start kicking butt !! More first serves and match play! We don’t get to see enough of your matches you exit to early! I used to be a top fan got demoted 😩

Idemooo Borna! Vrijeme je za pobjede...Istina danas su na redu udarači loptice, dok si Ti virtuoz za njih, jer samo završavati gem po gem asevima nije tenis, tenis je puno suptilniji, koji si Ti igrao prošlih godina. Uz Tebe sam i SRETNO! (78god.)

Wow!!!! 😍😍😍

Jaka krilca, mogao bi poletjeti

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2 weeks ago

Borna Coric

Good vibes only 👀 ... See moreSee less

Good vibes only 👀


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Good morning! So glad to see that you are recovering well! Can't wait to see you in NYC

Always a joy to watch - I love the smiles on court!

Keep on day you’ll be the best.

Continued Success This Summer and at the US OPEN

Be strong and courageous for every event to encounter👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

Destined for Greatness!

Keep working, stay focused and some majors will come!

Čekamo na dobre vibracije

Nice day and blessings Borna Coric!!!... 😊😊😊🌷🌷🌷

Hi, Borna! Have a great tournament in Cincinnati! 🏆

amor mio :)





Looking forward to see you shine at W&S Open

You are so handsome Borna!

long way..for a title ..!

Sigurna sam da igra najbolje sto mu je dozvoljeno!😃

Keep fighting never give up! You have the potential to be the GOAT!


My idol

Ne znam što se događa, bolje si igrao prije jednu sezonu nego sada, nadam se ništa ozbiljno, sritno dalje!

Oh my 😍😍

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2 weeks ago

Borna Coric

Round 1 ✅💪🏻 ... See moreSee less

Round 1 ✅💪🏻


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Very exciting match! Great comeback!!!

Od 💖 čestitam , samo nastavi!

ČESTITKE Ali opet si nas plašija

Congratulations Borna

Congratulations Borna ! keep it up! Your a winner!


Well done




Bravo Borna


Loved the 2 saved match points a la Novak. Best wishes in round 2.

Loše igraš od početka sezone a i realno si osjetljiv na ozljede kao moj prijatelj Borna koji ima 13 godina

MANNARINO.... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Sans ton service on voit ton vrai niveau... Comme l'ont toujours dit les grand joueurs...

Ça était chaud !!! Bonne chance pour ton deuxième match !

Congratulations Borna Coric‼️‼️‼️

dobar povratak!

Bivsi igrac. Ispod 80 mjesta ove godine. Igra stagnira a prije svega kretanje I backhand. Vrijeme je da se nadje juznoamerikanac I pravi treninzima u Argentinian a ne neke smjesne akademije u izlizanih trenera po selima Italije. Put koji si odabrao je put Tomica


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