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I wish to have every Monday like this 🌴👒

Sad to lose, but blessed to have the chance to compete here once again ⭐✨ #singapore


Must have: Termální voda Avene 💦 Při cestování nebo i při tréninku! 😅

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Sport fluid SPF 50+ od @avene_czsk před sportem nebo i během něj ☀️💯 ... See moreSee less

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so so beautiful Karolina😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Gratuluju k dnešnímu vítězství. :) Hodně štěstí dál. :) Držím palce. :)

Bonsoir karolina de tout cœur avec vous bonne réussite dans vos tournois En France on vous aime


Bb cool


Tohle je výkon toho mediálního exprta jo? Kdo z výrobců luxusního zboží bude chtít spojit s někým kdo se ukazuje s krémem na hemoroidy ???

Forza karolina karolina karolina ❤❤❤

Ja to zacnu pouzivat splecne s Termolcou :-)

ty brdoo dobré ,,

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Gratulace ségra ❤️💯👯‍♀️ ... See moreSee less

Gratulace ségra ❤️💯👯‍♀️


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Congrats on your big day💍💍

Quelle belle image vraiment. Longue vie à vous et bonne continuation pour le reste. Je suis de tout coeur avec vous

Congratulatios to both of u for a match of beauty elegance and great shots. Kristyna proved her great potential when she plays relaxed👍

Congratulations sweet friend

I love this twins sisters,so far my best,tennis player in the world and i have my twins daughters,God bless you both and more successful in life AMEN xxx

I Love you Both so Much 😍😍😍😍😍congratulations pliskova

You were brilliant great match 😍😍😍

Great match. So beautiful.❤️❤️

NWow lovely sister congratulations xxxxx🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿💪💪💪


Love this pics 😘❤️💐


the most beautiful and best twins in the tennis community. one is a little bit prettier and the other plays a little bit better tennis. congratulate both.

Twins how beautiful

Congratulations 🇨🇿🎾Good luck in the next round of the tournament!!!

Awesome Match! I remember when you two were in the Philadelphia area for the Philadelphia Freedoms.

beautiful both😍😍😍😍😍😍

Great match Karo, gutted a bit. Congrats to Krystyna though.

Beautiful both

Beautiful twins!

Great match, with a dramatic ending! You made history. It would have been very confusing if you had both chosen to wear the same outfit!

Great match and something you don't see on TV everyday two identical twins playing each other. Fascinating

Hope to see Krystina play at a high level from now on.

Hodně se píše o tom, že jste zápas věnovala sestře. Já k vašim fanouškům už nepatřím, ale duel jsem viděla a nemyslím si, že to bylo domluvené. KRISTÝNA HRÁLA FANTASTICKY.

Always fine watching sisters.. I wish it was à final

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3 weeks ago

Karolína Plíšková

Enjoying my walks and this view, while my days of just came to an end 😩🧐 @ Monte-Carlo, Monaco ... See moreSee less

Enjoying my walks and this view, while my days of just came to an end 😩🧐 @ Monte-Carlo, Monaco


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After today special lose, which was obviously fixed, this clown tennis player most hated. It was so very low level, shame.

Gratuluju ke včerejšímu vítězství. ;). Hodně štěstí dál. ;). Držím palce. ;)

nice fake today ...with ur sister !!!

this is called robbery and corruption, and this is not the first time that Mrs. Karolina Pliskova has done this. It is incomprehensible that the courts of tennis do nothing. And this is not the only player to do this. We can also talk about the doubtful defeat of Bertens

I can also speak about the defeat of Riske yesterday, which Sunday beat Bertens. Again paula gibert (132nd world), she has a match point in the 2nd set.And as by chance she loses and loses the match. 3 examples of rigged matches since Sunday. And I do not see all the matches. In tennis where we can see the 3rd world lose against the 113th. It is a gangrenne this corruption. What does the international tennis federation do?

you fixed the match against your sister, anyone that watch tennis should know that.

It seems your parents didn't give you a good education. What a shame


Ashamed of what has just happened. Or Karolina lets her sister win. Why are there never any inquiries on these matches or what weird things are going on? By doing this, Mrs. Karolina PLISKOVA cheats you and you should be pursued. Like the public who paid for attending this masquerade was not fooled.

you fixed the match.go to hell fuck you. what a shame.

She fixed many matches but WTA is blind !! Today again and she never gonna stop because some people behind her possible make great money ..

i lose money . because...u do this things...u win money ...me i lose money

Sei una ritardata

nobody ...do someting... all se wass fake... but just talk ...nothing do ...

Fuck you . It's a fixed match ? Do your best or retire please

Another special lose. Really shame. Retire loser. Never will be fan of this clown tennis player.

Rak dojke dobila mrtvu ti mater jebem...

I hope you will be suspended you dirty cheater !

Jak muže bejt takovej odpad kterej umí hovno na 3. místě wta ?

Well, no doubts about this match. Now I can state that you are a fucking matchfixing cunt with definite certainty. Kvitova already got a little scare with that knife injury for matchfixing. You're next.

Tu mérites un viole collectif avec ta soeur sale pute a trafiquer tes matchs

Go you porn biatch tocorruption

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👖🕶👟 ... See moreSee less



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Congrats newlywed

Time for some bikini ☀️ ... See moreSee less

Time for some bikini ☀️


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Congrats to you both💍💍💍


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