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Angelique Kerber (German: [andʒɛˈliːk ˈkɛɐ̯bɐ]; born 18 January 1988) is a German professional tennis player and former world No. 1. Having made her professional debut in 2003, Kerber rose to prominence upon reaching the semifinals of the 2011 US Open as the No. 92 ranked player in the world. She ascended to the top of the rankings on 12 September 2016, thus becoming the twenty-second and oldest player to achieve the number-one ranking for the first time and the first new number-one player since Victoria Azarenka in 2012.

A left-hander, known for her aggressive counter-punching all-court game, Kerber has won 11 singles titles across all surfaces on the WTA Tour, including two Major titles at the 2016 Australian Open and the 2016 US Open. She has also won an Olympic silver medal while representing Germany at the 2016 Summer Olympics.

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Escaping my daily routine ... Good vibes only 🏝🤗 @amillafushi #amillafushi #yourislandhome #vacation #idyllicescape #tsmic

I‘m honored to receive the recognition for an unforgettable year 😍😘@deutschersportpresseball .... #TeamAngie #SportlerinMit❤

It‘s a wrap 🎬 the 2018 season is over and my vacation has officially started 😍🍹👙... #TeamAngie #Singapore #SleepEatPoolSleep

Gala Evening 💃 @wtafinalssg.... from Sunday on it will be 👟 instead of 👠 #TeamAngie #WTAFinals

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3 weeks ago

Angelique Kerber

This Is How We Roll In #Monterrey ... 🎾💥😂

Feliciano López Abierto GNP Seguros 🇲🇽
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WTA Monterrey Abierto GNP Seguros


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I love this movie Angelique Kerber, even if it is advertisement.. 😘😘🎾🎾

How much fun 🍹😇🎾👊✌🙌❤💪🏆CHAMP

I love it :)

Meli Gzz 😄😂

Hermoso video, gracias por venir a Monterrey México, siempre serás bienvenida

irgendwie sinnfrei oder ich verstehe es nicht

Ehe Princess Angie very very nice 😉😊😉😊.

The video is great, it's fun what can be a game of balls and you're fantastic. I hope you continue enjoying your stay in Mexico Angie ❤❤😘

Ju Lie mdrrr sa pub 😂

Haha!! Very cool!!!

simple blonde 284823*611.5



Mexico te ama Angie, bienvenida siempre 💙🇲🇽

this was strange!

Bienvenida podré ir a verte pero de igual manera te apoyaré 🙌👏😘

Bueno, pero agresivo destrozando pastel y golpeando personas, qué necesidad. Vendrás Danielle Collins?

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1 month ago

Angelique Kerber

It’s been✌️memorable weeks in the desert BNP Paribas Open! Thanks to everyone who cheers me on through the ups and downs of the season ❤️ With hard work and dedication, I believe best is yet to come… 💪🏼😘

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It’s been✌️memorable weeks in the desert BNP Paribas Open! Thanks to everyone who cheers me on through the ups and downs of the season ❤️ With hard work and dedication, I believe best is yet to come… 💪🏼😘 



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Great and Beautiful Angie, For me you are the Winner of the Tournament ! I still have doubts about the "integrity" of your opponent. In any case you played a great Tournament and also I'm convinced that the best still has to arrive. You're the biggest. Much-Much-Love. 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆💖💖💖💖💖

Yes. I believe too, the Best is yet to come... God bless you Angelique.

up and downs are the Life. but you will take the best in every moments of your life and of your tennis. you are the best player . your way, your force, your beauty, make you the best. I wish you the top of things in this year and in your future.

Congrats Angie. You played very well at Indian Wells. I'm sure you'll be better over the rest of the season. I'm very happy you sound so positive. Remember: the secret is taking the best from positive moments and overtaking in right spirit negative moments. See you soon dear Angie and thank you for the emotions you give me.😘

Massive well done on reaching the final Angie you played amazing as always and I’m proud of your achievements all the time. This runner up appearance has given you confidence which can help carry you forward into Miami and afterwards. Rest up now and than hit the ground running in Miami💪😍😊👏

I believe that too! You played a fantastic tournament and you should be proud of your performance. Here’s to a successful Year ahead! ❤️🇨🇦❤️

Still the biggest fighter on tour. 💪🏻 Always proud to be your fan, Angie! 😘

you’re Always shining light and bright Angelique Kerber I believe you will have a lots more success!!! good luck for the rest of the season we believe in you❤️🙏🙏🙏 from Thailand 🇹🇭

Bianca Andreescu abandoned her match today, a shoulder injury , I don’t know if Angie Kerber still know that Bianca is a drama queen. I think she should give excuses.

Just watched a replay of the match KDL. Great game although don’t think Kerber played her best. She certainly is a credit to the game and a wonderful role model 🎾🎾

It's a pity you did not win, but congratulations on your good performance in this tournament, you have excellent level of tennis, you will win many other tournament, I believe in you Angie !!

Hi Angie. That match could have gone either way. She came off the bench so inspired to win it that she just went for it. I hoped you would have stepped up on some of her higher balls and done swing volleys. Good luck in Miami.

Angie i love you so much. I am extremely proud of you and all you have accomplished. You played a great match today and awesome tennis all week. I wish you nothing but success. See you in Miami

You played a beautiful tournament, we believe in you and we are proud to be your fans. good luck in Miami, obviously with us always at your support😘❤️

GOOOO ANGIE!!!!❤❤❤😇🎾🤟👏💪 YOU ARE FANTASTIC 👏🤙 I'm always on ur team .. have u thought of a serving coach r getting Sascha in ur corner 🤔

We with you, no matter Angie ... Good luck & Best wishes for upcoming tournament

Good tournement. Now ready for Miami! Very much enjoy watching you play and admire your sportsmanship. You are a gracious winner and loser. Great example!

You lacked sportsmanship at the Miami Open when Bianca Andreescu beat you !! For a second time !! In a couple weeks !!

U need to learn how to handle losses. The drama queen is you. Go Bianca!!!!!

So do we, your fans Angie.

Shame on you for insulting your opponent.. very sad that you couldn’t show better sportsmanship... that was nasty😡

I'm proud of you Angie, no matter what. You're already a champion and as far as i'm concerned a true fighter. I'm really looking forward to see you win the Miami Open. 😊

That was an incredible final. So tense and exciting, it could have gone either way, a reminder of what makes the game so intriguing. I am proud of your effort.

Ha ha, #DramaQueen is in your head now. Methinks she will be unbeatable to you now (she already was, wasn't she). Hope you don't see her in majors (okay, I lied - it will be hilarious).

Angie,you are one of my favourite.You are a great person,you are modest,not like others spoiled.Of course that I am glad tha Bianca woned because I am Romanian,but I am your fan .I am sure that you will win a lots of tournaments.♥️🙏

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1 month ago

Angelique Kerber

Angelique Kerber hat mit ihrer Finalteilnahme beim prestigeträchtigen Turnier in Indian Wells ein Ausrufezeichen gesetzt 🎾‼️

Die Spitzenposition der Weltrangliste ist zum Greifen nah, und zwar schon in der kommenden Woche beim Turnier in Miami. 🎊🥇

Was uns aber noch viel wichtiger ist: Mit ihrem sympathischen Auftreten und dem kontinuierlichen Streben nach Verbesserung, verkörpert Angelique Kerber die Werte der Generali Deutschland AG in der Sportwelt!

Wir sind stolzer Partner an ihrer Seite. #GeneralibewegtDeutschland
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You are amazing Angie ...! Don't look back Good luck & best wishes for upcoming tournaments

ခ်စ္​တုန္​း 👉kerber👈

Îți tin pumni kerber la Miani🌹😘😍😎

Ich hoffe du lebst Glücklich Du verdienst das

grande Kerber !!!!

Suerte para la próxima !!

Vamos Angie!!!

Drama Queen


Angie is a beautiful person, inside and outside herself. She Always has respect for the opponent and never humiliate her. Maybe sometimes she is too respectful when the opponent is struggling but she is a kind girl and I love her for this reason.

Grande sportiva

L’eleganza sportiva di questa atleta sia di insegnamento per tutti, ha reagito da vera sportiva ha tutte le provocazioni e scorrettezze dell’avversario.

ich verstehe überhaupt nicht, warum du in den ersten Runden meistens immer über 3 Sätze gehen musst und um dann im Halb oder Finale keine Kräfte mehr hast?? Hat das vielleicht auch etwas mit der Einstellung zu tun, wenn man gegen Qualifikanten oder Spielerinnen die auf 150 stehen, dann über 2Std. spielen muss???

Mach weiter so Angie!! Dieses Jahr schlägst du in Paris zu!! Alles Liebe und Gute!! Viel Glück und Gesundheit wünsche ich dir!!

To advance!!! What more can you wish for?

Please help me

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1 month ago

Angelique Kerber

Angie powers ahead! 💪

Angelique Kerber clinches her first final in the desert with a 6-4, 6-2 win over Belinda Bencic.

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Congratulations Angie, and good luck! I'm cheering to you.💪😍

Congratulations kerber, you are Great,All the best for final

I’m very happy for you!!!! First final in a premier mandatory 🎾💪🏻now win the 🏆 #teamAngie

Congratulations Angie good luck to the next round. Love you from Australia ❤❤❤

You are playing focused strong tennis. It's fun to watch! Keep the momentum going!😀

Beautiful play from you, dear Angie ! Our love is always with you !Congratulations ! Come on, Angie ! GO FOR THE TITLE !Do your best ! That would be so nice if you would reach the prize !

Go for it ... Angie, good luck & best wishes

Great and Beautiful Angie, You're playing an amazing Tournament ! Confirm what was said in the previous message, so i'll just write that i love You so well ! Much-Much-Much-Love ! 🌅🌅🌅🌅🌅🌅🌅🌅🌅🌅🌅

You can win tomorrow champ!

Happy St Patricks Day Angelique have fun x

Yeah, go for it Angie! Love it when you defeat the opposition! #TeamAngie 💪🏻

HOLA, campeona que estes bien y tengas la oprtunidad de ganar, suerte mucha y cuidate.

Gratuliere Angie super Turnier und jetzt holst du dir den Titel 👍😀

You can do it Angie, you are the best, I trust in you !!

No, one set to two, Angie! Andreescu war die deutlich bessere Spielerin, Polin nur zweite Siegerin

Excellent game Angelique Kerber!!!!

Fai valere la tua esperienza, le tue gambe, la tua mente, il tuo cuore😉

herzlichen Glückwunsch.....bleibe Gesund und mache es weiter....<3 <3 <3

Joke loosing my bet versus 18 years OLD ? Srsly !?

Kerber o să cîștigi finala pt că joci un tenis foarte bun îți țin pumni baftă kerber🌹💋😎😘😍

Well done angie, rooting for you to win 🤞😘

Let’s go Deutschland 🇩🇪

Congratulations Angie 😍 You are and you'll always be the best of all to me. You are on FIRE in this tournament and you'll win, of course. Your believe in you and we're waiting for the thirteenth trophy 🏆 Ich wünsche Ihnen viel Glück und Mut, du bist die Beste!.

Go Angelique go 👏👏👏

Herzlichen Glückwunsch, ich drücke dir die Daumen und wünsche dir viel Erfolg für das Finale, du rockst das Ding 🎾😊

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1 month ago

Angelique Kerber

Happy Sunday ☀ good vibes on my day-off in #TennisParadise 😍 ... See moreSee less

Happy Sunday ☀ good vibes on my day-off in #TennisParadise 😍


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Angie, your 2 last matches were very good, keep on doing it. Congrats on the final and good luck.

Great match tonight Angie, you played flawless tennis. Good luck in the finals. 💝

You are amazing & rocking Angie 👌 Good luck & best wishes for tomorrow match 👍

Thanks for the fantastic match yesterday and good luck for tomorrow!👌💪😍 But at first have a great free day!🏜

Beautiful face, charming smile, perfect legs :) That's Angie :) Good luck Angie :) Win this tournament.

Love love love you Looking so happy, so Fit, and as beautiful as ever❤✌ Now bring to court .. have fun with ur tennis and give ur fan so.e great ENTERTAINMENT God Bless You Angie🎾❤💪🤟👏🤙

Angie I love you soooooooo much .. dammit it playing Venus... shit. Good Luck .. but I love V too🤔

Enjoy your day off 🎾 Save some energy for the next round 😇

I hope you had beauiful Sunday ! Enjoy your excellent tennis today !I am always with you ! GO,GO ANGIE !

Enjoy your day off 🎾 Save some energy for the next round 😇🇩🇪


Enjoy the tournement and play your best!🎾

😍😍😍Good luck for today match ❤️😘

looking super good angie keep on winning

Angie be careful those things tip over. Good luck this week.

3rd round was amazing! congrats!

Hey Angie, Nice to see you on your day off.

I'd love to see you win the title at Indian Wells, and you really have the ability to do it, good luck Angie!

Wow !! Super strong 💪🏻 , i cannot wait to see you here in Mty Mexico 🇲🇽!!

Happy Monday it's awesome

What a match it was against A. Sabalenka Angie. What a fight it was, what perseverance. It was great to watch you fighting like that, big congrats on the performance.

maha pralay maha tabahi maha vinaash puri duniya me har taraf charon aor har taraf tabahi ka manzar hoga 2019 me sabkuch tehes nehes sabka pack up matlab sabka pack up

Day off and you are still on the tennis court?!?

This must be a "tennis cart!"

Stunningly perfect as always Angie 😍😍

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