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Angelique Kerber (German: [andʒɛˈliːk ˈkɛɐ̯bɐ]; born 18 January 1988) is a German professional tennis player and former world No. 1. Having made her professional debut in 2003, Kerber rose to prominence upon reaching the semifinals of the 2011 US Open as the No. 92 ranked player in the world. She ascended to the top of the rankings on 12 September 2016, thus becoming the twenty-second and oldest player to achieve the number-one ranking for the first time and the first new number-one player since Victoria Azarenka in 2012.

A left-hander, known for her aggressive counter-punching all-court game, Kerber has won 11 singles titles across all surfaces on the WTA Tour, including two Major titles at the 2016 Australian Open and the 2016 US Open. She has also won an Olympic silver medal while representing Germany at the 2016 Summer Olympics.

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Escaping my daily routine ... Good vibes only 🏝🤗 @amillafushi #amillafushi #yourislandhome #vacation #idyllicescape #tsmic

I‘m honored to receive the recognition for an unforgettable year 😍😘@deutschersportpresseball .... #TeamAngie #SportlerinMit❤

It‘s a wrap 🎬 the 2018 season is over and my vacation has officially started 😍🍹👙... #TeamAngie #Singapore #SleepEatPoolSleep

Gala Evening 💃 @wtafinalssg.... from Sunday on it will be 👟 instead of 👠 #TeamAngie #WTAFinals

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14 hours ago

Angelique Kerber

I am proud to announce that I am the new ambassador of Head and Shoulders Suprême 😍 Shampoo and conditioner are my perfect double to keep a healthy scalp AND leave the hair smooth and shiny. This way I can keep my head clear - in every situation 😉 See the TV copy here:
#ReineKopfsache #headandshoulders #proud
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I am proud to announce that I am the new ambassador of Head and Shoulders Suprême 😍 Shampoo and conditioner are my perfect double to keep a healthy scalp AND leave the hair smooth and shiny. This way I can keep my head clear - in every situation 😉 See the TV copy here: 
#ReineKopfsache #headandshoulders #proud


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Congrats Angie

Beautiful Angie, I've already purchased ! 😍😉💖💖🙋‍♂️🚿

Great partnership Angie, congratulations ...🙂👌🏻

Félicitations Angie 👌👌



Dear Angie all the best & you will do it 💐🌹💕🌺🌷💓💓💖👍💪🏻💝❤️

Good for you!

I'm sure she needed this endorsement deal. However, a trophy at a major would do more for her hair...and rinse.

You're the best👏👏👏👍👍👍

I am a regular customer of Head n Shoulder 🤟

Nice my woman

We always use this

My love

Her eyes are even closed. Good form Miss Kerber.

All the best Angie in the tournament


No. Yonex and shoulders... 😂

show the world who is the best , go Angie go

Sorry but i use Clear

Le meilleur choix,bonne chance pour us open sans trop de pression.

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1 day ago

Angelique Kerber

Smile, our 2016 champ Angelique Kerber is here! 😀 ... See moreSee less


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Good performance, Beautiful Angie...

Hermosa,my favorite.

All the very best Angie.

I always smile when I see the beautiful Miss Kerber.

You can be a great champion again ! I love you !

Go Angie! Love to see your great playing!!

Be healthy and strong!💪! Have a great tournement!

I remember the year 2016. His ascension to the top was here. Good time come back.

Wishing you much success in New York Angie!

Hey Angie, auf jeden Fall siehst Du sehr fit aus und scheinst mit Spaß bei der Sache zu sein – das ist schon mal eine sehr gute Basis ;-) Viel Erfolg bei den USO – die Daumen sind wie immer ganz fest gedrückt… ✊🤞

My super star in tennis

Hoffe es reicht für die erste Runde.

Gute Performance weiter so👍👍👍

😘❤️ It's amazing how fast the year has gone and we are back at the USOPEN again. Ready Play!.....

Un grand talent,mon souhait est qu'il régne a Us open,bonne chance.

Stay relax and we will see a great US Open, you can do it :-)

Nice Angelique Champion tenis Congratulatios!!!

Remember on the court there is no tomorrow. Play every point, set and match like it's your last. You never know what the next day will bring. Good luck

Que haya éxito, en este US Open, 2019. Saludos Campeona

cross my fingers to see you going far

The champion's sunrise.

Goodluck beautiful blond rs and kiss you too!

Ich wünsche Angelique, dass sie frei von Zwängen aufspielen kann und Freude empfindet an dem, was sie tut!!!🤞

mehr power:) Alles gute , zdròwka

Come on! 👍🌹❤️

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2 days ago

Angelique Kerber

🎶 ...these streets will make you feel brand new, big lights will inspire you...let‘s hear it for New York, New York, NEW YORK 🎶 ... See moreSee less

🎶 ...these streets will make you feel brand new, big lights will inspire you...let‘s hear it for New York, New York, NEW YORK 🎶


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Good luck beautiful miss Kerber.. Hope you will reach the second week of the US Open 2019 this would be nice.. :-*

Those roads won't however, they look rough. You however are beautiful as ever

Love the pic, enjoy life and Tennis in the best City of the world!

you look very beautiful, as usual. I wish those lights will show to you the way to win the New York open championship.

stunning and so is new york x

You look lovely Angie.

What a wonderful photo!!

You are so beautiful and your lovely smile makes the world a littlebit better.

Good luck, Angie ✌️ Are you good singer ?

Adorable picture !!! You make New York look more amazing!!!!!

Have a wonderful tournement and enjoy your time in the Big Apple!

Good luck... hope things turn out a bit better for you

Right through the very heart of it New York New York 🌃 💕

Good luck Angelique And l Plenty of shopping in the village. Gonna love it girl!

Looking So Beatiful Kerber..

Looking cool there AK, good luck!!! 🍀🍀🙏🙏👍👍😘😘

A.K., great place to visit, but not to live in...experience ////

Good luck to the next tournament!

Good luck at the US Open and please play Adelaide in January. Premier-level tournament in the week before the AO - come on Angie! The final will be on your birthday.

Good luck, hope you have mastered a killer 1st serve 🗽🎾

You need to raise your level of late, but wishing you the very best to conquer NY

Tolles Foto :) Aber der Straßenbelagzustand ist ja grausig. War nie in NY aber da hätte ich etwas anderes erwartet :) Ist das allgemein da so? Viel Spaß viel Erfolg und liebe Grüße

viel Glück und ich kann Kapstadt nur empfehlen, war dieses Jahr im April da und es traumhaft schön dort

Une grande cité ,la merveilleuse ANGIE,j'éspére que tu rayonnes a New york,good luck pour US open.

You look Brand New even better than before 😎

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3 weeks ago

Angelique Kerber

Done training at home, a new trip begins tomorrow 🔜 Rogers Cup 🇨🇦 #TeamAngie ... See moreSee less

Done training at home, a new trip begins tomorrow 🔜 Rogers Cup 🇨🇦 #TeamAngie


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Welcome to my hometown Toronto, Angie. Wishing you much success here!!!

You Go Go Go! I wish you an amazing and healthy tournament!

That pic of you laying into a backhand is great! Best of luck!

So happy your paying us a visit Angie. Hope you enjoy your stay and get a chance to tour around. Good luck in the tournament. Love from Canada :)

I can't wait to see you on the court ! All the best to you !

All the best for Cincinnati masters

Welcome to Canada!!! Good luck!

always fine, always strong, always winner. I wish always the best for you.

Have a good tournament in Canada! Greetings from South Africa.

go Angie! i love your game style the most on the tour. what a beautiful thing to watch.

It is good to see You home, have a great trip :)

Have a good trip, and good luck with US Open Series tournaments. We are always at your support 😘❤️

Angelique wishing the best for the hard count season I'm a HUGE FAN and watching the tournament without is just NO FUN. So wishing you a deep run in every single one ur in ❣🎾🙏 good luck, good health, and happiness throughout ur journey ❤ #teamangie #alwaysachampion

The most spectacular legs in sports!! ✨💯 Good luck, Angie! Show your talent ❣️

your the best 4 ever

So excited to see you back on court in Toronto! Good luck Angie♥️

Aprés la pluie c'est le beau temps, l'echec enseigne le succés,j'éspére que US open serait la compensation ,une belle préstation dans un grand chelem vaut le coup,good luck .

Much love and success to you, Angelique! ❤️

Beautiful really Beautiful, a champion on and off the court xxx🤩🤩

Have a healthy, successful tournement! I look forward to seeing you in action😊

Lovin’ the shoes, Angie!!

A woman with class, I am a man who's in love. You're beautiful in so many ways.

All the Best Angelique. You will be no 1 again never give up. Rooting for you.

Have excellent tournaments. Always supporting you. Come on Angie !!!

cant wait for you to get to Canada!!! then on to the US... that is yours this year! keep plugging Ang! we luv ya!

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4 weeks ago

Angelique Kerber

I found a new passion 🙋‍♀️📸 is different at the other side of the lens 😉 ... See moreSee less

I found a new passion 🙋‍♀️📸 is different at the other side of the lens 😉


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Absolutely fantastic great image ove your self and hope your new adventure goes to the top x

Love this....the opposite side of the lens.....awesome x

Enjoy your new art and passion, Angie! Those color looks fantastic in your suit and those legs are simply spectacular 💓🔥💯

Looking lovely as ever!

Une icone dans son style ,trés beau sourire.

Good for you Angie, enjoy your new passion.

A beautiful champion with different talents !!🌹💚

Wow ! What a surprise ! And what a luck that you are still on this side of the lens too ! 😍😍😍 You are beautiful ! :)

So good to see you. You have a very beautiful camera. Very happy photography. I love cameras too. Best wishes

Good for you! Much love and success to you, Angelique! ❤️

Lovely photo. Enjoy your new hobby.

Much love and success in pursuing your career Angelique 🎾🤗

Hey...pleasant Greetings Angie from Canada. Thanks so much

You're so sexy and beautiful. Your beauty is legendary even more beautiful than the Goddess Aphrodite.

Awesome! And great choice of camera and lens! 💖

Gorgeous. Show us your photography.

Yes absolutely... I love you from the bottom of my heart.. You are such a cutie pie Angie

Just beautiful show us some of your work Angie

I hope you are not giving up tennis!!! You would make a fantastic model, yes. I am so curious to know who is the new coach. I think you and Agniska Radwanska would work well together for a couple of months. I also see your future working on your serve and volley game, you are so quick around the court. Always nice to come and visit your page, inspiring. 😘😍🥰

Sie schauen ja wieder traumhaft schön aus, wunderschön, liebe Grüße Thomas aus Gotha

Great looking Kerber, You Are Beautiful

not if i am watching you , are fantastic by all sides , ciao from Sicily

only when you're as photogenic as you are :D

Ein wunderschönes foto von einer sehr hübschen Frau

Beauty that can swing a stick. and apparently use a huge camera.

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