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Naomi Osaka (大坂 なおみ, Ōsaka Naomi, born 16 October 1997) is a Japanese professional tennis player. On 11 June 2018, Osaka reached her best singles ranking of world No. 19. On 3 April 2017, she peaked at world No. 324 in the doubles rankings.

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Dad 😩😂

✈️ to?


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Thank you Laureus for choosing me as Breakthough of the Year ☺️ ... See moreSee less

Thank you, #Laureus19!


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Hi. I am an American raised Japanese and your success makes me very happy. Don't worry about the whitewashing or coach firing. We are very proud of you. Your decision to do what makes you happy is correct.

You must have a great coach. Congratulations

I love you Naomi you are sweet and cute

OMEDETO Naomi-chan🎉❣️✨😃

Girl, you didn't just Breakthrough you SMASHED IT! !! 🎾 Nothing but respect for you!

Did you have any doubt??? You deserve it !!!!!! Omedetô gozaimasu.....👏👏👏

Congratulations Naomi, well deserved.

Love you, Naomi.congratulation❤️❤️

congratulations well deserved..

Congrats Naomi from your big fan living in Osaka 🎉

Congrats Naomi... Very proud you should be...

congratulations, you deserve it!

Hearty Congratulations!👏💖 Stay healthy, happy, blessed, protected and successful!🤲🙏💯 Aamin Summa Aamin!

Shame on you Naomi! Fake number one

congratulations that your mountainous efforts and striving bore fruit. you really deserve it.✌😃

Congrats Naomi! Your awesome n sweet You deserved the honour of that award Just get another coach. Don’t do it alone Your on your way Keep it up...

Congrats You Deserve It🤗 Best Wishes 😎👍🏾

go on to greater honors with humilty and honor

You are truly awesome Naomi 🏆

Congratulationst you are the best

Congratulations Naomi Osaka... Hope next year you win the Laures Sportswoman Award too...

You are the one and only tennis player who deserves this in 2018

I told you you would be NO.1 Weldone

De Ecuador saludos para la mejor del mundo

Like there was any doubts!

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#nissan #日産前へ進む。 世界女王はゴールじゃない。 次へ行く。 日産の技術で、自動運転を実現するために。 立ち止まっている暇なんて、 一瞬もない。 日産は挑み続ける。 ProPILOTで自動運転の未来へ。 挑戦に、終わりなんてない。 .... ... See moreSee less

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U would be the world greatest tennis female player ever

Nice car but can it serve a tennis ball at 180 kms per hour?

Let's go Naomi !!! ❤️

Nice to see you smile.

Awesome!! Love how it’s a Japanese commercial 👏

that my girl...

身体をケアして下さい 勝負はこれからですよ

Simply the best

The best haitian Tenis

Go go go, Naomi! 🏆🏆🏆

Great Naomi

I hope they can shoiw it here ..Sorry for your back injury.get well soon .Health is wealth be prepared for Indian Wells defending Champion and Miami for the win..

Friendly suggestion for Naomi : Never throw or smash racket on court at any circumtances . when you did it , I was so scared the audiences would go against you .

She should do an advert with the GTR

ニッサンあまり好きじゃなかったけど、大坂なおみがアンバサダーなら次の車🚗はニッサンにしようかな⁉️ 大坂なおみは最高だねー😃

Yeah! Can't wait to see you in more commercials ❤️

(“Your words are for you since your language written in white too as well as the color black and written in and with all colors is only her mmmuah Peace girl🌷!👓😇”.)

Beautiful Naomi Osaka

We love you NAO ""


Hi Naomi selamat ya juara lagi di Australia Open, sukses terus ya hopefully we ll meet soon at Jakarta

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3 weeks ago

Naomi Osaka 大坂なおみ

🙏🏽Laureus, I am honored to be nominated⭐️ list of nominations for Breakthrough of the Year are here! Who's your favourite? Ana Carrasco, Briana Williams, Jakob Ingebrigtsen, Sofia Goggia, Naomi Osaka 大坂なおみ or Geraint Thomas?

Let us know what you think in the comments...
... See moreSee less

🙏🏽Laureus, I am honored to be nominated⭐️


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NAOMI! And congrats again!!!

Naomi Osaka🇯🇵

Naomi Osaka without a doubt

No doubt about it.... NAOMI OSAKA!!!!

From #71 rank to #1 in a year is truly great. No doubt its NAOMI OSAKA

Naomi Osaka for the win ..

Sorry but not even a contest !! Naomi easily

Naomi,,,forever, ,,

Naomi Osaka winning two titles in a space of one year

More than deserved, after such a climb in the WTA ranking! Go Naom1!!!

You deserve it Naomi,this will be so easy

Congratulations! Well deserved!

Give it to my Crush Naomi Osaka

How is this even a contest?

Naomi Osaka for the win!! Naomi get your award show clothes ready. So happy for you. 💕

Give it to my Crush Naomi Osaka

Your in the middle of it all Naomi Picture too 😂👏

Naomi Osaka!

Yes, you merit that too. Congratulations, agains Congratulations love baby

Naomi please.. She beat Serena Williams 😉 currently world number 1💝

Les envio este msj por si algun dia necesitan que los cure... Puedo aliviar dolores en todo el cuerpo. Algunos los puedo aliviar... ( son cronicos ) otros se van para siempre... Personas con enfermedades como cancer ( les alivio los dolores y viven mucho mejor ) Empacho. ( humanos y animales ) Hígado. ( humanos y animales ) Inflamación intestinal. Ojeadura. Soleadura. Dolor de cabeza. Dolor de oído. Dolor de muelas. Dolor de encias en bebes. Parasitos. ( humanos y animales ) Gusanos. ( humanos y animales ) Verrugas. Envío energías positivas... Esto lo hago hace 16 años que soy curandero... ( totalmente gratis... no cobro. Ni acepto dinero. ) Que sigan bien... abrazo...

I dont even recognize the names apart from Naomi Osaka.

If you are a fan of Naomi Osaka please join this group to meet other fans and updates on her activities,

You deserve the nomination👍

Naomi, my new celebrity crush

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3 weeks ago

Naomi Osaka 大坂なおみ


Good Morning America
Naomi Osaka on what her sister told her after her Australian Open win: “She told me things I don’t think I should repeat them here.”
... See moreSee less

Good Morning America


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I so love her,what a sweet and humble and beautiful young lady! ❤️

Bestest personality in Tennis 🎾 you have Naomi .. 😂😂

I think her sister said ''Serena has nothing on you''

terrified to speak on court. such a beautiful smile and reaction when relaxed. i've never seen that smile. makes me like her even more. also so much more beautiful without tons of makeup.

Naomi!!!!I I can’t believe that as your #1 fan I missed you on Good Morning America!! Wah!!! Naomi your sister sounds amazing. What a gift to have a sister like Mari. She appears to be a pretty good professional tennis player also. Sending Mari some love 💕 Hey Mari!! Proud of you also! Nothing like supportive sisters.

It is very refreshing to see such a nice, humble, shy, unspoiled and down to earth person like naomi osaka. How could one not like her? She is the true role model.

Tell me what she said to you

You are so cute and amazing person.

The new face of Women’s tennis. Good job, Naomi! Congratulations

Good response to media probing.

We’d love to have you join our Overwatch group 🙂

CongratulationsNaomi.. well deserved.. you and your sister are so cute.. love you both..

That cat in the night when She sleeps so he tells from the dream l do not understand What he says.

Naomi - tell the guys at Nissin - 'Hi, my name's Naomi, I'm awesome and I'm 'Number One Noodle!' 🤸‍♂️

I am waiting for you to tell me

Happiness and most beautiful I've seen u.Great.enjoy your hard work baby.the world loves you 😘

Come and join Naomi Osaka Group to meet other fans and discuss all N.O. activities

Probleme cu spatele ? Ca Simona Halep ? A avut nevoie de 4 luni de recuperare . Există un unguent 100 % natural , 0,0 % riscuri . Trece durerea in 48 de ore . Am folosit si este eficient . Pentru sportivi = gratuit . Sincer . Multa sanatate va dorim .

Consecutive titles! Way to go Naomi!!

I think Naomi is so sweet & humble any side you look at her she is most humble person I am totally support of her

Right Champion and no.1 at the right moment .Women's tennis is alive again..20M Japanese watching your final game and how many more of us non japanese nationalities .Great great ..Praying for at leaat a decade more in the circuit delighting us with your tennis and humbleness..

ALL internets DISAGREE and WANT naomi osaka to REPEAT ALL OF IT :D

🙄 boring. Instead of telling us what she said. Why say it if u not going to reveal. All for clicks and ratings.

To paraphrase, she said "I'm really good, I wh... defeated all of my opponents with... grace and class... yeah... and that uhhh... She wants me to keep kick... ummm... winning matches.... yeah, that's it."

👐🏾 🌟🌟 🎾🎾Two Sister's Bond Delightful, So sweet, Good Big Sister Too, Sharing inspirational 🎾🏸

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Naomi Osaka says Wimbledon’s grass is ‘a little bit frightening’

Australian Open winner Naomi Osaka admitted that players ‘sliding and slipping’ on grass had given her a fear of the Wimbledon surface, and she stressed: ‘I have to change that’

Naomi Osaka beats Petra Kvitova to win Australian Open for back-to-back slams

Naomi Osaka recovered from missing three match points in the second set to win 7-6, 5-7, 6-4 and claim her second consecutive major title following her victory in the 2018 US Open

Naomi Osaka and Petra Kvitova chase fairytale ending to Australian Open

Naomi Osaka is one win from a second straight grand slam after the drama of her US Open win while Petra Kvitova has battled back from injuries caused by an intruder in her home

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