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Naomi Osaka (大坂 なおみ, Ōsaka Naomi, born 16 October 1997) is a Japanese professional tennis player. On 11 June 2018, Osaka reached her best singles ranking of world No. 19. On 3 April 2017, she peaked at world No. 324 in the doubles rankings.

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Dad 😩😂

✈️ to?


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5 days ago

Naomi Osaka 大坂なおみ ... See moreSee less


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Thank you so much la !

Great job proud of you in haiti 😘

Best wishes



Wishing for the best! Naomi💪🏽

Thank you so much la !

Wish you quick recovery💪💪💪

Wish you the best

Such a great spirit. Wishing you a Speedy rehab and recovery. Take care!!! 🖤🎾💪🏼

Wish you the best

👏👏👏👏👏 1日も早い回復を祈ります🙏🏼 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

😎 君のファンは 変わらずに君を応援するぜ…ただし 君が…嬉しいとき…楽しいとき…悲しいとき…悔しいとき…は 共有させて貰うがな…


Made that kids day!






なおみちゃん とセンターコートで応援してました。GO!Naomi📣📣



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7 days ago

Naomi Osaka 大坂なおみ


Naomi Osaka 大坂なおみ advances to the Western & Southern Open quarterfinals!

The No.2 seed battles past Hsieh Su-wei 7-6(3), 5-7, 6-2.
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Im very proud of you naomi san godbless keep working Harder 2020 gtr


Well done Naomi.. Congratulations ...😍😍😍

Congratulations Osaka


Congratulations Naomi

Well done Naomi keep on smiling and being happy

Great work

Marvelous! Thanks Naomi. Welcome back to being yourself again. Well, almost.

Congratulations ,just keep positive, you can do this.

Thank you so much la !

Congratulations my osaka😍😍😍

Good Osaka, you're the best.

Great match Naomi congratulations. 💖

Congratulations Osaka (Y) :)

Good fight!! Awesome! 🎾

Well done 👍🏽 Naomi! All the way!!!



It was such a pleasure watching you yesterday!

You did so well. Very proud of you

Wonderful happy for you... nothing like a bit of confidence...keep pushing Naomi ....

my love for you Naomi...🥰

Congrats Naomi. Good the see you on the winning line again.🌹🌹🌹

We will hope you speedy recover in upcoming day Osaka 💝👍👏.

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@#WSOpen #Cincinnati, thought it was my green tea time🍵お茶の時間じゃなかった...😅 ... See moreSee less

@#WSOpen #Cincinnati, thought it was my green tea time🍵お茶の時間じゃなかった...😅


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Nice smile

Linda e competente

Beautiful Naomi 😙

So excited for you to be here!!!

Glad to see your beautiful smile...I guess it’s been a while...🤔

Beautiful smile

big smile naomi! congrats today's win!💕

Thank you so much la !

Naomi your the great 👍 💪💪💪🤺🎾

Great.. My VIP.... Good job... Waiting you when you return at Haïti..

Good Smile 😊 Naomi

Good job Naomi

Awesome to see you smiling! Hard court form looking good!!!

Great name Naomi !amazing tennis girl

All the humble greetings from my village

You are amazing, can’t wait to meet you💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

Naomi...salam hangat dari Indonesia



Naomi Osaka 💝👍👏.

I wish you well 👍 my idol I just want the best from you go and win the title😍😍

I love you naomi

Now thars beautifully happy 😘✊🏾

Love you Naomi

Go Naomi!

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I learned so much today it’s crazy. I had a ball playing tonight, I’m gonna try to keep the fun going ☺️💪
🙏🏼Toronto 👋🏼
... See moreSee less

I learned so much today it’s crazy. I had a ball playing tonight, I’m gonna try to keep the fun going ☺️💪 
 🙏🏼Toronto 👋🏼


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Love it when you are having fun with the game. You have a beautiful personality and beautiful smile. 😁

that's right beloved keep the fun in it

Keep having fun. We all love to watch you having fun.

Such an inspiration <3

I loved watching you both play. So much greatness on one court. You will continue to be great!!

Great performance! Loving the smile 😁

And you have all the time to play! Enjoy these moments 💕

Thank you so much la !

Love it Naomi keep learning you are amazing 😊

Honestly the past two evenings you looked like you were having the best time of your life having fun I so love watching you, you are awesome 👏👏👏👏👏👏

Congrats Naomi Osaka

Don't quit. You are headed for work number 1. You have all of the tools necessary. Just breathe, and believe in yourself. Keep being the miracle.

I enjoyed watching you tonight! You are very talented and will continue to dominate!

Keep your head up your a fantastic player

Only believe in yourself and no one will be able to stop you beautiful Naomi!! :-*

I really enjoyed watching u both because each of u looked solo much more at ease and relaxed then your u.s. open match.

We ❤️ watching u play. You are the best!

One of the secrets of success is to love what you are doing. She certainly does love playing tennis. God bless you young blood.

I hope you learned from this. IMO, I think you were intimidated by Serena, which affected your entire game, moreso, your serve. Next time you will have no fear. You can beat her and that you know.

We love you we support you we stand behind you we are proud of you

Its so awesome to see you really enjoying your tennis again Naomi!! Always puts a huge smile on my face watching you play 😁❤

You have a strong full and back hand swing. Service are strong too. You got everything. Combine soft skill and hard hit then you will win. 🙂

A great role model for other future #1’s 😀♥️🇯🇵

Yeah, yeah, yeah just have fun and play like we are 5 year olds just having some old fashioned fun, let love ya, take care and have the time of your life

Remember hit to the good angle that carry speed to win the point! 🙂

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2 weeks ago

Naomi Osaka 大坂なおみ

Wishing speedy recovery, Tatjana. 早く治ります様に....

Watch the Match Highlights from T. Maria vs. N. Osaka, 08/07/2019
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So sweet of you Naomi. Hope Maria gets well soon. God bless all!!

I'm really wishing for that.

This is really how a true champion and sportsmanship need to be . you are such an example for all..Hoping for a great success on this tournament..

Well done Naomi. Keep it up!😘🎾💪

Thank you so much la !

Well done Naomi, remember that inner Naomi. Wishing Maria well

Your awesome 👏 Wishing well to all !!

Good luck bb

Get well soon Maria...well done Naomi for great sportsmanship and wish to see you play final again (and win ofcourse)...


Gd luck. Hope you reclaim your crown.😊

Great naomi!!!

I love Nawmi

Naomi Osaka our greatest champion

.. Sorry Maria, praying for a speedy recovery.. Good luck for the coming matches Naomi-Chan 😘❤️

Lovely 😍😍




Naomi pretty girl❤️

Playing well Naomi I'm sure the next set would have been yours. Well done 😍

Sei un insulsa, da qui si vede il tennis femminile com'e' scadente, tu numer uno o nella top ten ? dovresti essere numero 30 invece.....

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