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Naomi Osaka (大坂 なおみ, Ōsaka Naomi, born 16 October 1997) is a Japanese professional tennis player. On 11 June 2018, Osaka reached her best singles ranking of world No. 19. On 3 April 2017, she peaked at world No. 324 in the doubles rankings.

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Dad 😩😂

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👋🏼Birmingham 🍀🌱☘️


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Don't. Worry dear....As grass season progresses you will feel better......

What wrong? Looked like you lost the passion on playing tennis since you changed your team. Sorry, so disappointed.


Beautiful legs

Well, for the next game with Putintseva put every thing in practice to over come good luck for the next match with putintseva.

Beautiful smile my superstar

I'm not feeling well nowadays! But escape from the slump, I hope the next match is good!

Green & Green ! Hopefully ya make some green $ and win ! 😂 Good luck 🍀

Good Luck tomorrow against Putintseva ,,

Such a fun match to watch. Love seeing how you keep, learning, growing, adapting - in tennis and in life. BUT STILL STAYING THE WONDERFUL YOU!

Beautiful picture you look so Happy

Great to see you smile 😁

Looking good beautiful. I hope you win your next match.

Goodbye number one. You are a winner, but to be a champion needs hard work. One day you call for respect, and your respect to the audience?

Talented and Beautiful

Kisses and hugs From 🇧🇷 Brazil

Beautiful smile 🙂

Good luck...u the u

Beautiful young lady!! ☺👋👋💯💯💯

Beautiful Picture,Love you Naomi 🥰🥰🥰

love her smile.

GOOD SMILE‼︎( ^ω^ )

I miss your beautiful smiles 🌟 itsumo ouen shiteruyo🙌🙌


Naomi Osaka 大坂なおみ doesn't seem to be happy playing tennis anymore since she has become #1 and risen in fame. She seemed to have lost the hunger and desire to win. I watched her play against #43 ranked Putintseva and it seems someone put a gun to her head and forced her to go out and play.

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2 weeks ago

Naomi Osaka 大坂なおみ


Konichiwa, なでしこジャパン (Nadeshiko Japan) ⚽️

World No. 1 Naomi Osaka 大坂なおみ has something to say as you begin #FIFAWWC action!

#nadeshiko #世界のなでしこ
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Always wishing #Naomi the #very #best.

Lovely looking ❤😍😍

Looking forward to seeing you at Wimbledon. Wishing you nothing but good luck.

Know me I'm proud to be your fan blessings and good luck

Good job Naomi. Nice to see you having fun.

Thank you so much la !

Naomi Osaka! 🍎

Good. But i hope that you has an awesome grass court season !!!!

Talented girls!!!

kick some butt Japan! 😂😍👍💪

Naomi sos la #1

Beurk 🤢

Adelante, siempre Adelanta

Bella ❤

I love you Naomi! I like your playing attitude. ❤❤❤

Love from india 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

Good luck Japan!! Would love to see a Japan-Australia final lol

Hi ,cute young lady!

More aggressive we need to do.



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3 weeks ago

Naomi Osaka 大坂なおみ ... See moreSee less


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You just need to relax and regroup again , this year might not be your year to win but you prove yourself you are a great clay court player not to mention if you were not injured who knows , forgive yourself not so harsh on you and you will do marvels....Love you

Thanks for your hard work! Take a rest well. And see you next time❗️

Have a good rest!!☺️

Naomi Osaka, we love you, still stand tall, try the next tournament, we are so proud to be your supporters, good luck.

Thank you so much la !

I look forward to your next tournament. You are still #1 in the World and that’s quite an Accomplishment with so many Great Players !

Can’t wait to see you in next tournament Don’t be down on yourself You just have to just in the moment and be more aggressive Your doing great but this happens to the best of th Practice reading moves or just don’t think about anything else Smile bc your beautiful Just keep believing in yourself. Love you

learn to smile a little...😁

Be true to yourself. Don’t worry about these haters! You are AWESOME!!! Proud of you no matter what!!! 🤗

Love you, Naomi😘 Have a good rest. Naomi is Naomi, no matter what happens!!

So sorry that you can’t reach the final for this major championship. Anyway, keep on learning and practicing more. Always have fun with your game and keep on watching you at the next grass court tournament soonest.

We love you Naomi take good care of yourself. See you on the next court in the next tournament. Thanks for making us proud.

Clay needs a very specific preparation- good luck next time

We love you, Naomi 💕

Hang in there! It’s a process! Learn from the best! As they used to say about Michael Jordan he missed more game winning shots than most... it is all in how you rebound... you have a rare talent and you are given an opportunity if u enjoy tennis and competition to make your life a great one inspiring the next generation... a day at a time... and remember to always try to have a fun but BALANCED life

enjoy your days off lols

The grass is waiting for you. Be prepared at Wimbledon. Leave behind any sad things. You still have many supporters.

Don't worry Naomi! And please try not to let the critics get to you. You're a young and incredibly skilled athlete and I have faith that you'll bounce back in no time. Lotsa love from Australia 😁❤


Siempre es lindo ver una excelente jugadora como vos .a no bajar los brazos .un beso cordial u saludos de buenos aires

Naomi , we love you no matter what .... we are with you

Not afraid Because know who U R and who is with U! No Beatle can defeat U n no mountain can stop U Naomi Osaka❤, C O G !

Stay at it Naomi. Even Serena took few more years before she won at Roland Garros. French Open is a different style of tennis!

Have you really ask yourself why people will always cherish you ? Because you are special Naomi Osaka 大坂なおみ. Don`t forget that don`t loose that....Majors ? They will come....why you`ve been defeated at RG ? Mix emotions with temperamentally behavior crowd noises but most of all you lost the balance ( interior balance ). Advice : imagine that you`re playing in vast and quiet garden and everything that surroundings you are thress...that`s for mental. For game you`ll need constancy and time ( reaction ) to know when to take the initiative and when to get in defence or how to combine those two....more agressive to on soft balls but the most important improve your net game it`s shorter the winning points by far...and my favorite learn the SLICE !!! ( my humble advices don`t be upset ). Good luck and i still like your curls....

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i,m support you always naomi my idol

A narrow escape for you! Congratulations!

Fantastic! Keep up the good work!!!👏👏👏🥰

osing against Siniaková is incocepible! osaka does not deserve to be number one! even deserves to be among the top 10!

Congratulations, I will support you today, Thanks you dear Naomi💋

Thank you Naomi , You makes my day.🥰

Am proud of you love.

I am proud of your talent and your beauty. I hope you to be winner of tennis every year I expect to meet you Always! Be happy!

Amazing come back. Enjoyed every bit of it

Strong comeback, proves good mental strength👍

Classic comeback! Way to keep after it. Good luck in the next round!

Lovely girl ❤❤😗😍😍😍

Jumped over the ultimate tension👍 Good luck next 😁

Champion come back . I am a died hard tennis Fan. Naomi true champions find a way to win from behind. I am looking forward to a rematch from the US. Open 🤘😎 .what a great come back you are a true champion ❤

Thank you so much la !

Quelle remontée! Je ne crois pas à mes yeux Naomi😎🇭🇹

Congratulations! This is the third time in a major that I've seen you come back from the brink.

Darling keep pushing harder wish you all the best

Hey Naomi. It's 5:45 a.m. here and I'm up watching your match. While I like Vika I'm pulling for you. You can do this. You are the BEST. Good luck🎾

The reason I’m watching women’s tennis 🎾 again..💕 Love watching your interviews as well..😇

Everybody is so happy that you did it again Naomi. Our love!

good girl. when you win, I adore you.😘

Relax,focus and be determined ms.naomi...always watching ur play..and pray that u win...

My new favorite Naomi Osaka after Justin Henin!❤❤❤

Amazing game Naomi. Keep going girl🎾

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