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Simona Halep (Romanian pronunciation: [siˈmona haˈlep]; born 27 September 1991) is a Romanian professional tennis player. She is the current world No. 1 on the WTA Tour, a ranking she first achieved in October 2017. Halep first broke into the world's top 50 at the end of 2012, reached the top 20 in August 2013, and finally the top 10 in January 2014. She won her first 6 WTA titles in the same calendar year in 2013 (a feat that was last achieved by Steffi Graf in 1986 when she won her first 7), being named the WTA's Most Improved Player at its end, as well as being named ESPN Center Court's 2013 Most Improved Player.

Born in Constanța two years after the Romanian Revolution, Halep began practicing tennis at four years old, and practiced daily by the age of six; she moved to Bucharest at 16 years old to further her career in the sport. Halep won her first major tournament at the 2018 French Open, having previously lost in the 2014 French Open and 2017 French Open finals. She also reached the final of the 2014 WTA Finals, losing to Serena Williams in straight sets after having defeated her earlier in the tournament. Halep continued her success throughout the 2015 and 2016 seasons winning 3 titles in each respective season (including 2 Premier Mandatory titles) and remaining within the Top 10.

Halep was the most clicked player on for two consecutive years (2014–2015), when she was awarded the WTA Most Popular Player of the Year prize. After the 2017 Wimbledon Championships, Simona Halep became the active player with the most consecutive weeks within the Top 10. Halep has also won WTA's Fan Favorite Singles Player in 2017.

She was given the award of Cetățean de onoare ("Honorary Citizen") of the city of Bucharest in 2018.

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Thank you so much @dc10s for all your hard work and incredible support over the past four years. I was lucky to have you and what a journey we had. Wishing you and your family nothing but the best and I'm sure I'll see you soon!

Good morning 🤗 @stejariicountryclub

#THEBEST @stratulatsorin #multumescmultSorin 🤗 @beautydistrictsalon

'My kids' @stejariicountryclub ❤️ thank you @nike @nikecourt

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3 days ago

Simona  Halep

How is it already USOPEN TENNIS time?!

Great to be back in NYC 🍎
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How is it already USOPEN TENNIS time?! 

Great to be back in NYC 🍎


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There for u in Toronto this year!

The best of luck Simona!

Best wishes. The title beckons.

Beautiful city!Good luck Simona and success!

Success Simo! I wish you health, you can continue to write the history of Romanian women's tennis. You are our champion and we support you anytime and anyway! Good luck !

Time flies indeed. Blessings on your final grand slam of the year. Can't wait to see you! Love you!

I believe you!! The most beautiful city in the world!!! Good luck!

Yes, time flies...hope you recovered from injury& will have a good run this time. Good luck champ!!😘💪

Succes ! Felicitări pentru interviul de la Garantat 100 %.

Wishing you all the best for the US Open, Simona

Good luck, Simona! It was amazing seeing you play at Wimbledon!

So glad you are doing good & ready to play the open. You have been working so hard to Give us your all. Was worried It was wearing you down . We love you for playing your heart out. Good luck with the open , will be watching & pulling for you all the way.

Sanatate, concentrare si zile cu serviciu perfect iti dorim Simona !

Da, a sosit și acest moment! Ținem pumnii strânși pentru un rezultat frumos la US Open, Simo! Credință și putere, draga noastră! Mult succes, SIMONA! Cu Dumnezeu înainte! Doamne ajută! 💖🎾💖🌟

Sănătate, forță, succes, noroc, zile frumoase de competiție! Felicitări pentru toate rezultatele obținute până în prezent! 🍀🍀🍀♥️♥️♥️🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪

Go Simona!! I hope the ankle is healed and you can give 100% !!!!😍😍❤️❤️❤️

Good luck in the open Simona

I'm really hoping to see you winning the final there!

Succes !!! Toți îngerașii sunt cu tine !!!

Looking forward to enjoying your game!!!!!

Welcome to NY Simona!!!, hope to see you in the final...🇹🇩🇹🇩🇹🇩

The quoting dude is back :"Better to fight and fall than to live without hope." Bafta,Simona! :)

Those unsuccesful campaigns in Toronto and Cincinnati say it a lot, you’re still in a honeymoon period from Wimby. Gotta end it now and focus for the upcoming US Open, sweetie.

Simona, victoriile tale dau oxigen romanilor si mai multa incredere in ziua de maine! Prin tine si datorita tie tinem capul sus in lume! Te iubim ca pe Romania!

Time flies when your having fun. So have fun back in the U.S. and win this Open ❤😍💯

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2 weeks ago

Simona  Halep

I'm sorry I couldn't finish the match tonight, but I want to thank the incredible fans in Toronto for coming out - I heard you! 🇨🇦🇷🇴

Thank you for a fantastic week Rogers Cup
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Im sorry I couldnt finish the match tonight, but I want to thank the incredible fans in Toronto for coming out - I heard you! 🇨🇦🇷🇴

Thank you for a fantastic week Rogers Cup


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Simona, It was a tough match for you and I could see you were in pain. This would have been such a tough decision for you this evening. However, it was the right decision. On Wednesday, my husband and I drove from Chatham Ontario to see you play. I had the opportunity to watch your warm-up and there I could see you were favoring your foot. Wednesday's match was intense and we were praying for you. You are blessed with talent, you are tough, determined and respected by so many. You are an inspiration to so many. God Bless you always

I am sorrry about you having to retire from the tournament. I wish you a fast recovery. I enjoy watching you play!

Oh, so sad! Hope you feel better soon and come back with the same ambition to win. And we can enjoy your great tennis. Good luck, Simona!

Speedy recovery, Simona! You played an amazing tournament! Looking forward to seeing you back on court soon! ❤👏🏆

We love you no matter the outcome of your performance!

You play with such passion, speed, and intensity Simo- the transition back and the intensity of Wed match was too much to acclimate. Take care of yourself. My fav player any day. <3

Proud to be roumanian due a few things...One of them, it s that one, now, at a CCTV, chinese chanel, I had the big pleasure to see again 2 matches from Wimbledon: the final between Simona and Serena, the second match was Simona-Svitolina! Thank you Simona for this feeling! Proud to be roumanian because of you!

You are the best, our champion!

Don't be sad Simona, you tried the best, you give the best but it was not enough (in this game) to go further. Speedy and good recovery, you come back soon, you are a great champion, you are an amazing person, you are our HERO 😍🥰❤👍👏

We are sorry to Simona, we all love you here. Hope you heal quickly and back on the court where you love to be

Thanks for coming out Simona!😃 and good luck in the next tournament!👍

I am always glad to see you on the court no matter the outcome.You embody everything a great champion should be like.We love you no matter what.Speedy recovery Simona!!

It was an exciting first set. I had all the faith you would take it and was sad to see you have to retire but your health is the priority. Looking forward to your next match when you are ready!

Simona, iti uram succes si multumiri indiferent de rezultat !! Esti mandria acestei generatii de sportivi si o stea de urmat pentru noile generatii ! Iti multumim si iti tinem pumnii mereu.

thoughts and prayers with a speedy recovery. Still admire you win or lose.

Really sorry you had to withdraw due to injury at Rogers Cup, we were there to cheer you up and expecting to fight back and win the match!😘😒Wishing you speedy recovery and best of luck at Cincinnati!🇹🇩👍💕

Attend to your injury please! Be well by US Open!

My grandfather used to say that, ”...besides happyness, from winning you learn nothing. What really makes you better, is how you confront defeat...” Your fans will be ”on your side” always!

You made the right decision. You have to stay healthy and continuing may have made your injury worse. Sad to see you go but your health is more important. Take care. ❤️❤️❤️

Ma bucur ca te-ai ginndit mai mult la sanatate. Mult succes incontinuare.

Get well and enjoy US Open! We will not be there, instead we will be glued to our tvs:-)))

Sanatatea e cea mai importanta! Doamne ajuta sa te refaci cat mai repede!❤❤❤

Yes, US Open is far more important because you can get points there so, take care of your health to play your best matches and to become unbeatable😍again!

Simona ramane simbolul sperantei noastre, pentru reusita in viata prin munca cinstita.

I just love you. Tennis is my favorite sport and I've followed you for years, amongst others who unfortunately for me are no longer part of the game. Like Amelie Mauresmo, Kim Clijsters and Flavia Pennetta. Sorry you had to withdraw from the Rogers Cup, better safe than sorry. Anyway, you bring me such joy watching your matches maintaining a top ten ranking for so long. Number one in the world with two grand slams now. Keep going, keep fighting and continue living the tennis dream. Thank you.

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2 weeks ago

Simona  Halep

Rogers Cup
Defending champion Simona Halep discusses her love for playing in Canada,Wimbledon win perks, favourite post-match indulgence and more in a candid interview.
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Rogers Cup


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Felicitari !!!! Te iubim si te admiram !!!

Simona the beautiful Supergirl! ❤️🌷💕💓♥️🌹💗🌺

Simpla, naturala, modesta! Suntem mandri de tine, draga noastra!

Charming as always. What a lovely person Simo appears to be. 👋👋

Congratulations Halep you always Amazing good luck to quarter finals see you

Felicitări! Simona modesta și fermecătoare ca întotdeauna!

Nothing problems! You are the best! <3

Allways you are the best .simona .waiting your match to day.and good luck ...with love

Love the way You are giving back ❤. I want to take You out for chicken and fries.


im so sorry for my bad comment and i love simona very much and i hope she will be fine

Noapte buna Iulian meditez ești bine mă bucur


Simona te iubim 💕 România

Te iubim Simona! Românii din Montreal sunt alături de tine! ♥️💛💙

Good Luck

Very sweet!

Such a humble human being 💗💗💗🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴

You are just amazing 🤩🤩🤩❤😇

Toată dragostea și vibrațiile pozitive sa te ajute sa treci și peste acest meci !In ciuda orei te susținem și suntem alături de tine !😘

What the heck just happened????? Did she retire???? I cannot believe it !!!! Really? Nobody understands her....soooo sad.....

Unfortunate foot injury and had to pull out. I was hoping you were going to take out Serena. Maybe next time


Simona Halep Congratulations !!! 💓

Super este fata asta..Exemplu de modestie.

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2 weeks ago

Simona  Halep

Îți mulțumim că te-ai implicat în povestea copiilor nascuti prematur, alături de noi prin intermendiul campaniei "strigat de viat". Dorna va dona incubatoare maternităților care au nevoie de ele, prin Salvati Copiii Romania, pentru a le da o șansă la viață celor mici. ... See moreSee less

Îți mulțumim că te-ai implicat în povestea copiilor nascuti prematur, alături de noi prin intermendiul campaniei strigat de viat. Dorna va dona incubatoare maternităților care au nevoie de ele, prin Salvati Copiii Romania, pentru a le da o șansă la viață celor mici.


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Ur heart is so beautiful it makes me feel so happy inside that there are people as yourself with so much love and kindness

Felicitari ,❤️❤️❤️👏👏👏și-ți mulțumim pentru toate lucrurile frumoase pe care le faci pentru noi!Succes mai departe,multă sănătate!

Felicitări, fată cu suflet de aur! Te iubim mult! 👏🌷❤💛💙

Bravo felicitări Simona

Felicitări Simona ești minunată ❤ succes in continuare 🙏

Multumim,Simona.Felicitari !!!!!

Simona, regina 👑 noasta, iti multumim ca existi !!!!❤️❤️❤️🇹🇩

Felicitari bravo mama iubitoare de copii

Felicitări și mult succes in viitoarele turnee!


Multumim,Simona !!! Esti minunata in tot ceea ce faci !!! Te iubim...

Iti multumim noi in numele vietilor pe care leai salvat. Te iubim Simona.Omul cu suflet de aur

simply amazing Simona always stepping up for charity and the community. Much love for you

Ești minunată Dumnezeu să îți dea multă multă sănătate succes la turnee!

I love 💕 ! I ‘M working For this littles patients in my country. Also, is the most amazing work never i have . Thanks Simona Halep for bringing your time , money for save this little life !

Felicitari Simona,respect pentru tot ce faci!🤗😘

Felicitari Simona!!Esti minunata!

Multumim pentru tot ce faci pt copilași, noi avem un prematur care a stat în incubator și înseamnă enorm ceea ce faci! Mult noroc Sim❤️!!!

Copilași sunt foarte norocoși pentru că te au alaturi pe tine Simona șansele lor de viață cresc datorită implicării tale !Bravo !👏👏

Îți mulțumim Simona ca te gândești și la semenii tai ca au atitea nevoi atit personale cit și in masa! Tot respectul și aprecierea!👏👏👏👏

simona i like you for being a tennis champ and also things like this! because you are a very caring kind lovely person aswell and support needy causes like this!

Sănătate și tot binele din lume să se reverse din plin asupra ta, copiii prematuri mai au o șansă datorită ție și celor de la Dorna! Mulțumesc în numele tuturor celor care au un astfel de caz!

Felicitari,Simona!!!!esti minunata!!!

That is my girl always Charity for children good on you HaLep

Felicitări Simona nu ști cât contează îți spun eu ca mama și cu experiența cu un copil prematur 😘

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2 weeks ago

Simona  Halep

It feels great to be back in the quarterfinals 💪🇨🇦

Rogers Cup
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It feels great to be back in the quarterfinals 💪🇨🇦

 Rogers Cup


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Felicitări, Simona Halep! Baftă maximă în sferturile de finală! #HaiSimona

Felicitări copil frumos, cuminte și talentat!!! Te iubim și te susținem indiferent de rezultat! Sănătate maximă și baftă!!!

Great game Simona! Congrats! 😃

Congratulations!Success and maximum health,SIMONA HALEP!

Felicitări și mult succes în continuate !!!

Hello Simona: Counting on you to win this thing. You definitely have the talent and hope to see you hoist the winners trophy just like Wimbledon. You are such a great person and I love your personality. Good Luck and hang in there

Congratulations Simona!!! Step by step you are more close to trophy! For us you are the best!

All the best, Simona!

Simona, after the first 3 games I was wanting you to withdraw. I sure hope you can recover in time for the open. Hope you didn’t damage your ankle to where you wont be ready but you know you better than anybody. Be looking for you in 3 weeks. Good luck and get healthy.

Felicitări Simona și mult succes în continuare! Te iubim și suntem mereu alături de tine! ❤️🇷🇴

You are awesome on all surfaces. Hope you lift the 🏆 in New York this year!

Great to see you in the quarter finals congratulations

Felicitări Simona te iubim! Doamne ajută să ajungi în finală și să o câștigi! 😘😘😘

One tough game to shake off the rust, and then back to your brilliant best today!! 🎾👏

you go Simona congrats on your victory. Much love.

Uu are a champion .. queen .. so proud of uu .. i love uur style of playing the arrogance and amazing court control and never back down attitude the best side is uu play for every points thats the best thing to watch for.

Simona congrats,u win I like your hard work u never give up u r great really great keep working the next match till the end .I love u Halep.keep focus on the match,God help those who help themselves be bless.

Felicitari! Ai inceput sa-ti reintri in forma care te-a consacrat! Bafta!

Whatever happens till the end, you are the real champ: skills, ambition, beauty (inside & out) & class. 👌🏼💕

Felicitari Simo, un joc mai bun ca turul precedent , cresti cu fiecare joc , iti doresc multa bafta in sferturi si astept un meci si mai bun !👏💪👊❤️❤️❤️

Congrats for the win, Simona!!! Despite the wind, you were so solid today!!! You’re game looks pretty good!!! Wish you the best of luck against Bouzkova!!! Let’s go Simona!!!👍💪👏🎾❤️#justdoit

I hope your ankle is okay and that playing on will not do more damage for future tournaments?Even though you look in great shape x

Congratulations Simona!!! Go get that trophy. Show them what you made of.

Draga mea,am adormit bustean la 1-0(meciul la noi s.a transmis la 12 noaptea) dar ma bucur sa aflu ca ai câștigat!Felicitări si sa te vedem câștigătoare pana la final!

Bravo fetita!! Go get it! You’re on fire! We are proudly following you from Toronto! Bafta!!

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