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Garbiñe Muguruza Blanco (Spanish pronunciation: [ɡaɾˈβiɲe muɣuˈɾuθa ˈβlaŋko]; born 8 October 1993) is a Spanish-Venezuelan professional tennis player and former world No. 1 who is currently ranked No. 3 in singles by the Women's Tennis Association (WTA). Since turning professional in 2012, she has won six singles titles, including two majors at the 2016 French Open and the 2017 Wimbledon Championships.

Equipped with powerful groundstrokes and an aggressive game style, Muguruza first came into prominence by reaching the last 16 of the 2014 Australian Open, where she scored an upset over former world No. 1, Caroline Wozniacki, en route. She then defeated Serena Williams in the second round of the French Open that same year, beating the then-world No. 1 in straight sets en route to the quarterfinals.

In 2015, at the Wimbledon Championships, she sailed to her first ever Grand Slam final where she lost to Serena Williams, and then went on to win her maiden Premier-level crown by capturing the China Open title. That same year, she also qualified for her first WTA Finals in singles scoring a perfect winning record in the round-robin stage before falling out in the semifinals to eventual champion Agnieszka Radwańska.

Muguruza has been successful in doubles, winning five titles, finishing runner-up at the 2015 WTA Finals and reaching the 2014 French Open semifinals. She achieved those results with her compatriot, Carla Suárez Navarro.

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Team Mugu always 🍄

Found my corner.. oh.. didn’t last 🎃

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2 weeks ago

Garbiñe Muguruza

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Sorry i need to smile and her mother need to know everthing about you little kid!!! I know you became very happy.

Now i stop, only to you see the silly situation!!! I wish the best to you, Thanks for everthing because you are not brasilian. Thanks Garbine Muguruza. I know you know everthing about me!!!!

G . N . C Smiles a lot about you Garbine. Only to my friend smile now he has 94 years old!!! next photo her ??? I want to see the next interviews look the journalists, they know everthing about this silly situation!!

Hi Garbiñe! I saw Beautiful Picture of You with the sound of the Wind at the Beach, read Mediterranean. It Reminds Me, of a Mediterranean Style Home I Built, in the early 90's, with Special Meaning to Me, even more so now. I Like the Sound of the Wind at the Beach. Not always the Seagulls but I will chase them, it's Good Exercise. Keep Smiling!😀

Now is serious, you only want to make this every single day, this is not god to you. I know everthing because this i smile a lot. Look the journalist they don' t smile, the situation sometimes is very funny to me because this i love her interviews. You need to stop this and training a lot, tennis off course, not this. You need to win some because i need to see you in interview. What do you talk to her mother about this???

I hope you have that kind of look when you get to the US open, because it's time that you win it!

Only to you think about, look inside to explanations, : )

Hola cariño, siempre muy hermosa. Pero, ¿por qué juegas pocos torneos? Te estoy viendo recientemente últimamente.

Think about, i listen evertyme Tina Turner because i like her voice and Tina are very strong with woman, " I don't like weak women!!".

Pienso que una ganadora de 2 Grand Slams merece mucho más respeto. Estoy seguro que volverá, segurísimo. Tiene demasiado talento

Venga campeona vuelve fuerte que confío y esperó verte nuevamente en más de una final

Muy guapa, como siempre. mucho ánimo y a ver si te vemos pronto en las pistas

Dimples, am glad to hear you’ll be playing at the US Open — I pray you do it again like what you did at Roland Garros and Wimbledon (best wishes from your Grandpa...

Championne récupère ta force est ton style de jeux..cette année sera pleine de sacre de tournois pour championne

If you read some of your posts or maybe someone on your team, I've been watching you for a long time and I watch the WTA and of course the ATP men's. In your case in my view the only thing that I can see that you're doing when you're playing tennis is that you are hitting the forehand long beyond the baseline too much or over hitting it. So that's my advice the rest of your game is awesome just when you're four hands starts to go away from you a little bit hit the ball down the middle with your forehead don't try to go for outright winners and then all of a sudden you lose your confidence so keep the ball in play! Go back to the way that you used to play! You were born for this, so go out and get the US open title take care!

Ánimo campeóna estoy es pasajero una mala racha hay que estar contigo en las buenas y en las malas como siempre desde mallorca muchos abrazos

Hola gaby , vamos con todo al último gran slam , no estas jugando mal, un poco más de concentración trabaja los punto y serás una súper campeona dios te bendiga!!!

Grande Muguruza este deporte es muy complicado y se tiene altos y bajos ahora más fuerte mucha suerte

Sería pero totalmente bellísima 😘😍💪👏🤗😁

Look army in Brazil, there are many people, simple people, not inside the army, are the 007 of brazilian army, this is serious garbine muguruza.

Siempre contigo con todo el apoyo tu presencia en las canchas deportivas se enaltecen con tu luz y tu galante caminar, y empoderada ante tu rival, . Venga hermosa.

Un saludo grande desde Canarias La Palma

Here we go again! You should have won the game in Cincinnati .!however you have not learned how to get an ace at will your coach is to blame also. Have you watched Federer lately? He gets an ace whenever he wants to . Your opponent had 13 aces . That is why she won! You were supposed to win the second game . You would have if you had gotten s couple of aces. What arrogance ! You can’t ein unless you do your homework on your opponent. Federer watched videos of his opponents . I was a big fan of yours. I guess you don’t care. That is sad . You keep making the same mistakes thinking you are above it all! Your coach should be fired!

Al igual que el ave fenix seguro que renacerás y lograrás más éxitos que nunca Animos, campeona !!!!

Să-mi aduci si mie un tricou cand vii in țară

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2 weeks ago

Garbiñe Muguruza

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talk to her mother about this interview, white nails??? " I love winbledon!!", I see everthing garbine!!!

I love this photo, but i don' t like nudes!!!

Très belle couverture Champion 👌

Hi Garbiñe! I Hope All is Well with You. Good Luck with Your Match at the Cincinnati Masters. Safe Travels. Lotsa awesome drivers, good idea to have plenty of car insurance. Maybe a NASCAR Helmet. Keep Smiling!😀

Good to see you again. It's been awhile! Cheers for you at the Open. Missed you😔

Hi Garbiñe! I Hope You Are Well. I have Written many Things, some with Humor, I Hope. I'm Respectful of Others but not those that are disrespectful of Me and Others. I See Your Positive Outlook on Life is what Other People See, as Well. I'm wondering what You have Written and Spoke about, this World We Live In. I have Written about Equality, Equal Rights for Everyone. I Speak and Write the Truth, Everyday. I Believe You Do, As Well. Stay Safe and watch out for Seagulls!😀

Only to her mother smile a little bit!!! talk to her mother everthing!!!

Hi Garbiñe! Nice Solid Match at the Cincinnati Masters. Surprised at entrance. It Looked like You Where at Old Candlestick Park, going to concessions to get some Garlic Fries! At least they didn't try to make You Parachute on to the Court. Maybe Ohio hasn't heard of OSHA. I've Watched many Matches. I guess Madison Keys had a couple gallons of coffee before Your Match? I Thought You were gonna bring to the net and try to knock her out! I would've been Ok with anywhere in the Upper Body! Hopefully You know I'm kidding, not about the coffee. Hopefully, next Year at Wimbledon, I'll call it, You can Wear Similar Attire! Safe Travels to stupid New York! Keep Smiling!🤠 It's not a Quaker, it's a COWBOY. So sorry I had to explain!

I believe in you because her mother!!!!

Get ready for Us Open please. Miss you. If you have no coach call me please. Will do it fo free. You can win! You are a champion!

Te esperamos con más ansias y determinación de triunfo eres una guerrera

We miss you, please come back soon and kick some butt!!!

Gabby, you are the one that controls your mind. Remember, it's mind over body (matter) and if you think it, you can do it! Good luck in the next open.

this is not god to you, look the kids!!!

Hi Garbiñe! Did someone pop off about getting the lights? I Know You're Accurate. I Know You're Balanced. Stay Safe Out There.

Un parón siempre es bueno, date tiempo para volver con tu fuerza y garra de siempre , muchos Ánimos.

Great to see you back on my Facebook, hope all is well with you and you get back that confidence for your sport, really looking forward to seeing you on my TV again, no more overthinking and worry, just remember Ver pelota, golpear pelota, write it on your hand!!!.

Buena modelo. Debe recibir algún consejo del SR.RN.

Before problems to you, close energy!!!

Garbiñe, eres hermosa y muy buena! 😊

U.S Open kit??? Love it 😍

Mucha foto y poco rendimiento

Se ve de lejos tu belleza Venezolana 🇻🇪🇻🇪🇻🇪!!!!

Arriba ese ánimo campeona,confía más en ti que tienes mucho tenis en tu raqueta

Now you understand everthing little kid!!!!

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2 months ago

Garbiñe Muguruza

The time is now 💪. Ready to make a statement at Wimbledon in the new adidas by Stella McCartney Tennis collection, made with the world in mind using recycled polyester and water saving methods 🌎. Available from 1st July

Ha llegado la hora 💪. Lista para empezar en Wimbledon con la nueva colección de adidas by Stella McCartneyTennis, creada pensando en el planeta usando poliéster reciclado y métodos de ahorro de agua. Disponible a partir del 1 de julio.

#HereToCreate #aSMC #adidas Tennis
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The time is now 💪. Ready to make a statement at Wimbledon in the new adidas by Stella McCartney Tennis collection, made with the world in mind using recycled polyester and water saving methods 🌎. Available from 1st July

Ha llegado la hora 💪. Lista para empezar en Wimbledon con la nueva colección de adidas by Stella McCartneyTennis, creada pensando en el planeta usando poliéster reciclado y métodos de ahorro de agua. Disponible a partir del 1 de julio.

#HereToCreate #aSMC #adidas Tennis


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Siempre muy guapa, atractiva pero tu tenis Garbiñe deja mucho que desear. Te veo sin ganas. Muy elegante la nueva colección aún más con tu cuerpo pero para verte en cancha solo para un par de match no es lo que adidas y tus seguidores esperan. Dios mio con esa super colección urge cambiar el entrenador!

Espero que con la nueva colección entre un juego de maletas...

Hi Garbiñe! Happy Fourth of July from Northern California, it's Beautiful Today on Independence Day! I Hope Your Well. Lots of hot dogs, sorta like Wimbledon, except You can wash it down with soda, just kiddin, everyone In Today's World, so sensitive for the wrong reasons. Haven't eaten yet, can't say the hot dogs and chips look yummy. To bad, We could make Foods, so much Healthier if We, Really wanted to do so. Probably similar, Respectfully in Other Countries as well because of Our behavior in relation to Our Monetary System. Baseball is Big, this Time of Year, I Grew Up watching Baseball sometimes in Person, as a Young Boy. Willie Mays, Willie McCovey, Bobby Bonds and Juan Marichal were some of My Favorite Players, I Liked. People do watch Soccer as well. I Coached Youth Soccer in Years Past, lots of Fun for Everyone. Lots of People supporting Team USA, All of Them. Just Thought You would Like to Know, what it's Like in Northern California. If Your Playing in San Jose this Year, I'm coming to Watch. I First saw You on ESPN story, more than a Year Ago. You Look Very Familiar to Me. Hope to See You in San Jose, if possible. Have a Great Day!😀

I KNOW EVERTHING, little kid!!! but you have big tongue!!!talk a lot, sometimes this is the problem to you!!! speak a lot, only to you smile a little bit!!!!

Just gorgeous! But then again, everything looks good on you. ;) wishing you success at Wimbledon.

A very refreshing look with that outfit 😉❤️💪🏼 #VamosMugu I hope white gives you pure motivation and inspiration 🤗

You need to clean once a month to became happy!!!

What do you talk to her mother after this??? look she is very curious more than you, old women are curious a lot!!!!


: ) Please don t smile , be quiet!!!! Needs some maintenances!!

LOVE OR MONEY??? think about, look inside!!!

Muy lindo GARBIÑE!!!! Vamos con todo en Wimbledon!!! No regrets! Fearless!! 👏🏻💪🏻❤️🙏🏻💚🎾

I believe in you only because her mother!!!

Enhorabuena por cambiar de Entrenador. Mi modesto consejo llama a Conchita.

I think less advertisement and more tennis could boost your career. Get paid more for commercials once you're a consistent champ. Not my business, just my 2 cents.

I hope you ready to go back home too! 2017 rank 2, 2018 rank 18, 2019 rank 27 : this is called regression!!! It’s the decline! Instead of improving, you become more and more ZERO! At only 25 years old you seem to be at the end of your career... The fans are wasting our time, our money! Some players should stop doing ads, ads, and more ads! Practice, play sports because you ruin the game for the benefit of business! 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼🤬

: ) don" t smile please, sometimes is not esay to my, economy is very complicated to some brasilian politics. for other hand my friend G. N. C. is doctor in economy!!!!

so well fashioned you’ll be the „Princess of Wimbledon” but don’t forget your racket! 😉

Nice Garbine Good Luck at Wimbledon :-) :-D

Admire Maria for her Nike Wimbledon outfit , and Garbine for Adidas outfit ,, 👏👏👏

Today again, very nice, every single day!!!! : ). Think about G. N. C. he smiles a lot!!!

Once a month you need to clean very well!!! : ). You are not powerfull thing about, only a little curious spanish !!!! But sometimes i give some words to you.

Thinking about you tonight while watching the Wimbledon final. Wanted Serena to win, c'est la vie. You have been quiet. I hope all is well, Take care.

think about, G. N. C. knows about you before you was born, he knows all her life, for other hand with you make a big mistakes, finish to you. Look the capes books chico xavier, in the past i smile a lot,kkk!!!! But I believe in you only because her mother. You live in the world sometimes not good. This man G.N.C. don t think only about many years, he thinks some decades. The newspaper is only because he has many informations about you. And a little boy told me some informations about you, for example How do you know everthing about me??? Only for her mother smile a little bit.

Today again??? hum you learn this, what do you talk to her mother about this ???

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2 months ago

Garbiñe Muguruza

Aquí currando en la oficina...
Regular Wednesday in the office...

#Vamos Wimbledon 💪🌱🎾
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Great job training 👍🏻

Very good. Keep it up

The best Garbiñe I love so much 😉✌😘

Nice workout - I miss your casual life time cameos❤️

So lucky man to work and see Garbiňe every day❤

Very good. Keep up the practice...#Garbiñe

Ánimo , tesón y fuerza de voluntad . Te deseo lo mejor.

All the best wishes in winning the Wimbledon

Los mayores éxitos en tu carrera. Dios te bendiga

Good luck for Wimbledon 👍👍👍

Esto de ser deportista agota bastante jajaja, pero es una pasión

Preparation 💪🏼

Hi Garbiñe. Nice Workout, just another Typical Day at the Office! Lateral Movement, just a barrel of laughs, Everyone Thinks, it's easy. Have You Heard of a Double Heel Lock for Tapping Ankles? Like a mini cast for Lateral Movement, might be called something else Today. If You have Powerful Ankles, gives Support Laterally, some People don't like it says weakens Ankle and doesn't last long enough. Very effective, never felt it didn't Work, even with Sore Ankles, felt Might have WTA Rules? Lateral movement/ quickness in Basketball is crucial at a High Level of Play, very similar to Tennis. I know, I Played in Pro Level Basketball Leagues and Tournaments for many Years. You could say I'm an expert on Ankles. I'm serious. 😀

Thank you for teaching me to be a better tennis player, and a better woman. And make sure to put the weight back where it belongs!

Good luck for Wimbledon 👍👍👍

Garbi tus últimos juegos fueron muy llenos de emociones y fortaleza. Recuerda qué solo tienes qué mantener la paciencia y respirar profundo como ya antes lo comentabas

Yes Mugu!!! Looking for a great grass court season!!!

That's great, the way you train but you need to run marathon because you do a lot of running on the court. If you can't run a three mile marathon, you can't do good on the court. Just food for thought.

It's great that you are running around on the court but that is not what you need. You need to RUN MARATHONS. The distance you actually run around on the tennis court is equivalent to running marathons. You need more strength in your legs and endurance for your heart. Good luck! I'll be looking!

Buen entreno Campeona! A por todas en Wimbledon ! Disfruta y trata de no presionarte demasiado! Estamos contigo!

Venga Garbi tu puedes, toda mi confianza en tu juego y en que eres una campeona

I used to hate drills. Keep it up Garbi!!❤️

A demostrar lo !!!GRANDE!!!💪💪💪🎾🎾🎾, que eres !!!MI CAMPEONA!!!👊👊👊🏆🏆, traabaja mucho el aspecto mental y veras los grandes resultados, el talento y potencial no hay problema, porque forma parte de ti, !!!VAMOOOS!!!💪👊💪👊🏆🏆, siempreeee apoyandote❤❤❤

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