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Rafael Nadal Parera (Catalan: [rəfəˈɛɫ nəˈðaɫ pəˈɾeɾə], Spanish: [rafaˈel naˈðal paˈɾeɾa]; born 3 June 1986) is a Spanish professional tennis player, currently world No. 1 in men's singles tennis by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP). Known as "The King of Clay", he is widely regarded as the greatest clay-court player in history. Nadal's evolution into an all-court threat with impeccable record across court types has established him as one of the greatest tennis players of all time. As per some tennis legends and tennis analysts, his all court record, when accounted for the competition that he has played against compared to other all time greats, point towards him being the greatest of all time.

Nadal has won 17 Grand Slam singles titles, a record 32 ATP World Tour Masters 1000 titles, a record 20 ATP World Tour 500 tournaments, and the 2008 Olympic gold medal in singles. In majors, Nadal has won 11 French Open titles, 3 US Open titles, 2 Wimbledon titles, and one Australian Open title. He was also a member of the winning Spain Davis Cup team in 2004, 2008, 2009, and 2011. In 2010, he became the seventh male player in history and youngest of five in the Open Era to achieve the Career Grand Slam at age 24. He is the second male player, after Andre Agassi, to complete the singles Career Golden Slam. In 2011, Nadal was named the Laureus World Sportsman of the Year.

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Agradecer a mis compañeros jugadores por haberme elegido para el premio Stefan Edberg sportsmanship award. Me hace especial ilusión por haber sido votado por mis compañeros y a veces rivales dentro de la pista. Un especial saludo a los fans que siempre están ahí apoyando en todo momento.

‪Hi all! Back home... Great to host the world’s best triathletes at the @rafanadalsportscentre world champions @jgomeznoya and @mariomola ! Super League Mallorca this weekend 3 & 4 Nov at Porto Cristo. It’s going to be a fantastic weekend here in Mallorca 🇪🇸‬

Thanks to @plaza_athenee for all the attention. Amazing place to stay. Too bad I have to leave earlier than expected #loveparis #sad #nextyear

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2 days ago

Rafa Nadal

Amazing sky today during my match. #onfire #AusOpen ... See moreSee less

Amazing sky today during my match. #onfire #AusOpen


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The sky matches your shirt. Guess God is one of your biggest fans !

I informed the sky to match you tonight Rafa 😍😘

Wasn't just the sky that was on fire. Rafa crushed it! But Alex did Australia proud. Well done to both amazing players.

Whoever took this picture deserves an award! Awesome!

What a night Rafa... Enjoyed watching, you are an absolute inspiration, and your speech for Alex was truly a class act from you.. We love you, such a humble, beautiful person.. Congratulations 🎊 from Australia 🇦🇺

Cmon rafa its your year this year vamos 💪🏾

Fitting sky for fitting champion. Great match .

It matched your shirt!!! :) Well done on the win.

Great game rafa, love watching this beautiful and incredible man from Majorca , Spain. 🇪🇸🔥🎾💪

You were on fire too! The sky was awesome tonight. Saw you today at practice, looking so strong and confident. Great to see you back playing so well at the Aussie Open. That end of the game at match point was incredible!

Rafa's sky ☺ congrats and vamos!

Welcome to Melbourne 💕 VAMOS

Congratulations Rafa! Such an amazing atmosphere in RLA tonight - we love you 🧡💪🏼🎾

Felicitaciones!! Mi hijo Rafael Morales no se perdió un minuto del juego!

Fabulous effort, my friend. Ya did brilliant. Keep that momentum going. 👏🏻👏🏻😀

On fire 🔥 Just like you Nadal !Pretty fantastic tennis 🎾 Australian Open would’ve the same without you 😘❤️✅🇪🇸

Congratulations Rafa another great match.

Well done Rafa! Love to be there today! All the best for the fourth round

Awesome! God creation to match your top and your fiery power💪💪. Enjoyed watching your match as always. May you go all the way to win Australia Open.

WOW!!! You sure bring the best out in Melbourne!!! You're on fire!! Vamos Rafa!!! 👌💪

Forehand matched the sky. El fugeo. Congratulations Rafa and all the very best for the rest of the tournament. What a joy you are to watch. I was a Borg fan back in the day and great to see the great Johny Mac bringing so much entertainment too. VAMOS

Love having you in Melbourne happy and healthy you’re on fire 🔥🔥🔥

Thank you so much for such a great match tonight 😃

Well done Rafa you played well today

Great colour coordinated photo

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5 days ago

Rafa Nadal

Enhorabuena a la #fundacionRafaNadal por el premio y gracias a @eldesmarque por el reconocimiento

EN DIRECTO: Los #PremiosDEX 2018 continúan con un cóctel y nuestra ruleta solidaria a beneficio de la Fundación Rafa Nadal. ¡Síguenos!
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Vamos Rafa!!!

eres un gran ser HUMANO RAFA"!!!!!!!!!! DIOS TE BENDIGA"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maxime Thpt

Enhorabuena mi campeón !!!😍 Vamossssssss !!! 💪🇪🇸🇪🇸


Good luck for today's 3rd round. I believe you can do it. Step by step. I'll be always with you. Love you. 😊😉😘

YEA Rafa, Awesome WIN against Ebden, you look great out there!

Vamos, Rafa Nadal

Congrats,Rafa! You played well. Step by step. I enjoyed the match. Love you. 😊😉😘👏

Enhorabuena Rafa

Congrats,Rafa . In an unusual atmosphere, you played well and focused. You controlled the match in many ways. Well done. That's what real champion is. Take care of yourself. Love you. 😊😉😘👏✌️

Vamos Rafa!!!


I can see you're winning vs Aussie.

👏 félicitations champion 👍❤❤❤

Vamos Rafa!! En Argentina, me despierto a las 05:00 am. para verte jugar! Abrazo enorme

That is wonderful that you are having this event for your foundation. I am sure it will be a successful one! Sounds & looks exciting. Hope it will be very successful!

Vamos Rafa 💙

Rafa, 4:30 AM here in the States, up and waiting for your match against Ebden to start, go get him, Vamos!

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5 days ago

Rafa Nadal

The Australian Open never fails to excite the global tennis fans with
its surprises.
Are you also excited for AO 2019?
Stay tuned for new updates about me and the Australian Open
in the link bit.ly/2Cqvxpd
Open up the Surprise with #kia, the longest major sponsor of the
#AusOpen2019 & #RafaelNadal
#ready #vamos #rodlaverarena #australianopen
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Vamos Rafa. I might be an Aussie but I sure hope you bring home the trophy, although if you play de Minaur I'll have mixed emotions 😄

Vamos Rafa ! Bring home the title !

I am extremely excited Rafa! After a long lay off your fans are so very excited to see you back on court. Congrats on your first round victory. Thanks for sharing the great video. Best of luck in the 2nd round! Johnny Mac said he was so happy to see you back on court & looking healthy. He is looking forward to a match against de Minaur. Local young man will have the crowd behind him, but remember all your fans are rooting for you! Love you!♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🏆

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I'm excited to see you, Rafa!!!

Vamos Rafa,eres un Campeón..

Fabulous Rafa🙏🎁❤️

Todos son excitantes para mi. Más mi favorito es Roland Garros, más me siento muy feliz en verte jugando el Australian Open . También sueño en verte ganador pela segunda vez en este torneo, después de 10 años. Rafa x Kia la doble perfecta , lindos por dentro y por fuera 😍😍❤️ Vamosssssssss!!! 💪❤️🇪🇸🇪🇸

With you all the way Rafa - hoping to see you play soon.

Bring that title vamos rafa

Vamos Rafa! So glad you’re back on the tour #RafaelNadal

enhorabuena!!! hoy mañana y siempre Rafa Nadal Ilove !!😘😘♥️♥️💪💪🏆🏆

Good luck for your R3 match in Melbourne! Keep your mind focused, be confident, stay strong and show off your stellar skills!

¡Enhorabuena por tu nueva victoria en el OA. Gracias por todos y cada uno de los puntos con los que nos haces vibrar. Que te vaya muy bien en la vida, Rafa.

Enhorabuena querido Rafa!!! Hoy he sentido mucha envidia de mi amiga Yolanda, australiana, que ha estado viendo tu entrenamiento....y después me ha hecho feliz tu victoria!!!!

Rafa, always my Favorite!!’Good Luck this year...

Of course alwsys excited watching the big event

Grab the trophy, Rafa! Vamos! ❤

All the best for tonight

John McEnroe was recently reported for Rafael Nadal’s Uber Eats order cancellation. Following an interview that was focused on the good Australian crowd

Ripping those heavy shots..awesome to watch

We're always love RAFA!!! VAMOS!!!

All the best to you Nadal!

Congrats on your 1st round at the AO ~~~⚾⚾⚾ Keep it up to the Finals.👋👋👋.Vamos Rafa.

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6 days ago

Rafa Nadal

Vamos!!!!VAMOS! 4 meses después de su último partido oficial... ¡victoria! Rafa Nadal advances to the 2nd round of the Australian Open after defeating Duckworth 6-4, 6-3, 7-5. 🙌🏻 ... See moreSee less



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Good luck Rafa all the best for the tournament you are the Best 🍀🍀🍀🍀

Oh something to look forward to here’s to a year of great tennis

CONGRATULATIONS RAFA! 😍 I was a little bit worried about all the running you were doing. I’m sure none of us want you to get injured again so soon. Your serve has greatly improved, and you were an absolute beast on court! Remember to stay both happy and healthy 💪🏻. Will always be supporting you no matter what 😘. ¡VAMOS, MI CAMPEÓN! 🇪🇸🎾🔥 ~fan from the Philippines 🇵🇭

I’ve got a good feeling this year Rafa it’s your time again

So good to see Rafa back again. He is looking really good. But, are the Australians going to do the same as last year and hand him all his matches in the hottest parts of the day, and give federer his usual unfair advantage of playing night matches. This came up last year, I would have hoped that this discrimination would have been discussed and acted upon by now. All I want is for our Rafa to win and then we will all be happy.💕💕💕

Wonderful victory for Rafa! Good for Rafa to get some matches under his belt to progress to the second week. With good health Rafa can get to the finals. Having not played competitively since the US Open these early matches are good for him. Good luck Rafa!

Well done Rafa...watched live on TV in UK so only saw first set-(2am )..looking fit & in great shape...love the gold colour shirt. Vamos for the tournament 🎾💪🏼!

Well done Rafa 👍, good luck in the next round and stay focused😃🎾💪👊

Welldone keep up the good work. I am visiting Canada from South Africa in August and hope to see you on 10th at - 17h00 in the Semi's in Montreal (tickets booked)

Felicidades, mi Rafa, mut bueno el primer partido!! 💪💪💪💪💪 Nosotros estamos todos contigo!!Besitos❤❤❤❤😗😗😗😗

Well done Rafa, it was so great to see you back on court! Looking so good, liking the new serve, liking the shorter rallies, loving the win!

😍 Siempre un ejemplo admirable de dedicación y superación...tú eres tú único!!!! El TORO regresa 😜 VaaaAMOsss mi PaSiÓn 😘💓💓💓💓💗

Gran debut Maestro, Felicidades encantada de verte con grandes sensaciones en este torneo, qué la suerte y salud sigan acompañando te, vamos a por la próxima victoria, Grande Rafaaa,vaaamooss 💪🎾🏆👑😍😘🍀🍀🍀🙏

Felicidades Rafa!! Genial comienzo en el abierto de Australia. Después de tanto tiempo sin competir te he visto realmente bien y sobretodo con muchas ganas ilusión y hambre de títulos. Ánimo campeón poco a poco irás cogiendo el ritmo de competición que aún te falta y tendremos nuevamente a Rafa in fire!! Todos te amamos y te apoyaremos a muerte.. A por la final Rafa! VAMOOOOOSSS!!! :)<3

Vamos Rafa.. Australia loves you

Q GRANDE!!! Suerte para toda la temporada. Queremos verte jugar..queremos verte ganar !!! Vamos a por todo RAFAEL!!!

Felicitaciones mi campeón!!!! Tu eres un ejemplo de superación 😍 Muchísima suerte Mi Rafa!!! 🍀🙌Te queremos mucho! #VAMOSRAFA #AO2019 💪✊🏸❤️🇪🇸🇪🇸

Fantastic RAFA. I was there VAMOSING you all the way. I’ll be there Wednesday doing the same thing. So proud. So very happy that I also got a selfie with your beautiful Maria ❤️

Vamos Rafa - have fun at the AO🍀😁😍

Your looking good Rafa for the big win all the best love watching you play

Rafa, go for the best you can!

Rafa my hero, after a long time see you on court. Wish you all the best.

Que bueno verte jugando otra vez ... cuanta falta me hacías . Suerte campeón !!! Vamos #

Vaaamossss Campeón a darlo todo y si no puedes ganar no importa lo que en la vida has tenido que demostrar ya lo has hecho y con creces. ❤️

Ha vuelto el Terminator de las pistas... Vamos Rafa!!!!

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1 week ago

Rafa Nadal

OK 👌 ... See moreSee less

OK 👌


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Vamos Rafa u can do it <3

Blessings for a successful Australian Open. Believing the winners trophy will be yours this year Rafa 🏆🏆🏆 See you in Melbourne.

You got this, Rafa!

Wishing you health, happiness and the very best of luck Rafa xoxo. ☘️ 🤞 🙏 ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 🇦🇺

Vamos Rafa, I am happy to see you on court, wish you all the best for the AO. Good health luck and fun...🍀🎾💪😍😘

The Championship is yours RAFA! #VAMOS See you next week! 🎾🎾

Vamos Rafa - good luck and GOOD HEALTH always xx🎾🎾x

Rafa wish u luck.. stay happy and healthy title will b ours.. VAMOS..

Good Luck Rafa, fan forever..

Good luck for the Open Rafa 🤞💪 Take care of you ! You have all my support, you are the best 😉

All the best of wishes for a great AO ❤️🎾💪🏼can’t wait to see you play again ❤️

Vamos, you got this Rafa!

Hola mi campeón ❤️ muchísimo feliz en verte contento en tus entrenamientos.. Suerte , ânimo que tu puedes ganar el torneo! Siempre contigo . #VamosRafa 💪✊🍀❤️ 🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸

siempre a tu lado mi querido Rafael, me alegra muchìsimo saber que estas bien y verte en los entrenamientos asì, suerte el lunes, cuìdate.

I am so excited that the AO will begin in a few days. I can’t wait to see you in action. Your level of tennis was awesome in 2018. But you also had the misfortune of having a number of injuries. You could have won two slams & that was stolen by critical injuries. Nevertheless your cl

Vamos Rafa! Let's go out there and bring home the trophy! 💪🏆💕

Contentisima de verte feliz en tus entrenamientos !!!! Tú Ok? Nosotros también!!!!

Good luck dear Rafa. I can’t wait to see you play. All the best to the AO.

Todo lo mejor para ti, mi Rafa!Nosotros estamos siempre a tu lado para apoyarte en todo modo! VAMOSSS!💪💪💪💪💪 Un beso grande! ❤❤❤😘😘😘

Happy to see you healthy

Vamos que gana el torneo y se convierte en el unico jugador en ganar dos veces cada GS en la era abierta.

You're always on my mind . Rafafan forever !!!


Es tiempo de volverlo a ver en la cancha, maestro!

A cuidarse Rafa y a por el Open de Australia 🏆 Grande! 🎾

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