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Ons Jabeur (Arabic: أُنْس جابر‎ Uns Jābir; born 28 August 1994 in Ksar Hellal) is a Tunisian professional tennis player.

Jabeur has won seven singles and one doubles title on the ITF tour in her career. On 13 September 2010, she peaked at world number 698 in the doubles rankings. On 2 October 2017, she reached her highest singles ranking of 83rd in the world.

Jabeur's greatest success has come as a junior, when she won the Girls' Singles title at the 2011 French Open, having also reached the final of the same event one year prior.

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Superbe soirée ❣️🎾 Merci Mr Moez Driss et à tous pour le soutien 🙏❤️ #blessed🙏 Make up by @espacemarieenawelchaari 📸 rami ben Mahmoud

Tonight ❣️🙏😘 #abdelishowtime #21h

In love with this city ❣️❤️

My love my everything ❤️ thank you for always being there for me ❤️ We proved together that we can do amazing things ❤️😍 #mylove #coach #grinta I love you Habibi ❤️🙏

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2 weeks ago

Ons Jabeur

Very happy to be in Western & Southern Open 's main draw 👍😁 #WTA #CincyTennis

📸: @TennisAtlantic
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Very happy to be in Western & Southern Open s main draw 👍😁 #WTA #CincyTennis

📸: @TennisAtlantic


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Bravo noussa 👏👏👏🇹🇳

Congrats & good luck

عيدك مبروك وكل عام وانت متالقة

congrats Ons and good luck for the rest of tourmanent

Love that outfit! Good luck!

عيد مبروك يا انس

انشالله ديما لباس وكل عام وانت بالف خير وعافيه يارب العالمين وعيدك مبروك عليك وعلى عائلة الموسعة انشالله 🌹🌹💐🌺

كل التوفيق والنجاح و إنشاء الله عيدكم مبروك.....

Great match my friend.....keep it up! Just finished Koser Tournament....thought of all the good times 💕

We are very proud of you Ons!!!! Bravo!!!

بالتوفيق ان شاء الله وكل عام وانتِ بخير ..

عيد الاضحى المبارك اعاده الله عليكم بالخير واليمن والبركات وكل افراد أسرتك

Good luck in Today’s game...You are the model for thousands of young Tunisians

عيدك مبارك ان شاء الله Good luck 😍😍💪💪

سنين دايمة وإن شاء الله عيدك مبروك يا احلى أنس و ربي يوفقك

Bravo pour la qualif et bon courage face à l'humidité de l'Ohio 🤒 mais bon j'espère que la rapidité des courts t'aidera à développer ton tennis varié 💥

Best of luck! Play like you did in Eastbourne. You can do it! You are really really good. You belong in the top ten. Never ever give up.

Eid mubarek championne

Bravo à Notre STAR.🌷

Aidek mabrouk championne

vous etes une vraie championne courage ma fille

3idek mabrouk w snin deyma nchlh 😍

3idek mabrouk wnchalah dima marbouha

Aid mabrouk ONS &family vamoss

Aïd Mabrouk ons et félicitations pourla.qualificatiin.Bonne continuation dans ce tournoi et le reste de la saison

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4 weeks ago

Ons Jabeur

Parti le jour de la fête de la République, adieu Monsieur le Président.
🇹🇳💔 الله يرحمك و ينعمك سيادة الرئيس.
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Parti le jour de la fête de la République, adieu Monsieur le Président. 
🇹🇳💔 الله يرحمك و ينعمك سيادة الرئيس.


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الله يرحمه

Merci championne

R . I . P . Amen

الله يرحمو ويجعل مثواه الجنة واسكنه الفردوس الاعلى مع الحبيب صلى الله عليه وسلم

الله يرحمه ويجعل مثواه الجنة.. اللهم اميين..

رحل العظيم في يوم عظيم سيذكره التاريخ عمل على ترسيخ مبادئ الجمهورية ورحل في عيدها رحمات الله عليه

Paix à son Âme.

Allah yer7mou w na3mou

Paix en son ame

الله يرحمو و يجعل مثواه الجنة و تحيا تونس

allah yara7mik,3ichta rajoulan homam wa motta mawtata alkiram

Paix à son âme.

Allah yarhmou

Allah yara7mou

Allah Yar7mou

Allah yara7mou

الله يرحمه

Allah yara7mou

J’espère qu’il aura des funérailles digne de son nom. Digne de son prestige

رحمه الله وادخله فراديس جنته

الله يرحمو وينعمو ويجعل مثواه الجنة

تعازينا الخالصة لتونس وشعبها و لأصدقائنا هناك.

Allah yera7mou w

Rabi yarhmou w yna3mou 😢🇹🇳

رحمه الله كان اب آلجميع.

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2 months ago

Ons Jabeur

Hi guys.

Sorry but I had to pull out of Eastbourne semi-finals due to ankle injury of yesterday's match against Alizé . I hope to be ready for Wimbledon's 1st round. Thank you for the support.
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Hi guys.

Sorry but I had to pull out of Eastbourne semi-finals due to ankle injury of yesterdays match against Alizé . I hope to be ready for Wimbledons 1st round. Thank you for the support.


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Hope you do very well in DC Ons. I really hope you will do as well as you did in Eastbourne or better. We're here in Maryland visiting our son so I will come to support you. Love ya.😍😍😍

We all very proud of you Thinks for everything you have done for made us happy

I wish you recover soon Ons ! Good luck for Wimbledon 🍀🍀🍀

You play more than great, I was watching you from Germany . Best of luck and speedy Recovery! I am looking forward to see your matches in Wimbledon.

I wish you a swift recovery Ons ! Best of luck for Wimbledon 🎾

good results ,bad results we will allways proud to you only arab and africain WTA challenger that s all

Good luck ons

Wise decision! Take good care of yourself and best of luck in Wimbledon!

Good Luck in Wimbledon Ons ! We are so proud of you !! <3 🎾

Courage Ons ! we are proud of you !! <3

Ons you will be always the best ! Injury does not matter... You have talent and mental toughness ... All the best ... By this is a Mokni fan by the way 😉 Look forward for your next great performance and I am sure you will make sooner than anyone thinks !

So sorry about your injury. I hope it heals well and I look forward to seeing you play at Wimbledon. You are a wonderful player. ❤

Wish you all the best in Wimbledon .. you are awesome ! Your shots are good ..you need to work on your footwork 👌

Wish you quick recovery Ons! Take care❤️❤️

Wise decision 👏wishing a speedy recovery 🇹🇳🤲💖

I wish you a speedy recovery young lady.

Prompt rétablissement Ons on est fier de toi et bonne chance pour Wimbledon

ons tu nous honore 7ata ken ma hazitich titre cette fois, je reste tres fière de toi. bravo et bcp de victoiree pour tes prochains matchs. bon rétablissement <3 <3 <3

Prompt rétablissement et bon courage à toi pour Wimbledon. Tbarkallah aalik

Good luck on Wimbledon.wish you the best.

You are so talented..just need very tight diet..

Such a pity, u were playing great free flow tennis. Speedy recovery for SW19

Comme ça ! Simplement ! Bon courage en tout cas pour la suite c'est vraiment dommage

Inchallah labess Ons ... très belle prestation à Easbourne et très beau parcours , bon courage et bonne chance à Wimbledon 💐

Hope you get well soon and nail it as usual!

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2 months ago

Ons Jabeur

Highlights of today's qf match against Alizé.

Tomorrow it will be a tough fight in the semies against world n°5 Angelique Kerber.Subscribe to WTA on YouTube: www.youtube.com/subscription_c... Like WTA on Facebook: www.facebook.com/WTA Follow WTA on Twitter: www.twi...
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My favorite player. Nobody like Ons. Love from Italy

You brought a good news in a gloomy day for Tunisia. We thank you and congratulate you . We hope you will win the trophy to make us forget this Black Thursday. We all following you. From the bottom of our hearts we wish you success. Bring it home baby. You can do it. Good luck and drove on champ. ;)

ONS.... play your superb tennis, you can win tomorrow i'm suuuuuuuuure ! best wishes GREAT CHAMPION !

Good luck and as usuel we are your faithful support

Good luck! You’ve Got This!! 🔥🤜🏼🤛🏼🏆💪🏽

Good luck ons

Good luck ons

really... Good luck Ons.

Hello Ons, amazing tennis against Cornet yesterday. You are playing better than Serena in her prime time. Do the same against Kerber today. Be very patient. Be ready for her lefty serve. Back io a little bit to make sure you see the serve better and get every serve. Do not give her free points. She's very quick and she gets everything. Be patient. Use your drop shots and slices often. Make her tired and angry. She will fall apart. You are are playing awesome. So proud of you.

Bravo Ons dommage que tu n'a pas pu terminer le tournoi prompt rétablissement pour Wimbledon

bon courage ma belle 💪💪💪

Good luck my dear and rabbi m3ak. I am sure you will win 💪 and this is not new for us..... 😍😘😘

Bon courage 😊


Really an excellent game today ons. If you continue with this level,I'm sure that you will be in the top 10 ranking.Just continue and believe that no one can keeps your dream over.

Bon courage ! Tu peux le faire certainement 😊👍

Why u walked over ?????

Bon courage ons 😘😘

Bonne chance et bon courage Ones

Bon courage la battante

Good luck, you can do it, ONS

A tough matchup against Angie, especially on grass. But, if you refuse to let her dictate the pace and play long rallies, you can make her feel uncomfortable with the variety of shots you can throw at her

Inchallah marbou7a bon courage

Bravo bonne chance pour demain.encore un petit effort et c'est la finale

Bientôt Championne ça viendra. 🌷🌐

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2 months ago

Ons Jabeur

See you in the semifinal❤️🙏💪💪#NatureValleyInternational ... See moreSee less

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Congratulations ❤️❤️❤️


From Holland I wish you lots of luck in your next match. You are so positive! Great to see a Tunesian topplayer!

Keep shining 🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳🎉

Congrats champ

Awesome. Best of luck🎾

Congratulations <3 <3 <3

Very proud of you

Since the first time I saw you play in the US, I knew you have what it takes to be a top 10 player. You have an amazing game. Very talented and creative. So much better than the boring tennis of Halep and Kerber. You are the real deal baby! Stay calm and relaxed and do your thing. You will make it. Absolutely no doubt!

well done very good job ! 👏👏👏

Bravooo on est fier de toi bonne continuation

Good good Good and perfect

Congratulations we are so proud of you

congratulations 👏👏👏

congrats champ, thank u so much for making us proud :))

Ill say congrats when you win the championship but lets say well done for the excellent performance so far. Keep up the good work <3

Proud of you!!

U are a star beautiful to watch wish u a happy End in every thing u do from England with love.X.

T'as tout d'une grande... Bonne continuation.

You are a Shining Star ...thank you for bringing happiness to your Nation❤️🙏🌷

Un très grand BRAVO notre Ons nationale. Bonne continuation

Soooooo proud of you!!! You are Tunisia's shining Star!!! You put Tunisia's name on the map in a positive way!! Thanks a million for that!! Love you! I hope my son Ryan will be like you someday!




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