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Venus Ebony Starr Williams (born June 17, 1980) is an American professional tennis player who is currently ranked world No. 9 in the WTA singles rankings. She is generally regarded as one of the all-time greats of women's tennis and, along with younger sister Serena Williams, is credited with ushering in a new era of power and athleticism on the women's professional tennis tour.

Williams has been ranked world No. 1 by the Women's Tennis Association on three occasions, for a total of 11 weeks. She first reached the No. 1 ranking on February 25, 2002, the first African American woman to do so in the Open Era. Her seven Grand Slam singles titles are tied for 12th on the all-time list, and 8th on the Open Era list, more than any other active female player except Serena. She has reached 16 Grand Slam finals, most recently at Wimbledon in 2017. She has also won 14 Grand Slam Women's doubles titles, all with Serena; the pair are unbeaten in Grand Slam doubles finals.[19] Williams also has two Mixed Doubles titles. Her five Wimbledon singles titles tie her with two other women for eighth place on the all-time list, but gives her sole possession of No. 4 on the Open Era List, trailing only the nine titles of Martina Navratilova and the seven of Serena and Steffi Graf. From the 2000 Wimbledon Championships to the 2001 US Open, Williams won four of the six Grand Slam singles tournaments in that span. At the 2017 Wimbledon Championships, Williams extended her record as the all-time leader, male or female, in Grand Slams played, with 75. With her run to the 2017 Wimbledon singles final, she broke the record for longest time between first and most recent grand slam singles finals appearances.

Williams has won four Olympic gold medals, one in singles and three in women's doubles, along with a silver medal in mixed doubles, pulling even with Kathleen McKane Godfree for the most Olympic medals won by a male or female tennis player. She is the only tennis player to have won a medal at four Olympic Games. At the 2000 Sydney Olympics, Williams became only the second player to win Olympic gold medals in both singles and doubles at the same Olympic Games, after Helen Wills Moody in 1924.

With 49 singles titles, Williams trails only Serena among active players on the WTA Tour. Her 35-match winning streak from the 2000 Wimbledon Championships to the 2000 Generali Ladies Linz tournament final is the longest since January 1, 2000. She is also one of only three active WTA players to have made the finals of all four Grand Slams, along with Serena and Maria Sharapova.

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The stars are aligned. My middle name is Starr. Yes with two R’s. @elevenbyvenus Starlet collection @six02

Soaking in all the rooftop weather I can get! #OrianaPartner #OrianaNYC @oriananyc @slatepropertygroup

Thanks mom, thanks dad @serenawilliams 20 great years and it ain’t over yet ❤️❤️❤️

It’s time to be a Prima Donna! See you tomorrow on Ashe! @elevenbyvenus #usopen

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3 weeks ago

Venus Williams

Serena and I make a doubles! Check out my latest YouTube episode on the Williams sisters comback!
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YouTube Episode 3


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YESSS! ❤️🎾

My best friend loves you so much even he dreamed to see you many times. He comes from Vietnam. Hope one day to see your Vietnam journey!

Woo thats good.keep the fire burning .i say big up the William's .

Congratulations to both Venus and Serena. You both have defied the odds and naysayers for years. You have outlasted your competitors by far. Honestly I've only watched you all over the years, not anyone else. I know there are quite a few of the young players who are really good and stiff competition. All of them will be hard pressed to come anywhere near the greatness you both have achieved.

VENUS: GREAT FILM!!! I really enjoyed it, Thank you!!

Your bodies are banging! Good luck.

I have the greatest and utmost respect for those ladies.

Awsome to see sisterly love at any event

That's awesome, congratulations to u both.

Wonderful. Now work on that second serve and your return of serve.

So nice watching both of you keep playing the game! So much fun to watch!

This is great congratulations I've been watching the both of you since Currie Park days to Delray. Never disappointed. ENJOY your games 4ever

Look at my favorite lady's congrats to you both

About time! Love watching you girls!

Both your teams were looking tough out there, Venus, stay blessed & keep doing all the things in life that bring you both joy & fullfillment for as long as you feel you can, & keep bringing your greatness to all of them, & we'll see you & sis Serena back on the courts real soon!!

Have a nice day Venus. I hope to meet you someday.

#VenusWilliams you just defined how I will spend some of my Saturday. Watching You on Youtube!

Venus looks very young and beautiful, sports body always

Venus and Serena R forces 2 RECKON with, best believe. So don't count them out. William's Sisters Tandem. Beware, at your risk ENTER into their world.

Great can wait to see y'all in action.

You will always be thee greatest in my heart!!!

Venus, You and your sister Serena are so gorgeous.

U can inmergin, 2 LEGEND in from one family, and their Generation will also bekomm LEGEND. RESPECT to PAPA RICHARD. PEACE.

Good for you venus, its great to see you back and healthy hitting balls again good luck to you babygirl

It will be a pleasure to watch you play doubles with sis and the mixed also!😃

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4 weeks ago

Venus Williams

#asutraambassador Check out this week’s US Weekly to see what’s in my bag, including one of my favorite Asutra products - Ease your pain cream! It's my go-to for pain relief. Read the full article below and check out to find more all natural self-care products! ... See moreSee less

#asutraambassador Check out this week’s US Weekly to see what’s in my bag, including one of my favorite Asutra products - Ease your pain cream! Its my go-to for pain relief. Read the full article below and check out to find more all natural self-care products!


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Queen Venus Williams

Hi Lady 'V' I will be checking these items out thanks for sharing, stay blessed much love.👍❤💯👍

Voce e linda....

I’d love to find out more about Austra product, specifically roll - in pain relief.

Love to read about YOU Venus have a great one today❤

SO proud of you girl!!! Just keep pushing Queen V... we got your back! I'm always sending love and prayers your way, especially when you're on those courts!

Inspirational Venus!



Fabulous Venus Williams

Much love


Ooooohhhhhh my God! Dangerous woman 😅

My Queen

Hi I like to find out more love


Keep taking such good care of yourself, Venus, not only to stay in top shape for future tournaments but to keep your quality of living & enjoyment of life as high as you do!! See you soon on the tennis courts!!


My queen


Enjoy Venus Willams best tof USopen

As usual in ladies 👜👜

A bag of riches

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1 month ago

Venus Williams

My new YouTube story is up! Here is my new episode where I talk about how I learned from my Wimbledon loss.
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❤❤❤❤ your CLASSINESS AND PROFESSONALISM. That calm demeanor you display at your post match interviews continues to make you SHINE

I like very much that you equated your loss at Wimbledon to a "learning" experience. I have admired both you and your sister's prowess at tennis since both your early years!😊

Words of wisdom from the Wise, you have a well of quiet strength, peace & confidence deep inside, it's how you've played your game all these years & how you've lived your life, God bless, looking forward to seeing you back in action soon!!

Great! Subscribed too!

my favorite tenis player

Thank you Venus..20+ years of excellence, style and how u stay relevant and keep striving for more excellence💯❤😍😘

Very good reflection on the game and life. Thanks Venus.

Love your game, love your voice. Thank you for this motto.

This is definitely something I love to follow by. I played a tournament in January, and lost my first round match. I kick myself when I lose sometimes, but I felt better about this one is that played better, and I knew I was improving. Two weeks ago, I also didn’t do well in another tournament, but it was a learning experience for me, because I knew that I was struggling to play in the summer heat, and I wasn’t prepared, so I talked to my coach, and I got some tips on handling the heat, and I’m now making an effort to hydrate better, and I’m getting ready for my tournament next weekend with that in mind. But I love how you don’t let losses get you down, just keep moving forward!


You’re a SHERO Venus. Because of you I play tennis, not very well but I play & love it. You & your sister are phenomenal women ❤️❤️

Proud of you!!!

I am listening! 🎶Get up off that thang and release that pressure🎶💖

Awesome. Thanks for helping appreciate Tennis. Respect.

Way to go, Venus. So proud of you. My grands and great grands will be shown this.

Love you dearly and I am yr strongest supporter. U and their sister have made history, the greatest of all times congratulations. But i think it is high time you retire with pride.

Venus, You Are Blessed To Be Still Playing!! We Love You For Paving A way for so many others After you!! BE BLESSED ALWAYS!!

Thank you Jesus Hallelujah Hallelujah amen Keep going Strong love you and your sista I love seeing beautiful ladies play the game ,thank for ur Sacrifice🥰🥰🥰🥰🙏🙏💚💚🙏🙏

Lady Vee, you inspire many people. Keep doing you!

Love this!!! Thank you Venus for being such an inspiration!!! 💕

Keep going... We there to watch you


You are so inspiring to me. Thank you.

I am so happy you make your own decisions! I love your press interviews. Just answer the questions with as few words as possible is how you do it!#HilariousYetAwesomeness

Love you lady Venus♥️♥️keep being an inspiration to all.

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1 month ago

Venus Williams

#Wimbledon has always been one of my favorite tournaments — from the fierce competition, to its storied traditions — there’s never a dull moment here at The Championships. Cheers to my family at @AmericanExpress who are now a part of this incredible legacy. Thanks for backing me no matter where I go! #AmexLife #AmexAmbassador ... See moreSee less

#Wimbledon has always been one of my favorite tournaments — from the fierce competition, to its storied traditions — there’s never a dull moment here at The Championships. Cheers to my family at @AmericanExpress who are now a part of this incredible legacy. Thanks for backing me no matter where I go! #AmexLife #AmexAmbassador


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So love you remember when you lost a point for one of your beads falling out so you and your sister xxxxxx

We love you Queen V!!! Keep on keeping on! Gives me a thrill every time I see another corporation endorsing you or one of your companies! Just keep climbing girl, keep shining, we are SO proud of you!!!

Keep smiling and keep going, all is well. Father bless

Much love and respect. Thanks for always bring your best to the game. Your are Awesome!

Love you Venus! Thank you for being such an amazing role model

Congrats! So happy for u! Rock on Venus

You look great! We love you and will always support you and your sister!!

I always enjoy seeing you at Wimbledon! I can't wait to see you in Atlanta, and I hope I can get to meet you. You have been a huge inspiration in my life, ever since I started playing tennis!

Keep stacking the paper Vee!!! Proud of you!!!

Keep pushing venus you inspire us all,cheer to you💥🥂👍🏾🙋🏾‍♂️

BRAVOOOO... Thank you for always giving the world a phenomenal game of Tennis. I appreciate your discipline and dedication. Respect

Love, respect and so proud of you. Continued blessings.

You are still amazing Venus. I'm looking forward to the US Open

Thanks Venus for all the wonderful memories and what you done for womens tennis.

Congratulations looking forward to seeing you play more tennis. . 🎾💕

Congratulations Venus your amazing ❤️

Love you Ms. V you the best in my book God bless ❤️💯💪

Love you for all you have done for women's tennis! Love watching you play and hope to see many more of your matches. You have the grace and sportsmanship that ALL athletes should have! God Bless you and your family always.

My favorite tennis playher so graceful and elegant

Venus you have always been an inspiration. Keep on going love to see you play tennis. You are a Legend and you always will be.

Congrats Queen V more Blessings we Love you ♥️💚🧡💛💜💙💕

You’re amazing Venus! Love from a devoted fan.

Congratulations! US Open can't wait, I hope you play in some of them warm up tournaments.... We love you Vee. Hey Vee, do you remember when you were a teen and you said to the umpire, I seen it you seen it everybody out here seen it...... that was the first time I saw you have not missed a match since!

So proud of you Venus! Thanks for being an inspiration young lady.

Thank you for giving chance for The Young Ones

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2 months ago

Venus Williams

Wimbledon Ready! Wimbledon Serena Williams ... See moreSee less

Wimbledon Ready


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All the best of luck Venus Williams

Bravo on the game played against Coco Gauff. Well played match from start to finish. I know you had wish to be continue on in tournament. I was really proud hear Coco interview after match the you were her reason having the love for the game of tennis. Serena and you have inspired Coco and many other young woman on and off the courts. That's what life all about doing the thing you love. All young girls that watch realize it don't just have to be just a dream. I praise God for how you have shaped woman's tennis. Even though your exit was early this year you'll always remain one of the great Madame of Wimbledon. Continue allow God to order your steps in all things. See you at the US open. Thanks Venus❤

You was and will always be my favorite player !! Lots of love 💕💖

Still loving your sportwomenship in your past match, you're thee best sister for sure2!!!

Just love everything about you and your sister my favorite Tennis Stars

Love the fact that you’re making your workouts and practice sessions look so much fun! Love you ladies, great idols to look up to❤️!

She is a incredible and successful young woman.

You are still alive and already have made history. What an incredible achievement

Still a champion and trailblazer. I’d be grateful to make a connection to you for a unique opportunity to show continued unity in our hometown of the Palm Beaches. Please have a rep contact me.

My beloved sister Venus Williams and Serena Williams I wish both of you good successful this years Wimbledon tennis tournament, the joy of Lord God Almighty be both of you strength...

Lots of love and prayers goes out to you as you compete

Best of luck. I truly enjoy the grand slams and luv you guys too. Good luck sisters. I'll be watching

Just love the way you are! Truly a good person.

Thank you for the example of excellent sportsmanship!

The William’s sisters you sure are the best of the best, go for it girl 😉

Get ready girls I'm waiting for y'all wishing both of you the best of luck.

Just love this lady n wish her all the success in her life

I love your grace and excellent sportsmanship.

Love ya Lady good to see you doing it again at Wimbledon

Are you daughter to serena williams

Your the best good luck 🍀 on you way to the cup

You've been "stayin' on the scene" at the top of the tennis world for an amazing length of time, Venus, as has sis Serena also, & that is a testament to the All Time Greatness of you both, God bless & all the best to you both going forward!!

So proud of you. I too live with an illness that I won’t let defeat me. Enjoy life 💕

Hello beautiful good morning bring it home venus

LOVE & ADMIRATION...are thoughts i don't give often, Salute Queen!

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