The Sportstar Influencer List

This is where we combine all of the players in our different datasets, to see how they compare to each other. Click on the name of each player to view more about them, including their latest social posts.

The Influencer List

Our Influencer Score is calculated based on a proprietary algorithm, starting with measures of popularity across social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Weibo), and then layering on factors such as club and national team performance, buzz from news coverage, and fan sentiment and engagement. We run our calculations constantly, to refine and update the scores for each influencer and rank them against their peers on a national and international level.

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1. Paul Pogba Manchester United 43.4m fans 947.4
2. Sergio Agüero Manchester City 34.5m fans 945.2
3. David De Gea Manchester United 28.8m fans 943.0
4. Alexis Sánchez Manchester United 17.2m fans 931.3
5. Roberto Firmino Liverpool 8.5m fans 923.7
6. Gabriel Jesus Manchester City 12.9m fans 923.3
7. Kevin De Bruyne Manchester City 12.3m fans 921.8
8. Mohamed Salah Liverpool 31.7m fans 915.9
9. Marouane Fellaini Manchester United 9.2m fans 913.0
10. Eden Hazard Chelsea 26.6m fans 912.3
11. Willian Chelsea 17.4m fans 903.5
12. Harry Kane Tottenham Hotspur 11.2m fans 903.2
13. Vincent Kompany Manchester City 7.7m fans 902.8
14. Mesut Özil Arsenal 73.2m fans 902.6
15. Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid CF 343.6m fans 899.1
16. David Silva Manchester City 7.3m fans 898.4
17. Neymar Paris Saint-Germain 207.7m fans 898.4
18. Lionel Messi FC Barcelona 193.8m fans 897.6
19. Andrés Iniesta FC Barcelona 76.6m fans 896.2
20. Sergio Ramos Real Madrid CF 67.3m fans 894.7
21. Marcelo Real Madrid CF 64.1m fans 893.2
22. Marcus Rashford Manchester United 7.9m fans 892.2
23. Gerard Piqué FC Barcelona 54.5m fans 891.8
24. Toni Kroos Real Madrid CF 39.6m fans 889.6
25. Raheem Sterling Manchester City 7.8m fans 889.3
26. Antoine Griezmann Atlético Madrid 35.7m fans 888.9
27. Paulo Dybala Juventus 28.6m fans 885.2
28. İlkay Gündoğan Manchester City 5.9m fans 883.8
29. Isco Real Madrid CF 24.5m fans 883.0
30. James Rodríguez FC Bayern Munich 91.0m fans 882.6